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Sun September 29, 2002: # of Comments
[The Sun] [Cool] Pic of King Tut's reconstructed face
(Ha'aretz) [Followup] 33 pounds. Wait...ummm...make that about 700 grams...of weapons grade uranium...33 pounds, hundreds of grams... how can one make such a mistake.?
(Hartford Courant) [Asinine] UConn hoop player puts on mask, jumps out at people waving plastic knife dripping blood. Just kidding, he tells cops
(silive) [Amusing] Cogboys send Super Bowl-bound Rams to 0-4
[Yahoo] [Caption] Whatever happened to caption contests? How about Jeb Bush on the campaign trail
(MaX0rz ) [Ironic] (dot)Mac users are unhappy. Mac users UNHAPPY? Is that a pig flying by my window?
[Yahoo] [Caption] Caption this guy telling us how big it is
[Yahoo] [Obvious] College freshmen with serious drinking problems may be at risk of quickly failing out. This researcher is being paid?
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] Hong Kong Detective Fights to Keep Her Hair Color
(NewsOK) [Dumbass] Anesthetist decides to reuse needles, 52 people test positive for hepatitis exposure.
(Some Sausage) [Weird] Fark Classics: Hats of Meat
(Some Guy) [Weird] Spartans molest Miners, When in 'Sparta', do it Sparta Style
(South Wales Post) [Asinine] Heavyweght boxing champion and brother beat up guys at party then turn on girlfriend - claim self-defence
[Yello Times] [PSA] 'Bafflegab': How to sort through the bias inherent in American media
[MDN] [Followup] Japanese girls forget Beckham, now chasing Turkish soccer star
[Drudge] [Hero] Rudy: "Let me execute Osama"
(Grimsby Telegraph) [Followup] Semi-naked pictures involving fire departments, British-style (sadly sfw)
( [Cool] Flavor Flav Sentenced To Nine Weeks Behind Bars
[BBC] [Misc] Princess Anne and husband charged with "terrierism."
(Some Guy) [Weird] Windshield art. Birds can paint too, they just do it with poo
(Boston Herald) [Weird] Woman gives birth while standing & talking on phone: "It popped out like an alien."
(Boston Herald) [Obvious] Boston-area cops fight for right to swear on the job
(Dionysis) [Strange] Worker drowns in gigantic vat of wine.
(Yahoo News) [Spiffy] Hubby snatches son. Wife hires goons to snatch him back. Wife wins
(Some poster Guy) [Unlikely] Perpetual motion is alive and well in the US of A
(Some kitten-killer) [Amusing] Rugby fans pissed about new mascot - they say it's a kitten and they're worried about killing it (with pic)
[Reuters] [Unlikely] Game programmers aren't geeks anymore; they're yuppie Hollywood snobs
[Fox News] [Amusing] Sri Lanka beats India 244-5. Not sure what sport though
(Bozeman Chronicle) [Dumbass] Man tells convenience store clerk to call police as he plans to steal beer. Steals beer. Clerk calls police. Man arrested. Saddam Hussein surrenders
( [Weird] Children able to recreate the tattoos of a satanist
(Some Chinese Thrillseeker) [Amusing] Chinese people do dumb stunts, con artist doesn't put them in The Guinness Book of Records
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop Jacques Chirac opening Auto Show, potentially surrendering
[CNN] [Sad] US Rep. from Hawaii dies
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] photoshop this protestor being taken by cops
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this human pretzel holding a beach ball
(Some Christian) [Sad] Most modern ministers don't believe the Bible
(Some Guy) [Weird] Flash game involving a huge magnifying glass, and people running for their lives
[SacBee] [Cool] Futuristic jet will make a quieter sonic boom. Pilots bummed, no more scaring livestock to death.
(Homer J) [Cool] Complete library of Simpsons information
[ABC News] [Ironic] Scientists use sun to help fight skin cancer
[CNN] [Amusing] Twiggy says she's fat.
[SacBee] [Spiffy] Time warp alert - Wright Brothers airplane to fly again.
[CNN] [Photoshop] Photoshop this protester
(San Antonio Express News) [Amusing] Livestock Rustlin' Woman has wanted posters of her hung all over town
[IOL] [Dumbass] Woman hides life savings in jar, forgets, and gives it to beggar
[Metafilter] [Amusing] Bored with all the usual vacation spots? The Iraqi embassy considers Iraq safe for travel, and they are probably about 80 percent right. It's the 20 percent you have to worry about
[Yahoo] [Sad] France finally kills something, an NBA star. American minorities declare war on France. French to surrender in 3.. 2.
(Fido) [Obvious] Scientists discover spending time with a pet relieves more stress than spending time with spouse
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Sat September 28, 2002: # of Comments
( [Spiffy] Fences built for frogs
(WKRC) [Stupid] Idiot teenager shoot self in head while driving down interstate
[ESPN] [Obvious] Mets shortstop doesn't want to play anymore because New York fans are "just too stupid"
[BBC] [Cool] Shiniest. Car. Ever... Plus: petrol or diesel - choose your poison?
