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4102 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Jan 2002 at 1:39 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-20 01:43:55 PM  
What in the world...?
2002-01-20 01:50:26 PM  
This reeks of those super dooper magical meters of Scientology. Or they could be just shiat.
2002-01-20 01:56:44 PM  
Trowshep stole the words right out of my mouth.
2002-01-20 01:59:49 PM  
Everyone knows Wilhelm Reich's lab was burned by the U.S. goverment (in coalition with UFOs) to stop the spread of Orgone technology!
2002-01-20 02:02:56 PM  
omg. Thats all i have to say.
2002-01-20 02:07:44 PM  
huh?! anyways, go Steelers!!!!!
2002-01-20 02:08:12 PM  
shoot all wiccans
2002-01-20 02:11:57 PM  
very reasonable
2002-01-20 02:12:42 PM  
Take the test they have a link to at the bottom... stuuupid!
2002-01-20 02:17:23 PM  
I got an orgone accumulator
and it makes me feel greater
2002-01-20 02:17:57 PM  
shoot all wiccans

Why stop there?
2002-01-20 02:29:18 PM  
But does it have the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away with MIND BULLETS?
2002-01-20 02:29:41 PM  
Doff your hats to the victorian age version of the internet, it was really hell to recieve e-mail if you did not know how to read tea leaves.

As a psychic professional who faith heals computers for a living, these guys are fruit loops, trust me on this.
2002-01-20 02:29:50 PM  
I saw a Welz Chi generator at Best Buy for much cheaper.
2002-01-20 02:32:23 PM  
I have personally experimented with an orgone generator and I know first hand that those things have very powerful energy. Sacrificing animals is one thing but these machines are in their own ballpark. Very very powerful.

I have also went to Georgia and met the man who makes those units. He is the real deal. He is a magic user. Not a stage show magician. The real deal. He uses his machines in his own home. He knows they work. I have friends who regularly use them. They do work. They are very powerful.

For those who are not psycicly or spiritually sensitive enough to feel its effect, I feel sorry for you, but there is no need to knock it just because you do not understand it and fear it. You all have my personal testomony that I have actually tested it and have very honest friends who use them and they are real and do work.

2002-01-20 02:36:16 PM  
Big Dave and FifthColumn:don't be picking on the wiccans!
They're harmless;wiccans don't try to pass laws based on their beliefs.
and as far as the product in the article:people have been selling crap like this for years,Because I'm a PC tec I occasionally Hvae such things brought to me to repair.the most recent one (allegedly) provided protection from EM radiation.
turn it on for 1 hour and you were protected for 24 hours.
I opened the unit up and the only circuiytry that did anything was that which made the status lights blink meaningfully.
I told her it was a simple blinker circuit and nothing more.
2002-01-20 02:37:58 PM  
Dllmn you must wake yourself. Get some coffee!
2002-01-20 02:38:13 PM  
abra kadabra make my money disapear.

Wow this thing works great.
2002-01-20 02:43:20 PM  
Dllmn: sacrificing animals? must be an odd sect, the wiccans I know revere all for magic(k):I have never seen anything happen that couldn't be explained(at least partially ) with science.Parlor tricks are easily contrived. all you need is an understanding of science a little imagination,some showmanship,and a group of people who want to believe.
given an opportunity to view the show from any angle
anyone with a little science background can recreate or debunk what was done.
2002-01-20 02:48:16 PM  
Dammit, I clicked on it w/out reading the icon. Its blueness made me think that this was a Photoshop link. Now I am disappointed.
2002-01-20 02:55:38 PM  
That's telekinesis, Psychotron!
*cue guitar riff*
2002-01-20 03:10:55 PM  
I think they abused a certain html tag on that page, but yet I'm not sure...maybe my newly developed psychic powers, thanks to the free test page, can help me determine what it is...
2002-01-20 03:33:09 PM  
No thanks,
I'll stick to sucking life force out of young girl's necks.......
2002-01-20 03:37:21 PM  
Wow, the test is amazing! Who knew you could feel heat radiating off a surface before now! I'm so enlightened. Maybe now I can blow up yaks with my mind. ^_^
2002-01-20 03:41:05 PM  
I've always been fond of the notion that "magick" and "technology" could never be brought together.
2002-01-20 03:58:03 PM  
Uwee he he! I am one step closer to my own set of magitek armor!
2002-01-20 04:21:20 PM

this is just about as bad as the funny little machine
2002-01-20 04:50:31 PM  
The test is bull. If you hold your hand over a dead baby you'll feel the exact same thing there.

If anything, it's DEMONS! All DEMONS!
2002-01-20 05:20:03 PM  
Ouch, I just reallized that I confused e-mail with e-maile, e-maile being what ectoplasmic knights wore.
2002-01-20 05:24:25 PM  
Mwad: i wasn't picking on the wiccans -- just the people that make stupid statements like "shoot all the wiccans."

