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Sun June 22, 2008
(Yahoo) Amusing To: Fark Headlines - CC: Farker1, Farker2, Farker3, Farker4, Farker5 - Subject: HAHA LOL 6 Most Annoying Coworkers, so trueee (304)
(CNBC) Dumbass Larry Kudlow doesn't understand why Americans hate oil speculators for stealing hundreds of billions of their hard earned dollars, blames the New York Times (86)
(Marketwatch) Interesting The ten worst-managed companies in America (91)
(The New York Times) Scary That buried Papi jersey may be the least of the new Stadium's structural problems (12)
(USA Today) Obvious Can Congress really lower gas prices? 'Increasing supply by 70,000 barrels a day when we consume 21 million barrels a day isn't going to have much effect' (49)

Sat June 21, 2008
(National Post) Sad Even Canadians are seeing a decline in beer sales, as wine becomes more and more popular. I blame Busch (111)
(CNN) Interesting Not news: Probably the most level-headed article on our global dependence of oil. Fark: From CNN (33)
(CNBC) Spiffy Manual push lawn mowers making a comeback as gas prices soar. Hank Hill scoffs at this new trend (215)
(USA Today) Interesting Starkist tuna to be bought by South Korea company. Sorry Charlie (14)
(Some Guy) Amusing Is Donald Trump 100,000 times smarter than you? (33)
(Insurance Journal) Interesting Judge rules insurer must cover software pirate's claim. In other news, software pirates buy business insurance (6)
(SLTrib) Interesting Procter & Gamble's $19,250,000 verdict against Amway for spreading the Satan rumor has been upheld. The goat sacrifice must have worked (56)
(Washington Post) Scary Robert Samuelson gives a concise look at why gas will climb toward $7 (29)
(CNBC) Obvious JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon eyes Wachovia, total world domination. Mr. Potter approves (9)

Fri June 20, 2008
(Yahoo) Scary United Airlines announces free booze on all domestic flights. Just kidding, they announce plans for minimum overnight stays and raise lowest rates by $90 each way (30)
(MSNBC) Obvious GM halts plans to redesign it's more fuel-thirsty models, because a redesigned piece of junk is still a piece of junk (37)
(Eater L.A.) Cool Former Starbuck's barista remembers The Night They Invented Frappuccinos (26)
(InfoWorld) Amusing HR memo to Broadcom sales reps: We will no longer provide hookers and blow for sales kickoff meetings (24)
(BetaNews) Interesting AT&T will pay a high price for iPhone 3G. Oh, yes, indeed, they will pay (18)
(CNN) Misc For the eight of you people out there waiting to buy the new F-150 you're going to be waiting a little bit longer. Mike Rowe says, "Well there you have it." (37)
(Democratic Underground) Scary In case you're worried where we're getting the money for the $300 billion Countrywide Mortgage bailout, they were kind enough to include almost $10 billion in Internet taxes to help pay for the bill. Problem solved (76)
(Guardian.com) Interesting YouTube responds to (buffering) getting its ass kicked by (buffering) Hu(buffering)lu(buffering).com (68)
(Yahoo) Obvious Dow drops under 12,000 on news that stock prices have gone down (22)
(Buffalo News) Stupid Want to earn over $17 an hour + benefits without an education? Simply get a minimum wage job and then apply for every available welfare program and government subsidy (296)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Interesting Will TV trump UGC? YouTube on the wane while Hulu explodes (17)
(Some Guy) Amusing Japanese cruise line unveils "Cinderella Plan" service to provide appropriate shipboard atmosphere for male guests to pop the question to their girlfriends. Service reports 100 percent success rate (8)
(Wall Street Journal) Cool Amid these troubled times, it gladdens the heart to see that the superyacht market is up 18% over last year (18)
(Gawker) Scary Old-school cigarette advertising: "When my two younger children grow up and start to smoke, Camels will probably be their cigarette, too." (27)
(BBC) Obvious Bill Gates admits he succeeded in technology business because his rivals farked up (23)
(Wall Street Journal) Obvious Even if the merger goes through, satellite radio is in Sirius trouble (53)
(LA Times) Scary With gas prices continuing to rise out of control, the unthinkable has happened: L.A. residents have left their cars at home and started riding the rails (29)

