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Sun January 06, 2008
(Some Bubble) Interesting Gold funds competing for gold on the world gold market are driving up the price of gold to record levels. Gold (31)
CNBC Unlikely Housing slump may bottom by mid-year, according to a Bush advisor. Yes, and the Iraq war will pay for itself, trickle down economics works, and Spider Pig can fly (45)
Reuters Strange Japanese company creates "family allowances" for pet-owning employees. Meanwhile, getting maternity leave in America can be like pulling a tooth (97)
Independent Followup Abercrombie & Fitch looking to re-enter the teen soft pornorgraphy market (33)

Sat January 05, 2008
(RCR News) Hero Verizon Wireless sues Alltel for pointing out that Verizon Wireless makes you extend your contract every time you change your plan (17)
YouTube Amusing The most intelligent, insightful, and concise explanation available of the subprime mortgage mess from two comedians (40)
Forbes Obvious Mortgage applications slide on news that you actually need to have money for a down payment, this time around (20)
SFGate Obvious The US economy is on the verge of the R-word. No one wants to utter the R-word, lest the R-word should actually happen. But nope, the R-word is not going to happen this year, just like the housing bubble didn't bust last year (55)

Fri January 04, 2008
CNN Ironic Rite Aid leaves the Las Vegas market citing poor sales. In other news, a company focused on selling cigarettes, condoms, valtrex, and aspirin can't make money in Vegas (50)
Globe and Mail Spiffy Indian company Tata Motors wants to buy Land Rover & Jaguar. In related news, manufacturer of the Car Bra preparing for record sales upon completion of the acquisition (13)
Yahoo Scary Airlines have finally figured out they can make money if they don't have to buy fuel. In other news, American and Delta changing their slogans to "You buy, we fly" (23)
Yahoo Dumbass New FICO score designed to combat "rising loan defaults as subprime mortgages go bad." If only the lenders had a way to know those SUBPRIME borrowers were a risk... (27)
Yahoo Obvious Wendy's stock price drops to lowest level in seven years upon news of same-store sales slippage. Rumors persist of Steve Jobs becoming CEO, introducing iFrosty (32)
(Ohhhhhhh SNAP) Stupid So then OLPC says Intel was all "meh" and whatever, and Intel said "Nuh UH," and OLPC was like "B*tch, shut up, you ain't comin' to my party" (23)
Canoe Interesting Think the price of gas is bad? Soaring world methanol prices mean a jug of washer fluid will soon cost you $6 (122)
(Some Gamer) Interesting Not news: The Wii is still outselling the Xbox 360. News: So is the PS3 (156)
CNBC Obvious What ever happened to Dow 14,000? (30)
(Alley Insider) Obvious Fewer people are watching the Fox Business Channel than are watching Florida Marlins' home games (16)
Yahoo Scary Today's economic swirly: Unemployment hits two-year high (51)
(Some Guy) Misc Nikkei tumbles four percent on first trading day of the new year -- with the exception of seppuku kit companies, which saw a dramatic rise in profits (8)
The Sun Dumbass British workers -- oh, let's call them "idiots" for the sake of this report -- give up £25 billion a year in wages by not filing for the overtime their employers make them work (69)
AJC Scary $4.00 for gas by spring quite possible. Submitter doesn't mind the price with the hybrid in the driveway. If only Guinness was $4.00 a gallon (73)
(Industry Week) Followup Chinese toy factories going down like lead sinkers (9)