( [Strange] 8-month-old in serious condition; mom says she thought she took girl to relative's home
(Some Guy) [Dumbass] Boss tells drunk dam guard he can't have another drink, guard floods neighborhood
[Cleveland] [Dumbass] Teacher busted selling date rape drug - proceeds paid his student loans
[SFGate] [Obvious] Granola crunchers at Berkeley High shocked that students hate its organic food
(Santa Cruz Sentinel) [Hero] Judge frees medical marijuana patient and returns seized stash (with pic)
[MDN] [Amusing] Fat bottomed girls make the **ckin' world go round
(The Plain Dealer) [Weird] Can't do donuts in this malls parking lot, cemetery in the middle gettin' in the way
(Confused Nation) [Amusing] Ever wonder what an asshat is?
[Pravda] [Ironic] American Officials Go in for the History of Soviet Union
[SacBee] [Ironic] Guy that was lost at sea and found has criminal past, doesn't remember.
(Some marksman) [Dumbass] Guy thinks his cat has food poisoning - finds out it's actually been shot
[BBC] [Followup] The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's guide to dwarf-tossing.
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Even if it *is* Scottish, it's Crrrrap.
(Some Catholic) [Followup] Blind guy circumnavigating the globe meets Pope - he thinks (with pic)
(Some User) [Boobies] Greatest. Boobies. ever
( [Dumbass] Sequined panties give burglar away
(Singapore Straits Times) [Asinine] Bill Clinton gives acting tips to Chris Tucker. "What is my character's motivation? Well, that depends on what 'is' is."
(koin) [Amusing] Metric butt ton of ass wipe goes up in flames. Cornholio surrenders
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Six foot thief with a big nose makes getaway on child-sized motorbike
[] [Amusing] Spittin' image: Chinese commie government tells citizens to quit hocking up loogies in public. At least for the forthcoming Olympics
[BostonGlobe] [Spiffy] Drug store worker foils 2nd roberry in a year by acting dumb
(Some Guy) [Asinine] In 2005, it will be legal to trespass on Madonna's property
[Yahoo] [Dumbass] Scientist's study megacryometeors. Screw cancer research
[MDN] [Dumbass] Perverts pinched for patronizing prepubescent prostitutes
(Some Scot) [Amusing] Scot waits 88 years to become chief of his clan - expect to read "clan chief dies" follow-up tomorrow
[Salon] [Obvious] Attention professional athletes: God doesn't care if you score a touchdown or make a big play
(Some Guy) [Dumbass] Brits plan to drive 4,000 miles through a desert in a 28-year-old car that worse than an Edsel (with pic)
(Stoke Sentinel) [Interesting] British Prime Minister reveals eight-year sex affair with colleague
(Derby Evening Telegraph) [Amusing] Warrant issued over a messy garden
(Some Guy) [Stupid] Scientist being paid to work out why jokes are funny, but no mention of Fark. Stil no cure for cancer
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Photoshop flooding on Bourbon Street
[Reuters] [Weird] Police crackdown on icecream men for selling cigarettes to kids
(Some Brunette) [Amusing] Darwinism at work. Blondes will be obselete in 200 years
(Some hoosier) [Amusing] David Letterman wants Indianapolis highway named after him. Offers enormous bribe
[AJC] [Interesting] Scientists discover that lumberjack, cowboy, seaman aren't good jobs. Still no cure for cancer
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Photoshop these biodomes
( [Strange] Paint your teeth great colors - like brown
[CBC] [Strange] Farmer lubicrates cow's head with oil. Saddam Hussein surrenders
(Some Wet Guy) [Photoshop] photoshop these boaters and their dogs
[] [Unlikely] Woman believes crop circles are a "yet undiscovered energy source"
[FARK] [PSA] Edinburgh Fark party starts today at 2:30pm. Nottingham Fark party tomorrow 7pm
(NBC12) [Florida] Three cheerleaders suspended for singing "Heaven." Doesn't say if it was Bryan Adams version or Warrant version, but either way it deserves expulsion
(Some Guy) [Boobies] 7 galleries of Summer Altice. Not safe for work
[The Sun] [Amusing] Join The Sun in the Save Our Blondes campaign
[Houston Chronicle] [Scary] West Nile virus found in breast milk, babies surrender
(Some Jelly Belly) [Photoshop] The latest stupid Harry Potter marketing plot, Bernie Bott's Beans
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Fri September 27, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Weird] squirrels found dead outside school. no comments from squirrels mafia
[Washington Post] [Scary] Mosquitos bring malaria back to US. Scurvy to arrive next week
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Once married, women change web habits. Men continue looking at porn
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] Frenchmen refuses to quit solo row across Atlantic
(Haggis-R-Us) [Spiffy] Haggis eating contest results (with pics)
(mnftiu) [Amusing] Hilarious online comic about Operation: Bomb The Fark Out Of Iraq. G.W. is not amused
(Some Weary Traveller) [Cool] How to kill a five-hour layover. Unfortunately I never fly through these airports
[Reuters] [Amusing] The Loony Party of England's campain slogan-Vote for Insanity -- You know it makes sense
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Theme Park Insider - Accident Watch
(Some Guy) [Hero] Paula Poundstone has endangered significantly less children this year
(Washington Times) [Obvious] Mayor accidentally tells the truth - traffic cameras are for generating money for the city
(Daily Telegraph) [Asinine] Blind and disabled people should be able to become pilots. Stevie Wonder considering career change
[The Smoking Gun] [Followup] Mug Shot of the BB gun mom: looks like she's done this before, but the gun back-fired
( [Asinine] Ten-year-old girl gets into fight with boy, overturns desks, threatens teacher with scissors. Principal doesn't even report it to police until following week
(Orange Today) [Dumbass] Escaped prisoners flags down police bus
[BostonGlobe] [Stupid] Family battles for custody of murder victim's parrot
[SacBee] [Dumbass] Fark presents tips for living learned by example: When it's 105 degrees outside, don't get drunk and go wandering around the desert
[Yahoo] [Hero] Hippo baby takes "ugly ass" to a whole new level
[NYPost] [Weird] Judge gets 24 hour armed guard after inmate threatens him with voodoo death curse
[Yahoo] [Scary] Mexican celebrities relatives have been kidnapped, and are being held for ransom
(Some Cup Stacker) [Cool] Maybe the coolest thing you will ever see
(Some Local News) [Dumbass] Car thieves+manned undercover van=hilarity
(Some Master of the Obvious) [Obvious] Survey reveals Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are sexy. In other news, both have appeared in films
[Pravda] [Interesting] Sensation: uranium from Chernobyl on sale.