Thu June 19, 2008
(Some Guy) Scary Continental and United agree to jointly blackout your frequent flyer benefits (26)
(CNN) Unlikely Is $500 a month and free gas enough to turn your vehicle into a hideous rolling billboard? (182)
(The News & Observer (NC)) Amusing Duke professors think the automobile industry should use "gallons per mile" rather than "miles per gallon". This is supposed to help consumers to better judge how much gas their car sucks (71)
(Bloomberg) Interesting Oil falls $4 a barrel as China announces fuel price increase. Wait, what? (22)
(Houston Chronicle) Interesting 18,000 GM employees decide to step off the sinking ship before they leave port with water quickly rushing through the gaping hole in the hull (15)
(ClusterStock) Interesting JP Morgan: Not only does Barnes & Noble sell dying media like books and CDs, people will be too distracted by the Olympics and Presidential race to buy them. Ouch (19)
(Reuters) Interesting Attack on Shell Oil's offshore oilfields in Nigeria cuts production by 10 percent, just in time for gas prices to zoom over $5 a gallon for the 4th of July holiday weekend (42)
(Hot Air) Dumbass Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-Woodstock/Caracas) demands nationalization of the one part of the oil industry that isn't making any money. With video idiocy (112)
(WGAL 8) Scary Third of nation's CEOs expect to cut jobs, buy yachts, in coming months (15)
(CBS New York) Misc Two Bear Stearns managers arrested for causing entire subprime mortgage mess (22)
(CNN) Ironic Wall Street in September: "Mother of god, if the Fed does not cut rates we're all going to die. SAVE US. SAVE US." Wall Street in June: "We're all going to die because the Fed cut rates. SAVE US. SAVE US" (13)
(CNBC) PSA Oil falls below $133 on news of the Cubs losing two games in a row (23)
(Wall Street Journal) Obvious $300 billion taxpayer bailout of Countrywide Mortgage in Senate right now. Brought to you by the senator who took $780,000 in "Friends of Angelo" mortgages from Countrywide. Nothing to see here, citizen. Move along (283)
(CNBC) Silly Despite being cheaper on a percentage basis (compared with 87 octane fuel), people are not buying premium gasoline as much (79)
(CNBC) Cool Carl Icahn is starting his own interweb blog today (9)
(DealBreaker) Amusing Goldman Sachs: "You're being placed into the accelerated one-year analyst program." Analyst: "You mean I'm being fired?" (13)
(JSOnline) Obvious Hummers give way to hand jobs (15)
(The New York Times) Cool Four Western oil companies are in the final stages of negotiations this month on contracts that will return them to Iraq, 36 years after losing their oil concession to nationalization as Saddam Hussein rose to power. Finally, progress in Iraq (127)
(Forbes) Spiffy Wyeth shares rise on promising study of Alzheimer's drug. Wyeth shares rise on promising study of Alzheimer's drug (11)
(MSNBC) Obvious As the dust still settles, and the bodies are being cleared from Main Street to Wall Street, U.S. Treasury Secretary demands new powers to police the financial industry. His name is "five years too late" (9)
(London Times) PSA Bank of England forces Deputy Governor Sir John Gieve to step down. When given the option of cake or death, he chose cake (12)
(Some Unsubscriber) Dumbass Netflix execs decide they have an unfair advantage on Blockbuster, decide to give up their best feature to level playing field (58)

