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(webindia123)   Scientists find cure for hiccups. Apparently, scaring the shiat out of someone not enough   ( divider line
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19425 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Jun 2004 at 3:31 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-26 01:18:58 PM  
Yeah, I'm going to hook myself up to a 234525 volt dohicky whenever i eat too fast... sign me up
2004-06-26 02:01:31 PM  
Dr. Bryan R. Payne, and Dr. Robert Tiel by implanted a Vagus Nerve Stimulator in a Texas man, Shafer and his hiccups stopped and they have not as yet returned.

huh? oh yeah, webindia. it's like engrish, only worse
2004-06-26 03:12:13 PM  
I've heard of people having the hiccups that last for years. That would suck. I assume this treatment is for people like that.
2004-06-26 03:36:38 PM  
a vagus nerve stimulator sounds like a high tech sex toy
2004-06-26 03:38:16 PM  
Viva Los Vagus!
2004-06-26 03:44:52 PM  
scaring the shiat out of someone is safer, cheaper, and the entertainment value is great, also
2004-06-26 03:46:31 PM  

- get a glass of water
- hold in left hand
- stand; raise right arm straight up; bend at the elbow in an arc over the head
- drink water; try not to break the flow
- keep the arm still angled for at least a half minute after done drinking
- hiccups -- gone

This always works for me & works for everyone I've told it too (many who didn't even know about it and were surprised). Best chance of stopping them using this.

Seems to not do the best job if the glass is held in the right hand. Something to do with the positioning of the internal organs during the procedure...
2004-06-26 03:49:20 PM  
I think I'll be drinking my water like that from now on. Even if I don't have hiccups.
2004-06-26 03:50:06 PM  
For those of you that really, really want to know about the 12 cranial nerves, including the Vagus, clicky-clicky here.

/neuropsychology dork
2004-06-26 03:50:36 PM  
I'm sure someone else was thinking of this,but a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter does the trick.
2004-06-26 03:54:44 PM  
You guys are all wrong. The simplest cure for hiccups is to breathe in very deeply and very quickly and then breath out, kinda like hyper-ventilating only you're flooding your lungs with oxygen. Works every time for me, and since I've started doing it I get hiccups less and less.

That's why scaring people cures hiccups, because they breath in quickly.
2004-06-26 03:55:04 PM  
Forsythe P. Jones

That's the remedy I use, and it works every time.
2004-06-26 03:56:06 PM  
Still no cure for cancer?

2004-06-26 04:02:34 PM  
I think that if you choke someone until they quit thrashing around and are really still, that'll cure hiccups also...
2004-06-26 04:06:26 PM  
Note to self: cancel 11:00 appointment with Shrink, do the glass of water thing instead.

2004-06-26 04:07:24 PM  
Hold your nose, tip your head back and gulp down 2 oz of Tobasco sauce, neat, no chaser.

No, it wouldn't actually work, but it scares the bejeezers out of the hicupper when you grab the bottle, grab their head from behind and pinch their nose, and that usually does the trick.
2004-06-26 04:09:58 PM  
a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter does the trick.
And it's legal because its your dog. Get it? Because its your dog.
2004-06-26 04:16:29 PM  
I just drink a lot of water, taking breaths for each gulp, and eventually I let out a big burp.

Hiccups gone.

I'll have to try the breathing technique.
2004-06-26 04:22:26 PM  
Put sugar on a lemon slice and bite in! Works every time.
2004-06-26 04:23:48 PM  
Cool, the device is from and was originally built to help with epilepsy. New studies have shown it helps with depression, obesity, etc...

I used to work there, good to see their getting new types of business.
2004-06-26 04:40:38 PM  
I read a book on biofeedback about twenty years ago, forget the title, about how you can actually train yourself to not hiccup. I tried it, and for twenty years my first hiccup has almost always been my last, unless I'm chugging soda. It's a mental thing, but this gadget sounds perfect for people without minds.
2004-06-26 04:45:41 PM  
if all else fails go piss on an electric fence

/cures e'm
2004-06-26 04:47:07 PM  
howwever HMO require that the device is implanted endoscopically..

/rectum damn near killed him
2004-06-26 04:52:36 PM  
I'd put that thingy on my dingalingy. Zow!
2004-06-26 04:52:56 PM  
All you have to do is hold a nice deep breath.

The other person, though, has to chant to invoke the gods, take a shot glass of salt and throw it in your face 5 times, and then get a common-or-garden earthworm and put it in your mouth. The worm will have the divine power necessary to cure your hiccups.