(Some Guy) [Followup] Cleaner who got fed up cleaning dentist's surgeries and pretended he was a dentist instead is jailed
[Cosmiverse] [Strange] Carbon causing both drought and flooding in China. s00t.
(Some Guy) [Cool] Zoltan, the 821 pound pumpkin squashes previous record. Smashing.
(Some Guy) [Amusing] How have you adapted to the new Millennium?
(Lincolnshire Echo) [Dumbass] Store thief caught hiding his meat in a bush - Obvious-innuendo writer surrenders
[Pravda] [Cool] Space Doctors to the Rescue
[CNN] [Weird] UN supports French ban on dwarf-tossing. Dwarf-tossing is BANNED???
[Local6] [Florida] Mother charged after shooting son out of tree with BB gun
(Rense) [Interesting] Russians find out that their TV is loaded with subliminal advertising. (clickthislinknow)
[NYPost] [Weird] Cannibal, who ate guy's weener and jewels, had personalized autographed photo of Nixon
[Yahoo] [Obvious] "Friends" may return for another season because it just makes too damned much money to end
(1010 WINS) [Asinine] LL Cool J is a Republican, finally decided to register to vote at age 40
[Yahoo] [Misc] Ugly ass gorilla baby born in Munich (with pic)
[Google] [Cool] Fark wishes Google a happy 4th birthday
[AP] [Sick] Lowest of the low: Woman and son steal purse from heart attack victim
(Grimsby Telegraph) [Stupid] Driver swerves to avoid animal - hits another car instead
(News-Journal) [Obvious] Wife files for divorce from agricultural-researcher husband, then notifies cops about his special backyard "herb" garden.
(latimes) [Stupid] Girl wins beauty contest but not cheerleader slot. Mom sues
[Something Awful] [Amusing] Photoshop Phriday: SA takes on bad game show themes
[MSNBC] [Interesting] 46% of Division I male college athletes don't graduate
[NCBuy] [Sad] Tony Danza takes a stab at swing singing
[Local6] [Dumbass] Man fined for keeping cougar in apartment
[NCBuy] [Spiffy] Pianist in training for record-setting session. We aren't talking porn either
(Utica Observer Dispatch) [Dumbass] Skatepunk gets to see gravity work by rolling board into path of guy on scooter. Later gets to see how felony charges also work
[The Sun] [Amusing] Father of Liz Hurley's son only has one ball.
(The Sentinel) [Interesting] "Natural Peptide Antibodies" may stop HIV from becoming AIDS
(Madonna) [Obvious] Madonna Voted Greatest Women in Music History - agree?
[ESPN] [Strange] USA moves past England & Italy in FIFA World Rankings (that's soccer, folks)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop Nomar Garciaparra posing like a balerina
[MSNBC] [Spiffy] USDA has new rules to define 'organic.' Now with zero chemicals and 1/3 less hippie
(Some nut) [Photoshop] Photoshop this ad, brough to you by the National Peanut Board
(New Hotness) [Video] Commercials online again. Even the classic ones when Ricky and Lucy wanted us to smoke, The Three Stooges and VD was for everybody
[Reuters] [Weird] Someone finally researched the effects sauna time on hamster hearts
(The Japan Times) [Interesting] Japanese kids spend a day in school jumping in the swimming pool with all their clothes on. The need for a FARK "Japan" tag reaches level Orange
( [Amusing] Man finds lost marbles after 70 years....
[CBC] [Misc] Canadians are knockin' boots less, or just not getting any
(orlando sentinel) [Unlikely] Americans are becoming more spiritual
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Followup: The Porn Star Lecturer's Gallery (not safe for work)
[FARK] [Survey] What was the crappiest movie to come out of the 80's? Voting enabled, this link goes to the only comment about 'Turk 182!' on IMDB
(Some Playboy) [Boobies] Kristy Swanson gallery, original buffy get's nekkid. (not safe for work)
(Some Backwards Guy) [Photoshop] Phtoshop "Wrong-Way" Daschle
( [Followup] has a special message for farkers who deny that humans rode dinosaurs
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Bomb squad called in for buzzing ladyshaver. Ladyshaver=Rampant Rabbit
(Mustard Man) [Sad] Semi full of mustard crashes, burns. Mustard Man in shock
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this Women's Health booklet
[Right Field Sucks] [Followup] Reminder: Live entertainment and free beer in at our party in Chicago Saturday. Drunkest Farker wins a prize
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] - how long can you hold it?
