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(Detroit Free Press)   In between licking their own genitals and scooting on the rug, dogs can predict epileptic fits in children   ( divider line
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4415 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jun 2004 at 7:45 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-22 01:19:41 PM  
Why does a dog sit around licking his nutsack all day? Because he can!
2004-06-22 01:25:33 PM  
When do they find time to fart?
2004-06-22 01:26:23 PM  
What's wrong Fido? Do you see somethi-df-dsfsbh989309*^$hu9h7 Y Y&^07njjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
2004-06-22 01:36:26 PM  
The "rug scoot" always cracks me up.
2004-06-22 01:43:34 PM  
first time my wife saw the rug scoot from our dog, she almost went nuts. so i expressed the dog's anal glands, and that freaked her out even more.
2004-06-22 01:43:40 PM  
because they can.
2004-06-22 01:44:24 PM  
My new house has wood floors, so now my area rugs all migrate slowly through the house due to rug-scoots.
2004-06-22 01:46:44 PM  
crisco, i can relate to that also. Rugs seem to migrate to other rooms.
2004-06-22 01:48:23 PM  
not just in children, works for grown ups too. (ha, cable tv pays for itself)
2004-06-22 01:50:01 PM  
"What's more, a new study finds, many parents report protective action on the part of their pet, such as gently sitting on toddlers to prevent them from falling during a seizure."

Aww, look at that. Little Scruffy is sitting on Billy to prevent him from having a seizure.

Ohhhh, look Scruffy is staying on him although Billy is trying to throw him off.

Oh dear Christ! That farking Chihuahua is forcing our baby to blow him!
2004-06-22 01:55:19 PM  
it's not just a dog, it's a "fun detector!"

/Gotta catch 'em all
2004-06-22 02:10:37 PM  

2004-06-22 02:46:01 PM  
This dog paints AND detects epileptic seizures, and he's a cop. My dog can lick his balls and eat frisbees, I still love him though. ;)
2004-06-22 03:02:30 PM  
A GIS for Dr. Ben Casey turned up this, on the first page.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-22 03:57:07 PM  
I've been able to do all those things and juggle at the
same time since 1982.
2004-06-22 06:38:55 PM  
Wow. I thought this was a really interesting story and I come in here to find all of you talking about dogs wiping their asses on the carpet. Crazy Farkers ;)
2004-06-22 07:29:25 PM  
Why does a dog lick his balls?

Because they're delicious!
2004-06-22 07:50:20 PM  
Dogs are great and all but I don't think I buy it.
2004-06-22 07:50:45 PM  
Best way to keep Fido from humping your leg is to go on and give him a Clinton.
2004-06-22 07:53:06 PM  
Replace the word "predict" with the word "cause" in the headline, the article, and the study and we'll be ever so carefully creeping closer to valid science.
2004-06-22 07:53:34 PM  
How do you "express" a dog's... ugh. nevermind.
2004-06-22 07:55:58 PM  
Hmm, in all these reports of a dog sitting on a child's lap just minutes before a seizure, did anyone else stop to think that maybe, just maybe, the dogs were actually CAUSING the seizure?! ...or am I the only one to spot that link?!
2004-06-22 07:57:02 PM  

Do I want to know how you know this?
2004-06-22 07:57:23 PM  
Why does my pet scoot?

NSFD (Not safe for dinner, or lunch, or breakfast, or snacks)

Thankfully, birds don't engage in this hilarious behavior.
2004-06-22 07:58:15 PM  
Argh, damn you Schlemazl! Same thought but you obviously just have a quicker brain than I!!
2004-06-22 07:58:16 PM  
somebody PS a picture of a dog licking a kids face and put OH NOES over top of it, id do it but i don't have no webspace X^O
2004-06-22 07:58:24 PM  
The Attack Beagle scooted his way across the living room carpet the other night. Husband was HORRIFIED. Heh.
2004-06-22 07:58:49 PM  
"What's that? Timmy fell down drunk again?...."
2004-06-22 08:03:02 PM  
This is nothing new and has been reported years ago by medical science
2004-06-22 08:04:29 PM  
My brain thanks you for the compliment Geobunny, but we both know what they say about great minds (mentioning it like this may be the biggest Fark cliche of them all).
2004-06-22 08:07:46 PM  
Ah, an enlightened farking about butthole surfing.

My day is complete.
2004-06-22 08:08:00 PM  
Who cares what dog's can do. All they do for me is piss me off while I walk by people's small and tattered houses. They should legalize me killing every dog that barks at me as I walk by.

