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10060 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Jan 2002 at 1:47 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-20 01:50:45 AM  
Hey! That was deffinatly Wheaton that discovered that
2002-01-20 01:51:31 AM  
Very very fun.
2002-01-20 01:51:59 AM  
another wasted domain; could've been boobies.
2002-01-20 01:52:22 AM  
This is way cool!
2002-01-20 01:53:39 AM  
i hate these things. they're cool and all, but they're always so depressing. i just end up crippling the poor things and leaving them for dead.
2002-01-20 01:53:51 AM  

Hi HX :)
2002-01-20 01:54:04 AM  
unless.... yes! I think the skeleton on the right has boobies! WOO!
2002-01-20 01:54:49 AM  
This is great.. hours of fun.. wish I would've submitted it when I came across it last year :( :)
2002-01-20 01:55:05 AM  
I think it's Farked , unless it's meant to be a loading message over and over and over
2002-01-20 01:55:15 AM  
WTF...the knees don't work!!!!
2002-01-20 01:56:06 AM  
Very fun. I made them do a chicken walk, but I can't remember how anymore.
2002-01-20 01:57:08 AM  
I need two of them. I want them to do "it"
You know, "it"!
2002-01-20 01:59:26 AM  
Heya, Jewels.

FRKBOY you make-a me laugh cause I know what you mean.
2002-01-20 02:00:29 AM  
There ARE two of them, ADHD boy.
2002-01-20 02:11:34 AM  
You are cross-eyed!
My Skeleton fell down again.
2002-01-20 02:14:15 AM  
This is SO cool. ^_^
2002-01-20 02:15:42 AM  
I know you are but what am I.
2002-01-20 02:16:00 AM  
Dood! i just made a Tool video
2002-01-20 02:16:24 AM  
Am I the only one thinking this is some sick farking Nazi shockwave FEST ??
2002-01-20 02:17:23 AM  
That was cool. Although, I was a little disappointed when I saw that you play with one online, you don't actually make one. I wanted to make one to keep me entertained in my MSE class while my professor drones on and on about the Bohr model of the electron. Good god, I can't get it out of my head, I'm talking about the Bohr electron on Fark...
2002-01-20 02:17:54 AM  
462 - I think I saw that video...

By the way, can anyone around here tell me how to go about changing my display name on FARK?
2002-01-20 02:18:42 AM  
when i first read it, i thought it said "make your own skittle puppet" and i thought, shiat, i have skittles and free time, and im pretty buzzed right now, its time to make skittle puppets!
2002-01-20 02:18:59 AM  
Fark Edit User
Column to the left.
2002-01-20 02:20:34 AM  
Thanks, HX, but if I try to change the login, it tells me the user doesn't exist...
2002-01-20 02:20:57 AM  
I wasn't thinking that.
I need to go walk around because I think I forgot how.
Wait. What if I can't walk now? I'm afraid to try.
What do I do?
2002-01-20 02:21:03 AM  
Hytes Xian: for a second there i thought the filter got ya
2002-01-20 02:22:20 AM  
Oh yeah, Wmichaels. I'm sorry. You have to create a new user and wait 24 hours.
2002-01-20 02:24:25 AM  
bummer - I hoped not to lose my whopping 1 posted, or 12000 range number. Thanks, HX...
2002-01-20 02:25:48 AM  
462, thanks for the concern, but what I really wanna know from you is when do we get to see the skittle puppet?
2002-01-20 02:27:02 AM  
You can keep this one. Just make a new one. And a whole army of aliases, if you want. But what would I know about that?
2002-01-20 02:28:24 AM  
Hytes Xian: im working on it, i have the sour skittles, and the glue and sour powder affixed to the skittles are causing this really weird chemical reaction. like i just had a 3 minute conversation with don juan and he directed me to more beer, and then i started writing this run on sentance and well... you know how that goes
2002-01-20 02:32:56 AM  
I am Satan!
2002-01-20 02:34:18 AM  
Onomatopoeia/Satan: could you tell me when the next cradle of filth album will be out?
2002-01-20 02:36:36 AM  
Not sure. I have heard of them. You can hear them on the Yahoo Broadcast Jukebox party thingy though.
2002-01-20 02:38:02 AM  
Onomatopoeia: well i figures since you were satan and all, and them being a really REALLY funny satan metal band that you would have the inside info, you can check them out here
2002-01-20 02:38:56 AM  
do tags now get filtered out, lets try that again...
2002-01-20 02:50:08 AM  
Neat beans. Totally.
2002-01-20 02:51:03 AM  
Ok, I'm just Satan's helper.
2002-01-20 02:51:41 AM  
Onomatopoeia: hah, i knew it, are you tit-head?
2002-01-20 03:05:57 AM  
OK, the skeleton freaked me out. What if what we don't know is that we are actually controlling some poor imprisoned schmuck who is involved, unwittingly, in some diabolical experiment in cruelness... and we've just participated in his barbarous torture by yanking his extremities all over the place...huh? drink...brb.
2002-01-20 03:06:41 AM  
Suz: that would make the site 100x more cool :P
2002-01-20 03:09:39 AM  
well yeah...but that doesn't make it right.
Hey, where the hell is the paintshop thingy???
2002-01-20 03:11:03 AM  
Suz: right doesn't always equal cool :P
what paintshop thing?
2002-01-20 03:13:43 AM  
whoa.... anyone trying this stoned?.....hhoooooooooooooooo....bahahahahaaaa
2002-01-20 03:15:17 AM  
Vegasj: nope, but a tad drunk
2002-01-20 03:20:59 AM  
the photoshop post...where is ittttt? Grrrrr. I am gonna go pollute my mind with another chapter of Stephen King filth wooohoooo!
2002-01-20 03:23:32 AM  
Suz: go for the Clive Barker filth is mucho better
2002-01-20 03:28:37 AM  
You can make them do a dance by, using the walk designer, setting numbers 1, 3, and 5 to the lowest possible point, and numbers 2, 4, and 6 to the highest possible point. It's almost Ministry of Silly Walks quality.

(Back to trying to figure out if I took my Zoloft tonight...)
2002-01-20 03:30:19 AM  
I read lotsa stuff - this one just happens to be an "SK Experience" - Im at the part now where the boogy monster, just expoded out of someone's colon via his ass... lovely story about self renewal and how one might think twice the next time he complains about hemorrhoids.
2002-01-20 03:33:56 AM  
Suz: yeah, once i complained about a hemorrhoid and a vampire came ripping out of my ass complaining about the stuffieness of my colon, i think he was just trying to ease my discomfort by comparing his plight to mine
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