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Thu September 26, 2002: # of Comments
( [Ironic] Son dies during father's estate hearing
[MSNBC] [Unlikely] Commercial spots hope to "shame people out of illegally swapping music."
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] Smurfs: The Pasta. Thank Goodness for Chef Boyardee
(Some Guy) [Strange] Giant otter statue to be built
(DeKalb Daily Chronicle) [Dumbass] Skateboarder drives-through Subway. With his face
(Some Nerd) [Interesting] Was the first video game designed in 1958? (w/ really boring video)
(Orange Today) [Misc] Dutch police will be taken off the beat if they cannot fight
(Some albino rhino) [Spiffy] Ugly-ass, rare baby rhino born in Australian zoo )
(koin) [Strange] Radioactive gauge falls out of truck. Public warned, "Don't put your lips on it."
[ABC News] [Ironic] Luggage falls from plane onto Salvation Army scattering used clothing everywhere
[CNN] [PSA] EW says techno is dead
(Bath Chronicle) [Dumbass] Gambler wins £7,000 - and spends it all on horse shiat
(Some Guy) [Dumbass] 20% of German teens think tampons are a form of contraception
[SacBee] [Scary] Sun refuses to accept it's Autumn. California to bake in another 100 degree day
[MSNBC] [Cool] Scientists think Venus has microbes. No word on Serena
[NewsMax] [Unlikely] "Communist" China was behind 9/11, not those conservative Al Qaida fellows
[The Scotsman] [Obvious] Kids as greedy and short sighted as ever
(Courier-Journal) [Dumbass] Kentucky's head of Juvenile Justice has a real "feel" for the job
(Herald Sun) [Dumbass] Multi colored T shirts that make you smarter selling for $100. Plus other dumb ways to lose your money
[The Scotsman] [Amusing] Majority of organic food purchased by few weird hippie types
(Herald Sun) [Misc] Spies caught in sex scandal. George Lazenby surrenders.
[Netscape] [Interesting] The first big commercial nanotechnology product may be nano-pants
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Guard dog stolen from house he's protecting
[CNN] [Sad] Hooters Air concept crashes and burns
[Minneapolis Star Tribune] [Dumbass] Bank robbery suspect hires limo for getaway. Limo driver is retired cop.
[DenverChannel] [Spiffy] Ex-porn star Annie Sprinkle lectures at Hamilton College
[AintItCoolNews] [Scary] Hollywood out of crack, has started smoking tiling grout: "Grease 3"
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Like random crap? Sure you do. You read fark. Here's a site that provides random links for your entertainment.
(Mainichi Daily News) [Ironic] Elderly housewife bashes abusive husband for 9 hours. Go, granny, go
[Yahoo] [Dumbass] What did you give to the man whose fraud almost destroyed your company? A $44.8 million severance package
(News-Journal) [Weird] This man collects all things hamburger. Yes, hamburger
( [Spiffy] Dad beats 11yr old son for not selling drugs. Son narcs on him
[AZCentral] [Misc] Boston scientists grow live teeth in lab. Do they even know cancer hasn't been cured yet?
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Dad: My son turned me in for pot because he didn't want to move
(Orange-Today) [Hero] Arnie tells hometown to scrap his statues and give the money to the poor
[Reuters] [Strange] Russians launch spacecraft just to deliver census forms to cosmonauts
(Some redundant male) [Amusing] Sex shop forced to recall 150,000 "Rampant Rabbit" vibrators, UK's most popular version
( [Unlikely] Teaching for $26 million an hour? I'll take that gig
(Some Hitmen) [Video] F**ktalking (leaked to Fark)
[ZDNet] [Weird] Farc banned from university campuses. Students revolt
(Some :-) Guy) [Satire] Father of Internet Smiley Named in Class Action Suit
( [Interesting] Archaeological finds show that the Incas rode dinosaurs, science surrenders
(Hannibal Lecter) [Scary] Which movie character most scared the bejeebers out of you? (voting)
(Disinformation) [Interesting] Quiz: Everything you know is wrong
(Some Ugly Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop the worlds ugliest truck
(Some Guy) [Followup] Enron 'E' sells for $44,000
[Sports by Brooks] [Spiffy] Phoenix Suns owner dons dreadlocks to help sell tickets
[Yahoo] [Strange] Cow Slobber a Cure All?
(Orange Today) [Dumbass] Bank cashier asks robber what he wanted after being unable to read his demand note
(NY Daily News) [Dumbass] Friends don't let friends swim drunk. Paging Dr. Darwin..
