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16688 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Jun 2004 at 12:46 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-20 12:49:27 AM  
Coming soon to San Fran
2004-06-20 12:50:11 AM  
Shoulda been "Obvious," these things were all sold out last christmas
2004-06-20 12:50:38 AM  

you two want gmail?
2004-06-20 12:51:34 AM  
Way off topic.

What site/TV show/movie says "asshat"? I can't remember for the life of me.
2004-06-20 12:52:11 AM  
Welcome to like 8 months ago. I think now they are more of "All the .. huh? What were those again.. oh.. right.. those"
2004-06-20 12:53:19 AM  
Come to think of it, I DO want gmail!
2004-06-20 12:54:17 AM  
email addresses needed, you two cows,
if you want it.
2004-06-20 12:56:03 AM  
me and my wife were walking through a radio shaq today having a conversation about this very thing. maybe i am manifesting links to appear on fark.....hmmmmm

/manifest boobies....... patiently waiting
2004-06-20 12:56:14 AM  
"Should he outfit his silver Acura RSX sports car with the all-wheel drive with a limited slip differential?"

That's basically what all wheel drive is -- 3 limited slip differentials!!
2004-06-20 12:57:48 AM  
I'll take some G-Mail... I don't know what it is... but I want it, it's mine! I need it!

/Master Shake
//Seriously I want it.
///tenaciousmikeus at hotmail dot com
2004-06-20 12:58:44 AM  
I'd like gmail if someone has an invite.
2004-06-20 01:00:44 AM  
ok then.

the cows were late.

pfizerx and Betelgeus, you win.

thank you for playing.
check your accounts in about ten minutes.
don't forget to check the bulk/spam/trash folders, as hotmail and yahoo tend to dump gmail invites automatically.
2004-06-20 01:00:53 AM  
I remember from about a dozen or so years back, there were these 1/18 cars sold where you could modify and upgrade the engine, tires, gearbox, etc. Can't remember for the life of me what they were called. All I remember though, is they weren't based on real cars, they weren't remote controlled, and they raced on specially made tracks that guided them using walls on either side.
2004-06-20 01:02:10 AM  
educated you are amazing. I am forever in your debt
2004-06-20 01:03:37 AM  
not yet you are not, betelgeus

gimme your email address again.

type it right this time.
2004-06-20 01:04:06 AM  
They come with subwoofers?
2004-06-20 01:04:43 AM  

Thank you very much, it's very appreciated.
2004-06-20 01:05:39 AM  
I did type it right was there a problem?

If that doesn't work try k­dun­mal­l­[nospam-﹫-backwards]l­ia­m­to­h*com
2004-06-20 01:06:45 AM  
ertfrk at yahoo dot ca
2004-06-20 01:07:56 AM  
HEy Educated couldn't help over hearing the conversation. Wondering myself what gmail is and it's benifits...
2004-06-20 01:08:46 AM  
sent again to yahoo, betelgeus.

reply in mail. let me know you got the invites, both of you.
2004-06-20 01:09:23 AM  
Racing Radio Shack R/C cars? Puhlease. Give me good old fasioned oval racing any day. Or Buggy/Truck racing on dirt. At least they go fast unlike that Radio Shack crap.
2004-06-20 01:10:20 AM  
It makes me angry that the winner of that event gets an actual friggin' Acura NSX...those things are so badass

/Japanese Ferrari
2004-06-20 01:10:55 AM  
it teaches you how to spell benefits


look it up.
2004-06-20 01:11:48 AM  
Mark -

Gmail is google email. Its in beta testing still, and you can only get an account via invite. It comes with a gig of storage and rocks, if I do say so.

Grab it if you get a chance.
2004-06-20 01:11:58 AM  
markcols24 and anybody who still doesn't know:

For information about Gmail, go here.

Or, for the really daring among you, Google "Gmail". Same thing.
2004-06-20 01:12:40 AM  
then "tune" them up with sportier wheels, glowing lights, stickers and noisy exhaust systems.
Tuners don't do that, ricers do. Asshat 'reporters.'

