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(Some Crazy Scientists)   People who are trying to make soldiers more 13373|2 by making powered exoskeletons.   ( divider line
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5444 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jan 2002 at 1:36 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-19 01:37:26 AM  
They ripped the artwork off of TRON!!!
2002-01-19 01:37:27 AM  
Alright, this Battlebots thing has gone on long enough.
2002-01-19 01:37:35 AM  
Um, yeah, right.

Where's that photoshop?!
2002-01-19 01:37:50 AM  
this can't be real, right?
the future doesn't start until 2015 or so, right?
2002-01-19 01:39:18 AM  
Just think of what this could do for hockey.
2002-01-19 01:39:43 AM  
Take a look at the schedule. Methinks this program got scrapped.
2002-01-19 01:40:49 AM  
Please, will someone PLEASE explain the "13373|2" language thing.....PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

I won't whorejack this thread if you tell me.........please (cute little baby voice)
2002-01-19 01:41:07 AM  
This ain't just "Some Crazy Scientists" for Jeebus' sake! This is fakring DARPA we're talking about! Y'know DARPA? Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency....the same genius that brought us the fakring internet! Well, to be exact, they brought us ARPAnet, the precursor to the internet. But they came up w/ the TCP/IP.

Just some crazy scientists, eh?
2002-01-19 01:41:24 AM  
13373|2 = leeter
2002-01-19 01:41:36 AM  
Yes your right Stephenv, I am testimoney of this failed project. They got as far as giving me a serial number before the whole project crashed.
2002-01-19 01:42:05 AM  
leeter = more elite than thou
2002-01-19 01:44:28 AM  
Stephenv Please sir, may I have some it a 'way' or writing or just certain words.....
2002-01-19 01:45:09 AM  
j00 you
h4x0r haxer hacker
sux0r suxer suck
pr0n porn
PH34R phear fear
b33r beer
n00b newb newbie

there are more, but i'm tired
2002-01-19 01:45:23 AM  
MisterSym Everybody knows that Al Gore made the internet, your idiot....your so idiot guy..

Wait, I'm the idiot........nevermind.
2002-01-19 01:50:41 AM  
b=b or 8
c=c or (
d=d or |)
g=g or 6
h=h or |-|
k=k or |<
m=m or |\/|
n=n or |\|
r=r or |2
s=s or 5
v=v or \/
w=w or \/\/
y=y or j
2002-01-19 01:53:22 AM  
Oh thank you thank you FRKBOY Finally! I understand it....sorta...what is this language called? Oh, & so you guys kept with your end of the bargain, I'll keep with thread jacking......thank you....

***brothel thread not included in this deal, fyi*** ;-)
2002-01-19 01:55:16 AM  
Way behind schedule. The future started in 1984. We were supposed to have AI-controled missions to Mars last year. Way behind schedule.
2002-01-19 01:56:18 AM  
2cents, it's called 1337 sp33k (leet speak). God, I need to get offline for a while.

On a side note, am I the only one who thinks exo-armor and immediately thinks Go-Go-Gadget somethingorother?
2002-01-19 01:58:25 AM  
Hmmm.... I immediately thought "Cobra command!" Then, I started thinking "Ghost in the Shell". I think Inspector gadget came around third there, so we're pretty much on the same wavelength.
2002-01-19 01:59:10 AM  
Go-Go-Gadget Photoshop.
2002-01-19 02:03:58 AM  
n0 pixx0rs?

phuxxin6 suxx0rs
2002-01-19 02:14:16 AM  
This sounds like something out of Command and Conquer...
2002-01-19 02:16:23 AM  
L337 (leet/elite) speak is the name of the language. whoever wrote the title doesn't speak it very well.
2002-01-19 02:20:52 AM  
Bad Font
2002-01-19 02:36:20 AM  
People have been speaking like this to each other since the early days of the net. Just read up, I'm sure you can find more on the subject.
Talking like this really doesn't mean crap, in fact, it is slower and kind of retarded, but hey, I guess people need to feel special some how...
2002-01-19 02:50:29 AM  
Sounds like a bunch of 13 year old "counter strikers"
2002-01-19 02:52:58 AM  
It's also known to some gamers as llamaspeak, "llama" being a general term for "lamer," and it's quite often those who are losing at counterstrike/Q3/Wolfenstein who will say this like
j00 suxx0r with j00r 4imb0t

"You suck with your aimbot" (cheating software)
2002-01-19 02:55:25 AM  
Ugh. Someone please take the l33tsp33k off this goddamn site before I vomit.
2002-01-19 02:57:11 AM  
uh.. Exosquad comes to mind with J.T Marsh and his blue e-frame..right on..