[Cleveland] [Weird] Condemned man picks a black olive for his last meal. Green olives have no comment
(Some Beer Drinker) [Amusing] Golden Shower-The Game..hilarious
[JSOnline] [Weird] Pennsylvania firefighters who stole firetruck and took it to a Rolling Stones concert have been charged with "frolicking." Those soundrels
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Every Playboy centerfold since 1960
[Yahoo] [Stupid] The video game "Doom" is going to be made into a movie. Not only is Hollywood out of ideas, but apparently its also been doing a lot of crack
[AZCentral] [Obvious] " I HIT IT." Justin Timberlake spills the beans on Britney's "virginity"
( [Sad] And in geriatric news: Axl's back
[BostonGlobe] [Dumbass] Teens videotape themselves shooting stapleguns into their arms and vomiting on dead squirrels. Nation weeps for future
(Some Stoner) [Photoshop] Photoshop this squirrel tuning in, turning on, and dropping out
[Yahoo] [Sad] Guns 'N' Roses plan U.S. tour
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Fire crew accused of frolicking with their ladder at a Stones concert
Some Guy [Obvious] When will the US attack Iraq? Place your wagers now
[AZCentral] [Florida] Teen dies of starvation after stepfather puts him on a bus and tells him to find his real father
[] [Strange] Toy shops under fire for selling dolls that scream when stretched
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this French soldier
[Yahoo] [Dumbass] Peruvian congressman has challenged his Vice President to a duel. "My honor, I say my honor is at stake"
[The Scotsman] [Interesting] Titan to be probed. Saturn to offer post probe cigarette
(Press & Journal) [Strange] 150 Canadians line up for three hours to have genitals photographed for
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Wed September 25, 2002: # of Comments
[Yahoo] [Asinine] Tom Daschle throws hissy fit, demands Bush apologize to Democrats for "politicizing war"... and does so in political speech, using war to make political points
(whatever-dude) [Plug] Needs $300 Quick to Get Their Freed from their ISP
[Cosmiverse] [Interesting] Fruit fly experiment may vindicate Darwin. (just when you forgot about cosmiverse)
(Rense) [Unlikely] Chupacabras returns to Puerto Rico
[CNN] [Sad] People now flirt on their moblie phones, rather than face-to-face
(Barnes and Noble) [Amusing] Cooking with PETA (read second review)
[Yahoo] [Strange] Twelve monkeys and a nose stolen
(Some Comic Book Guy) [Amusing] A man, a can, and a plan. Recipes for loser single guys
(Some Guy) [Cool] 11 month old baby shot through the head with an arrow may survive with no permanent damage
(Arizona Republic) [Stupid] You can't beat city hall
[MSNBC] [Satire] Saddam pulls the plug on "Survivor: Baghdad"
(me) [Weeners] Month by month, 'Most Beautiful Man' winners and their galleries. sfw
[Pravda] [Dumbass] Congradulate Birthday Boy Putin. Link to send birthday wishes via Pravda.Ru.
[The Scotsman] [Weird] Teenagers burning bus shelters to get high
(Some Guy named Ronald) [Misc] Mc Holy crap. McDonalds opens a new store every eight hours
[ZDNet] [Stupid] Realtors to Internet: Drop dead. Internet to realtors: Good luck finding porn then
[NCBuy] [Amusing] Zamboni manufacturer looking for old zambonis.
(Some Fly Guy) [Boobies] Order your 2003 "Chicks in Waders" calendars now.
[MSNBC] [Dumbass] Michael Jordan may announce he's coming back to play. Dead horse gets another whack
(Some Gentleman) [Amusing] Do you have a handlebar moustache? Then the Handlebar Club is the club for you
[MSNBC] [Ironic] Clinton pleads for Nigerian woman who had sex outside marraige. In other news, Clinton looking for international interns.
(Some Gypsy) [Interesting] Gypsies in the U.S. - Irish Travelers, Black Dutch, Rom'nies and more
(Blue's News) [Interesting] Enron Paper Shredders
(Some Ass) [Asinine] Wild Ass - 1 Wild Motorcyclist - 0
[DenverChannel] [Strange] Mimes brought in to solve noise problem
(Some Guy) [Asinine] Girl booted from highschool for dreadlocks. Bob Marley wails from the grave "No, woman. No clip."
(Some balloonist) [Interesting] Manned ballon flight 25 miles into space called off - too windy (with pic)
[NCBuy] [Amusing] Susan Sarandon wants films focused on men to be called "dick flicks"
[Local6] [Weird] Man dies after getting caught in concrete-block machine.
[Yello Times] [Scary] Water pipe sellers getting arrested
(Gloucester Citizen) [Unlikely] Wirewalker wants danger money after minor UK earthquake (with pic)
[Metafilter] [Scary] Time cube guy calls for ther murder of teachers. No, I'm not kidding
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Why aren't mountains getting taller?
( [Interesting] Frito-Lay to start eliminating harmful fat from Cheerios and Doritos
[Local6] [Florida] Mother beats son with fly swatter for eating pack of gum
( [Amusing] Burglar offered his finger back in return for stolen goods
[Local6] [Weird] Mom always said all that TV was bad for you. Two die In TV tower collapse.