Wed June 18, 2008
(The News & Observer (NC)) Obvious Sister company to Blackwater Security wants lawsuit against them decided under Islamic law instead of an American courtroom because three pregnant goats, two chickens and a rooster are cheaper than a half a billion dollars (40)
(Newsday) Spiffy Starting Aug. 1, cigarette labels in Egypt will be required to carry images of the effects of smoking: a dying man in an oxygen mask, a coughing child and a limp cigarette symbolizing impotence (91)
(Stockton Record) Interesting The median home price in California has fallen 30%, making homes in California now only twice as expensive as almost anywhere else (20)
(MSNBC) Stupid GAO finds Air Force was wrong to award tanker contract to Northrop Grumman despite the fact their plane can carry more fuel, more troops and more supplies than Boeing's (189)
(MSNBC) Obvious Five-star steakhouses in airports, complete with sharp, shiny knives. Deadly toothpaste surrenders (37)
(OWB) Asinine KBR threatens to starve all of our troops in Iraq if it doesn't get a $1 billion dollars they can't actually justify (77)
(CNN) Asinine "It's not greed driving gas prices" says Chevron's CEO while driving his Bentley out of his driveway at his ten million dollar mansion (38)
(Some Guy) Followup FedEx posts $241 million loss. Blames fuel costs, Wilson (18)
(Globe and Mail) Strange Man successfully argues in court that his income tax should be reduced because he dislikes golf (14)
(CBS New York) Stupid Brooklyn residents camping out waiting for grand opening of... Ikea? (26)
(International Herald Tribune) Misc Morgan Stanley reported 58% decrease in net profit today. Glad to see that economic downturn was temporary, just like Bernanke said it would be (19)
(AP) Spiffy Four of Japan's leading robot startups join forces to form Voltron Incorporated (33)
(Bloomberg) Obvious Paulson & Co. hedge fund founder John Paulson says the total cost of the credit crisis will be $1.3 trillion. His name was John Paulson (36)
(Some Robusta Guy) Obvious Consumer Reports discovers that some decaffeinated coffee from six major chains isn't actually decaf. Better not fill it to the rim (137)
(CNBC) PSA General Mills raises their outlook on news that people are so broke now that they eat Cherrios at home instead of lining up at McDonald's in the morning (14)
(CNBC) Dumbass Oil companies are fixing the price of oil and should suffer penalties, according to Donald Trump, who thinks he knows more than Boone Pickens (10)
(ClusterStock) Amusing Poor Boone Pickens, nobody listens to him anymore when he says oil is going to the moon. Maybe because he invested $2 billion in wind energy (27)
(The Local (Sweden)) Obvious Ikea recalls 650,000 Flämi desk lamps (24)
(USA Today) Dumbass Now that the barn door's been left open, the chickens have all been eaten, and the foxes have finished cleaning their teeth, commodities regulators are ready to begin imposing stricter rules on oil speculators (221)
(New Zealand Herald) Cool The rebirth of MG (26)
(Reuters) Obvious US airlines: 2008 will match 2002, the industry's worst year ever (23)
(SFGate) Asinine Pink slip reason #569: Your spouse smokes. Fark: They found out by blood test (289)
(The Consumerist) Asinine When they expanded the inner diameter of the TP roll and kept the outside diameter of the roll the same I said nothing. When they came for my pint glass, well that's another story (34)
(Telegraph) Scary The Royal Bank of Scotland has some good news. oil prices will drop next year. and some bad news. oil will drop because the stock market is going to crash (14)
(C|Net) Unlikely AT&T, Verizon defend Early Termination Fees as "reasonable", "necessary to ensure competition" (57)

