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(Some Guy) Weeners Military men standing at full attention. Salute. (not safe for work)   ( divider line
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11576 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Jan 2002 at 8:51 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-20 08:55:42 PM  
Don't click , Don't tell
2002-01-20 08:56:08 PM  
Aw jeez, I guess it really pays to pay attention to what you're clicking on. Now I'm all grossed out.
2002-01-20 08:59:06 PM  
2002-01-20 09:00:10 PM  
Ahaha some of these poses are teh ghey.
2002-01-20 09:00:44 PM  
2002-01-20 09:01:54 PM  
bleh! peepees!@
2002-01-20 09:02:51 PM  
I don't think Donald Rumsfeld would be very happy about this
2002-01-20 09:03:23 PM  
2002-01-20 09:05:42 PM  
I think the hottest, least gay pics are the ones where you don't see any weiners. There were a few in there.
2002-01-20 09:05:43 PM  
Im sure as hell not gonna click. It seems to me that most of the guys in porn also double as gay porn stars.
2002-01-20 09:08:46 PM  
yes feffer. yes. My ex was in the sir force, i wonder if this is what he was up to all day.
2002-01-20 09:10:13 PM  
2002-01-20 09:11:51 PM  
I'm blind...I'm blind

Note to self, always read the tag and the headline before clicking the link... Always.

2002-01-20 09:13:38 PM  
Uh yeah. Like those are real soldiers.

They culled every gay bar in the Catsro District for those meat-queens.
2002-01-20 09:15:57 PM  
Feffer: Agreed.
2002-01-20 09:16:13 PM  
And wearing dog-tags with your shirt off does not a soldier make.
2002-01-20 09:19:13 PM  
Meat queen. Now there's something you don't hear everyday!
2002-01-20 09:19:44 PM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 373 times

All 373 of you farkers better be women. Or else this metal rod is going to find its way to the back of your head (head head, not peepee head).

Unless you're a man lusting homosexual. Then that would be okay. Probably.
2002-01-20 09:20:58 PM  
iwillnotlookatsiteiwillnotlookatsite.....I assume these are pics of our brave soldiers standing at ranks....awaiting inspection......fully clothed.....and a weener cookout will occur later.....who am i kidding? geez....well...back to 'Boobies'
2002-01-20 09:25:32 PM  
I meant Castro, not Catsro.

And by the way, I noticed "some guy" submitted this. Whaaaaa?
2002-01-20 09:30:57 PM  
Heh.. little weenies.. bow down before me
2002-01-20 09:31:36 PM  
I thought the "Weeners" tag was a I've got hangin' wangs on the brain...
2002-01-20 09:33:21 PM  
Maybe the "some guy" who submitted it is a feminist?
2002-01-20 09:33:26 PM  
....uh... yeah... that's what i was thinking^^
2002-01-20 09:34:58 PM  
Weeners. Hankster surrenders.
2002-01-20 09:36:44 PM  
Aaaaaaand how!
2002-01-20 09:37:41 PM  
Yum yum. It's about damn time a weeners link had real weeners in it. The fact that they're attached to military hotties is just a bonus.

How come the Farkboys always come into these threads and immediately say that all the guys in the pics must be gay? The ladies usually act pretty cool about the boobies links. I'm not trying to start a "war of the sexes," just sayin'...
2002-01-20 09:38:34 PM  
Eeeyayikes . . .
2002-01-20 09:38:34 PM  
WTF ..... WTF ..... WTF ...... Good Freaking Grief ... Do Women like looking at Gay dudes?
2002-01-20 09:44:45 PM  
The reason we "Farkboys" say these tampons are gay is because the majority of us are heterosexual and speking for myself, of the scores of straight guy friends that I have, none look like this, none act like this and none would be caught DEAD posing like this.

I've had the horrid misfortune of seeing gay porny pics before and deary, these are gay porny pics. Gay, gay, gay gay and gay.

Besides. Gay men simply adore a man in uniform.
2002-01-20 09:46:45 PM  
Trowship: Maybe not 'feminist', but simply 'feminine'.
2002-01-20 09:47:09 PM  
Barfly yes, some of us do.
2002-01-20 09:53:58 PM  
You guys love looking at lesbians as long as they're "hot" right?

What's the damned difference?
2002-01-20 09:55:50 PM  
They don't fart in their sleep and they don't have to scrub the poody from their schwantz after sex.
2002-01-20 09:57:07 PM  
The difference is that men can not in any way shape or form not bash on other naked men or gay men for fear that they may appear to be gay. watch, someone will call me gay for typing this ;) Whatever, dudes with cocks. Good for them. I thought women liked less explicit porn, at least most of the women I know do.
2002-01-20 09:59:26 PM  
scrub the poody from their schwantz

I'm not even going to ask...

2002-01-20 10:01:09 PM  
Whatever BigPeeler.
2002-01-20 10:04:02 PM  
2002-01-20 10:04:38 PM  
Probably true...sigh... I wish I could get a straight guy to pose like that for me, all the same. Well, maybe more than pose. Tee Hee. A girl can dream, right?
They might indeed be gay guys posing for the pics, and I know they were on a site advertised as a gay site, but as long as they're just standing there looking edible and not doing anything w/ anyone... I can imagine them doing whatever I want. And as long as there's no straight guy(s) here with me tonight and D'Angelo's on my CD player, I will.
2002-01-20 10:05:28 PM  
Mrrow! Finaly, us women get to see more than just boobies! I'm kind of warm!
2002-01-20 10:05:31 PM  
probably said just a little bit too much there... oh well.
2002-01-20 10:06:25 PM  
WEINERS!!!! Its about damn time. Yeah.. it is gay male, but show me a site that has weiners on the net that isnt gay male.

2002-01-20 10:07:18 PM  
Is that one guy trying to put himself in his own mouth?
2002-01-20 10:08:20 PM  
Oh oh. Fark is quickly turning into Sex And The City.
2002-01-20 10:09:35 PM  
First I get to look at pics of nearly-nude and nude men. Then I come to the comments section and see words like "poody" and "schwantz" being thrown around. Mmm, slow down, BigDaddy. You're making me hot. ;)

Seriously, though, a few of those pictures were rather pleasing to view. (I prefer a nearly-nude shot of a guy to a nude in most cases, but everyone is different.) I don't care who they're farking in their own time. All that matters to me is that I am able to envision myself licking honey from his bare chest.
2002-01-20 10:13:14 PM  
And what is so wrong about girls drooling over nude men? Show me a girl who doesn't, and I'll show you someone who has repressed her sexuality to an unhealthy extent. Now, where are those batteries? ;)
2002-01-20 10:14:06 PM  
God I love liberal women.
2002-01-20 10:17:06 PM  
Oh jeez. Why do I click on such things?
2002-01-20 10:19:48 PM  
What MOS was that?
2002-01-20 10:20:42 PM  
<--- hums "In the Navy"
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