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Sun April 15, 2012
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(The New York Times) Followup Big trouble in Riverdale as Archie Comics' two CEOs fight each other for control of company  (nytimes.com) (47)
(Reuters) Asinine More than 2,700 companies collect your state income tax, and then keep it for themselves under deals they have struck with the states. GE, Goldman Sachs, P&G, Chrysler, Ford, GM Nissan, Toyota, all benefit from this corporate socialism  (blogs.reuters.com) (71)
(Bye Buy) Followup Like the former CEO's staffer, here is a list of Best Buy stores that are getting boned  (pr.bby.com) (122)
(The Atlantic) Interesting Six rules for dining out, from a foodie who also happens to be an economist. #2: "Beware the Beautiful, Laughing Women." Depends what you really want to eat  (theatlantic.com) (228)

Sat April 14, 2012
(MyFox Twin Cities) Spiffy Extreme sandboxing. Keg of Mountain Dew not included  (myfoxtwincities.com) (6)
(Detroit Free Press) Sad Purple produce purveyors petulantly proclaim premature primavera preemptively prevented personal prosperity, postponing packaged product premiere, prompting product pusillanimity  (freep.com) (40)
(Newser) Interesting Study finds correlation between number of Walmarts in a county and number of local hate groups -- although to be fair, some of the groups might just hate Walmart  (newser.com) (19)
(Mental Floss) Scary 11 things you might not know about income tax, such as you have less than 72 hours remaining to file  (mentalfloss.com) (46)
(The Street) Interesting You can't fire me. I quit  (business-news.thestreet.com) (75)
(Some Decorator) Fail While Fluffy and Mr. Jingles will enjoy this Solid Wood Room Divider with Imperial Court Design more than just about anyone in your home, $1009 seems a bit steep  (topregistrygifts.com) (11)
(LA Times) Fail Chevy buries the Avalanche  (latimes.com) (59)

Fri April 13, 2012
(Yahoo) Dumbass Okay, THIS time we mean it  (news.yahoo.com) (52)
(MSNBC) Asinine All aboard ... the subprime loan roller coaster is leaving again on track 2012  (msnbc.msn.com) (73)
(Gizmodo) Spiffy Want a job at Google? It's as simple as just doodling a quick resume  (gizmodo.com) (27)
(ABC) PSA The best and worst jobs of 2012. Subby's excited to see he has the third-best job on the list  (abcnews.go.com) (275)

Thu April 12, 2012
(Forbes) Interesting Ever bought Kobe beef in the US? Congratulations, you've been duped  (forbes.com) (153)
(Minneapolis Star Tribune) Followup Former Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn may have resigned for boning something other than his company  (startribune.com) (36)
(C|Net) Dumbass The Bankers Must Be Crazy II  (news.cnet.com) (21)
(Yahoo) Fail Apparently supermarkets haven't thought their cunning plan to save money by firing cashiers and replacing them with self-scanning stations all the way through  (news.yahoo.com) (171)
(Daily Mail) Strange Fashion industry hits bottom as new derriere-baring dresses cause women to be the butt of jokes  (dailymail.co.uk) (69)
(Some Guy) Obvious And now for something completely different: An impartial, unbiased, and thorough article by ExxonMobil concludes that petroleum is the best fuel for cars  (exxonmobilperspectives.com) (34)

Wed April 11, 2012
(The Street) Obvious Congress could cut $23 a barrel from the price of oil overnight if only oil companies would let them  (business-news.thestreet.com) (150)
(Washington Post) NewsFlash US Justice Department sues Apple, publishers for antitrust violations on e-book pricing. Read all about it in an electronic report that costs more than the hardcover  (washingtonpost.com) (432)
(Forbes) Fail Where did my IT money go? *shakes magic 8-ball* Outlook foggy  (forbes.com) (75)
(PCWorld) Unlikely Nokia's plan to kill the iPhone: 1) Pin hopes on Windows Phone. 2) Release new flagship model with glitches. 3) To atone for glitches, give it away free. 4) Wait, what about profit?  (pcworld.com) (43)
(SanDiegoUnionTribune) Obvious California had the most layoffs last month as job creators went somewhere where they would be appreciated  (utsandiego.com) (27)
(BusinessWeek) Spiffy Commodity speculators are having a hard time keeping gasoline over $4 a gallon  (businessweek.com) (31)
(Marketwatch) Spiffy Alcoa foils analysts' dismal prediction  (marketwatch.com) (8)
(MSNBC) Unlikely Man claims old 1917 stock certificate for a company taken-over by Coke means he's owed eleventy billion dollars  (marketday.msnbc.msn.com) (92)

Tue April 10, 2012
(The New York Times) Obvious Sony discovers that making products that are crap can result in a $6.4 billion loss  (nytimes.com) (111)
(NYPost) Hero Cool: 102-year-old Bronx man is still parking cars for a living. Hero: And has a girlfriend less than half his age  (nypost.com) (19)
(Chicago Tribune) Followup YA HO O  (chicagotribune.com) (16)
(RealClearPolitics) Interesting The economy is NOT collapsing. Keep calm and carry on  (realclearpolitics.com) (34)
(Bloomberg) Interesting The economy is collapsing. Everybody PANIC  (bloomberg.com) (39)
(Rolling Stone) Interesting "Obama's JOBS Act couldn't suck worse" - so decrees the spittle-flecked gibbering right-wing hatemonger Matt Taibbi  (rollingstone.com) (71)
(BBC) Cool Good news for Charm City farkers; beer is being brewed in Baltimore again. I mean, you're still stuck living in Baltimore, but at least you can get freshly brewed beer  (bbc.com) (20)
(Marketwatch) Obvious I guess if people say how wonderful credit unions are long enough, it must be true  (marketwatch.com) (49)
(Reuters) Obvious Polish car production falls on euro zone worries, shortage of claw hammers  (reuters.com) (12)
(Forbes) Obvious Kill yourself and wait for the business to dissolve  (forbes.com) (11)
(Yahoo) Interesting *BEEP*  (finance.yahoo.com) (7)
(CNN) Interesting Greetings, my name is Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and I greatly need your assistance with gaining control of a large sum of money  (money.cnn.com) (28)
(CBS News) Obvious Facebook pays $1 billion for a company that produces a free app that can make pictures from your $500 phone look like they were taken with a $10 camera  (cbsnews.com) (56)

Mon April 09, 2012
(CNN) Followup AOL stock surges after investors forget that, as they are trying to make money, it is best to avoid AOL. Follow-up tag barely beats Sick tag due to the first greenlight on this story  (money.cnn.com) (27)
(Marketwatch) Misc Regis revenue down 1.3%. Annoying blonde revenue up far too much  (marketwatch.com) (11)
(Yahoo) Interesting Oil tanks  (finance.yahoo.com) (29)
(Marketwatch) Fail I see a Wall Street and I want to paint it red  (marketwatch.com) (11)
(Chicago Tribune) Obvious Sony to cut an estimated 10,000 jobs, still feel that Caucasians are just too damn tall  (chicagotribune.com) (35)
(MSNBC) Spiffy New study says that Americans' favorite chocolate is Snickers. Coming in second was everything else  (bottomline.msnbc.msn.com) (86)
(MSNBC) Followup Sales soar for final print version of Encyclopaedia Britannica as students discover something to copy more reliable than Wikipedia  (bottomline.msnbc.msn.com) (85)
(Reuters) Cool Reddy Ice on ice after filling Chapter 11  (reuters.com) (26)

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