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Sun November 03, 2002: # of Comments
(United Devices) [Followup] Join Team Fark in the search for cancer
[eBay] [Cool] Russian MiG for sale
( [Spiffy] New Verbatim CD-R Blanks look like old vinyl 45's
(Press Enterprise) [Weird] Pennsylvania grocery stores pulling vanilla extract off shelves
[CapAlert] [Amusing] CAP reviews Jackass: the Movie. Surprisingly enough, he dosen't like it. Also won't spell out the word "Jackass."
[Reuters] [News] Major Quake Rocks Alaska
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] Man finishes 9 year bicycle ride around the world
[BBC] [Strange] British boffins turn fish vegetarian --- still no cure for bad teeth
(Some Guy) [PSA] Lonely attractive inmates in the USA seek penpals
(CNNSI) [Ironic] Bengals win big. Everyone shocked
(KFB Radio) [NewsFlash] 100 car pileup in LA. Cities with decent public transportation surrender
[ESPN] [Obvious] Oklahoma voted #1 in the AP poll. More and more people realize Miami sucks
[NewsMax] [Misc] Al Gore to host Saturday Night Live
[BBC] [Interesting] Who should run the Internet?
(Some Girl) [Silly] I'm going to pee-pee
(Detroit News) [Asinine] Fire chief informs city he's afraid of heights and can't climb ladders
[Canoe] [Obvious] Canada ranks 3rd as source for high-quality pot; "That's not something to be proud of"... sure it is.
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Forrester.
[Sports by Brooks] [Amusing] TNT Debuts Charles Barkley's TV Talk Show - Co-host Calls Barkley 'Oprah In Pants.'
[NYPost] [Dumbass] After terrorizing neighborhood with sniper attack, local asshat plays video games
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] A speech bubble, a sign, and a cartoon butt
(Some Fark) [Photoshop] Photoshop Bill Cosby and my new TI computer.
(Ironbubba) [Advice] Help a farker find out how to contact Viacom so he can get permission to form a Spongebob Squarepants Club at his school
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Need more FLASH between Strongbads?? Joe Cartoon presents "Osama's Last Video"
(Some Guy) [Misc] Farkers, help beta-test a new online stickfighting game. Make suggestions in comments; with voting
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Sat November 02, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Boobies] More brazilian boobies
( [Followup] Bali breakthrough: Suspect arrested
[IOL] [Stupid] Cliffhanger drunks blame barmen for injuries
[BBC] [Amusing] Pop star pays surprise visit on fan. Dad has TV up too loud and doesn't hear doorbell. Hilarity ensues
(NBA.Com) [Photoshop] Photoshop Adam Sandler
( [Interesting] Guys with messy sock drawers have sex three times more than those who organize their socks.
(Some Historian) [Amusing] The 10 silliest historical sites in America
( [Video] Check out Ellen Feiss's Japanese counterpart, Momo
[MSNBC] [Strange] Tabloid foils attempt to kidnap Spice Girl
(Some Military Expert) [Interesting] Gulf War land deployment will only last four days
(Some Astronomer) [Interesting] Giant Stellar Nursery
[FarkMan] [Photoshop] Photoshop the third panel of Farkman
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop these women from Fox's cancelled "Girls Club" in their next jobs
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Voters to decide whether they want "idiots" and "insane persons" to vote.
(Some Guy) [Amusing] On Mondale's website, the links for "accomplishments" and "on the issues" are unclickable
(Some Guy) [PSA] Check your wallets - dollar bill with serial # F58340995E is worth $99,500 - Winner must bring bill to Tampa, Fl by Monday 5pm, link goes to contest rules
[Seattle Times] [Asinine] Microsoft Oversight Committee to be made up of Microsoft board members
[Reuters] [PSA] Secondhand mattresses increase cot death risk
(Some Guy) [Unlikely] Do we have any famous people among the Fark community? I'll leave it to the individual to intrepret "famous."
(Some Billed Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop U of Oregon's new mascot's coming out party
(Some Frat Brother) [Advice] Help farker Haplo53 come up with a Philadelphia scavenger hunt for his house's pledges. (Link goes to
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Fri November 01, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop the offical The Two Towers movie poster
[FARK] [Followup] Free Sample: TotalFark
(Some Guy) [Strange] You think Cydonia on Mars is the only site a possible ancient city. Revisit the "Pyramids of Elysium."
