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4688170 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Feb 2001 at 10:47 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite   |   Watch    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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  2012-07-10 03:03:30 PM  

OregonVet: I take full responsibility for my actions . . .

How did you end up in here with that kind of moral aberration?

Just curious.
  2012-07-10 03:30:34 PM  
He followed the turtles down.
  2012-07-10 09:23:41 PM  
Yeah, that middle school drama crap was weak.
  2012-07-11 10:09:18 AM  

JoeCamelToe: He followed the turtles down.

Better than that time I followed the spiders.

Ron still isn't speaking to me & can't get to sleep without one of Hermione's, uh, "spells." (Swish and flick!)
  2012-07-11 11:12:42 AM  
Dormi Erectus!
  2012-07-11 11:45:53 AM  
Wangus stimuli!
  2012-07-11 01:20:50 PM  
Hocus Pocus Vagini!
  2012-07-11 05:41:49 PM  
Accio towel!
  2012-07-11 05:42:47 PM  
I remember when you could keep it up much longer, Joe.
  2012-07-11 05:55:22 PM  
Must be getting old.
  2012-07-11 06:28:32 PM  
vestiments disapparo!
  2012-07-11 07:04:56 PM

Someone must be cutting up some onions nearby or something.
  2012-07-12 02:42:46 PM  

Soup4Bonnie: I remember when you could keep it up much longer, Joe.

Usually until that Mersault or his asshole friends ruined it.
  2012-07-12 08:21:22 PM  
I thought it was Mersault's asshole that ruined it?
  2012-07-12 08:36:21 PM  
no, no; it was his friends' asshole.
  2012-07-12 08:45:07 PM  
I thought Mersault's asshole was such an asshole that it had no friends.
  2012-07-12 10:30:23 PM  
Maybe his friends have no assholes.
  2012-07-12 10:35:37 PM  
they have one asshole, which they share among themselves.
  2012-07-13 05:06:20 AM
  2012-07-13 10:39:14 AM  
I think we have a grip on this asshole situation.
  2012-07-13 12:42:39 PM  
... did somebody say 'fisting' ... ?

via psidefect
  2012-07-13 04:50:58 PM  
Leon's gotten larger.
  2012-07-13 04:51:58 PM  
I bet if we knuckle down we'll finger it out.
  2012-07-13 06:44:21 PM  
Why are you all so close, and yelling?

Oh, wait...Fark changes.
  2012-07-14 01:12:30 AM  
Thank goodness, too. I ain't getting any younger.
  2012-07-15 06:46:11 PM  
  2012-07-15 09:42:11 PM  

OregonVet: Really?

LOL...I logged on about 3pm, looked in here, and actually said that out loud.
  2012-07-17 10:20:39 AM  
Wow, look at all the room around here now....I think we need new stuff in here too. What should we get in here that we don't already have???????
(STFU, It's Tuesday)
  2012-07-17 10:46:56 AM  
A massage chair.

A foosball table.

And for the hottub, I want Hitomi Tanaka as my personal floatation device.
  2012-07-17 11:27:28 AM  
Great Idea....I bet SGF might just clean the tub more..if he had, um, help.
We can keep her in the trunk. Not that one, the one I dragged in here for a coffee table. Made of glass, so you can tell if it's empty or not.
  2012-07-17 11:55:12 AM  
Don't forget air holes in the trunk. You remember what happened last time.
  2012-07-17 12:56:05 PM  
Ever tried to drill air holes in a glass trunk?

Too bad for her. She'll wish it were e-man's trunk after a couple minutes.
  2012-07-17 01:14:07 PM  
Why, she has a couple of air bags...
aw, heck we probably could not even close the lid on them puppies.
  2012-07-17 02:24:58 PM  
she looks like a poorly drawn caricature.

i think she hit every branch on the way down when she fell out of the plastic surgery tree.
  2012-07-17 03:03:20 PM  
But she bounces so pleasantly. (not close to being SFW, although clothes stay on)
  2012-07-17 03:07:06 PM  
Dangit: broken link.

Do I have to be logged in to some Google account to post a link anymore?
  2012-07-17 11:21:12 PM  
That looks udderly painful.
  2012-07-18 06:45:41 AM
Happy Birthday Mike
  2012-07-18 07:47:28 AM  
It's your birthday, Mike?

Happy one!
  2012-07-18 07:49:48 AM  
Happy birthday suit day!
  2012-07-18 08:07:25 AM  
Yeah happy birthday Mike...cause you know, you're the only one celebrating a birthday today. :b
  2012-07-18 08:46:40 AM  
Happy Birfday, Mike.....I'm sure you will make it a great one, just remember it.
  2012-07-18 10:03:28 AM
  2012-07-18 10:39:52 AM  
Okay, Farkers, I've restarted the Fark Forum Fantasy Football League.

League ID: Fark Forum
League #: 187078

If you don't get an invite via email & want to play this season, drop me a line at the email in my profile.

Winter Is Coming. And So Is Football.
  2012-07-18 12:53:47 PM  
tis true, I am officially a dirty old man now.

And my lawn. Get off it.
  2012-07-18 03:46:21 PM  
Nice meme, but not this time. You paid me to mow it, old man. You wanta do this yourself?
  2012-07-18 10:40:12 PM  
I hope you're having a great birthday, Mike!
  2012-07-19 08:51:06 AM  
I even wore a dress today, just for you.....
Not bad, for an old Biatch!
  2012-07-19 11:53:39 AM
  2012-07-19 12:08:07 PM  
Hey, I thought we had a Politics forum????
Not sure if serious.
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