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(STLToday)   Flying bulldozer lands in oncoming traffic, crushing pickup truck   ( divider line
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19999 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jul 2004 at 5:36 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-01 03:16:49 AM  
That's gotta leave a mark..
2004-07-01 03:21:04 AM  
Now I feel bad after actually reading the article and realizing a woman died.

/likes reading heartless comments but can't do it myself
2004-07-01 03:25:56 AM  
Man, that's horrible.

Talk about random tragedy
2004-07-01 05:49:13 AM  
On the bright side, someone's family is set for life.
2004-07-01 05:49:51 AM  
Message for the day: no matter how big your SUV is, there are still bigger things on the road.
2004-07-01 05:54:30 AM  
Labberdasher Yes, but unfortunately she was only driving a pickup, not an SUV, so no lesson will be learned.

On a side note, anybody else read further down the page, about the man robbing 6 banks and still being out there? I thought that kinda thing (recurrent robbings that is) went out with the days of John Dillenger and Prohibition. Cool in the action movie kinda sense, but bad because it means I can still lose my money with a bank holdup.
2004-07-01 05:59:27 AM  
story #4 is the best....

anyone recognize these boobies?
2004-07-01 05:59:53 AM  
a guy i work with used to be MP, and one night he was called in when someone on the tank track 'hit something.' turns out it WAS a jeep with 2 guys inside, the tank went right over it flattening it to about 3 inches thick. he said it was pretty messy just blood and flat metal in a small area.
2004-07-01 06:46:53 AM  
Why oh why didn't it land on an SUV with a soccer mom in it
2004-07-01 06:49:59 AM  
IT didn't really happen. Keep driving 85 mph all the time. It's safer.
2004-07-01 06:50:17 AM  
I'm sure the construction truck carrying it had one of those "Stay 200 yards back, not liable for damage caused by debris" signs. Having a sign supercedes the law? right?

</hates stupid dump trucks, hates unenforceable, official looking signs and rules>
2004-07-01 07:33:32 AM  
2004-07-01 06:46:53 AM Epistax
Why oh why didn't it land on an SUV with a soccer mom in it

And, preferably, one who's on the phone.
2004-07-01 07:40:05 AM  
Sometimes its just someone's time. Talk about the hand of (Fate, God, probability)
2004-07-01 08:08:16 AM  
Police looking for two disappearing wiggas with English accents.
2004-07-01 08:27:55 AM  
When this tractor hits 88mph , you going to see some serious shiat.

what a way to go though.
2004-07-01 08:31:04 AM  
everybody knows that bulldozers don't fly...
2004-07-01 08:34:36 AM  
That sound you hear is that of a dozen injury lawyers cracking their knuckles.
2004-07-01 08:40:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"suspect was seen leaving the scene minus his left arm..."
2004-07-01 08:43:16 AM  
my freind drops tanks all over the city in gta, and they just blow up cars when the come down from the sky.
2004-07-01 09:06:54 AM  
Wasn't this on an episode of Smallville? "Fell off a truck" was how the Kents explained the tractor that fell out of the sky, almost crushing Perry White.
2004-07-01 09:14:17 AM  
I for one welcome our new flying bulldozer overlords

/sorry had to
2004-07-01 09:21:36 AM  
Along with the stories that fill up the rest of that page, it reinforces my assertion that there needs to be a 'Missouree' link. Missouree roads are bad enough. Now we even have to dodge bulldozers!

/I'd bet the original conversation went something like this:

DNR Officer Ted: "Can I borrow your bicycle chain, Ned?"
DNR Officer Ned: "I don't know.... That 'dozer looks kinda heavy. You better use two."
2004-07-01 09:28:24 AM  
And you are outta here!
2004-07-01 09:43:08 AM  
Let this be a lesson to all you tailgating wannabe traffic herders out there who think that 24 inches is a safe following distance at 55Mph in the city.