[Fox News] [Audio] Listen to the asshat sniper's call to police
[CNN] [Dumbass] Despite 20,000 eyewitnesses and videotape evidence from 20 different angles, assclown who attacked Royals first base coach pleads innocent
[ABC News] [Amusing] Iraq to US - "Go to hell"
[AP] [Photoshop] Photoshop the world's biggest spammer
(Meetup) [PSA] Farkers are the laziest sons-of-bitches.
[] [Cool] City posts it's own 10 most wanted list, captures 7 fugitives in two weeks
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Own your own Fark now.(I think they lost something in the translation)
[Reuters] [Strange] "The German people need their bratwurst."
[MDN] [Dumbass] Boy busted for blowing up condom vending machine
(Some Drunk) [Advice] it's Farker bigboa's birthday today, please give him suggestions on how to prevent/cure his future hangover. Voting enabled.
(Some Girl) [Dumbass] BYU student tries to poison wife so he can continue looking at porn
[Canoe] [Obvious] Boobie size does not matter; men will take whatever they can get
( [Unlikely] Lake Erie has a sea serpent?
(Some Guy) [Obvious] Dude, 'medical' marijuana use way up in Oregon. Hand me the theraputic bong, man
[ESPN] [Asinine] Falcons quarterback fined for wearing red socks
[Reuters] [Spiffy] Paratrooper survives 3,300 foot fall
[Yahoo] [Unlikely] Study says coffee makes women smarter
(Some Nutjob) [Scary] Say hello to my leetle friend, trick or treaters
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Miss September 1997 Nikki Ziering (not entirely safe for work)
( [Amusing] Team Canada bra goes for $1,100 in charity auction, Celene Dion's gets $876
(TBO) [Florida] Man faked death at sea to escape child molestation charges.
[The Scotsman] [Scary] 39% of Brits who prepare food do not wash their hands after going to the loo
(Soft Skull Press) [Spiffy] Get Your War On: The Book Tour coming to your town!
[FARK] [Plug] Fark University gear - coolest college on the planet
(Some Guy) [Video] Does Grand Theft Auto - Vice City live up to the hype? (Link goes to sneak peak of November trailer)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Please give Farker Vapor_trail a birthday present and Photoshop his retarded cousin
( [Florida] Former TV weatherman apologizes for peeing in man's garden while on the campaign trail
(via Sports by Brooks) [Hero] Hockey team holds "Guaranteed Fight Night". No fight, free tickets
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Pooty Poot becoming Russian sex symbol
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Thu October 31, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop Cyclops beating up a guard with a... uh... a "weapon" in the upcoming X Men 2 movie
[BBC] [Strange] English town finally gets around to celebrating the new millennium
( [Obvious] Atheist Eagle Scout given ultimatum: Pick a God in a week or get out
( [Obvious] Majority of Brits polled demand an end to 'manufactured pop' TV talent shows
[Yahoo] [Hero] French McDonalds runs ads advising not to eat there more than once a week
[AP] [Asinine] Tonya hot sauce, guaranteed to assault your taste buds
(Wallpaper Weener) [Weeners] Collection of male celebrity wallpapers. (Some not safe for work)
[] [Unlikely] Minister wants you to shower with a friend
[Yahoo] [Followup] Sniper killer's rifle linked to Louisiana murder. Lee Harvey Oswald spins in his grave
[] [Scary] What a man types with his wireless keyboard also shows up his neighbor's computer, 150 meters away
( [Amusing] Halloween Treat: Edgar Allan Poe is alive and well, and running an E/N site in Baltimore
[FARK] [Photoshop] Theme: Unlikely 'New Yorker' covers
[BostonGlobe] [Stupid] NC capitol to be inspected for ghosts
[] [Interesting] British Airways to issue soccer-style yellow cards to irate passengers on the ground
[Reuters] [Unlikely] Town nobody's ever heard of is best place to live in Britain
[Pravda] [Obvious] Men with higher education masturbate more often then other men
[Yahoo] [Hero] English Culture Minister labels Turner art entries as 'Bullshit'
(Pittsburgh Live) [Dumbass] Teens get a surprise when they try to rob pizza delivery guy again
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop theme: awesome "Newsteam" group photos
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] A Halloween Classic: Garfield's Adventure Special
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Newmar-the Catwoman years, prrrrrrr (sfw)
[NCBuy] [Weird] Jessica Simpson enjoys midget stripper
[FARK] [Survey] What was the worst thing you ever got while trick-or-treating?
