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(London Times)   Synthetic web made from cow and hamster cells and spider DNA stronger than steel.   ( divider line
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2002-01-18 12:07:18 AM  
I want a car made of spiderweb.
2002-01-18 12:12:05 AM  
Does this mean I'll finally get to swing from building to building like spidey ?
2002-01-18 12:13:42 AM  
We did the same thing in college with Vodka, Everclear, Yoohoo, SunnyD and Karo Corn Syrup.
2002-01-18 12:13:53 AM  
No, it'll be Spiderwoman, and the silk will come from her boobies.
2002-01-18 12:14:47 AM  
Mmm, spiderweb flavored milk, mmmm.
2002-01-18 12:15:41 AM  
Hate to mix up the cows, and get spider milk mustaches.
2002-01-18 12:16:24 AM  
Old news, Peter Parker invented this stuff years ago.
2002-01-18 12:17:01 AM  
[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]

= [image from too old to be available] ?
2002-01-18 12:17:19 AM  
Hmm, boobies that make silk. Not sure what to make of that.
2002-01-18 12:19:22 AM  
I thought there were regular spiders with webs stronger than steel. Steel as thin as a web isn't very strong anyway.
2002-01-18 12:21:29 AM  
Yes, but spider webs as thick as bridge cables would be incredibly strong.
2002-01-18 12:22:22 AM  
I fail to see why hamster cells were used in this
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-18 12:26:15 AM  
Not_Enginerd, it appears that you are correct. It just seems less impressive when one compares steel of spiderweb diameter to spiderweb.
2002-01-18 12:26:41 AM  
Hampster metabolism maybe? Sorry, I'm too tired...
2002-01-18 12:28:32 AM  
So that's how Harvey The Wonder Hamster came to be...
2002-01-18 12:28:34 AM  
As long as they don't make armor out of it for sketchy folk to parade around whilst spouting off about knights and queeeeens.
2002-01-18 12:29:33 AM  
uuummmmmmm....I've got nothing.....nothing at all. I'll let myself out.
2002-01-18 12:38:34 AM  
I would like to see a cow and a hampster pitted in a death match. Two of nature's most combative animals.
2002-01-18 12:40:56 AM  
Am I the only one picturing 8 legged, hairy cows spitting venom and sucking the blood out of goats?

Maybe I should cut down on the junk food.
2002-01-18 12:50:18 AM  
This is old news. They have had goats that produced silk in their milk for months now.

Just think of the flem that you would get from drinking a glass of that stuff.
2002-01-18 12:51:03 AM  
Oh crumbs!
2002-01-18 12:54:20 AM  
I wonder if there would be issues strength rating this stuff, since it's the product of genetically engineered animals.
2002-01-18 12:58:35 AM  
Beware of SpiderMammals!!!!
2002-01-18 01:15:12 AM  
There was only one accident, when a student intern was bitten by a radioactive spider.
2002-01-18 01:15:39 AM  
W00T! I know what IM getting for Christmas
2002-01-18 01:18:11 AM  
I personally enjoy how the article refers to these animals as G.M. instead of genetically modified.
2002-01-18 01:29:11 AM  
Evil: I was wondering about the GM thing too. You've saved me from having to make some sort of crack about the new Dodge Ram ...
2002-01-18 01:40:22 AM  
gebus.... just wait till PETA hears hamster kidneys and cow lungs ?
2002-01-18 02:32:38 AM  
I just want the girls of FARK to be with me....
2002-01-18 06:05:09 AM  
It's ok Vegasj, the baby hamsters died from natural causes. Starvations is a natural cause, right?

And the cows? They got the lungs after the cows were ground up into tasty beef.
2002-01-18 06:10:52 AM  
This is just sick. I'd hate to get a look inside one of those "factories." Cow lungs and baby hamster kidneys, pulsating away in giant Petri dishes, spurting spiderwebs out like streams of jizz, while 8-armed chimpanzees with toasters for heads crochet the strands into life-sized mock-ups of Pat Buchanan, while an infinite variety of computer-remixed versions of "Oops, I Did It Again," plays in the background, its staticky crackle barely concealing the subliminal messages within: "Everybody likes you. Soybeans are yummy. Questioning authority is a waste of time. Rosie O'Donnell is entertaining. I like corporations."

It's enough to make a man crazy.
2002-01-18 08:26:05 AM  
But can Superman still bend it in his bare hands?
2002-01-18 08:44:27 AM  
Bonobo62 said "It's enough to make a man crazy."
Sorry, too late. :-)

Got web? (ducks)
2002-01-18 08:49:25 AM  
I've got something in my pants that's stronger than steel.
2002-01-18 08:52:27 AM  
did anyone else get the heebie jeebies when they read "spider farms" and got a mental picture? I can jump out of air planes and do other scary stupid shiat, but when it comes to spiders I am as wussy as a little school girl.
2002-01-18 09:24:13 AM  
2002-01-18 09:59:36 AM  
Damn, all the Spidey parker jokes have been told already.
2002-01-18 10:05:13 AM  
-"Yes, DM?"
-"But they want to use me organs!"
2002-01-18 10:37:26 AM  
Zactly what I was thinking. This must be how chupacabra got all we need is for one of these things to stumble into a time machine and we're all set.
2002-01-18 11:23:59 AM  
Wonder if this will be another beautiful marriage between science and nature, like Africanized killer bees.
2002-01-18 11:50:34 AM  
fb: hopefully it's a chastity belt...
2002-01-18 12:25:26 PM  
some of the advances I have seen lately have been amazing the hell out of me here are a few others that are interesting.,1282,49599,00.html
2002-01-18 01:04:35 PM  
Hmmm...Remeber that Africanized Killer Bee that escaped from Argentina and is now causing a big problem in North America?
I can just imagine whats going to happen when one of these Spiders escape.
Live from CNN: "We have reports that Killer Spiders are on the loose. They're covering everything and everyone with a genetically enhanced web that is 5 times stronger than steel and then eating their brains."
2002-01-18 02:17:11 PM  
Todd1138: The scary thing is, they're not spiders. They're hamsters! I had a hamster or three as a kid, and they're vicious enough unmodified. Add in Spidey-strength and web-spinning, and you have one evil little beast. All it takes is for a batch of these to get mixed in with the pet breeding population, and it's all over. Scores of children found dead, wrapped in cocoons with their juices sucked out by their own litle pets.

It's enough to make a man crazy!
2002-01-18 03:53:22 PM  
New logo for that presidential ethics thingee

I do now vow
to never now
make a mad cow,
or a cow mad if instead
it can make me very dead

Well, that's pathetic.
2002-01-18 08:51:43 PM  
My spidey-sense is tingling.
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