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Sun March 02, 2003: # of Comments
[BBC] [Amusing] BBC reports from Bagdad.... Kentucky
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop some ideas for Harry Potter author's appearance on "The Simpsons"
(Fark Classic) [Amusing] Crazy tests With twinkies
( [Cool] What would Mardi Gras debauchery be without a live webcast?
(Manchester Online) [Interesting] Guy passes driving test without using his hands
( [Obvious] Voice tracking. Just another reason radio really does suck
[Reuters] [Amusing] Harry Potter running for provincial governor in Russia. They grow up so fast
[ESPN] [Cool] Duke goes from suck to blow as St. John's scores last 12 points of game, wins with no time remaining
(Arizona Republic) [Asinine] Tempe cracks down on bare boobies by discouraging Mardi Gras beads
(WTAM) [Followup] Audio interview with woman who carved busty snowwoman. Includes tips on carving snow boobs
[SFGate] [Unlikely] Hippie who runs commune thinks former members who "sold out" and got jobs will be coming back
[] [Stupid] Fake cop lures couple away, then robs home
(1010WINS) [Ironic] Salvador Dali sketch stolen from Riker's Island. Inmates shocked beyond belief
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop the World's Greatest Superfriends
(newsnet 5) [Stupid] Woman claims she hears animals talking, charges $50 a session.. in other news, Brooklyn Bridge for sale, cheap
[Independent] [Strange] United kingdom plans mass duckocide
[BBC] [Scary] Woman dies after operating table falls apart during surgery
(Some Guy) [Weird] Cowboy with obscenities spray-painted on his pickup threatens to jump off a bridge while twirling a lasso
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Naked. Girls. Beach. Need I say more?
[NYPost] [Scary] Barbi twins, whose breasts must surely be down by their ankles now, to appear in Playboy after 10 year absence
[IndyStar] [PSA] When booking a flight online, make sure you have the right Lafayette
[The Register] [Amusing] Snack companies fined $185,000 for violating kids' online privacy
(Some Guy) [Asinine] Private school closes in the middle of school year without any warning
[Houston Chronicle] [Ironic] Local PC guru kills Windows box... asks for your help fixing it
[SeattlePI] [Amusing] Behold the power of unlisted cheese: Campbell recalls soups with unlisted cheese
(Evening Post) [Stupid] Latest "must have" musical instrument -- medical scanners?
( [Interesting] Raccoon attacks new parents while in court
(Some Slashdotter) [Asinine] Amazon, challenging Microsoft for 'Monopoly' title, starts selling domains
[I-Mockery] [Amusing] When movies & TV shows become horrible video games
(I (heart) mass transit) [Survey] Farker Woodrow318 issued citation for crossing between cars on a stopped L train in order to avoid the suffocating stench of vomit. What's the stupidest ticket you've ever received? Vote for the worst
[Yahoo] [Cool] Switzerland becomes first land-locked country to win America's Cup. New Zealand Surrenders
(Poynter Institute) [Spiffy] What can news sites learn from Plenty
[] [Dumbass] The Jackass Derby
[CNN] [Dumbass] Air marshals open can of whoop-ass, arrest man on U.S. Airways flight
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Sat March 01, 2003: # of Comments
(Grand Forks Herald) [Obvious] Jared drops puck at hockey game, highlight of North Dakota's day
[Yahoo] [Weird] Patient has smallpox-related infection in eye, knows someone who was innoculated
[BBC] [Obvious] Airport removes comics due to hijack potential of small, brightly-coloured plastic toy guns
[Telegraph] [Obvious] British "human shields" told to find a target or go home. Intestinal fortitude nowhere to be found
[Free Press] [Sick] 78-year-old man caught exposing himself to 86-year-old nursing home resident
[C|Net] [Interesting] Robotic swarm wins MIT prize. Killer robots right around the corner
[TBO] [Dumbass] Dispatcher sends paramedics to wrong city because his database shows different address than the one family keeps telling him
[Ben Maller] [Dumbass] Red Sox pitcher arrested for minor violation after an invective-filled tirade against a police officer
[The Sun] [Stupid] Bus driver given parking ticket while picking up passengers at bus stop
(WDP) [Amusing] Nobel prize winning scientist seeks out the 'stupid' gene
[Kansas City] [Amusing] Thousands of Ball Park Franks spilled across highway in tractor-trailer crash. PETA surrenders
[NewsOK] [Dumbass] Don't call the assistant state attorney general a bad name in front of the state medical board if you're a doctor
[Local6] [Scary] Kentucky men bite into glass, pin in McDonald's french fries
[The Sun] [Spiffy] Melbourne Symphony Orchestra wear Kiss makeup (pics)
(Some Paper Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop ways for the U.S. government to raise enough money to cover their deficit. Link goes nowhere important
[] [NewsFlash] Suspected 9/11 mastermind arrested
(Tuscaloosanews) [Amusing] Inmate steals tape recorder from courtroom after theft conviction on 42 burglary and theft charges.
