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Sun April 27, 2008
MSNBC Followup Dear United Airlines, it's not you, it's me. Wait....no, it IS you. BFF, Continental Airlines (9)
The New York Times Obvious Ben Stein explains how Bush's S.E.C. reduced capital requirements and allowed investment banks to regulate themselves. Did it work? Anyone? Anyone know the effects? (41)
Reuters Obvious It shouldn't take a Nobel laureate economist to blame Bush and Greenspan for the current financial crisis, but here's one anyway (90)
AP Scary Labor strife closes down pipeline system delivering a third of Britain's North Sea oil. US invasion of England being considered (19)

Sat April 26, 2008
Wall Street Journal Obvious As Delta and Northwest prepare to merge, United and Continental announce plans to merge, form blazing sword (28)
(TechRadar) Interesting How the biggest tech companies got their names (23)
The Raw Story Stupid Business is so slow that the New York Post has resorted to scooping its competitor (4)
London Times Obvious "If it floats, flies or fornicates, you are better off buying; but if it barks, reach for the rental agreement" (45)
Engadget Florida CompUSA rises from its grave with 13 stores in Florida, wants your money, brains (26)
AP Obvious As gas prices rise, trade-in value of SUVs drop. You're going to have to drive that thing into the ground (60)
(PennLiev) Asinine In order to protect consumers from price-gouging, Pennsylvania prohibits Wal-Mart from selling $4 prescriptions for less than $9 (47)
apan Today Obvious Japanese government, unfamiliar with Project Mayhem, orders Ikea to improve its product manuals after man nearly blinded himself while assembling chest of drawers (49)
Mercury News Obvious Remember how everyone scoffed when eBay started car auctions? Well, soon they might be your realtor (17)

Fri April 25, 2008
Reuters Interesting Contimerican? AmerUS Airways? (17)
Wall Street Journal Stupid A $300k watch that can't tell time. Quote from salesman "anyone can buy a watch that tells time — only a truly discerning customer can buy one that doesn’t." Bonus: Sold out in 48 hours (234)
The Consumerist Asinine Dude, your customer service blows. Dell to charge for "advanced support team in North America." Andrew from India still free (37)
PCWorld Interesting Online video shows fake Mac clones really working. That settles it. It's on the Internet so it must be true (83)
MSNBC Followup Bush stimulus comes early, doesn't even spoon before leaving (451)
NYPost Interesting Crypt containing 211 corpses removed to build luxury housing. Why does this sound familiar? (36)
Bloomberg PSA Microsoft declined 5% in after hours trading after it reported an 11% drop in q3 profit & forecast earnings that may miss estimates as Windows software sales fell (34)
Komo Misc Old analog gas pumps have interesting limitation that makers did not anticipate. Y2K unavailable for comment (78)

