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(BBC)   DJ uses rap music to explain part of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, fo shizzle   ( divider line
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9757 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jun 2004 at 4:37 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-21 10:02:41 AM  
Not as good as Nutons Law of Mo-shun, my nizzle.

Don't even get me started on Schrowdeenger. I'm likely as not to go on for hours, qizzle fizzle
2004-06-21 10:22:38 AM  
It's "shroedangle." Like Mister Bojangle, for shizzle.
2004-06-21 10:26:43 AM  
The 22-year-old rapper is from Tower Hamlets, the home of Mercury prize-winning DJ Dizzee Rascal.

He must be good if he lives in the same area. I live near Eric Clapton, but that doesn't automatically mean I'm boring and big-headed.

Although, as it happens ...
2004-06-21 10:27:28 AM  
I also live near people who can code html.
2004-06-21 11:12:28 AM  
I'm not alive.
2004-06-21 11:44:31 AM  
Been there, done that!

1990 rap album by Einstein - "The Theories of Emcees Squared"
2004-06-21 11:54:43 AM  
Is this kind of like Mr. T using jive to explain weather?
2004-06-21 12:07:34 PM  
When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour it seems like a minute.

"But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and its longer than any hour. That's relativity

ehh no, not really.
2004-06-21 12:07:40 PM  
So basically the song is only 4 minutes long, but seems to last well over an hour.
2004-06-21 12:11:48 PM  
This is kinda like when Venus Flytrap taught the cleaning lady's kid about the atom, by using an analogy about gangs. God, I loved that show.
2004-06-21 12:17:03 PM  
2004-06-21 12:07:34 PM CatchrNdRy
When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour it seems like a minute.
"But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and its longer than any hour. That's relativity

ehh no, not really.

However, whether the stove is stationary or travelling towards the pretty girl he's perving over, the light from her is travelling at the same speed relative to him. He can also smell burning pubes, but that's beside the point. Einstein didn't cover that.
2004-06-21 01:18:23 PM  
2004-06-21 12:07:34 PM CatchrNdRy
"But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and its longer than any hour. That's relativity "

No, but it does prove the existence of Blackened Holes.

- Cajun Scientist
2004-06-21 02:02:59 PM  
Yes, but what if said pretty girl's pimp said "up to an hour," which usually means one lay? Would that seem like a minute, less than a minute, or more than a minute after one reflects on how he got gypped by the "up to an hour" clause?
2004-06-21 04:21:30 PM  
blackened holes I can't believe I laughed so hard at that.

Of course jay_vee everyone knows that burning pubes were covered more by Planck.
2004-06-21 04:29:54 PM  
MC Hawking is doing a drive-by.
2004-06-21 04:40:19 PM  
School House Rocky wept?
2004-06-21 04:40:36 PM  
The headline's missing a "C".
2004-06-21 04:43:16 PM  
2004-06-21 04:43:34 PM  
The headline is teh funnay, but if it had said, "E=MC Squizzled" it would have been teh funnaier. But, then again, it's all relative.
2004-06-21 04:43:56 PM  
Lamest Rap Ever. This guy should have his playa card stripped from him ASAP.
2004-06-21 04:44:13 PM  
So is the rapper's name Eisteimenem ?

Will the real theory of relativity please stand up, please stand up, please stand up ...

2004-06-21 04:44:55 PM  
I heard NWA is coming out with some rhymes about string theory.
2004-06-21 04:46:45 PM  
"I was thinking of me and my girlfriend being together - it does go really quickly"

Taken out of context, this is the saddest thing a guy could ever say out loud.
2004-06-21 04:47:45 PM  
What a rip. The Icy Hot Stuntaz did this years ago. Old and busted...old and busted.
2004-06-21 04:49:56 PM  
avagadro's constant in tha hizzy

what would mc hawking have to say about this
2004-06-21 04:51:45 PM  
So, does it suck, or does it blow? Amazingly enough, it sucks and blows at the same time until it's listened to.
2004-06-21 04:51:54 PM  
Do you ever notice then anytime anyone make something "into a rap" it is the lamest shiat ever.

From NBC's the more you know, to bad morning DJ schtick, its all HORRIBLE.

Give it a break.
2004-06-21 04:54:06 PM  
Old and Busted: East Coast v. West Coast Rap Wars

New Hotness: Relativity v. Quantum Physics Rap Wars
2004-06-21 04:54:22 PM  
On a completely different rap, how about the science behind 99 Reasons. (Jay-Z reference...)
2004-06-21 04:54:46 PM  
Who does the rapping Steven Hawking? "E=M.C. Hawking" Its gangsta rap. Almost as funny as Steven Hawking and the hooker. :)
2004-06-21 04:55:10 PM  
damn, paging Mr Freud. That should be 99 Problems...
2004-06-21 04:57:15 PM  
This song is just 6 words long
This song is just 6 words long
This song is just 6 words long
This song is just 6 words long

/RIP Mr & Mrs Yankmydick
2004-06-21 04:57:58 PM  
MC Hawking reads FARK on a regular basis; I'll have to alert him to this thread and see what he has to say about it.

Personally, though, I think the Hawkman's physics lessons ("Entropy", for one, as well as the reference to Newton's second law in "All My Shootings Be Drive-By's") blow this crap away.
2004-06-21 04:58:14 PM  
Gotta love DJ Vaders grasp of the theory of Relativity, he kind of clams up when asked to explain e=mc^2.

/listened to the whole thing
2004-06-21 04:59:04 PM  
Why isn't this guy calling himself MC Squared?
2004-06-21 05:00:15 PM  
This is concept has already been done. He probably got the idea while listening to Chemical Calesthenics by Blacklicious. Which, IMHO, is ten times better.
2004-06-21 05:03:16 PM  
You can hear it here
2004-06-21 05:03:29 PM  
I bought a physics book from amazon the other day
I opened and read it, it said we were suckers
They wanted me to go to college or whatever
Picture me giving a damn I said never...

/I am no Public Enemy...

Seriously, where's the link for the lyrics?
2004-06-21 05:05:43 PM  
oh, I missed the link on the top of the page...pretty lame...that guy needs to get a better sense of rhythm.
2004-06-21 05:06:58 PM  
Unavailable for comment: [image from too old to be available]
2004-06-21 05:07:12 PM  
I thought Snoop Dogg asked white people to stop using the 'nizzle' speak. We are supposed to go back to using the pig latin that we are so good at.

Ewa Oolca.
2004-06-21 05:10:12 PM  
DJ Vader

[image from too old to be available]



2004-06-21 05:11:27 PM  
Happy Days fans will remember that touching episode where Potsie used a song to remember the circulatory system...MC Squared is just a Potsie wannabe. Anson Williams--The Original Science SongMaster. Pump-Pump-Pa-Pumps your blood...
2004-06-21 05:13:57 PM  
I think Ed from Cowboy Bebop wins with "3.14"

Link to lyrics

2004-06-21 05:15:29 PM  
The low end theory of relativity?
2004-06-21 05:19:11 PM  
ha, here is his website:
2004-06-21 05:24:43 PM  
Would have been cool if Mike Skinner explained Einstein's Theory of Relativity instead of this tard.
2004-06-21 05:25:01 PM  
This has been done already....except better!
2004-06-21 05:26:40 PM  
yea...cowboy bebop rocks!

africa, mexico, cicili, tijuana
india, osaka, indoesia
mushroom hunting!!
2004-06-21 05:27:10 PM  
tom lehrer started it with the 'elements' song

/rap for your parents
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