Thu January 03, 2008
(Bloomberg) Interesting Bed Bath & Beyond shares drop on forecast, lack of "beyond" (12)
(Some Guy) Cool Kilauea volcano eruption is no longer an assigned risk for car insurance (7)
Marketwatch Interesting For Sale: DVD, HD-DVD, Blue-Ray burners ... cheap.. cheap.. cheap (63)
CNBC Obvious Oil prices rise above $100 a barrel again on news that much of the U.S. gets cold in winter (28)
(Some Capitalist Pig Dog) Amusing Chavez's efforts to turn Venezuela into a "socialist paradise" lead to a healthy economy, chicken in every pot. Just kidding. Venezuela's inflation rate is at 22.5 percent, the highest in Latin America (46)
Yahoo Interesting Toyota overtakes Ford as #2 automaker by U.S. sales although most people will always think of Ford as #2 (307)
Marketwatch Cool For sale: One weather channel, complete with young, perky weather reporters. Slightly used. $5 billion OBO (32)
(Club for Growth) Interesting Stock market performs better when Congress isn't in session and available to mess with the economy (48)
Daily Mail Dumbass Lone trader responsible for yesterday's $100 a barrel oil after making key trade "so he could tell his grandchildren he was the one who did it" (240)
(Auction Bytes) Interesting Top eBay sellers perform poorly in eBay's detailed rating system (32)
(BusinessWeek) Stupid Lose $200M, get a $2.5M golden parachute (26)
Wired Asinine Star in an ad campaign on Facebook Oh, wait, you already might be (26)

Wed January 02, 2008
CNN Obvious Fortune ranks Steve Jobs most powerful businessperson in world (34)
Guardian.com Interesting Even Wall Street and London City bankers have trouble finding extra funds. What's in your wallet? (6)
Marketwatch Scary The U.S. stock market begins the year with its biggest first day collapse ever. Twenty-nine of 30 components fall. Happy new year (43)
Newsweek Sad Ancient and busted: A paid summer internship. Old & busted: An unpaid summer internship. New hotness: You pay to work as a summer intern. Meritocracy surrenders (64)
Canada.com Sad Average CEO has already earned your yearly wage as of noon today. In a related story, Britney has displayed more crack this year than the average dealer (55)
Guardian.com Interesting Not safe for work may be one of the business trends for 2008 according to respected futurologists. If only someone had thought of trademarking this, they could have made million$ (6)
(Other) Dumbass Pseudoephedrine behind the counter. War on Drugs or Corporate Protectionism? Let's follow the money (75)
USA Today Weird Not news: Retailers attempt to extend the holiday season. News: They're trying to extend it into January (36)
AP Spiffy Preppy dog-washing shops feature blueberry facials, bubble-bath paw treatments, canine massage and nonalcoholic, beef-flavored "Happy Tail Ale" (21)
AP Stupid Tech school uses simulators that allow students to learn truck driving without trucks. This will end badly (22)

Tue January 01, 2008
(Daily Yomiuri) Obvious Japan to cut length of government employees' work day by 15 minutes in 2008, claims it will not affect their basic operations like sleeping, drinking, and clock-watching (11)
(Consumerist) PSA Thinking about grabbing some sweet deals at CompUSA's liquidation? Think again, the liquidation prices may actually be higher than the regular store prices (56)
CNBC Scary Gold has its largest yearly rise in 30 years. Bullets and canned goods expected to follow suit (46)

Mon December 31, 2007
(bizjournals) Interesting Pre-owned home sales up 0.4%, suck it gloom and doomers (29)
LA Times Interesting Chinese economy 40% smaller than thought, due to diminishing lead exports (15)
London Times Obvious Pakistani shares and currency drop faster than a political leader at an election rally (7)
CNBC Cool Here is a wrap up of the top 10 things Warren Buffett did in 2007. Multiple trips to Margaritaville noticeably absent (14)
The Scotsman Obvious "People who don't take their due holidays are a pain in the neck. They invariably have an air of noble sacrifice about them and seem to genuinely believe that without their presence, the whole deck of cards will collapse" (43)
(Some Guy) Obvious Oil prices rise towards $100 a barrel on news that the date will soon switch to '2008' (5)
London Times Obvious The credit crunch has led to a 58% increase in class action lawsuits against companies and their directors. Suck it bankers (13)
(Some Guy) Strange Rogue loggers are axing for trouble (11)

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