Isn't there laws against disturbing the peace?
2004-06-22 08:08:31 PM  
I'd always wondered why people named their pets 'Scooter'. Is this some sort of ability in human owners to predict scooting in their pets?
2004-06-22 08:10:36 PM  
how do you stop a doc from humping your leg?
Pick him up and suck his I rescind that staement.
2004-06-22 08:11:48 PM  
My dog has epileptic seizures, So does he know he is going to have them?
2004-06-22 08:15:15 PM  

Hahaha, if he can, poor him.

"Here comes another one, shiat!" .... AAARGHACKCK!
2004-06-22 08:32:40 PM  
They can smell the change in body chemistry. Certain chemicals start elevating right before a seizure. I know someone whose dog alerts her to the fact she's about to have one so she can sit down somewhere safe. Hey, it works. Me, I want one of those aid monkeys who fetch things for you.
2004-06-22 08:36:03 PM  
I'd personally like to see the science on this. Family stories aside, have they reproduced this in a more structured setting? Because seriously, if this is true, shouldn't every family of an epileptic child go out and buy 4 child-friendly female dogs? Or start breeding and training programs? They've got guide dogs, right? Life with epilepsy has got to suck, not knowing when your kid is going to have the next life-threatening espisode. Any little advantage may well be worth the cost.

/goes off looking for science
2004-06-22 08:43:25 PM  

your dog wants copenhagen
2004-06-22 08:45:10 PM  
just think of the benefits of this.

/can't think of any
2004-06-22 08:48:13 PM  
Good dog.
2004-06-22 08:51:25 PM  
What the fark? There are already training 20 seizure respond/alert programs.

More info:

Why is this either "science" or "news"?

/i know it's not news, it's... stfu.
2004-06-22 08:57:07 PM  
I hate going by trailer parks and seeing all the mangy dogs loafing around. I also hate my neighbor's dog, who sees it fit to bark incessantly for no reason at 8 am after I've worked for 12 hours through the night and am trying to sleep for a couple of hours before I do it again. No thanks to dogs...I'll take a cat anytime. You can have your feces-eating, scrotum-licking, butt-dragging, leg-humping, bug-swallowing dumb dogs.
2004-06-22 09:05:14 PM  
modernhamlet, there are programs that train dogs for medical purposes. There is even some talk that certain dogs can sniff out tumors in the body. Though these things aren't something that can be fully trained into a dog, the dog bascially has to have the natural inclination to smell for illness (it has to hold some interest for dog) My dog would be good for this if she wasn't so old, shes always spent a lot of time sniffing me over especially when I don't feel well and consistantly pays attention to joints that are painful from arthritis. Also when I have a head cold, my face and chest gets throughly sniffed over too. To another dog they would be just random smells, for Amby they are interesting. I have no doubt if I had any seizure related disorders she would know its coming and stay with me.
2004-06-22 09:07:11 PM  
This information ahs been known for years...
2004-06-22 09:17:07 PM  
oh fark, my carpet is going to be ruined, new dog coming in 2 weeks
2004-06-22 09:19:06 PM  
Not news, but interesting nonetheless.
2004-06-22 09:30:11 PM  
I don't understand all the morans who insist on anthropomorphizing their dogs. It's just an animal like any other; the only feelings it is capable of experiencing are hunger and pain. Everything else is the result of the sentimental, wistful thinking of the owner.
2004-06-22 09:35:58 PM  
Here's a comment from someone who has that disabled-but-not-quite-disabled condition...

The dog story has been around for a while, at least since 1997 when my neuro told me that dogs can detect it. In addition, humans can supposedly detect it (not that I know, haven't had enough seizures to find a trend). It's called an aura and the symptoms vary depending on who you ask. Most report a sense of nausea and/or headache. Some report funny smells, funny tastes, and a few other far-fetched symptoms that probably don't happen.

I personally recall nausea, headache, abnormal sweating, and fatigue after playing certain 3D games after staying up late. My wife can spot a behavior change pretty easily, wouldn't be surprised if a dog did too.

Also, as a fun fyi... getting enough sleep is the #1 defense. Medication is #2. :)
2004-06-22 09:42:14 PM  
Years ago, I had a dog, (A female) that would freak everytime my girlfriend, sister, or sisters girlfriends knocked on the door.
It turned out she freaked because they were on "the time of the month.
Is this strange for a dog?

And if it is how can I use this to my advantage
your insights would be a novel gesture

And NO a am not talking about the dog you Farkers.
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