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(   Girl, 9, misses bus, drives to school; 2 cars hit, no injuries   ( divider line
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8451 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Jan 2002 at 12:29 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-18 09:44:08 AM  
"She then backed up, put the vehicle in drive, and hit another parked car."

She should have put it in four wheel drive and just pushed through. Stupid kid...
2002-01-18 09:58:40 AM  
least they didn't catch her buying smack from an undercover cop on the corner of wilshire and MLK..
2002-01-18 10:39:51 AM  
Isn't nine a little young to be left alone?

Damn Latchkey kids.
2002-01-18 11:38:42 AM  
01-18-02 08:41:03 AM Ephidren
And when this girl turns 16 her insurance will still be cheaper than mine! Damn you!

Insurance is proof of driving incompetency. If women couldn't drive worth a shiat, then WHY do we get such good rates? :)

On the other hand, what a brave little girl. Imagine the punishment her parents and uncle gave her when she got home. She really should have just asked her uncle. At least she cares about getting to school too.
2002-01-18 11:49:06 AM  
I wonder what her Uncle's insurance company is saying about the matter?
2002-01-18 12:14:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-18 12:46:08 PM  
Boys are still worse drivers. My best friend was killed by one. Though I do admit that women are catching up
2002-01-18 01:02:20 PM  
Dolfin looks like a wreck of women drivers.
Maybe they where talking on their cell phones.
2002-01-18 01:04:06 PM  
I personally wonder how the Uncle feels about all this.

"It's a good sign that she is so concerned about her education and she was worried about missing school," said Greensburg police Chief Richard Baric.

"A lot of kids would have decided to stay home and watch cartoons all day, we're glad she went outside, stole a car
and went on a joyride instead of sitting in her house all day doing nothing."
2002-01-18 01:06:19 PM  
Oh, I should have chimed in with my personal headline for this story.. "Girl misses bus, steals car, destroys private property: No charges pressed."
2002-01-18 01:11:15 PM  
the kid's probably one of the better drivers in the Pittsburg area..
2002-01-18 02:38:49 PM  
Ya know, us girls aren't all bad drivers! What the hell is this with your dumb stereotypes and horrible words? I just don't get it. I've never been in an accident on my own and I know lots of women who haven't been able to either. You guys suck! Now excuse me, the light is green and I have to go now.

2002-01-18 04:59:43 PM  

*chokes on his chips*

A Tweety keychain?
When was this?
2002-01-18 05:25:09 PM  
Used to be an insurance as$hole, sorry, Adjuster.

In my experience, if the Uncle lived in the house with the kid, she'd be considered a member of the household and therefore, his insurance company is on the hook for the damages to the other two cars and he's out his deductible for his damage.

Depending on who he has for insurance, they will probably try to weasel out of paying for any of it.
2002-01-18 05:55:20 PM  
Hmph. Funny how most of the moronic drivers out there are guys.

Man that girl must love school....
2002-01-18 06:55:06 PM  
Talk about determination...
2002-01-18 07:12:44 PM  
yeah pittsburgh, we got 9 year olds driving, transexual castrations, 13 year old girls meeting 30 year old perverts from virginia, and I remember some guy had a deer corpse laying in the house for his own uh, personal amusement. And the biggest discussion around town is property assessments. A hell of a town.
2002-01-18 07:23:23 PM  
"Man that girl must love school" "I'm sure she got a stern talking to, but she's only nine. You can't really expect her to fully understand the difference between right and wrong. And it's not like she stole the jeep to get to her crack dealer." My little brother is four years old and he knows the difference between right and wrong, come on now.

"On the other hand, what a brave little girl. Imagine the punishment her parents and uncle gave her when she got home." and for good reason. If your kid wrecked your car you'd beat up on 'em too.
2002-01-18 07:24:40 PM  
and I didn't mean beat up on 'em like child abuse beat up on them either. I don't promote that.
2002-01-18 07:44:20 PM  
"A lot of kids would have decided to stay home and watch cartoons all day, so we have to give her credit for that."

Yeah, and not have caused thousands of dollars of property damage. Great logic, guys! Keep it up!
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