It's all Bush's fault, tho.
2004-07-01 09:50:32 AM  
Man, I was driving on that highway the last time I was back in MO visiting my family.
2004-07-01 10:23:48 AM  
So I guess I don't feel silly about avoiding staying behind large trailors with things tied down on them. Thanks to Final Destination 2...
2004-07-01 10:28:15 AM  
I was at the wedding of the guy in the second story, Dan DelVecchio. Underage drunkeness at an all-cop party in Bevo Mill.
2004-07-01 10:33:35 AM  
Its always better to pass on the left than to tail gate
2004-07-01 10:33:47 AM  
I agree with the "following too close" comments, however, this woman wasn't doing that. The article says the dozer/flatbed was heading southbound...the woman was heading northbound. It just fell off into her lane.
2004-07-01 10:48:59 AM  
"Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads." Flying bulldozers are cool
2004-07-01 10:49:02 AM  
Yea, she was just going past the guy in the other lane, heading the opposite direction. That really sucks. Terrible luck.

A few months back there was a story about a tree that was hit by lightning. The 100+ year old tree then fell onto the road and right on top of an SUV, killing 3 people. That just sucks, even if it was an SUV with a women talking on a cell phone.

/sh*t happens
2004-07-01 10:51:43 AM  
For those who fail to grasp the concept of two-lane roads and north/south, the dozer fell off a truck heading in one direction and struck a vehicle traveling in the other direction. There are tons of narrow two-lane highways in Missouri and the Midwest where you turn a corner and there's suddenly a truck or tractor at least partially in your lane.

/sorry for her family
2004-07-01 11:37:11 AM  
Fast-food trifecta for the day is complete, looking for 2 more flying bulldozers now.
2004-07-01 11:38:03 AM  
I must be getting old, because these random death out of the blue with no chance to save themself stories are starting to terrify me. When I was a kid I was pretty much resigned to the fact I'd probably die behind the steering wheel, but I never imagined a farking bulldozer falling on top of me or a gas tanker falling off an overpass 10 feet in front of me.

I hope when it's my time I at least get a fighting chance. Going out like this lady is no farking fair.
2004-07-01 11:45:00 AM  
The family was crushed by the news.
2004-07-01 11:47:28 AM  
Is it me, or did we Fark St. Louis' server? Sad...
2004-07-01 11:52:47 AM  
Something similar to this just happened in Branford, Connecticut. In this case, though, the driver of the crushed car saw it (crane not a bulldozer) coming and leaned over to the passenger side and survived.
2004-07-01 12:12:07 PM  
The 100+ year old tree then fell onto the road and right on top of an SUV, killing 3 people. That just sucks, even if it was an SUV with a women talking on a cell phone.

The lightning bolt hit an adjacent tree but didn't arc over to the vehicle? I imagine it was a pretty powerful bolt to kill and topple this ancient tower ..

Got a link to the story?
2004-07-01 12:27:46 PM  
If she had been going 95mph, she wouldn't have been in that spot when the bulldozer came off the truck!

/same for 30mph
//guess it was just her time
2004-07-01 12:59:17 PM  
Wrong place wrong time. Just think you could be sitting at your desk when the roof collapses. It's good to know that the last thing you'll remember is Fark.
2004-07-01 01:18:16 PM  
I've seen a horse fly...I've seen a house fly...I've seen just about everything when I see a bulldozer fly.
2004-07-01 04:41:08 PM  
I know a few people who need a flying bulldozer encounter.
2004-07-01 05:21:51 PM  
Trying to think of a witty comment, but the story is too grim.

Yes, there's tons of winding 2 lane highways in Missouri, especially in the southern half where the hills and mountains are.
2004-07-01 06:32:03 PM  
At least Missouri roads are not as bad as Illinoi's. There, the bulldozer would have safely fallen in a pothole.
2004-07-01 09:58:44 PM  
The truck driver should get about twenty years in prison. Vehicular homicide.
2004-07-01 10:52:05 PM  
I smell a lawsuit incoming.
2004-07-01 11:28:30 PM  
The Daleth Effect is real?

/extremely obscure
2004-07-02 01:17:01 PM  
Serious Karma
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