/Matrixwasabi at hotmail dot com
//2 mb email is killing me
2004-06-20 01:14:03 AM  
if/when you get a gmail invite could i have one to? Gig of mail space would rock, specially that 8meg attachement limit and high speeds


to phoey with yahoo
2004-06-20 01:14:23 AM  
i had two invites.
they are gone.

my advice to you kids, pony up the 5 a month for totalfark.
2004-06-20 01:15:13 AM  
I have a friend in Iraq who likes to share photos through email with his family and he would love a gmail invite so that he can keep his pictures in the account without deleting them.

Could you send me one at z­elet­[nospam-﹫-backwards]ns­m*co­m?

2004-06-20 01:15:56 AM  
What!?!? I leave to read somethingawful and i miss GMail?!? C'mon educated... i'll make you a picture, through microsoft paint! eh? eh?
2004-06-20 01:16:25 AM  
zelet, a lot of us TFers are already sending to military. Wil Wheaton showed us the way.
2004-06-20 01:16:49 AM  
I've got gmail but no invites, I'm not sure how they decide to give those out....
2004-06-20 01:18:26 AM  
is based on time, arwin, just wait for it. wil be in red letters at the top of the gmail inbox page.

moocow, sorry, kid. they be gone now.
2004-06-20 01:18:46 AM  
educated -

Maybe this is a stupid question, but how will signing up for TF get them Gmail? I've seen several instances this week where Gmail invites were offered strictly to non-TFers just because of the snobbish attitude of many TFers and their Gmail invites... (I said many, not all - you offered yours to whomever, first come first served)
2004-06-20 01:20:26 AM  
ahh, time makes sense.

I love gmail so far, its got some neat features.
2004-06-20 01:22:05 AM  
actually, spinstopper, you should join totalfark cause it is cool. but you should also know that most of us already have gmail. we take care of each other over there.

and snobbish? sure. you would be shocked at what laying down a fiver entitles some people to.
2004-06-20 01:22:23 AM  
Those things are an absolute blast on hardwood or can do donuts to your heart's content.
2004-06-20 01:23:26 AM  
Thanks SpinStopper and Educated!

Educated: Sorry about the mispelling of the word *benefit* I went to a state university.
2004-06-20 01:23:39 AM  
2004-06-20 01:00:53 AM Nexzus

I remember from about a dozen or so years back, there were these 1/18 cars sold where you could modify and upgrade the engine, tires, gearbox, etc. Can't remember for the life of me what they were called. All I remember though, is they weren't based on real cars, they weren't remote controlled, and they raced on specially made tracks that guided them using walls on either side.

They were called RecordBreakers. They would've been a lot more fun if you could actually control them.
2004-06-20 01:23:44 AM  

2004-06-20 01:23:47 AM  
Thanks educated. Unfortunately I can't check my e-mail now because I'm at work and all those sites have been blocked. It really sucks.

If I get any invites through my gmail account I'll make sure to pass them on to fellow farkers.
2004-06-20 01:24:15 AM  
Being a total farker would have done it?

I had to threaten my best friend's boyfriend with lyrics from Copacabana to get mine.

It was tough, and dirty, but I wanted the email.
2004-06-20 01:24:52 AM  

Cliques are everywhere. Remember the lunchroom in high school? Why would Fark be any different?
2004-06-20 01:25:26 AM  
*sniffles* no fair, I want a gmail account.
2004-06-20 01:25:47 AM  
i was kidding about that, mark.

playful jab, playful jab.

Betelgeus, take your time. but i will worry if you take too long.
2004-06-20 01:25:50 AM  

giggle back at ya :-)

fancy finding you in here...........
2004-06-20 01:26:11 AM  
"asshat" is from originally
2004-06-20 01:26:40 AM  
most military dont need email, they need better armor like those ceramic plates that will stop an AK bullet

so send your gmail invite to me (mbhazzardus at yahoo dot com) and a flak jacket to the soldiers

/they also like TP
// i also like boobies links
2004-06-20 01:27:22 AM  
Um, any more gmail?
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