[FARK] [Survey] What was the favorite and/or crappiest Halloween costume you ever wore?
(dayton daily news) [Strange] Val Kilmer doing radio ads for advanced weapons and radar systems giant Northrop Grumman
(My San Antonio) [Amusing] Bar owner tired of telling people Satan's chicken feet never stepped across the floor
[The Smoking Gun] [Asinine] "Jackass" star sends jackass letter of apology to victim of stunt gone wrong
[SacBee] [Obvious] Ghosts use the internet; mostly to surf boobie sites
[Local6] [Misc] Man offers reward for punks who smashed his kid's pumpkin
[Austin] [Spiffy] Jack in the Box gives you gas, literally
[MSNBC] [Scary] Mexico actually HAS vampires
(Farkman) [Photoshop] Photoshop the next panel of Farkman. Relate to the last panel somehow
[Homestar Runner] [Amusing] New Strong Bad email
[AJC] [News] Run DMC's Jam Master Jay killed in New York shooting
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this scene from the highland games in Calgary
(Some Guy) [Advice] Farker Motherfunker looking to buy a sweet mic for guitar amp in live/recording situations. Would like advice from technologically un-impaired, musician Farkers
[CSMonitor] [Interesting] The history of candy dates back to 2000 b.c
( [Cool] Farker Ben Maller of starts writing for
(Some Guy) [Plug] Farker Aeonite goes insane, redoes entire Ninja Burger site
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] What do these kids smell that is so bad?
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] The Transformers: Armada Happy Meal. Get 'em while they're hot
(IGN) [Plug] Farker's forthcoming Xbox game getting rave previews (with movies)
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Wed October 30, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Your dog STILL doesn't have a Halloween costume? Well there's just enough time to photoshop one. Link goes to catalog of festive examples
[The Sun] [Cool] Amazing space pic of Mt. Etna blowing
[The Smoking Gun] [Dumbass] A list of Tom Green's intellectual property rights in his divorce from Drew Barrymore
[ABC News] [Amusing] Popular weedkiller has a sex-change effect on amphibian creatures. Miss Piggy sues for loss of conjugation
[CNN] [PSA] Canada issues U.S. travel warning
(Some Guy) [Dumbass] If your going to rob a bank, do not grab a beer at the bar across the street
[Yahoo] [Strange] Russia might allow marriage at 14 - but no sex until 16
( [Sad] Barry White in critical condition. Needs a kidney donor
[Fresno Bee] [Dumbass] Jailed Traficant runs ads for House seat
[Yahoo] [Hero] Jesse Ventura is so disgusted with Democrats after the Wellstone "Memorial" (AKA Democratic political rally) that he now says he will appoint an independant to replace him if election is contested
[MSNBC] [Obvious] Bush lies like Clinton, but is incompetent so people think it's endearing
[BBC] [Obvious] Brazillians injured in pre-emptive soccer riot
(KCCI) [Followup] Volunteer firefighters decide not to quit over beer being taken out of fire station
[New Scientist] [Cool] "Magic" pool table uses laser beams to show you how bad you are
[Something Awful] [Amusing] The new age of sandwich warfare
[BostonGlobe] [Unlikely] British army claims soldiers shot themselves on guard duty. Even the one who was shot twice in the head
[SFGate] [Asinine] Would you ask a bum to watch your 3 & 4-year olds? This man did, and he's going to jail for it
(via ObscureStore) [Strange] Thousands of Jesus dollars found in library books
(News-Journal) [Florida] Beach cop writing ticket to couple arrests them after they joke that maybe they should call Johnnie Cochran
( [Dumbass] Farker Corporate Mofo gets to demonstrate knife defenses with Sensei. Hilarity, pain ensue.