Thu April 24, 2008
Globe and Mail Scary Oil could top $200 per barrel within five years, according to the bank that called $100 per barrel last year (58)
(Some Guy) Sad Ebay looking to buy Craigslist. Look for cost for average Craiglist posting to jump from "free" to "would you like Vaseline with that?" (35)
Telegraph Interesting Great news, everyone - oil prices are going to drop by 40% by 2010 (31)
Washington Post Sad Home sales plunge to George HW Bush levels (18)
Boston Herald Stupid Boston's solution to the housing crisis: Force lenders who foreclose on homes to rent those seized houses back to the occupants -- the same occupants who weren't paying the mortgage (191)
USA Today Cool Arby's is buying Wendy's. This is the greatest day in submitter's life. Helloooo Beef N Cheddar Baconator (120)
(Pew Research) Obvious Only 11 percent of Americans rate the economy as excellent or good, a six percent drop from January. But it's still obviously the fault of the media (129)
Bloomberg Cool Brazil's discoveries of what may be two of the world's three biggest oil finds in the past 30 years could help end the Western Hemisphere's reliance on Middle East crude (203)
CNN Followup Costco joins Sam's Club in rationing the amount of rice a consumer may purchase, but you can still buy all the Eagleburger you can carry (233)
Yahoo Obvious It turns out Blockbuster has hit a slight snag in its bid for Circuit City: It has no money (19)
(NY Times) Asinine Food prices are up, farmers are making a good living and the biofuels mandate is creating grain shortages. So Congress does the obvious thing: Authorizes $5.2 billion in cash to farmers and does squat about biofuels (97)
(Some Guy) PSA Headline: Tiny mussels pack major financial punch. Get it? Mussels and punch. Literary prize for this guy (35)
AP Strange Apple stock falls on news that sales are up 43 percent and profits are up 36 percent (23)
CNBC Spiffy Qualcomm posted a 5.5 percent increase in Q2 profits and -- unlike some wireless industry heavyweights -- gave a modestly upbeat assessment for the rest of the year (4)
Yahoo Unlikely Dish Network accuses DirecTV owner NewsCorp of hiring hacker to reverse-engineer their technology and flood the market with smart cards, thereby depriving both companies of business (24)
CNBC Cool 3M reported better-than-expected quarterly profit as strong international sales of Post-It notes more than offset economic weakness in the U.S. (6)
Bloomberg Cool First-time unemployment filings unexpectedly fell last week to a two-month low, a sign some companies have put firing plans on hold (15)
AFP Spiffy Apple posts billion-dollar profit as Mac sales rocket. PC guy inconsolable (37)
Boston Globe Sad After being purchased by Boston-based Liberty Mutual, insurance giant Safeco to follow the Supersonics out of Seattle (5)
(AP) Spiffy Ford swings to $100 million profit in Q1, tells Wall Street to suck it (25)
BBC Obvious Like clockwork, now it's Credit Suisse that loses billions to the U.S. mortgage disaster (20)
CNBC Obvious Cramer says if you think green stocks are working now, it’s nothing compared to what they could do if a Democrat wins the presidency (11)
WAAY TV Sad The signs, they are a changin': Next-to-last original "single-arch" McDonald's marquee disassembled (23)
ABC News Obvious Planning on taking a plane trip this summer? No, you aren't (24)
Bloomberg Spiffy Chinese stocks surge, sending the Shanghai Composite to its biggest gain in over six years after the government cut a tax on equity trading (7)
Yahoo Interesting Starbucks warns of weak earnings, coffee (17)
CNN Interesting Economy going to shiat? Energy prices skyrocketing? Blame Tony Soprano (10)

Wed April 23, 2008
(Some Guy) Interesting Spend a lot of afterwork hours hammering away on your Blackberry? Some lawyers think you might be due some $$$ (16)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Interesting How much does it cost to make Steve Ballmer go away? If you're Yahoo, $14 million and counting (6)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Interesting Ever wondered how much all that fantastic free food costs Google every year? $73 million. That's a special, tax-free (and yummy) bonus of $7,530 per Googler (35)
(Heck of a job there, Ben) Scary Former Fed chairman: "The current Fed is not only incompetent, but its actions are dangerous" (57)
(IBJ) Unlikely Conversion van company blames layoffs on UAW strike and not the fact that nobody's bought a conversion van since 1989 (61)
Statesman Dumbass Memo to Time Warner employees: "Nobody answer the phone, it might be the City of Austin calling about their money" (7)
AP Followup Craigslist to eBay: "I know you are but what am I?" (21)
SFGate Followup All those unsold SUVs in the U.S. are finding a happy home in China, with a billion potential drivers and an oil industry that's banned from charging for the rising cost of crude (44)
Bloomberg Obvious Microsoft announces it will not raise its bid for Yahoo and doesn't care if the shareholders say yes and doesn't need that stupid poopyhead company, anyway (5)
Yahoo Obvious World's largest private cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris posts impressive quarterly profits, helped by weak U.S. dollar and everybody panicking (18)
(NYTimes) Cool Credit crunch spurs government to buy student loans. I want "to make sure federal loans continue to be available" says Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, 43rd in line of succession to the presidency (83)
CNN Scary Delta reports $6.39 billion in first quarter losses. Surely this is the sign of a strong economy (38)
CNBC PSA Boeing said Q1 profit rose a greater-than-expected 38 percent, helped by higher deliveries of its commercial planes (4)
(Some Guy) Amusing Emeril begins closing namesake restaurants. Don't let the overpriced food and poor service bam you on the way out (51)
USA Today Obvious Poll shows that 73 percent of respondents are really freaked out over skyrocketing food prices. The other 27 percent are blissfully enjoying the dollar menu at Taco Bell (68)
Guardian.com Cool Iceland threatens to send Europe into an economic deep-freeze as their lavish debt-spending snowballs into an avalanche of defaults (19)