( [Sad] Chicago police release surveillance video taken during deadly nightclub stampede. No actual video with article, disturbing frame-by-frame account
[Kansas City] [Obvious] Outhouses a prized possesion in Kansas
(Some Guy) [Dumbass] Talk about taking the Beatle's song "Why Don't We Do It In The Road?" a little too literally..
[FARK] [Photoshop] Old Fark topic, new request: Photoshop your own choice for Patron Saint of the Internet
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] Cats now cleared to get organ transplants
[Japan Times] [Interesting] Sumo: Get fat and earn the title "athlete." Farkers rejoice
[The Scotsman] [Obvious] Seven college students treated for food poisoning after ingesting marijuana-tainted dorm food
[ABC News] [Cool] Texas farm offers barnyard animals asylum. Must be for poo-litical prisoners
(Some Guy) [Weird] Mini emergency exits built for frogs and snakes under new railway. Twenty brave toads, snakes, frogs and lizards will test to see if they actually work
(zwire) [Strange] Bus driver refuses man trying to board with TV and rolling bed
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Fri February 28, 2003: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Farker is considering sneaking out on to the roof and attaching a picture to his company's construction webcam. Photoshop a pic for him to use
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Bermuda tourism ads shot in other picturesque places, including Hawaii and Florida
( [Stupid] McDonald's adding fresh fruit to menu. "Tastes are always changing and these changes to McDonald's menu aim to provide our customers with even more choice"
[The Sun] [Boobies] Titian step aside, enter Page 3 girls (not safe for work)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] A better Amy Cobb link for those of you who couldn't open the last one that got Farked (not safe for work)
[The Sun] [Followup] J-Lo gets nervous when peeing. Asks that floor be evacuated. The Sun is there
[Yahoo] [Interesting] Carol Channing to marry at 82. Fb- is the father of the bride
[Stuff] [Strange] Theatre fined for sacking employee over theft of burnt popcorn and 29 cents worth of lemonade
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Dogs wise up, go for parked cars instead of moving ones
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Clever pigeons roost at toll booths, can poop on every single car
[Yahoo] [Strange] In a bizarre mass-malfunction, Venezuela's clocks are ticking too slowly. All of them
[AP] [Ironic] After years of effort, Kentucky bible college finally rids itself of "666" phone prefix
(Billings Gazette) [Spiffy] Wyoming Senator wants model rocket engines exempt from Homeland Security Act
( [Unlikely] Pay-per-view séance promises to let you shoot the bull with Princess Di
[FARK] [Survey] Last night, Bostony had a dream and Drew was in it. Discuss the first time you realized you were on Fark way too much. Voting enabled
[TBO] [Florida] High-oh Silver. Lasso-wielding cowboy climbs bridge, halts traffic
[eBay] [Followup] A ridiculous number of cheeto listings now on Ebay
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop these "Drink Responsibly" posters
(Some Guy) [PSA] Been dumped? The best revenge may not be a 2.5 ton fireball
[Pravda] [Obvious] Forbes: Why Russians are clever, but poor
[Yahoo] [Amusing] The tiny town of Moab, Utah, has asked Bush not to use the acronym MOAB for a new bomb because it could damage city's image
