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104763 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jun 2004 at 5:38 AM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-22 02:34:40 PM  
What are the chances she's a virign?
2004-06-22 02:37:16 PM  
Skank, she simply doesn't do anything for me.

I've had better and fark has posted much better boobies than this thing with a cha-cha.
2004-06-22 04:02:48 PM  
Any relation to Paul Harvey?
2004-06-22 04:09:56 PM  
2004-06-22 04:23:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-22 07:09:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
50 foot queenie
2004-06-22 07:25:11 PM  
Good day!
2004-06-22 08:52:54 PM  
we second Ninja Pancakes.

she's like a can of Spam in a grocery store. there are lots of them, and nobody wants one.
2004-06-23 01:10:13 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-23 04:44:46 AM  
So she goes from caucasian to black in a few clicks?

/utterly amazed that newsfilter 'sold out' and accepted thumbnails as a design philosophy
2004-06-23 05:48:48 AM  
I dunno... no matter how hot the woman is, the big ugly implant scars can ruin it, y'know?
2004-06-23 05:53:34 AM  
ho hum, Yet another vacuous-looking blonde.
Yes shes hot. Yes id hit it (right now, id be lucky to get anything vaugely concave). Im not saying that i wouldnt like the factory to put one together for me.

But all of these blondes are Just. the. Same. no more please! Give us a fiery redhead with a big nose, or a sultry brunette with a knowing smile. even someone a little... thick. SOMETHING with a soul, dammit!
2004-06-23 05:54:31 AM  
Doh you boys must be blind this girl is pure sweetness!
2004-06-23 05:54:45 AM  
Is she a white chick trying to look black, or a black chick trying to look white?
2004-06-23 05:59:53 AM  
Oh I'd hit it. Don't think for a second I wouldn't hit for a second. We're talking triple-plus hit action over here. But she's cut from a cookie cutter and already forgotten. So the circle of pr0n is complete.

:Give us someone worth googling.
::Smookyfufu, very oringinal you chump.
2004-06-23 06:04:23 AM  
Yeah! What radioberlin said!

/hands rb a beer.
2004-06-23 06:08:36 AM  
Is she a white chick trying to look black, or a black chick trying to look white?

Anybody know what the race of the chick in the black eyed peas is? I was never able to figure that out.

But all of these blondes are Just. the. Same. no more please! Give us a fiery redhead with a big nose, or a sultry brunette with a knowing smile. even someone a little... thick. SOMETHING with a soul, damnit!

Plenty of variety at, erm, my eponymous website. Which I will not link to here for vauge reasons.
2004-06-23 06:08:59 AM  
2004-06-23 06:09:31 AM  
She's fat. Too skinny. Her boobs are fake. She needs a boob job. I'd hit it. I'd never hit it. Hit this! You boys are all the same. You girls are the same way. America rules. America sucks. Iraq war is right. Iraq war is wrong.

/entire thread
2004-06-23 06:15:38 AM  
Simon says "I'd hit it".

Hit hit hit hit hit hit........

Let's face it guys, if it looks like a girl, acts like a girl, smells and tastes like a girl, then i'm afraid that 98% of us guys would hit us (assuming permission from significant others) without blinking an eye.

And it would be the best 60 seconds of her life. I can promise her that.
2004-06-23 06:16:05 AM  

Fusker sites are so farking lame. Nothing but organized bandwidth theft.

I don't have anything against copying pictures, but simply hot linking images like that really takes away from the people who spent the time to host 'em.

I once setup a site called, with some basic Thumbnail galleries to see if I could get any traffic, (which would then link to my website). I got a lot, but about half of the actual bandwidth game from a couple different fusker site, completely wasting the bandwidth that I was paying out of my pocket for (and of course, advertisements were shown that profited the fusker site). I spend money, they make money.

Of course, I got back at them by setting up a refer check, and redirecting any image requests to "another" image. That was fun :). But for people less computer savvy then I its just a parasite.
2004-06-23 06:16:31 AM  
I can't believe she's been in Playboy, because she is not anorexic and actually has a little meat on her (although she could use more).
2004-06-23 06:24:07 AM  
Let me guess.. you subscribe to Readers Digest!