/why all the strange remedies to hiccups?
2004-06-26 04:53:16 PM  
SHOOT ME *hick* SHOOT ME *hick*
2004-06-26 04:54:36 PM  
I find swallowing a teaspoon of sugar (do your best to swallow it before it melts) is good for curing hiccups. Certainly fairly pleasant as far as hiccup cures go.
2004-06-26 05:03:52 PM  
Dill pickles - no, seriously - it works!
2004-06-26 05:22:48 PM  
Get bucket of water.
Stick head in twice, only remove once.
Works Great.
2004-06-26 05:22:55 PM  
medically intractable hiccups.

This isn't normal hiccups, guys. This is a condition caused by severe liver and/or diaphragm damage, or, like in the case of the stroke victim, damage to the parts of the brain controlling breathing and the diaphragm. The solution: give 'em the juice/

/mr body massage machine...
2004-06-26 05:25:08 PM  
Screw the vagus nerve!

Peroneal and tibial nerves rule!!!
2004-06-26 05:39:27 PM  
Take a plastic pen.
Hold it between your teeth.
Drink water with the pen in your mouth.
Works every time.

The wife says you swallow air with the water and that cures them. I say it's MAGIC!
2004-06-26 05:42:21 PM  
My method of curing hiccups is easier. I just dump a lottery machine on their feet. Works every time.
2004-06-26 06:56:53 PM  
Got the hiccups? You WILL be assimilated!
2004-06-26 07:45:43 PM  
Cool. Now, if they could just fix my drinking problem...

Damn! I dropped my beer again!
2004-06-26 08:17:24 PM  
Most useful remedies for curing normal hiccups involve doing something that done carelessly would drown you (e.g. weird angles for drinking a glass of water). The principle is that a neurological effort to avoid a threat to your own survival is enough to override whatever spasm loop there is.

Me, I actually get the hiccups from eating really really hot peppers.
2004-06-26 08:25:07 PM  
I get rid of them by breathing slowly and deeply, though my stepdad has effected some miraculous cures with the classic 'scare' method (which is probably the reason I'm going to die at 36)
2004-06-26 09:09:26 PM  
Everyone has such interesting choir director always had us take a spoonful of granulated sugar to get rid of hiccups. It didn't work for me, but I find if I just try to concentrate very hard on something else (like holding my breath until my lungs burst), they stop.

I only get them from drinking Sprite. No other soda does it.
2004-06-26 10:29:23 PM  
You've all got it backwards.

You take a few slow, deliberate, controlled breaths, and then expell all air from your lungs that is possible. Hold it that way until you almost pass out. As in, when things start going black. Then breathe in slowly, and then use the slow deliberate controlled breaths method.

What orrinbloquy said about overriding the spasm to keep from dying is what does it. Holding your breath in would work, but you would first have to use up the oxygen supply in the breath you took in. This takes longer than the method I just described.
2004-06-26 10:38:55 PM  
The only time I get the hickups is from spicy foods, or rather, spicy soups. I'm not quite sure why, but spicy Korean soups (and spicy soups from other countries) give me hickups. They don't last too long, but this is rather annoying, especially since I like spicy food of the soup variety just as much as spicy food of the non-soup variety.

I'm not really sure how to fix this.

Perhaps if I eat my next bowl of soup while holding a pen in my mouth.
2004-06-26 10:58:05 PM  
White horse
/that is all
2004-06-26 11:19:53 PM  
True story: I can make myself hiccup on demand. All it takes is for me to tickle the underside of my chin and I am off like a champ. It sucks though, especially when I put on my Kevlar helmet. The chin strap triggers the same effect and pisses me off for the whole shift.
2004-06-26 11:24:03 PM  
I don't know about the rest of you, but have you ever gotten those hiccups that REALLY, REALLY HURT LIKE HELL? There's always that one hiccup that feels like a knife is sliding down my back. Makes me wish I could just die.

/tried water, breathing, strangling
//nothing works
///just gotta give it time
2004-06-26 11:24:08 PM  
Anita Hug No YOU have it backwards. Hiccuping is the body attempting to get MORE oxygen therefore making sure you're holding in big breaths of oxygen is the cure. Long quick breaths in, short slow breaths out.
2004-06-27 12:07:25 AM  
My brother has epilepsy and the Vagus Nerve Stimulator has worked wonders for him. Hooray!
2004-06-27 07:30:44 AM  
The key to stopping hiccups is concentration, either on yourself or on somebody else.

If I get them, all I have to do is concentrate on my breathing and they literally go away. Take slow deliberate breaths, and focus on breathing normally.

Or, if you want to cure another person you again get them to concentrate on you. It's a form of hypnosis in which they concentrate on your voice, you speak calmly and slowly to them, making sure that they're listening to you and then after a minute or so of talking you ask them to hiccup. And in all my years of doing this, nobody has ever managed to do it.
2004-06-27 09:58:17 AM  
I've always done the sugar thing, myself. Did it today, worked flawlessly. And sweet, too.

No lemon required.
2004-06-27 11:16:58 AM  
The cure was paynefully obvious.
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