[] [Weird] Man leaves treehouse after 12 years
[Minneapolis Star Tribune] [Interesting] Heroes 101: How to talk to your kids when their hero becomes an asshat
(Some Guy) [Misc] New Orleans French Quarter becomes un-fun: no more street performers, boobies, or peeing in the streets
(NBC4) [NewsFlash] Two shot at Dayton courthouse
(Dayton Daily News) [Ironic] Candy thief sentenced to passing out treats on Halloween
[ABC News] [PSA] If you're going to drive over someone's lawn, don't do it in a truck with your family's phone number on the side
[Reuters] [Cool] Schoolgirl invents bed that tosses you on the floor if you don't wake up
( [Photoshop] Photoshop this picture of Emmitt Smith celebrating
[CNN] [News] Mondale announces run for Senate
[BBC] [Hero] Bjork's mjom eatjing agjain
( [Boobies] Kentucky television station hires an 18 year old reporter.... "Experience you can count on" (safe for work)
[National Post] [Interesting] Stop making excuses for Muslim Extremists
[Yahoo] [Dumbass] Burglar leaves resume at scene of crime
(WCJB) [Obvious] Fraternity prank on sorority members included profanity, bourbon, and maggots.
[CapAlert] [Obvious] "Red Dragon" gets the flashing red light of sin
(Western Daily Press) [Strange] Pagan monument used for witchcraft found on Prince Charles' property
[ChicagoSunTimes] [Obvious] Candy Association study concludes that kids want candy for Halloween
[BBC] [Interesting] Women more likely to cheat during ovulation
( [Dumbass] Campus killer sends letter to AZ newspaper. With scanned copy
( [Dumbass] Inmate sends judge a letter meant for his girlfriend.
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Iraqi soldiers carrying something
[BrokenNewz] [Satire] NSF to sell naming rights to the periodic table
[Local6] [Scary] Woman claims she contracted West Nile virus from sex
[AP] [Caption] Caption this spirited exchange between James Carville and Newt Gingrich.
[] [Interesting] Norwegians don't understand Halloween
[IMDB] [Advice] Farker ProducedBy is having a "worst movie ever" party. Looking for suggestions. Link goes to an obvious choice
[CNN] [Cool] Women use Halloween as an excuse to dress slutty
( [Boobies] Halloween Boobies - "Elvira" Casandra Peterson (Not Safe For Work)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop Farker Deus's next tattoo design
(Some Guy) [Advice] Help VegasJ come up with some ideas for quick LEGAL cash. Needs to pay off something in a hurry and has nothing to sell
[NCBuy] [PSA] What Scares Americans 101
[NCBuy] [Interesting] Did Jesus shroom at the last supper?
[I-Mockery] [Amusing] How does one celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands? Alone
(WWDN) [Wheaton] In LA this weekend? Come hang out with Wil Wheaton
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Tue October 29, 2002: # of Comments
[IMDB] [Amusing] Security guards checked out Winona's boobies and asked for movie tickets
[BostonGlobe] [Followup] Charges dropped against guy who sent negative messages to power company with his bill payment
[Wired] [Interesting] Why telemarketers are evil and what you can do about it
[The Sun] [Obvious] Russell Crowe proves to be an asshat once again
(WMTW) [Dumbass] Teenager pulls starter pistol on video clerk because he refused to rent him porn
[CNN] [Photoshop] Photoshop possible replacements for Richard Harris' character in future Harry Potter films
[ESPN] [Asinine] World Champion Anaheim Angels celebrate at Disneyland. Get charged full admission
(Nature) [Interesting] New York residents throw out less garbage than their grandparents
[AZCentral] [PSA] Drunken trick-or-treaters targeted on Halloween
(Omaha) [PSA] The next time you get shot in the head, just take some aspirin
[Pravda] [Interesting] Are Chechens ‘Rebels’ or ‘Terrorists?’
