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Sun September 05, 2010
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(CNN)   80 percent of Americans say that the economy is in poor shape. The other 20 percent are drunk  (politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com) (194)
(NYPost)   Some people keep pictures or flowers on their desks at work. Then there are these people  (nypost.com) (34)
(LA Times)   If the economy gets worse, unemployment stays high. If the economy stagnates, unemployment stays high. If the economy comes roaring back, unemployment stays high. There's a pattern here  (latimes.com) (79)
(Some Guy)   If treadmills, circuits, hand weights, and mirrors are a little too much for you, then have I got a gym for you  (wcax.com) (20)
(New York Daily News)   Aw chute. JetBlue has shown Steven Slater the non emergency exit  (nydailynews.com) (91)
(Washington Post)   An "out of synch" housing market, in which sellers believe a fair price for their home is "a millionty plus one" and buyers believe is free," may be be part of our problem  (washingtonpost.com) (325)
(The Consumerist)   The new math: In the wacky world of credit scores 761 = 850  (consumerist.com) (78)
(USA Today)   U.S. Savings Bonds aren't going to be worth the paper they're printed on - because they won't be available on paper anymore  (usatoday.com) (15)

Sat September 04, 2010
(Yahoo)   Obama says his economic policies halted "bleeding," all but assuring adviser Tim Geithner will win the Nobel Tampon for economics  T-Shirt  (news.yahoo.com) (194)
(Need to Know)   Tarp: $700 billion. Fark: 12.8 Trillion. Did I say Fark? I meant to say Holy Fark  (pbs.org) (198)

Fri September 03, 2010
(UPI)   Crude oil tops $75 per barrel on news that Lindsay Lohan is a terrible person  (upi.com) (12)
(Huffington Post)   This one may hurt your head: Economist Nouriel Roubini says the US economy is going into a "Growth Recession". Goddammitsomuch  (huffingtonpost.com) (31)
(NPR)   An 11 year old has a better grasp on economic incentives than most economists: "I was just feeding my brother buckets and buckets of water"  (npr.org) (41)
(Some Soul Harvester)   Kia recalls 56,000 Souls. Let the Reaping begin  T-Shirt  (publicbroadcasting.net) (27)
(Minneapolis Star Tribune)   CEO of United Health Group made over $100 Million dollars last year, but Obamacare is going to destroy the Health Care Industry  (ww3.startribune.com) (98)
(CNBC)   Private employment increases more than expected for August  (cnbc.com) (47)
(The Consumerist)   Slow news day at The Consumerist: "Has Your Subway Been Tessellating Your Cheese?"  (consumerist.com) (100)
(The New York Times)   BP tells Congress that if it doesn't get new offshore permits, it may not be able to cover restoration costs from spill  (nytimes.com) (156)
(The Consumerist)   Student Loans 101: Getting into debt and staying there is crucial to the success of the Republic. An indebted population is easier to control; needing to pay off crushing debt, graduates more willingly become cubicle drones  (consumerist.com) (192)

Thu September 02, 2010
(Des Moines Register)   Drake University's new "D+" logo shows you may not want to base an advertising campaign on the polling of high school students  T-Shirt   (blogs.desmoinesregister.com) (31)
(BusinessWeek)   New tougher, stronger, more competent SEC still has no idea what caused the "Flash Crash" in May. Invest with confidence  (businessweek.com) (29)
(The New York Times)   Burger King sold for $4,000,000,000.59, including the super-sized fries and Coke  (dealbook.blogs.nytimes.com) (45)
(National Post)   With Canadian housing bubble likely to burst any day now, major bank insists "It's a great time to buy a home...If ever there was a time to buy, it is now"  (financialpost.com) (38)
(Contact Music)   War! HUNH! Good god, y'all--What is it good for? Suing Pepsi for $10 million  (contactmusic.com) (34)
(Daily Mail)   Ever wonder what the insides of a Qantas 747 engine looks like? Wonder no more (with video)  (dailymail.co.uk) (81)
(The New York Times)   Maker of Botox settles $600 million lawsuit for false advertising. Company officials so happy with the settlement, they can hardly keep a straight face  (nytimes.com) (11)
(BBC)   Ferrari recalls cars after fire red turns into charcoal black  (bbc.co.uk) (36)