(NY Daily News) [Amusing] Dave Letterman has shingles. Roofing jokes ensue
[IndyStar] [Amusing] Indiana University being circled by suspicious aircraft. No comment from adult film company Shanes World
(Tennessean) [Followup] Grocery store abduction suspected to be a hoax. Considered to be reenactment of "Jackass"
[CNN] [Stupid] Camera crew following Roseanne as she shops, runs into another camera crew shooting Ozzy Osbourne
[Washington Post] [Obvious] French-owned hotels in U.S., "proud of our French heritage," stop flying French flag, replace it with white flag
(NY1) [Followup] Homestarrunner on NY1, city awaits burnination
(Some Guy) [Cool] Animutation Hyakugojyuuichi turns 2 today. Rap song made by Trapezoid in celebration
[ChicagoSunTimes] [Weird] If you've got State Farm insurance, hope we have a nuclear attack prior to December 1
[Toronto Star] [Amusing] U.S. Customs says passport is "funky"; puts Canadian citizen on a plane to India
[Sun Sentinel] [Dumbass] Couple allows perfect stranger to house-sit for them while on vacation; are shocked to return to a home with considerably fewer furnishings
[St. Pete Times] [Florida] Woman drops car off at dealer for repairs. Employees get caught having sex in the backseat. Hilarity ensues
[Yahoo] [Strange] Paul Mitchell salon products launches new line of designer hair products for dogs
[Ben Maller] [Dumbass] Knicks star Latrell Sprewell arrested for minor violation at counter-terrorism checkpoint in New York
[FHM] [Weird] Big Eye on the Web reviews bizarre new European Diesel commercial (with video)
[Yahoo] [Asinine] Good samaritan who pulled out stranded motorists with his Jeep during last week's snowstorm gets $117 traffic fine for improperly parking on the roadway
[CNN] [News] NASA releases re-entry video from inside Columbia
[SacBee] [Ironic] Lance Bass to serve as lead judge for NBC's "The Search for the Most Talented Kid in America"
[AZCentral] [Followup] Great White's Jack Russell wants immunity in exchange for testifying against RI club owners
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Game: What's missing from President Bush's hand?
[SFGate] [Asinine] Get something confiscated at airport security? Buy it back on Ebay
[Reuters] [Amusing] War with Iraq delays production start of Mad Max 4
( [Amusing] When you "move for a mishearing" and offer to expose yourself to the judge, you know that your hearing is not going well
[BostonGlobe] [Dumbass] Ivy League Cornell University sends out "Welcome" emails to rejected students
[St. Pete Times] [Scary] Lightning strikes Jeb Bush's airplane. George Bush demands God disarm lightning bolts immediately
[Local6] [Strange] KKK to demonstrate in support of Augusta National's all-male membership policy
[Reuters] [Stupid] J-Lo can't walk 100 yards, uses fleet of limos to traverse distance
[The Sun] [Hero] Fred "McDaddy" Durst says he banged Britney doggy style, among other things
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Theme: Al Roker's weird restaurants. Link goes to a celebrity chef page
(WSMV) [Strange] Man hops out of trunk in grocery-store parking lot handcuffed. Chased around then thrown back in car; speeds off
[Reuters] [Followup] Come up with possible vanity plates for dogs or other pets (voting enabled)
[Stuff] [Ironic] Land-locked Switzerland one win away from taking America's Cup
[eBay] [Unlikely] For sale: Brad Pitt fart in a jar
(The Tartan) [Amusing] Campus police save student from nipple ring accident. "Student was braless at the time of the incident."