[MDN] [PSA] Flat-chested women are quick thinkers and don't like sex
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Average fuel economy of today's cars (S) worse than (U) those of (V) 15 years ago
[Local6] [Video] Video of strange object flying through sky shot by TV news photgrapher
[Local6] [Weird] New Jersey to dig up graves for turnpike construction
(iwon) [Weird] Thousands of Iranian women line up to take free motorcycle classes
(Some Skydog) [Followup] Parachuting dogs have been around since at least 1929
[Independent] [Cool] Women who lose their virginity early lead less stressful lives
[ESPN] [Interesting] Investigation launched into bettor who won $2.5 million on Breeders' Cup races
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Make money from recording conversations with your harassing creditors and putting it out on CD-- this guy is
(eonline) [Dumbass] Robert Blake's lawyer: My client is too stupid to be defended anymore, I'm bailing
[BostonGlobe] [Cool] Divorced man's license plate- "D-WIFED" - wins prize
(Some Guy) [Weird] Heidi Fleiss dumps her "Viagra-taking pig"
(KSDK) [NewsFlash] FedEx truck near St. Louis destroyed; witnesses report explosion from inside rear trailer. I-270 traffic stopped in both directions. St. Louis Farkers advised to get ready for a fun commute
[Houston Chronicle] [Unlikely] The Begals are "guaranteeing" a win this week
[Yahoo] [Ironic] President Bush signs election reform bill
[AZCentral] [Ironic] Teacher gives birth in early childhood development class
[] [Asinine] California looking to put "unsafe for children" labels on candy
( [Unlikely] Everyone was surprised that the frat party ended in a brawl
[Yahoo] [Weird] "Arsewoman in Wonderland" and KFC menu encased in lead battle for prize. Art is weird
(Philstar) [Amusing] Inmate escapes after boozing it up with jail guard at local tavern
[Google] [Photoshop] Photoshop theme: Famous people and the halloween costumes they should be wearing. Link not helpful, goes to a small example
[The Smoking Gun] [Strange] Federal charges filed against John Allen Muhammed includes list of things found in his car at time of arrest
(Issues2000) [Asinine] Rev Jesse Jackson on war and peace (not the book)
(Pioneer Press) [Amusing] You know you're lagging behind the times when your household is technologically incompatible with a box of Honey Nut Cheerios
[SacBee] [Asinine] San Francisco theater debuts musical production based on the Unibomber
(NBC5i) [Weird] Mom always told him to make sure he had on clean underwear in case he was shot breaking into a house
[Seattle Times] [Asinine] Eagle scout to get booted if he doesn't start believing in God
[MSNBC] [Interesting] CDC tells doctors and nurses to stop washing hands before seeing patients
(Farkman) [Photoshop] Farkman is back: 'Adventures in Photoshop.' Photoshop the first panel of the new comic
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Women's group decries network television as catering to an "adolescent boy's fantasy world."
( [Followup] Wellstone family asks VP Cheney not to attend senator's memorial service
[Independent] [Weird] US army runs out of buglers. Coming soon: techno taps
[JSOnline] [Spiffy] Recently discovered secret army plans reveal that the U.S. military is working on a "three year" P&J sandwhich
[Yahoo] [Stupid] " "
[Minneapolis Star Tribune] [Scary] Group of Boy Scouts earns 'find a skull in the woods' badge
(iwon) [Amusing] Wind blows away British tank. Army asks anyone who finds it to please return it
( [Amusing] French woman strips for airport security screening in Indiana. (Mug shot included.)
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] Ronald McDonald - extra spooky on Halloween
(The Captain) [Photoshop] Photoshop these Farkers at a bar
[Reuters] [Unlikely] Alcohol does not affect the memory. Also....alcohol does not affect the memory
(Some architect.) [Photoshop] Photoshop farker lindseyp's dog frolicking on the grass at the leaning tower of Pisa
(Some Guy) [Advice] Farker AnakinOU's jack-o-lantern smashed from in front of apt. How should he get revenge on unknown guilty party? (voting as well...)