( [Florida] County commissioner threatens to put fellow commissioner in a body bag; now says she meant a "political" body bag
[Minneapolis Star Tribune] [Hero] Man survives 3 months at sea by eating seagulls is finally rescued. Seagulls taste like chicken,
(Wharton Journal-Spectator) [Cool] Tired of your own fogger
[] [Sad] Celebrity moose has worst day ever
( [Amusing] Prisoner in trouble after guards hear voices coming from his ass
[NYPost] [Followup] Jason Mewes is alive and well, just living in that remote American region known as the west coast
( [Weird] Man killed by police for eating his neighbors dog (with expressionistic artists rendering)
(silive) [Sad] British balloonist attempting trans-Atlantic crossing in traditional wicker basket unceremoniously crashes into tree in Connecticut
(Some pig) [Spiffy] Visit the farm, choose the pig, take home the sausages
(Some builder) [Dumbass] Bizarre hobbies of our time number 43: Cement-mixer spotting
[ABC News] [Sad] Nancy Reagan not sure Ronald recognizes her
[The Sun] [Amusing] Dog pees on vacuum cleaner, hilarity ensues
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Photoshop Israel's new secret weapon
[The Sun] [Sad] The Spice Girls might reunite. Wannabe sick?
(Some Lactard) [Asinine] PETA sends 7 ft.-tall cow to protest milk in schools (with pic)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] More insults than you can shake a stick at, you freakish homunculus germinated outside of lawful procreation
(theSchmews) [Satire] Dossier: Saddam Could Launch a Pop Career In Months
[SFGate] [Photoshop] Firefighters rescue a cliché
[FARK] [PSA] Info on more EuroFark parties: Paris 9/26 - Edinburgh 9/28 - Nottingham 9/29
[The Onion] [Satire] Wednesday is 2 week anniversary of 1 year anniversary of Sept. 11
(Traverse City Record-Eagle) [Amusing] 60 Police from around Michigan surround house for day-and-a-half, in a standoff with an armed man inside. Except he wasn't
[Houston Chronicle] [Asinine] "Christian" supremacists ban books, demand that restaurant remove art, and force covering of historic Weener
[The Sun] [Boobies] 284 pictures of Zoe 34-24-34. not safe for work
[Yahoo] [Scary] Every source of water in the US is polluted. Conspiring terrorists go back to drawing board.
(Toronto Star) [Amusing] Teacher Forces Student to Eat His Cigarette.
[Drudge] [Interesting] There is hope yet. Study shows majority of youth more conservative than parents.
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Tue September 24, 2002: # of Comments
[The Toque] [Satire] Is your pet viewing Internet porn?
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] $61.91 worth of crappy Halloween decorations, reviewed
(South Wales) [Obvious] All those soccer players who give up sex before soccer have it all wrong
[Washington Post] [Spiffy] CompUSA to stock Bawls. Farker HPZ rejoices.
[] [Amusing] Mayor offers to buy dinner for visiting royals. Changes his mind after bill includes 63 bottles of wine
(Everything) [Amusing] Penises have higher bandwidth than cable modems
[BostonGlobe] [Dumbass] College president prepares freshmen for college by plagiarizing his welcoming speech
[Reuters] [Interesting] Strom Thurmond finally retires. Bring on the hookers.
(Some NZ Guy) [Dumbass] Do to before lunch: (1) Get bike licence (2) Lose bike licence
(GM Today) [Strange] 12 year old boy sentenced for kidnapping a grown man
( [Dumbass] Teenage girl found wandering the streets after eating hallucinogenic weed she found roadside. "I thought it would be safe because it's natural."
[ArabNews] [PSA] 35.5.
(Some Old Guy) [Cool] Retro PC: Put an analog tube where your sound card was
(Some Donor) [Hero] Each signed card donates $1 to charity; Snopes approved. Behold the power of Fark
[Pravda] [Obvious] There are too many sperm donors in Denmark now. Kitten shortage reported.
[SacBee] [Scary] USA wants another ally against Iraq, will even take Poland.
[CapAlert] [Misc] Flashing Red Light of Badness for Left Behind 2: "high slit skirt showing much more of a woman's leg than might be considered polite"
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Half of Bahrain's sports teachers are overweight. In Bahrain? How about all the fat coaches in US high schools?
[ESPN] [Sad] "Iron" Mike Webster, football hall of famer and former Steeler, dies at 50
[The Straight Dope] [Scary] About 25% of people worldwide have roundworms living inside of them
( [Dumbass] "In the state of Missouri, when you're speeding, you give up your right of way." You also occasionally leave your face on the side of a truck.
[Austin] [Stupid] Fifth-graders re-write/dumb down the national anthem
[BBC] [Sick] Sure is a great cup of twigs and mouldy beans
(Koin 6) [Amusing] Mystery vapors identified as mexican food
(Arcata Eye) [Amusing] New Arcata Eye police log: the adventures of those who generously donate their lung tissues to filter THC from the environment
[CNN] [Scary] Arkansas town on edge after 4 lions killed in woods. Lions. In Arkansas. Four of them
(Moscow Times) [Obvious] Ugly-ass baby Chevy SUV born in Russia. (with pics)
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Bank robber falls asleep in his car after drinking a bottle of schnapps for courage
[Reuters] [Interesting] Stressed? Doctors say forget about it
(Some Guy) [Survey] Farker needs ideas on pranks to pull on a friend's house. Link goes to a picture of Ackbar
( [Amusing] Student breaks into school and gets caught killing kittens
(Richmond Times-Dispatch) [Strange] Virginia family loses dog. Dog found in South Dakota
( [Stupid] Principal charged with lying about a gun to get police to her school faster
(Some Guy) [Unlikely] Bank's cashpoint spews bonus money. Officials calling on customers to be honest & return the extra notes.
