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Sun November 14, 2010
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(AZCentral)   As the housing economy slowly pulls itself from the economic ashes, investors vow not make the same mistakes of the past. Just kidding. They're now practicing an unethical selling strategy called 'flopping'  (azcentral.com) (52)
(Dallas News)   When you and your friends get a crazy idea, someone usually wakes up jail. These guys are going to be millionaires  (dallasnews.com) (47)
(Some Guy)   McDonald's Japan declares war on KFC Christmas fast-food monopoly, unveils "Christmas Set" chicken-centric happy meal for the happy day  (inventorspot.com) (38)
(CNN)   Auction of Bernie Madoff items nets $2 million. As soon as he comes up with another $17,998,000,000, let's think about letting him out of jail early  (cnn.com) (11)
(Google)   GM to stay Government Motors, just not our government's motors  (google.com) (33)
(UPI)   Walmart seeking to make really weird expansion in Japan  (upi.com) (21)
(Guardian.com)   Remember in Idiocracy how the FDA was run by the fast food companies? About that  (guardian.co.uk) (117)

Sat November 13, 2010
(AJC)   Envelope factory to close the week before Christmas, proving just how painful paper cuts can be  (ajc.com) (34)
(Some local rag)   Eighty percent of homeowners in Vegas don't have enough bottle caps  (lasvegassun.com) (57)
(Boston Globe)   Thanks to postal rate increases, prudent job cutting and reduced hours, the USPS shows surprising profits. Just kidding - last year they lost $8.5 billion  (boston.com) (47)
(Boston Globe)   Administrator of nonprofit organization says banks should be paying us fees instead of the reverse, explaining why she's an administrator of a nonprofit  (boston.com) (17)
(Some Guy)   146  (problembanklist.com) (15)
(Business Insider)   12 ridiculous government regulations that are almost too bizarre to believe including restriction on untangling whales  (businessinsider.com) (63)
(Telegraph)   If you had Ireland as the next European country to need a bailout, step forward and claim your free Guinness bar towel  (telegraph.co.uk) (26)
(Yahoo)   First spy shots of the redesigned VW Beetle. The Beetle has turned into a stink bug  (autos.yahoo.com) (109)

Fri November 12, 2010
(The Consumerist)   Before you go to Burger King because you want to try you luck with the Kenitec Codes, be forewarned. It's a trap  (consumerist.com) (13)
(Some Guy)   The problem Las Vegas faces now is in image problem. "It has lost a lot of luster in the pubic eyes"  (lasvegassun.com) (94)
(The Consumerist)   Gold is at a record high, unless you adjust for inflation  (consumerist.com) (57)
(Some Schlub)   If you thought your company was ridiculous, check out how much Google hates Facebook  (techcrunch.com) (33)
(senz)   Finally, an umbrella that will withstand 70 mph winds. That's supercalifragilistic expialadocious  (senzumbrellas.com) (12)
(Canada.com)   Tim Hortons reported a 21 percent rise in third-quarter profit. For no apparent reason the Fark comments about this will mention poutine and Coffee Crisp  (canada.com) (29)
(Bloomberg)   Turkey prices hit a record, up 28% over last year. That's hardly a poultry amount  (bloomberg.com) (23)
(Boston Herald)   Former store owner blames customers for the store closing. Had absolutely nothing to do with overpriced food, store being below ground level and that there are plants and trash cans hiding it  (bostonherald.com) (42)
(SFGate)   Fifty things your server hates about you. Bonus: Not a slideshow  (insidescoopsf.sfgate.com) (480)

Thu November 11, 2010
(AP)   Foreclosures drop 9% on word the banks lost their paperwork, their dog ate it or someone stole it off their desk during recess  (hosted2.ap.org) (33)
(LA Times)   Former CEO of KB Homes is sentenced to 12 years hard time for stealing millions of dollars. Just kidding, he got off with probation  (latimes.com) (35)
(Some Guy)   Steam is killing PC gaming the same way iTunes killed music  (gameranx.com) (140)
(Globe and Mail)   Little Timmy Geithner to Alan Greenspan: "Shut the hell up, old man. I'm trying to fix YOUR mess"  (theglobeandmail.com) (23)
(The New York Times)   Wal-Mart to offer free shipping, figuring it'll be easier to fit large packages through shoppers' doors than it will be to fit Wal-Mart shoppers into a typical Wal-Mart aisle  (nytimes.com) (27)
(LA Times)   Go ahead and walk away from those underwater mortgages. It only affects everyone else's credit scores  (articles.latimes.com) (71)
(Globe and Mail)   New England doesn't like its Timmies  (theglobeandmail.com) (69)
(NYPost)   If you see the Google Street Views truck rolling your way, it may be a good time to take a break from selling drugs on the corner  (nypost.com) (38)
(WRAL)   Bank of America, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo warn that being sued by investors could lead to losses  (wral.com) (20)
(Some Guy)   Women falling over themselves to get their hands on shoes with 22cm heels  (swns.com) (262)
(Sun Sentinel)   Florida couple hoping to join the 9-mile high club  (weblogs.sun-sentinel.com) (28)