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Thu February 27, 2003: # of Comments
(GuideHorse) [Cool] Seeing eye horses (check out the Nikes)
[CNN] [Scary] Concorde craps half its rudder into the Atlantic, deemed "not critical"
[BostonGlobe] [Obvious] Beware of jobs paying 100k a year for surfing porn and testing beer on [Video] Fun with iced-over bridge in Nashville. Sit back and let the hilarity ensue [Stupid] Crackhead breaks into apartment with gas leak, attempts to light crack pipe. Richard Pryor ensues
[MTV] [Amusing] Manson wants to perform with Siamese twins in front of nude crowds
[Local6] [Weird] Artificial foot crafted for frostbitten duck
[MDN] [Dumbass] Thieves steal ATM, forget to take money
[The Smoking Gun] [Followup] When applying corporal punishment, give your dildos the afternoon off
( [Photoshop] Photoshop a half-naked Vincent Flanders offering advice on alt tags
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Bodacious surfing champ Amy Cobb. She hangs ten. (not safe for work)
[Yahoo] [Weird] Communist theme park, features thrilling "standing in line for bread" ride
[BBC] [Interesting] Animal rights groups add reflectors to elephants to stop cars from hitting them
[Yahoo] [Weird] Australian Open finalist has found secret to success: flying bird droppings
(Daily Hampshire Gazette) [Amusing] Chinese restaurant worker chases another employee around restaurant with cleaver during dinner hour No extra charge for floor show
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Men love their bums more than women
(Stamford Advocate) [Weird] Cop gives teen wedgies and makes him do naked handstands
[Stuff] [Dumbass] Tiger behaves like tiger when man scales zoo fence
(Orlando Sentinel) [PSA] If you are growing pot in your house, do not call 911 and hang up
(channel oklahoma) [Ironic] CAT scan reveals cat mummy is really a dog mummy
[CNN] [PSA] Emmitt Smith released from the Cowboys. In other news, his wife is still hot
(WMUR) [Dumbass] Thieves steal skis, advertise them on eBay, accept bid from original owner
[eBay] [Followup] "World's Largest E-bay Cheeto" shirts now available on ebay
[AZCentral] [Followup] Boy said he lied about dog house punishment
[Sun Sentinel] [Florida] Planes and rabbits don't play well together: "Our airside people can't bag the carcasses fast enough."
[NCBuy] [Amusing] Iceland suffering through testicle shortage
[The Smoking Gun] [Amusing] Email announcement leads Michigan cops to crash hotel orgy
[ESPN] [Hero] David Wells says he pitched his perfect game with "monster breath and a raging, skull-rattling hangover"
[CBC] [Dumbass] Bullet train racing along tracks at speeds of 274k/h lulls driver to sleep
[SFGate] [Hero] Monkey escapes UC Berkeley lab; tries to date Katherine Ross
[Yahoo] [Dumbass] Public masturbator denounces protest song by boy band pop stars
[] [Dumbass] Forgetting that camera was on, Canadian MP states "Damn Amercians. Hate those bastards."
( [Followup] NPR's culture commentator words of appreciation for Mister Rogers (from November 2000)
[Fox News] [News] Terror alert lowered to yellow
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Woman chases kids around with dildo, hits one with it
[eBay] [Followup] Monster Cheeto returns to eBay
[Reuters] [Dumbass] A Filipino man has cut off his penis in an attempt to prove his fidelity to his estranged wife. A smarter man would have cut off someone else's penis
[Bullz-eye] [Boobies] If she’s in the Army, where do I sign? (SFW)
[MSNBC] [Sad] Mr. Rogers has died. Heaven a better place today
[Retrocrush] [Boobies] PETA good for something: Nude anti-fur ad gallery (not safe for work)
[Yahoo] [Amusing] 105-year-old car, off the road since 1947, fined for not passing smog requirements
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Plan on visiting Idaho? Make sure to visit Beaver Dick Park
[ABC News] [Dumbass] Obscene phone caller rings up chief of police
[The Smoking Gun] [Followup] Chillingly prophetic e-mails about Columbia bounced around NASA less than a day before landing
[ABC News] [Amusing] German dogs to wear license plates to cut down on poop in the streets
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the live-action musical tour?
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Man has sexual shortcoming made part of permanent public record
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop Farker's boss rolling his ball of snow
[AJC] [Obvious] Cops looking for man with unusually high number of winning "quick pick" tickets
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Wed February 26, 2003: # of Comments
(GlassHouseGraphics) [Spiffy] Banzai Girl!