[Yahoo] [Scary] CNN and ABC may merge to form the world crappiest network
[Local6] [Weird] Animal control worker fired for feeding puppies to snake
(Some Guy) [Sad] Toilet-roll supplier sued for selling short rolls - who the hell counts the sheets?
[SacBee] [Ironic] North Korea's experimental walled city of capitalism.
( [Stupid] Advertising poster banned from Times Square for being too racy; Europeans are cool with it
( [NewsFlash] Terror alert lowered from 'Scary Orange' to 'Mellow Yellow'
[Fox News] [Obvious] Jesse Jackson offended by jokes in movie 'Barbershop', wants scenes of African-Americans poking fun removed from future DVD, video releases
[FARK] [Photoshop] Photoshop Drew an appropriate punishment for hosing up the user dbase. Sample Drew provided.
[] [Strange] Cemetery begins funeral webcasts for people who can't make it to the real thing
( [Amusing] Ten Classic Resume Bloopers
[USAToday] [PSA] Lions on the loose in Arkansas
(Leicester Mercury) [Sad] Fattest British trucker will have stomach stapled shut to lose weight and get laid (with pic)
[The Sun] [Stupid] Hundreds of Brits flock to see a carrot shaped like the Michelin man
[FARK] [Cool] Munich Party at 6pm!
(Orlando Sentinel) [Florida] Florida voters, who couldn't figure out how to punch a hole next to someone's name, asked to vote on 714-word ballot question
[CNN] [Obvious] If you went with the pros & picked the Rams to take the Super Bowl, you can officially start panicking
(Some Playboy Girl) [Boobies] Tata gallery (Snot safe for work)
[BBSpot] [Amusing] Top 11 differences between your eyes and your GeForce.
( [Photoshop] Photoshop Green Bay Packer Gilbert Brown
(Boulder Daily Camera) [Weird] Man and Woman each break an arm at charity armwrestling tournament
( [Spiffy] Don't you wish your college Physics professor was cool enough to make interesting, interactive applets regarding scientific principles?
(Some Guy) [Amusing] The Apocalypse is near... "Bootylicious" added to Merriam-Webster dicitonary
( [Stupid] Teen charged with assault after bumping into cop
(Derby Shire) [NewsFlash] Bush/Blair dossier justifying war on Iraq published
(WBBM-780AM) [Interesting] Krispy Kreme opens across street from Dunkin' Donuts; Dunkin' Donuts contemplates suicide bombing
[Reuters] [Dumbass] Al Gore warns against attacking Iraq. Says we should instead invite Iraqi officials to the White House for an illegal fund raising event
[NCBuy] [Ironic] Bon Jovi almost goes down in a Blaze of Glory
[AZCentral] [Amusing] Does the Pope crap in the woods? Nope. Neither should you.
(Buffalo News) [Strange] Agents buy heroin, but find out it's TNT. Shooting up takes on a whole new meaning
(Stuff) [Ironic] Anti-gambling campaigner under investigation for running up huge bills on Problem Gambling Foundation credit cards
(Shum Guy) [Photoshop] Theme: Start your own microbrew company
[DenverChannel] [Misc] Lung Association hands out 'Phlemmy Awards'. Futurama a winner is
[MSNBC] [Photoshop] Just in time for autumn: Photoshop this infograph
[The Scotsman] [Unlikely] Man to use positive thought to raise the ghost of Nessie. Spoons bend themselves in surrender.
[BostonGlobe] [Interesting] Prescription drugs can eliminate the need for sleep
(Some Straphanger) [Amusing] Threesome arrested for having sex on NYC subway
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Mon September 23, 2002: # of Comments
[Metafilter] [Followup] Composer who "plagiarized" one minute of silence pays six-figure sum
( [Hero] Paralyzed man sues strip club for not having wheelchair ramps into the lapdance room
( [Misc] Everything you ever wanted to know about whistling but didn't really care about. Notes from a champion whistler
[Reuters] [Strange] Man dies. Hummus-side suspected
(Some Guy) [Dumbass] Teen injured after setting shorts ablaze to prove courage. Repeatedly.
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] Stupid Anti-Drug Commercials of the early 1990s
[Salon] [Weird] Man acquitted of stalking QVC host.
(Star-tribune) [Spiffy] Wisconsin school teaches chain-saw carving
[Local6] [Strange] Now I done seen 'bout everythang. Pigs actually fly in interstate accident. (with pics)
[MSNBC] [Strange] Stealth porn ads sucker in online dating service users
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Christi Taylor Gallery
(Ottawa) [Amusing] 150 people show up to have their genitals photographed
(Some Smart Guy) [Interesting] Scientists create world's smallest pvc furniture. No cure for cancer yet
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Man discovers he's going blind - gives up work and travels round world to see everything before he loses sight
(NZ Herald) [Stupid] Plane delayed because unauthorized gecko eludes capture in cabin.