Wed September 01, 2010
(Politico)   BP has so far spent $94 billion dollars on cleaning the Gulf Coast....'s tainted image of BP with advertisements  (politico.com) (130)
(CNN)   Have you ever wondered why all smartphones are $199? It's not collusion. It's definitely not collusion  (money.cnn.com) (51)
(MSNBC)   Good news on the job front finally. Private employers cut 10 000 jobs in August....aww crap  (msnbc.msn.com) (48)
(CNBC)   By firing you, the CEO was able to afford a new ivory back scratcher  (cnbc.com) (85)
(MSNBC)   Burger King contemplating sale, hoping to avoid the Burger Queen taking half of his net worth  (msnbc.msn.com) (28)
(Talking Points Memo)   No, I wouldn't buy that for one dollar. Never made a profit Washington Times goes back to Rev. Moon   (tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com) (12)
(The Consumerist)   For over a month, woman's Kindle account has been locked out and Amazon can't fix it. THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE IS HERE  (consumerist.com) (78)
(Bloomberg)   The Federal Reserve doesn't feel that any of their monetary policies will force you to spend money you don't have on crap you don't need. The horror. The horror  (bloomberg.com) (15)
(Reuters)   AIG divides by zero and swallows themselves in their own force of suckitude. FYI, they will never pay us back what we gave them  (reuters.com) (31)
(BBC)   Europeans: "I have over four weeks of paid vacation I need to use before December." Americans: "Vacation? Sorry, I don't speak European"  (bbc.co.uk) (424)
(The Consumerist)   We've seen the housing bubble burst, but the real question is, when will the college tuition superbubble burst? Chances are, never  (consumerist.com) (261)
(The Mercury)   230 people with freshly soiled underwear fail to be impressed with Qantas' still-unbroken safety record  (themercury.com.au) (54)
(Some Guy)   Confident about the economy? Here, let me fix that for you  (businessinsider.com) (48)
(Wall Street Journal)   Ten mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting a new business. Not having a farking clue what they're doing, conspicuously absent  (online.wsj.com) (38)

Tue August 31, 2010
(Marketwatch)   Summer of Recovery? Try Seven Years of Recovery, if one Wall Street analyst (with a stellar track record) is correct  (marketwatch.com) (36)
(Some Guy)   If you've always wanted to know what third world hellhole your job was outsourced to, here's the list so you can move there  (insurancetech.com) (66)
(Yahoo)   Invisible monkey doesn't sell cars to invisible buyers  (finance.yahoo.com) (45)
(Guardian.com)   Tax credits prevented US home prices from falling as far as they should have. What could possibly .... oh crap, we're never getting out of this mess are we?  (guardian.co.uk) (92)
(CNN)   Banks are doing more to help troubled homeowners than the government. Naturally, this has some people's knickers in a knot  (money.cnn.com) (61)
(The Register)   War rages within Microsoft over what to call the next product to be rejected by the vast majority of consumers  (theregister.co.uk) (59)
(The New York Times)   Proposed new fuel efficiency sticker will use a letter grading system. Predictably, the auto industry is outraged that a system "imbued with schoolyard memories" might make consumers think twice about buying their POS SUVs  (nytimes.com) (127)

Mon August 30, 2010
(Wall Street Journal)   Cisco looks at bid for Skype. Sarah Connor checks calendar  (blogs.wsj.com) (21)
(The New York Times)   Risk-taking rises as oil rigs in Gulf drill deeper. And why not? What could possibly go wrong?  (nytimes.com) (12)
(Jalopnik)   You know how your car got to be so safe (Smart car owners excepted)? Dead bodies  (jalopnik.com) (26)
(ABC)   San Francisco man sells jellyfish as household pets (his first mistake)  (abclocal.go.com) (18)
(AOL News)   The Flintstones go uptown with a proposed $2 million lava rock car  (aolnews.com) (48)
(Wall Street Journal)   Credit card industry would like you to drop that Card Act covered credit card for these new, shiny, unregulated "professional cards"  (online.wsj.com) (98)
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)   People hate their jobs. It's not news, it's the Post-Gazette  (post-gazette.com) (43)
(Mercury News)   Legal massage parlor fails to be stung by undercover cops. Still not a happy ending  (mercurynews.com) (59)
(USA Today)   Egg industry says it's your own stupid fault if you got salmonella poisoning from undercooking your eggs  (usatoday.com) (235)

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