(Some Guy) [Advice] Farker dardeviltravis is having prom soon. Needs advice on what to do to ensure a happy drunken time with date
( [Satire] New federal France-bashing standards introduced
(Internet Wire) [Unlikely] Internet Pornography Meets its Match
[] [Amusing] Police on alert after mouse robs bank
[Local6] [Dumbass] Man robs store while carrying 9-month-old son
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Its almost tennis season (not safe for work)
[CNN] [Interesting] Chosen plan for World Trade Center site unveiled
(Poynter) [Spiffy] The Associated Fark: Poynter interviews Drew
[The Onion] [Satire] Orange alert sirens to blow 24 hours a day in major cities
[BostonGlobe] [Spiffy] Mom gives birth in E-ZPass lane
[AP] [PSA] Own a Telezapper? You now own a $40 brick
[Active Dayton] [PSA] Ohio to ratify 14th Amendment
(NIU Star) [Obvious] Female college journalist surprised to discover that using sex appeal at a job fair achieves results
(The Crimson) [Interesting] Scholarly debates regarding snow penis continue at Harvard
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Theme: It's award show season. Come up with your own awards to give out. Link goes nowhere important
[SFGate] [PSA] In case of nuclear attack, State Farm does not insure the loss of your automobile
[MDN] [Weird] Airline fined for stripping tit man
[] [Followup] Japanese "see-thru" skirts found to be a photoshopped hoax
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Kylie Minogue Photo Gallery (SFW, except for page #3)
[MSNBC] [Obvious] Kelly Ripa gives birth, hauls Fb- to Springer show for Paternity test
[Komo] [Asinine] Tacoma police to start issuing $86 tickets for not having your car stolen
(NBC4) [Amusing] Unemployed? Ohio's unemployment bureau has the solution: phone sex
( [PSA] If you're trying to kill spiders using lit piece of paper, be careful not to burn your house down
[] [Obvious] Medieval Dutch themed park goes under. Backers place blame on misunderstanding of "put your finger in a dyke" ride
(Maple Leafs) [Video] Tie Domi dry humps Robert Reichel on ice to celebrate goal against Islanders (click highlight link, takes a minute to get to it)
[NYPost] [Followup] New America's oldest man says bee pollen and whiskey secret to long life
[CTNow] [Obvious] Reality TV won't make you a star
(Nerve) [Spiffy] Porn Orchestra rescores the classics (site not safe for work)
[MDN] [Weird] Exhibitionists to strip off inhibitions on invisible ferris wheel
(Some Guy) [Followup] Gucci pubic hair ad (not safe for work)
[MDN] [Dumbass] Cops beat crap out wrong man after bank robbery
[Straits Times] [Stupid] Chinese mad about Command and Conquer game because it portrays China as a terrorist base. In other news, French pissed about pretty much every war simulation game made
(The Blue Brick) [Satire] Britney Spears sets the record straight about all those nasty rumors
[CNN] [Obvious] Chicago's Mayor Daley reelected to 5th term despite record low turnout of dead voters
[Washington Post] [Unlikely] Dean at catholic high school forced to resign over lewd Internet pics found by alumnus searching for info about vegetarians
(NBC 11) [Amusing] Mail thief must wear spend 100 hours in front of post office wearing sign "I Have Stolen Mail"
[The Sun] [Obvious] Kylie Minogue told her ass is eclipsing her music
[AJC] [Dumbass] Not realizing they have serial numbers, thief steals $3,000 worth of Lotto tickets
[AZCentral] [Amusing] EPA office lists wrong number in publication, callers get "an exciting new way to go live and one-on-one with hot girls"
[Canoe] [Strange] MP ejected from house for breastfeeding because the baby wasn't elected to parliament. Baby expected to run in next byelection
[Dayton Daily News] [Hero] Teenager thwarts robbery, offered job at bank
( [Amusing] Sacramento Kings players offer $5 to fans if they boo players on the Detroit Pistons
[Yahoo] [Unlikely] "Apparently, somebody that didn't want to get caught thought it would be better off in somebody else's bag" - Dionne Warwick on pot found in her bag
[Canoe] [Dumbass] University Prof fights traffic ticket claiming the word "Stop" is too vague, loses
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop Giant Baba and his fashionably dressed friends
(USPTO) [Asinine] Amazon patents online discussions
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Theme: Photoshop some other interesting people for Dan Rather to interview
[Washington Post] [Unlikely] Why download music for free when you can play AOL $17.95 a month
[CNN] [Sad] Pioneer 10's last signal received after 31-year, 7.6 billion mile trip.