Wed November 10, 2010
(The New York Times)   Foreclosure lawyers discover a never ending revenue source: have their clients take out a second mortgage to pay them for settling the first  (nytimes.com) (16)
(Monterey Herald)   Sara Lee bakery unit sold to Bimbo; finally, something to get her off the streets and back into the kitchen  (montereyherald.com) (22)
(Free Press)   Ford stock, which was valued at under $2 in January 2009, could hit $30 in the near future. Obama really is bad for business  (freep.com) (74)
(NPR)   The ghost of Jonathan Swift cackles nefariously as the Irish Prime Minister works on a modest proposal to the EU in order to stave off financial apocalypse  (npr.org) (7)
(ABC News)   Weight Watchers earnings get thinner  (abcnews.go.com) (12)
(WTAM)   To attract more customers, Wendy's is showing more skin  (wtam.com) (218)
(MSNBC)   General Motors hopes investors will gobble up their IPO, forget about UFIA  (msnbc.msn.com) (16)
(The Hollywood Reporter)   Yahoo Music head leaving for AOL Music in what is essentially a lateral move  (hollywoodreporter.com) (5)
(Huffington Post)   Rep. Ron Paul (R-ON PAUL) tapped to oversee the Federal Reserve. RON PA... Holy crap, what?  (huffingtonpost.com) (288)
(Bloomberg)   Chevron teams up with India's largest company to extract gas from Marcellus, bring out The Gimp  (bloomberg.com) (12)
(Business Insider)   "Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end?" asks Alice  (businessinsider.com) (52)
(Boston Herald)   Lincoln thinks they've figured out what today's discriminating luxury sedan buyer is really looking for: a 4 cylinder full sized luxury hybrid  (bostonherald.com) (26)
(The New York Times)   The Washington Post is incredibly pissed that their diploma factories won't be allowed to rape the U.S. Treasury anymore. WaPo responds: "We're just fleecing the poor. Is that not what America is all about?"  (nytimes.com) (29)
(Houston Chronicle)   Work all night on de mescaline. Daylight come and me wan' go home. Search peyote till de morning come. Daylight come and me purple Jesus spits fire  (chron.com) (13)
(JSOnline)   Some companies figure out that outsourcing actually stinks  (jsonline.com) (112)
(BusinessWeek)   Stock analyst to CVS: "Why do you guys suck so hard?" CEO of CVS: "Do you need a prescription you're no longer taking refilled? Have you tried our discount nuts? How about 12lbs of candy?"  (businessweek.com) (45)
(New York Daily News)   French company introduces lingerie held together with magnets. Reaction has been both positive and negative  T-Shirt  (nydailynews.com) (115)

Tue November 09, 2010
(UPI)   Soybean futures soar on word that gas prices are doing... something  (upi.com) (13)
(LA Times)   Are you still paying your mortgage? You are a drag on our economy. Foreclose already  (latimes.com) (93)
(Wall Street Journal)   Rating agency downgrades U.S. government's credit rating. EVERYBODY PA...oh, it's only some dinky Chinese one  (blogs.wsj.com) (51)
(CNN)   Rent-a-Cracker becoming popular in China, where businesses will pay white people with limited Chinese language skills to just, well, stand around and be white  (cnn.com) (47)
(Bloomberg)   Wait wait wait...Gas prices just went up less than a penny...so don't panic...yet  (bloomberg.com) (75)
(Detroit News)   Okay okay okay...Gas prices skyrocketing out of control, so panic and run to the gas stations and fill up now before the pumps go dry  (detnews.com) (4)
(CNN)   Okay okay okay...Gas prices steady....but they ARE going up  (articles.cnn.com) (4)
(ABC News)   Gas Prices Remain Steady in 2-Week Span  (abcnews.go.com) (3)
(Cypress Sun)   Gas prices decline slightly even as oil prices go up  (hcnonline.com) (1)
(WKBN.com)   Gas prices rising due to weakening dollar  (wkbn.com) (2)
(Fox News)   In a sign of the times, the Carbon Credit trading market has crashed  (foxnews.com) (40)
(USA Today)   We have entered the Golden Age of airline travel  (usatoday.com) (131)

Mon November 08, 2010
(Yahoo)   During the 'Great Recession' no one was forced to eat lambsquarters or dandelion greens but secondhand stores have made a comeback  (news.yahoo.com) (95)
(Washington Post)   Money concerns had no role in the Deepwater Horizon disaster. BP was far too busy thinking about safety, the environment, clean energy, and sea turtles to even *think* about money. So are we done here, or what?  T-Shirt  (washingtonpost.com) (57)
(Wall Street Journal)   Any wealthy mogul with a taste for New York real estate has a favored broker in the city. For the richest man in the world, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, it's a 27-year-old junior-college dropout who's yet to meet his client  (online.wsj.com) (18)
(BBC)   Rolls Royce shares plummet like a Qantas A380  (bbc.co.uk) (38)
(Yahoo)   Behold the beginnings of another EU style regional free trade zone. Set your tinfoil hats to maximum power  (finance.yahoo.com) (49)

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