Tue June 17, 2008
(An Underpaid Geek) Ironic Compared to Google and Microsoft, Apple's engineers work for sweatshop wages to produce the smugness people crave (36)
(AFP) Obvious EA to Take Two: "We believe our offer reflects a full and fair price for your company." Take Two: "Sorry, chumps, we can't hear you over the sound of the dump trucks full of money we're making" (27)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Pssst. Wanna buy a town? Got one cheap. Hotels, motels, water park, it's all yours. $1.99 (21)
(Some Guy) Misc Gold drops 9% in one week. AU THE HUMANITY (48)
(ABC News) Obvious Counterfeit brand-name good costing U.S. economy billions of dollars each year. It's not news, it's Frak.com (28)
(Yahoo) Asinine How does Goldman Sachs make $2 billlllllllllion this quarter? It is right here in the filing: "Higher net revenues in interest rate products, commodities and currencies...." Hmmmm (39)
(SLTrib) Obvious For some odd reason, the Missouri governor is against the Anheuser-Busch sale (12)
(KTAR) Sad High gas prices finally claim another casuality: Hair salons (34)
(CTV) Dumbass Oil prices fall to around $133 per barrel. But don't worry, one analyst says that "the overall uptrend in oil pricing remains intact." Thank God (20)
(USA Today) Scary Real estate agents, having exhausted or bankrupt all their normal customers, set their sites on Generation Y, with all their cute little tech toys and social networking. Muahahahahaha (166)
(BusinessWeek) Obvious Oil company CEOs: High prices, fat paychecks, fat necks (22)
(MSNBC) Cool Matrix brings back the hatchback. There is no spoon (92)
(Reuters) Followup It's official: Missing U.S. fund manager Israel not dead. Sam Gerard on the case (33)
(CNN) Cool Intel outside (11)

Mon June 16, 2008
(Reuters) Spiffy Congratulations are in order for former Bear Stearns bond portfolio managers Ralph Cioffi and Matthew Tannin, who will be the very first criminally charged in the whole credit mess (29)
(Breitbart.com) Interesting Inflation in the Eurozone hits 3.7 percent, highest level since 1999. In related news, prices in the ESPN Zone remain steady (19)
(AJC) Spiffy Looking for an upside to the housing collapse? Here are three: attractive housing, lots of peace and quiet, and female friends can sunbathe topless on your back deck (21)
(The Raw Story) Unlikely 'Mad Money' blowhard Jim Cramer has nailed down the cause of the current energy shortage: Jimmy Carter's sweater (27)
(Forbes) Obvious Iran snatches $75 billion back from overseas banks minutes before asset seizures begin (39)
(Reuters) Stupid Cosmopolitan magazine sues Cosmo Club in Las Vegas over copyright infringement. Other defendants in the case include the International Bartenders Association, the cast of Sex and the City, and Kramer (68)
(CNBC) Interesting Somehow, Warren Buffett is getting involved in this whole Anheuser-Busch takeover thingee (11)
(Wall Street Journal) Obvious Cold Stone Creamery franchises closing left and right, mostly because business plan depended on charging $4 for a scoop ice cream (118)
(CBS Miami) Obvious Bernanke channels his inner Romero: health care system poses a big challenge (11)
(CNN) Interesting Saudi Arabia plans to increase oil production by 200,000 barrels a day in July. Not out of the goodness of their hearts or anything, because they're afraid we'll actually start looking into alternative fuel if they don't (447)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Amusing Lenny Dykstra picks his own stocks, says guy who helps Lenny Dykstra pick his stocks (10)
(CNBC) PSA Oil soars $5 on its way to $140 per barrel on news the U.S. and EU announce new sanctions on Iran. Brilliant (311)
(NYPost) Asinine What do Chris Dodd, Kent Conrad, Alphonso Jackson, Donna Shalala and Richard Holbrooke all have in common? Below market loans from Countrywide Financial. Some pigs are more equal than others (85)
(Chicago Tribune) Obvious YouTube becoming "'world's biggest focus group'" by tracking age, gender, geographic location, number of times rickrolled (19)
(BBC) Scary Fuel hits £1.99 per litre in UK -- or $17.69 per gallon in USian money. Subby investing in shoe leather (353)
(Yahoo) Followup XM and Sirius merger receives FCC approval if new company name is not 'Surely' (72)
(USA Today) Obvious Rising energy costs will drive electricity bills up by 28 percent this summer. Normally "shocked" consumers must now search for other hyperbolic reactions (127)
(The Earth Times) Obvious Relaxation techniques can help you avoid job burnout. But then, come on, it's Monday and you're on Fark.com. You're not exactly on the fast track to a nervous breakdown, are you? (18)
(CBS News) Asinine Let them eat cake: CEOs salaries up even if their stockholders profits are down (30)

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