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Possibly the cutest girl who ever lived: Phoebe Cates (one not safe for work)
(Evening Times) [Obvious] Scottish accents baffle voice-recognition software
(Some Guy) [Cool] Tempest meets Marbles
[ABC News] [Cool] Forget jetskis and speedboats - the hot new ticket is a jet powered steamboat. Somewhere, Robert Fulton is smiling
[NCBuy] [Obvious] Playboy seeking women of Starbucks
[MSNBC] [Obvious] Stripper-filled dorm party angers college officials because they weren't invited
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop people giving the bird since ancient times
(Some Guy) [Cool] Cool paper airplane game
[The Scotsman] [Caption] Scotland announces new campaign to encourage immigration. What should their slogan be? (With voting)
[The Scotsman] [PSA] Scotland has world's horniest sheep
(Some Guy) [Hero] North Carolina patriots fighting to legalize 6+% alcohol beer
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Tue February 25, 2003: # of Comments
[FARK] [Survey] What's the best album/CD cover ever? Voting enabled. Link goes to elaborate example
(The Retriever) [PSA] Porn recruiting up at universities, colleges
(Some Guy) [Boobies] 282 Asian boobies (Technically 564)
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] America's No. 3 funeral home and cemetery operator cuts earnings estimate because not enough people are dying
(Boulder News) [Strange] Unwrapped condom floats into man's mouth while swimming
[Local6] [Weird] Man opens mail, finds deadly spitting cobra
(Tuscaloosa News) [Strange] Would-be burglars last seen fleeing on late model horses
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop director Kevin Smith's daughter, Harley Quinn. Snoochies boochies
(Some Guy) [Strange] The self-proclaimed King of Sleep will Sleep Across America early this summer in an attempt to raise awareness about sleep disorders
[MSNBC] [Obvious] Orange Mtn Dew? Tropical Sprite? Coke and Pepsi have lost their minds
[NCBuy] [Strange] Recently-unearthed letter from Amelia Earhart to her husband shows the famed flyer was a fan of open marriages
(St Augustine) [Florida] Door to door magazine salesman cusses out people that don't order from him
[Minneapolis Star Tribune] [Obvious] Underage drinking accounts for 20% of alcohol use in the US
[AP] [Strange] What Nebraskans do when there's no college football: Hold a beard-growing contest. Let's hope the winner is male
[Local6] [Video] Vice agents questioned after spending $190,000 on stripper investigation in Orlando
[ESPN] [Obvious] "I really don't believe I'm good at professional coaching" says Pitino.
(AskMen) [PSA] Why women enjoy sex with married men
(VisionTek) [Amusing] VisionTek Specs for an ATI Card: “ BI-A-TCH. GO MAKE ME A SAMWICH..”
[eBay] [Weird] For a mere $500, this unusually large Cheeto can be yours
[News24] [Strange] Deaf-mute robbers jailed. Never heard it coming
[NYPost] [Asinine] Gas hits $2.00 a gallon in New York. Tom Wopat says "It's crazy"
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this crazy Russian jumping into a pool of near-frozen water
[Expatica] [Dumbass] Plane stowaway falls onto Paris house
[Reuters] [Dumbass] If you think swallowing condoms full of drugs sounds uncomfortable, try condoms full of gems
(News-Journal) [Florida] Woman accidentally runs over alligator, puts it in her car to rescue it. Hilarity ensues
(WHNT 19) [NewsFlash] Employment office shooting in Huntsville
[NYPost] [Spiffy] Hotel builds 9 foot, 8 inch bed to acommodate Yao Ming (with pic)
[NCBuy] [Sad] Computer program has 93 percent success rate at picking hit songs
[eBay] [Followup] The King Of Town has eaten Strong Bad's burrito
[Fox News] [Hero] Man who smoked cigars, drank beer and ate greasy food dies at 113
[Reuters] [Scary] Man-eating fly factory in Mexico accidentally releases millions of man-eating flies. Man-eating fly factory?
[Yahoo] [PSA] Have a song stuck in your head? Congratulations, you're slightly neurotic
[BBC] [Weird] English soap opera confession sparks mass kettle boiling
(Some Guy) [Hero] Michigan man uses Junk Fax law to sue Sears over spam, wins
[The Smoking Gun] [Dumbass] MTV "Real World" cast member turns a charity event into a boxing match
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Andy Warhol died on Feb 22. Photoshop some new works in his style
[MSNBC] [Scary] Ashcroft targeting pipe shops “This illegal billion-dollar industry will no longer be ignored by law enforcement."
[CNN] [Dumbass] Nasa gets 48.1 million to develop space perfume and potatoes
(Some Guy) [Cool] Nethack 3.4.1 released. Still the greatest game ever.