Religions are what you make of them, and atleast Wicca and it's roots are more original (in that they didn't slaughter thousands and assimulate the "heathen" holiday and belief structures) and true to itself than some of the other major religions...
2002-01-20 05:32:07 PM  
"For those who are not psycicly or spiritually sensitive enough to feel its effect,"

Interpret this as, "For those of you who are not gullable enough to believe whatever it is suggested that you believe"
2002-01-20 05:41:57 PM  
When I was more skeptical I certainly believed what all my fellow skeptics believed, but now I believe in nothing and have come to the conclusion that nothing exists.

Of that I am certainly not sure.
2002-01-20 06:15:50 PM  
Is this another striking example of the placebo effect at work?
2002-01-20 06:17:28 PM  
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magick.
2002-01-20 06:35:18 PM  
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magick.

Yeah, like those whaddyacallits, y'know, on, like, cars? They're, like, at the bottom, and the car like magically levitates above them? They're, like, round or something? Oh yeah, that's right, they're called wheels! What'll those wacky scientists think of next?
2002-01-20 06:39:37 PM  
Ummm, way to totally not get the joke, LOL..
2002-01-20 07:01:42 PM  
How bout the power... to move you?
2002-01-20 07:17:35 PM  
Geeze, I have evidence of cycle stealing trojans on three of the machines I worked on today, ya think some perverted psychic could help me find these 'rubber' deamons?
2002-01-20 07:33:04 PM  
you can FEEL your money's life force drifting away into money hell...
2002-01-20 07:57:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

1. Print the transfer diagram above.

2. Put the printed diagram on a table or on any other surface. It should not be in direct contact your body.

3. Now hold the center of the palm of any of your hands approximately one inch (2 - 3 cm) above the printout of the diagram.

Okay I printed out this image and the problem I am having is getting it off of my printer and onto a table. Note in step two it says that the image should not come into direct contact with my body. I am at a lost. Even if i were to put on gloves, they are in contact with my hand and therefore... shiat I am putting too much time into this.
2002-01-20 08:33:23 PM  
KentuckyBob- Just blow on it until ya get it into a manageable position! Cripes, the idiocy of you nonmagicamalating people!
2002-01-20 08:37:19 PM  
Fifth column:my apologies, I am a little dense today.
2002-01-20 09:30:37 PM  
They've been playing too much Arcanum.
2002-01-20 10:27:00 PM  
If it's not connected somehow to a penile-quantum-tachyon-vacuum-sleeve of some kind, it OBVIOUSLY ain't magick.

(Note the 'k' at the end of 'magick' PROOF of nowledge arcane!")
2002-01-20 11:02:45 PM  
Orgone is my favorite synthetic fabric - warm like cotton, yet water resistant to 50m!

Speaking of which, I wonder if these guys are in league with I bet they'd make a wonderful team! They could rule the world in a matter of days, if not hours...
2002-01-21 04:24:32 AM  
I believe in spiritual energy and all... but, that was just blood moving around in my hand... now I'll never learn to astrally project at will.
2002-01-21 10:17:14 AM  
Just blood moving around? I fear the existance of all things outside my belief system so I will rationalize anything that does not conform and thus, all that was, was blood moving around in my hand. So what if blood does not usually move around in my hand like that and putting my hand over other symbols does not give me such a sensation. People here think they are so scientific and knowledged. They need to forget everything they have learned and learn from the book of inner-guidance and thier God-connection. Fear keeps men in ignorance and the "LEARNED" man is often the most proud and puffed-up and the most hardened from the source of all knowledge.

Maybe if you had an orgone generator it would be easier to astral project at will. W/ or w/out one.. doing that takes a ton of practice and effort for most people. Not to mention courage and bravery. Astral projecting at will! Doing that requires a disentigration of old belief systems and an acceptance for truth and being honest with oneself that too few people achieve these days.
2002-01-21 10:20:49 AM  
reminds me of this guy...
2002-01-21 10:47:18 AM  
I don't know what all you guys are talking about. I put my hand over Dllmn's post, and I tell you, I could FEEL the orgone power!

Should I just send my money to you Dllmn, or will you astrally withdraw it from my banking account? I am telepathically sending you my account number ... now.
2002-01-21 11:27:27 AM  
I like the the direction, "Now hold the center of the palm of any of your hands..." So, uh, how many hand am I supposed to have?

And you know, you can place your hand a couple of centimeters above just about anything and basic convection currents will make you feel a draft. Walk around your house or office and try it. Oooooooo spooky, huh? Cripes. These guys fit right in with those Flat Earth Society folk.
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