-He who eats beans
2002-01-19 03:19:12 AM  
Wmi: Gadget? No, Gadget was a crapload of prosthesis.

I think of Starship Troopers(their powered suits were very absent from the movie, that SUCKED) and Battletech Elementals (maybe you knew that the Battletech Marauder, Raidar X and Excalibur were all stolen from Robotech? The Zentraedi Officers Pod, Rifleman and Warhammer, to be precise. Well, the Elemental battle armor likewise bears a VERY close resemblance to a Mobile Infantry armor as described in Starship Troopers)
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
Separated at birth? Either way, come get some, muthaf*ckers.

And for our female soldiers on the front line--
Bubblegum Crisis!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-19 03:29:08 AM  
Tight..I remember elemental battle armor from the now defunct Battletech cartoon.. and from the novels..

-He who eats beans
2002-01-19 03:39:51 AM  
Screw mech suits, giant humanoids will fight in our armies of the future

[image from too old to be available]
Nothing beats an Eva.
2002-01-19 03:46:50 AM  
True, but being roughly a thousand feet tall, Evas are somewhat difficult to store.

And then there's always that damn power cable problem.

Shirley a Gundam would be better suited to America's "High-Mobility" battle doctrine.
2002-01-19 03:48:23 AM  
Answer to the power cable: S2 engine.

Answer to storage: What does it need storage for? If anything we'll leave it in a canyon somewhere
2002-01-19 03:56:48 AM  
Rather than continue an argument, I'll just annihilate you.

[image from too old to be available]

2002-01-19 04:40:07 AM  
F = p|-|
L = |_
U = \_/
2002-01-19 05:19:38 AM  
Greenbeanx: There was a BattleTech cartoon?!?! Where the fakr was I that I missed this? I still play BattleTech....both arcade-style pods (BattleTech center) and table-top. It's such a great game.

Anyone have any info on the BatteTech cartoon, let me know. Y'know, like maybe where I can pick up AVI's or MPG's of the 'toons? Would love to see 'em.
2002-01-19 05:29:12 AM  
Nice to see the Defense Department's black budget is going to good use.
2002-01-19 06:16:35 AM  
Metal Gear Rex suddenly springs to mind...
2002-01-19 07:47:26 AM  
Nice! I can't wait until I can get some nice nano enhancments...
2002-01-19 08:43:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-19 10:14:42 AM  
Right on Ishidan. The Heinlein novel "Starship Troopers" was much better. Funny thing though, I was re-reading some of his earlier works and he had alot of the "future" (to him in 1950) especially "The Crazy Years".
2002-01-19 10:26:13 AM  
Hand it down pat I meant to say....need coffee/
2002-01-19 10:46:02 AM  
I'm disappointed.... I was hoping that they were working on the 'suit' that S. Weaver wore in Aliens.

"Get away from her, you biatch!"
2002-01-19 12:39:36 PM  
I wanna see some Varitechs come out of this... always wanted to fly around in a Valkyrie. Hopefully, by the time we develop stuff like that we'll have gotten rid of all the pop singers; damn Minmei almost ruined Robotech for me.
2002-01-19 01:20:19 PM  
so when the soldiers yell "Regroup!!" will they pair up together to form Voltron?
2002-01-19 01:30:46 PM  
No Leet Speak on FARK. Please. I come here to get away from that stupid shiat.
2002-01-19 01:47:16 PM  
3 \/ 1 |_ |-| 0 |V| 3 |2 = 7 3 |-| S |_| >< 0 |2 !
2002-01-19 02:34:56 PM  
MisterSyn: Yes, their was a battletech animated seris on UPN/KCOP 13, in 94-95 I think. It followed loosely the clans return to the Inner Sphere. The series follows the first sommerset strikers and their quest to free Somerset. The thing that was cool about it (minus the plot changes) was that clans had enhanced imaging using computer graphics and the Elemental battle armor or TOADS were pretty damn strong..

-He who eats beans
2002-01-19 03:31:10 PM  
Here's some more info from Discover:
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