[Yahoo] [Stupid] BBC censors edit anti-France jokes from radio broadcast, leave anti-British jokes in
[BBC] [Survey] Test your knowledge of the last week's world news
(1010 WINS) [Followup] Liberal party goes out of business. Canadian Farkers' hopes rise momentarily
[NYPost] [Obvious] 406lb man wins eating contest, refuses wafer thin mint
(Tuscaloosa News) [Cool] Manager foils robbery attempt. “I held him down and hit him a few times, and told him he needed to get a job.”
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Mon February 24, 2003: # of Comments
(1080 KOTK) [Followup] Catch Rick Emerson (one of the few DJs that credits Fark) on his radio show
[Seattle Times] [Obvious] "Every known mammal spits them out instantly - except men in bars who have been drinking heavily."
(Some Guy) [Weird] 52-year-old who became a grandmother last year has given birth to triplets
(Drunk College Kid) [Photoshop] Photoshop Farker's friend Drew for his 21st birthday card
[Cosmiverse] [Interesting] Women working on Mars. No word if men are working on Venus
[The Sun] [Boobies] New and improved Page 3 boobies (not safe for work)
[MSNBC] [Interesting] Phil Jackson to have kidney stone removed. No word on when NBA's lips will be removed from his ass
[AZCentral] [Amusing] Angelina Jolie has Billy Bob's name lasered off her arm. Can replacement Wheaton tattoo be far behind?
[Yahoo] [Strange] Artists will create their masterpieces from discarded toilets
[CNN] [Dumbass] Minor riot erupts in Times Square during MTV search for new rap star
[BBC] [NewsFlash] North Korea fires missile into Sea of Japan
[MDN] [Obvious] Foreigners wonder why Japan grants citizenship to seals but not them
(The Eye Opener) [Followup] Ryerson University newspaper credits Fark with crashing its website after it posts story about the topless coeds
(60 Minutes) [Obvious] Andy Rooney wants NASA to dig a tunnel to Australia, heat his home with lava and dump the rocks on the moon
[Yahoo] [Asinine] More than $200,000 to pay for an arena at Alabama's National Peanut Festival was tucked into huge spending package Congress just approved
(estripes) [Cool] Russian soldiers break flaming bricks with foreheads and smash concrete blocks on comrades' chests with sledgehammers
[BBC] [Interesting] Was Stalin poisoned to avoid World War III?
(Rolling [Sad] Great White guitarist now counted among dead at club fire; RI DJ still missing
[SFGate] [Strange] Psychologist and former suicide hotline crisis counselor now helps people deal with the psychological trauma of losing all their computer data
[MDN] [Amusing] Socks go down in flames even before opening pitch at Fenway
[Yahoo] [Followup] Eminem look-alike bank robber strikes again in New Jersey
[BostonGlobe] [Photoshop] Photoshop Jason Varitek of the Red Sox
[Yahoo] [Strange] Thousands of pairs of Nike basketball shoes overboard, drifting towards Alaska
[Pravda] [Interesting] Earth formed after collision with twin planet
[] [Strange] Moose slips sink Mazdas
( [Weird] Fire crews save naked man cuffed to toilet
[Minneapolis Star Tribune] [Stupid] Winter surfing on Lake Superior brings out men, shrinkage
[eBay] [Followup] Bid on Strong Bad's breakfast burrito
(Some Guy) [Video] Terry Tate, Office Linebacker in "Late Lunch" (downloadable)
[Minneapolis Star Tribune] [Interesting] Iowa researchers looking at alligators as cheap means to dispose of dead animals at hog farms
[The Smoking Gun] [Obvious] New priest sex scandal
[Telegraph] [Obvious] Teeth whitening now illegal in England
[Fox News] [News] Chinese quake kills hundreds, thousands injured
[Homestar Runner] [Cool] New Strong Bad email
[Newsday] [Amusing] President Bush cites economic report that doesn't exist in effort to support his tax cut plan
( [Photoshop] Photoshop some more appropriate graphics for
(Porn Shop Stories) [Amusing] Farker Notsafeforwork has started a journal to describe to crazy things that happen at his porn shop (safe for work)
[] [Amusing] Phonebook misprint results in owners showing up at city hall to get pets neutered
[The Sun] [Boobies] Theatre goers request seats near stage for play in which former soap star is nude (pic not safe for work)
[CNN] [Misc] Norah Jones cleans up at the Grammys
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