Tue April 22, 2008
USA Today Dumbass The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire: debtors are burning their houses down to avoid foreclosure (43)
Bloomberg PSA Bank of Canada lowered its rate by by 50 basis points to help a slowing economy. Stimulus package involving Bennigan’s coupons being contemplated (25)
Marketwatch Asinine Oil hits just under $120 a barrel on calls of more lube for the ass raping (72)
(freshplaza.com) Obvious Supervalu's Q4 profits up thirty percent on news that they're gouging us on food prices (4)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Amusing Uh oh--Google getting pants sued off by Kabateck, Brown, Kellner--the folks who brought you the "Apple's new iMac isn't cool enough" lawsuit (17)
PCWorld Cool "Apple Plans Nonexclusive IPhone Deal in Italy" You can change carriers any time you want. However, one day, Apple may call you for a favor. And that day may never come (29)
Reuters Interesting eBay gives a negative feedback to Craigslist by filing a lawsuit against Craigslist's directors (13)
(informationweek) Interesting Fake Mac clone maker starts shipping real, fake Macs... maybe (134)
Bloomberg PSA FedEx & UPS shipping statistics show the economy is in a recession and unlikely to rebound this year. Thank you for the Bloomberg icon (13)
CNBC Cool McDonald's reported 81 cents in q1 earnings compared with 62 cents last year on news of foriegners lovin' it, getting fat (17)
AP Followup Good news everyone, if you couldn't afford your last home loan, the government wants to give you another one because they're rolling in cash (31)
AFP Scary Oil hits $118 a barrel on news that Nigeria is now the key oil producing nation (42)
Marketwatch Asinine U.S. gasoline production falls to the lowest level in more than two-years on news that consumers aren't already taking it hard enough in the arse (96)
DallasNews Interesting Texas passes New York on Fortune 500 list, suck it haters (93)

Mon April 21, 2008
The Consumerist Obvious Congress allows consumers to testify against credit card company abuse, provided consumers sign waivers allowing credit card companies to publish private consumer information such as purchases, social security number, and payment history (157)
(Some Guy) Scary By 2050, China and India will likely have overtaken the U.S. to be the world's first and second biggest economies (59)
Houston Chronicle Scary China denies claims that drug harvested from the intestines of pigs on unregulated farms could possibly have any connection to tainted drugs and 62 deaths (68)
The Consumerist Stupid Don't try to get Sears to price match a discounted item, they might steal it from you (49)
Seattle Times Obvious Food costs rose by four percent in 2007. Article mentions every contributing factor except inflation and Bernanke's game of Whack the Interest Rate (30)
(CNET) Cool Intel cuts back price of quad-core chips by up to 50 percent. Where's your AMD now? (65)
Daily Mail Scary You know the credit crunch is really starting to bite when German banks start banning workers from buying hookers and porn on expenses (44)
CNN Scary The trillion-dollar mortgage time bomb. Tick... tick... tick... (80)
(Some Tranny) Amusing In celebration of Danica Patrick's win, Air Tran proclaims today the most unfortunately named day ever (132)
(Bloomberg) Dumbass Bank of America said profit dropped for a third straight quarter as they set aside $6 billion for bad loans (19)
ABC News Misc Thirty percent of economists expect recession by June. The other 70 percent have already jumped out the window (24)
AP PSA Oil hits $117. Subby hits palm to face (80)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Interesting Secret pictures of Google China headquarters, smuggled out of Google and the PRC (24)
CNN Interesting 2008 Fortune 500: Wal-Mart still the largest company in America (16)
CBS News Misc Oil prices rise after rocket attack on Japanese oil tanker. No, seriously (27)
(NY Daily News) Interesting You're the mayor of NYC and are tired of the NY Times bashing you. Do you: A) Complain? B) Ignore the paper? Or C) Remember you're a billionaire and think about buying the paper? (75)
Des Moines Register Obvious Former Sinclair franchisee says traditional gas stations are going the way of the dinosaur. "If you are lucky, you can charge four or five cents over cost and that's not enough to cover the credit card fee" (27)
(China Daily) Asinine OPEC Security-General Abdullah el al-Badri: "Oil prices, there is a common understanding that has nothing to do with supply and demand" (21)
Guardian.com Scary Continental saving money by giving planes just enough gas to cross the ocean... it hopes (32)
AP Sad Jaguar CEO dies just before he can get hands on Tata (7)

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