[Homestar Runner] [Amusing] New Strong Bad e-mail. "I'm was to make football often times"
(Some Olympian) [Unlikely] Latest stupid sport for the Olympics - rolling beer barrels dressed in skirts (wth pic)
[USAToday] [PSA] New hottness: "Sextasy"
(Some Guy) [Amusing] If it looks like a bomb to you, and it looks like a bomb to him, its most likely a bomb
[Sports by Brooks] [Cool] Calif. High School Wins 127th Straight Football Game - Last Loss Came in 1992
[Houston Chronicle] [Spiffy] Texas to execute a clown tomorrow. Coulrophobes rejoice.
[ABC News] [Interesting] NY State passes the Obesity Prevention Act. Anyone found to be overweight expected to be deported to New Jersey
[BBC] [Amusing] Abu Dhabi installs traffic lights with blue lenses instead of green. Confusion ensues
[Yahoo] [Weird] Chinese programmer arrested for attempting to steal software used to map California oil deposits
( [Amusing] 3 Police Hurt Arresting Naked Man
[Yahoo] [Hero] Arab woman rips off cloak and veil before beating the crap out of three men
( [Dumbass] Woman illegally crosses border to get cheap haircut
[The Smoking Gun] [Amusing] "Real World" star's "Poop-Gate" past. As usual, TSG has the scoop
(Western Morning News) [Dumbass] British healthcare getting worse still - doctors send patient to hospital with no beds
(Some Dreamer) [Boobies] I wanna believe! (NSFW)
[Yahoo] [Unlikely] No one really wants broadband, says new report
(NZ Herald) [Amusing] Drunk woman leads police on high-speed go-cart chase
(News 8) [Sad] Are you in a CA prison and want to look at porn on the net? Not a chance.
( [Interesting] City of charlotte not infested with rats. Philadelphia, on the other hand..
[ESPN] [PSA] How to lose your mind and keep your dignity
[FARK] [Dumbass] Drew just hosed up the user dbase so if your password and/or TotalFark access isn't working, that's why
(CTnow) [Obvious] The hardest part of a job? Finding the courage to get up and go back to that hellhole known as "your job."
(Some shopper) [Stupid] Couple get married in supermarket
[BostonGlobe] [Dumbass] And they say fish are dumb
(South Wales Post) [NewsFlash] Minor earthquake in Britain, no damage done, no-one hurt - Brits still panic anyway
(Exeter Echo) [Dumbass] Canadian flies 3,500 miles to sort out gas bill for mother who doesn't receive gas - never heard of faxes?
[Fox News] [Obvious] Russian Miss Universe stripped of her title because she's an "unbeliveably spoiled b*tch."
[Yahoo] [Misc] Ugly ass but hypnotic baby chameleon born, hangs out on dad's forehead (pic)
(Broken Newz) [Satire] German Politician Denies Calling George Bush a "Whore of Zion"
[FARK] [PSA] New EuroFark Party Dates: 9/24 Munich - 9/25 or 26 Paris - 9/28 Edinburgh - 9/29 Nottingham. Munich info available now
(Some Lucky Limey) [Interesting] £415,000 Jaguar found bricked-up behind wall
(new orleans channel) [Misc] Airport has ribbon cutting ceremony for new exhibit but cannot have scissors. They tear ribbon instead
(Times-Picayune) [Scary] What will happen if Hurricane Isadore hits New Orleans: city under 30 feet of water for six months; 25,000-100,000 dead; no more Mardi Gras boobies
[Houston Chronicle] [Interesting] Haute chefs boycott Frankenfish
[Minneapolis Star Tribune] [Spiffy] California flips the feds "the bird" and enacts a law allowing embryo stem cell research.
(Some Politician) [Strange] TaftQuack -- AFLAC tried to stop this commercial, now you can watch it
[] [Interesting] Get your entire genetic code, and how you will die, for a million bucks. Gattaca surrenders.
[Reuters] [Obvious] Iraq might attack whoever they can if the U.S. attacks Iraq
[] [Amusing] Celebrities donate their underwear for a charity auction
[MSNBC] [Dumbass] The Today Show does a special about TV shows "Jumping the Shark", doesn't realize that the term itself Jumped the Shark several years ago
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Check out this amazing map of fetishes, which attempts to relate all fetishes to one another
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Men different from women, conclusive proof..
[FARK] [Boobies] Serria Tawan Miss Playboy November 2002
(Globe and Mail) [Amusing] Canadian farmer, beset by beavers, finally gets rid of them by playing CBC radio
[AP] [Photoshop] Photoshop Miss America being crowned
(Orange Today) [Unlikely] The latest in oral hygiene: Crab shell toothpaste
( [Stupid] Little Rock school using rap to teach kids. Eminem unavailable for comment
(My roomie) [Photoshop] Photoshop this fark as he caters to Drew
( [Hero] Group of Eskimos catch women jumping from burning building
[Free Press] [Spiffy] Dumbass feds raid old folks home and steal weed
(Bloomsburg Press Enterprise) [Scary] Carny slashes boys throat at a local fair after accusing him of stealing a prize
(Some Capitalist) [Interesting] China draws more investors than US. World must need more cheap, plastic crap
[Seattle Times] [Photoshop] Photosop Superman sipping a soda at the Supermall near Seattle
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Drug smugglers busted because their onions didn't seem right
[ESPN] [Obvious] Washington loses to 49ers 20-10. Redskins suck. So does Duke
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