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] You got game? Farkers fantasy basketball league ( League Name: farkers, Password: fark
[Homestar Runner] [Amusing] Happy Freakin Halloween from Homestar Runner
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Mon October 28, 2002: # of Comments
(No Apologies [Weeners] More of what happens when Farkettes put personal ads on the Internet
[ESPN] [Spiffy] Big Ten football may start using instant replay because their officials are so bad
[BostonGlobe] [Spiffy] Caffeine can make you smarter, sexier, and less bored
[BostonGlobe] [Unlikely] List of toys expected to be the hottest this holiday season. Harry Potter broomstick strangely absent
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this kicker's celebration
( [Florida] Man ends car chase in county jail's parking lot because he knew he was going to get arrested
[MSNBC] [Dumbass] VoiceStream irate over pregancy after paying $1m to Zeta-Jones for ad campaign
[CNN] [Unlikely] Man tests positive for cocaine 6 times, claims positive tests are due to tainted money stripper wife brings home
[Local6] [Obvious] 'Jackass' jumps to top of box office
[Reuters] [Strange] Reckless driving is a sin. Millions of Californians head for confession
(Business 2.0) [Asinine] Under current bankruptcy law, WorldCom could reenter the market debt-free.
[Wired] [Amusing] Saddam Hussein's inbox hacked. Full of flames
(CBS 2) [Cool] Fisherman catches 71.5 pound salmon with a fly-fishing rod
[The Scotsman] [Interesting] One in three Scots, more than a million people, would sleep their way up the career ladder
[Canoe] [PSA] Store offers free yoga wear for nude shoppers
[NYPost] [Sad] Manhattan no longer allowed to have topless dancers
[Minneapolis Star Tribune] [Obvious] New versions of AOL and MSN unable to fool customers into believing the services don't suck
[NCBuy] [PSA] Dentist says it's better to eat huge amounts of candy in one sitting
(Scientific American) [Interesting] Why do dogs get blue eyes instead of red eyes in flash photos?
[CNN] [Interesting] Winona Ryder jury includes Sony Pictures Chairman and others in entertainment industry
[Telegraph] [Asinine] Unmarried Chinese couple fined for sharing room
[Something Awful] [Amusing] Movie Review: "Never Too Young To Die"
( [Hero] Golfer conveniently bounces one off of his fiancee to win his first PGA tournament
[NYPost] [Asinine] NYC prepared to offer Olympic officials special lanes through traffic-choked Midtown in order to land 2012 Olympics
(Some Guy) [Advice] Farker Sticky_Mojo is going to go TP a house and wants suggestions on what other things can be done with minimal damage. With the juicy voting
[Pravda] [Obvious] Military Toxicologists Guilty of Hostages Death Toll
[Local6] [NewsFlash] 2 people shot at University Of Arizona
[Yello Times] [Interesting] Why there is conflict between Russia and Chechnya
[Charlotte] [Spiffy] Former Miss NC to represent US in Miss World pagent. Still no topless photos on The Smoking Gun
[NYPost] [Obvious] Late night fire alarm finds Chelsea Clinton standing outside her boyfriend's Oxford dorm wearing men's pajamas
( [Amusing] FARK featured in internet comic WIGU
[This Is Local London] [Interesting] "I showed them my pubic hair, and they gave me the recipe. That's how things have always worked for me." - Bodyshop owner shares the secrets of her success
[] [Amusing] Only worker on duty in a Norwegian Highway tollbooth takes extended bathroom break, causes huge traffic jam
[Salon] [News] American diplomat killed in Jordan
[Washington Post] [Cool] Fox News proposes to cover UN weapons inspections. What should the show be called? Voting enabled
[MDN] [Sick] Female hospital staff sue director over toilet cam
[] [Interesting] Sky News launches website made up of people's reactions to major news stories
[BBC] [Unlikely] Sex gives men headaches
(Some Fireguy) [Weeners] Some Firefighters for the Farkettes
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop the President out for his run
(Juneau) [Cool] Bear wanders into house, takes a shower, wipes his face dry, grabs a snack and runs
(Some Dude) [Boobies] Italian goddess Aria Giovanni (not safe for work)
[ESPN] [Asinine] Selig to fine Mets $50,000 for being newsworthy during World Series
[Fox News] [Interesting] Chechen terrorist leader less a devotee of Islam, more a hired gun
[Corporate Mofo] [Cool] Industrial Godfather J.G. Thirlwell: The Corporate Mofo Interview
[ABC News] [Followup] Sniper won't be tried in Maryland because of wimpy laws. Prosecutors try to figure out how to move trial to Texas
(Some Dr. Nick) [Spiffy] Take the 'What lesser Simpsons character are you' quiz
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