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(   FBI tests photocopiers at Rutgers for Anthraxabomber clues   ( divider line
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2257 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jan 2002 at 8:01 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-16 08:04:21 PM  
2002-01-16 08:14:17 PM  
My turn to copy my ass!

No mine!

It's mine!

No it's mine!
2002-01-16 08:15:31 PM  
woohoo! rutgers! go knights!
at least our women's basketball team doesn't suck, like every other aspect of this campus...
2002-01-16 08:27:59 PM  
I just hope they don't take as long to catch the anthrax guy as they took to catch the unabomber.

his dog-run at Guantanemo is waiting for him
2002-01-16 08:33:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
So that's what happened to Stuart...
2002-01-16 08:46:54 PM  
Sounds like they are fishing for a lead. Not very optimistic.
2002-01-16 08:51:28 PM  
Eh I dunno. It sounds like whatever lame-ass milque-toast who pulled this off is some dork who spends 8-5 in a lab looking into a microscope and decided to grab a bit of attention by showing us how clever he is...the problem is he apparently didn't know that photocopiers leave tell-tale signs on whatever duplicates they make, just like rifling marks on bullets or imperfections in type from a typewriter. So he's probably cowering in his lab waiting for the ph3dz to come a-knocking. Because he sure as shiat isn't smart enough to have disappeared. Unless he's taken flight to France. Then they'll never find him.

and p.s. he's a Republican, too.
2002-01-16 09:15:16 PM  
I hope they grab this Pat Robertson loving freak soon.
2002-01-16 09:25:29 PM  
now how the fark is a photocopier gonna mail a letter.

<FBI>: where were you in November of last year?
2002-01-16 09:25:59 PM  
: Well???
2002-01-16 10:06:00 PM  
It's probably the guy's scanner anyway.
2002-01-16 10:06:35 PM  
at the grease trucks?
2002-01-16 10:16:17 PM  
The Pope: LOL!
I live like 1 mile from Rutgers- Piscataway!
Holy Crap-ola! Right in my back yard! Terrorists!!!!
2002-01-16 10:24:31 PM  
This is all that happens in my University? No playmates on the next seat !!!! :(
2002-01-16 10:25:42 PM  
Ahhhh.... the Grease trucks.... I know that when I leave Rutgers... I'll miss 'em the most...
2002-01-16 10:39:26 PM  
i could go for a fat darryl no veggies right about now
2002-01-16 10:41:52 PM  
I ordered from Jimmy's the other night and had craps all the next day. Mmmm.. Fat Cats. I hate Rutgers.
2002-01-16 10:53:05 PM  
i order from RU grill if anything, and you gotta substitute ketchup for their weird ass maranara.

once i was on the bus, and this guy was whooping and hollering... when he got up to get off, i could make out what he was saying:
"who has a sandwhich named after him? do you have a sandwhich named after you? no! but i have a sandwhich named after me!"
by tradition to get a sandwhich named after you, you must eat four 6 inch sandwhiches, slathered in grease, within 15 minutes, in front of the guy.
then, if your heart doesn't seize up, you can describe your sandwhich and give it a name.

that man was the godliest man i've ever met
2002-01-16 10:59:44 PM  
All they found was fecal matter.
2002-01-16 11:02:36 PM  
I am just wondering, does Rutgers have the facilities for somebody to have been able to make this stuff there. I mean it sounded like who ever did this would have needed a pretty high end laboratory to do it in, at least without killing himself.

And yeah who ever did this is going to end up being some right wing wacko.
2002-01-17 07:07:23 AM  
Rutgers barely had the facilities for teaching, much less labs for producing anthrax. We felt is was more important to put the university budget into our stadium, where our world-renowned football team could bring home all those, yeah. I really should have gone to MIT.
2002-01-17 09:18:11 AM  
This article is ironic as hell because the Mugrat (the Targum spoof) wrote that the anthrax was made in RU labs. People got all pissed and there was official letters sent out to students saying this wasn't true. Seems to me like Rutgers is hiding something.
P.S Fat Daryl with extra mayo is the best and to comment on future replies, no I am not fat.
2002-01-17 10:35:21 AM  
yes, rutgers indeed has the facilities to produce such bacteria. and yes, while we have spent some $ for athletics, we are a very fruitful and dedicated research institute. granted, not saying we're perfect, but getting better.

and krinkle, the men's b-ball team is significantly bettter than the women's this year.

samuraipanic, that was a great mugrat.
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