We all know what will be said. The delight comes from unexpected boobie posts, outrageous statements and side-bar conversations that come up from time-to-time. The boobies are an excuse to move away from reality into the fantasy world where any woman would fall over themselves to jump into bed with us....
2004-06-23 06:28:30 AM  
otoh, courteny is hotter then the subject of the boobies link, IMO. But maybe I'm just delusional. I've been up all night at work (haha, surfing for boobies at work!)

Now I'm going to go home and then get up early and go back so i can show off what I "acomplished". nighty night.
2004-06-23 06:28:47 AM  
Uh, Thanks, KozmoNaut. I appreciate. Can you find a non-husker site tho?

Oh, Mighty Autopr0n
I have spent many an afternoon at your site, and am deeply impressed. Much variety indeed. Truly, your knowledge of the women of the Jpeg clan is unrivalled. I would be honored if you would visit my (non-porn) website
Also, If you need any help moderating, just give a shout!
2004-06-23 06:32:37 AM  
alnhelzz - actually, it's Popular Science. It's been a long day already. Ignore my posts.
2004-06-23 06:34:55 AM  
autopr0n - now THAT is something. Thanks for waking me up.
2004-06-23 06:36:24 AM  

Nothing wrong with Popular Science. Wear your anorack with pride!!!
2004-06-23 06:43:58 AM  
Must. Wipe. Drool. From. Keyboard.

2004-06-23 08:15:09 AM  
Curvy, me likey.
2004-06-23 08:19:03 AM  
2004-06-23 08:20:49 AM  
her face looks like some evil gold digger biznitch trying to smile
2004-06-23 08:26:17 AM  
"Popular science? More like... Nerdular Nerdence!"

Also, Courtney > Carla.
2004-06-23 08:30:36 AM  
Oh THAT Carla Harvey!

Yeah, she wasn't bad in the sack.
2004-06-23 08:31:50 AM  
The place where I live probably has the highest proportion of strippers to citizens east of las vegas.
I rub against hotter women in the check-out line at the supermarket.
2004-06-23 08:52:21 AM  
Smookyfufu :

My thoughts exactly ....
2004-06-23 09:03:52 AM  
2004-06-23 09:11:28 AM  
Easily the ugliest woman I have ever seen in my entire life.
2004-06-23 09:12:56 AM  
I think I saw Carla on

/courtney is waaaay more farkable
//boobies admins: it's called lenscrafters. they can help you
2004-06-23 09:29:52 AM  
autopr0n: Let's not forget our NSFW labels, please.
2004-06-23 09:32:31 AM  
2004-06-23 09:34:37 AM  
bad boob job.

That said.... I'd hit it!
2004-06-23 09:41:08 AM  
A Beyonce clone.

But a Beyonce clone that is quite hittable.
2004-06-23 09:41:25 AM  
I 2nd the yawn on this plastic doll.

BTW, it's spelled "VAGUE" not "VAUGE"

2004-06-23 09:45:04 AM  
We've seen her here before. She's someone's failed science experiment.

a) human beings don't have that many teeth, b) navel ring and tattoo are generic stripper-wear and c) boobs are almost definitely aftermarket add-ons.

Added negative bonus: that butt's gonna be the size of Texas in another few years. Hit it while you can, if she's your type. But don't take her home to meet Mom.
2004-06-23 10:03:18 AM  
Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, I wouldn't mind digging in that gravel pit...
2004-06-23 10:54:00 AM  
Somebody do me a favor and post the Romulan pic.

2004-06-23 11:06:29 AM  
mmmmmmmm, beef curtains

/going to see what new hottness JOHNDX has on his blog
//toooo lazy to html -
2004-06-23 11:43:11 AM  
Well, uhm. She's better than Carla Tortelli, anyway.
2004-06-23 11:48:10 AM  
I definitely would NOT hit it. Just look at those sharp knees. She is way below my standar|
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