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Sun August 04, 2002: # of Comments
[Retrocrush] [Cool] A look at the best movie sequels ever made
(Some Christian Dude) [Interesting] Are you addicted to sex ? Take's Sexual Addiction Test and find out if you're pre-addicted, level 1,2 or 3
[Seattle Times] [Dumbass] Man with razor blades in shoes arrested at airport
(Some Guy) [Cool] Captain Crunch redux:A guide to all your favorite cereal characters
( [News] Tropical Depression #2 forms in Gulf of Mexico
[Yahoo] [Scary] I said smile dammit
[BBC] [Scary] Hoping for immortality, Welsh vampire murderer instead gets life
( [Unlikely] In Russia, foreign objects chase YOU
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop Bush and son on a speedboat
( [Stupid] Europe-wide law will force motorists to pay compensation for car-cyclists accidents, even if cyclist caused accident
[MDN] [Ironic] News crew pickpocketed while covering pickpocket story
[MDN] [Ironic] Two cars hit and kill woman contemplating suicide
( [Sad] Is masturbing a crime against god?
[ESPN] [Amusing] Fat desk jockey goes thru college football obstacle course
(Some Guy) [Amusing] I got laid off...
[AP] [Obvious] Scientists Finish Total Map of Mouse Genome. Mice To Be Very Dildo-Like In Future.
[Washington Post] [Sad] That great American game, pinball, is fading into the past. And it's a cryin' shame.
( [News] Bill Elliot wins Brickyard 400. Rusty Wallace surrenders.
[Reuters] [Followup] Man Recovers After Battling, Killing Cougar
(People) [Obvious] Jon Voight thinks his daughter is mental
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop these ecstatic rugby champions. Haka.
( [Photoshop] Photoshop Farker Cole Burns getting ready for a day at the beach
[CNN] [Hero] Our Favorite Cliche, Domo, Makes CNN
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Custom officials insist man open suitcase. Pandemonium insues when 300 live cobras emerge
[MSNBC] [Obvious] Angelina Jolie's dad says she's nuts
[Fox News] [Amusing] Burning Up the House: Former Male Stripper Runs for Congress
[Fox News] [Misc] Britney Spears: Bad or Just Misunderstood?
(IWON) [Hero] firefighters made it to WTC crash site
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Wisconsin covered in huge cloud of smoke
[FARK] [Obvious] Hundreds of submissions sent in for every event happening in the world
[BBC] [Scary] Hundreds of mothers gather for mass breast-feeding (pic not safe for work)
(Globe and Mail) [Strange] Canadian judge orders deaf prowler to choose between jail or going to the Bahamas.
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] Indians need a place to pitch woo so theaters set up some special seats.
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this girl french-kissing her rodent
( [Spiffy] 200 worst movies this century. Apperantly there are 9 movies worse than Battlefield Earth
(NBC 5) [Spiffy] Libido skin patch for women being tested by FDA
(Salt Lake Tribune) [Sad] One week later, miners have already sold their story to Disney.
[BostonGlobe] [Florida] Democrats say ballot instructions could confuse voters in gubernatorial primary [Dumbass] Youth gets 6 months prison for trying to having sex with camel
[Reuters] [Strange] Giant tree comforts the lovelorn
(Globe and Mail) [Obvious] Party-goers to annual Toronto festival are just looking for sex, not inspiring cultural music
(Stratfor) [Interesting] Mobilizations hint at date and strategy for Iraq war
[Houston Chronicle] [Obvious] 80% of Hotmail email recieved is spam
[] [Obvious] Rogue Water Buffalo grows tired of whining tourists.
[MSNBC] [Scary] Anna Nicole Smith's reality show to premiere tonight on E.
[USAToday] [Hero] Firefighters made it to WTC floors damaged by planes, tried to save people
(Seanbaby) [Amusing] Hyper intelligent robot god damn escapes.
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Egyptian authorities seize 7000 dried lizards that were intended for aphrodesiacs. In related news, 7000 Egyptian authorities sportin' wood.
[New Scientist] [Interesting] Firefighter invents new system which over-rides car radios with message when emergency vehicle is behind them
(Dribble Glass) [Boobies] Substitute teachers never looked this good.
[Newsday] [Scary] Lightning strikes man through head, killing him
[Yahoo] [Caption] Caption Bush bumping his head on Marine One
(B3ta) [Scary] Ugly-ass, aggressive little dogs wearing Kimonos. (Site is in Japanese but freaky rat dogs are universal)
(U.S. Newswire) [Stupid] all natural Ben & Jerry's isn't REALLY all natural. who cares, tho? it's still good ice cream.
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop theme: Where are they now?
[Fox News] [Hero] Cancerless cigerette on the way.
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Sat August 03, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Geek Boobies. (not safe for work) (root me.)
( [Cool] One man battleship invades local lake.
(Some Rock) [Spiffy] Perseid meteor shower peaks on August 12
( [Stupid] Wang-shaped lollipop hard for parents to get a grip on
(CA Governor's Office) [PSA] All about the AMBER Alert system
[The Sun] [Amusing] Cops think man is making rude gestures at them. Turns out he is deaf. Hilarity ensues.
[TechTV] [Plug] IEPurge gets rid of all cookies
(Some Guy) [Sad] Belgians to dig up 50,000 war dead to build motorway. Vets not happy.
[The Sun] [Weeners] Introducing Wonderpants - bulge enhancing briefs (safe for work)
[ABC News] [Amusing] Researcher tries to justify the time and money he's spent studying crop circles.
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Anyone remember Wacky Packs from the 70s?
[ABC News] [Weird] Horny turtles chase away construction workers
(Hank3) [PSA] Hank Williams III is needing Stand Up Bass Player that can also play Electric Bass.
(Some Music Lover) [Obvious] The 10 Worst Concept Albums Of All Time.
(Some Newspaper) [Asinine] Instructor has student sign affidavit to play "strip poker."
(The Age) [PSA] Micro$oft to charge to keep sent mail from hotmail
(Some Guy) [Cool] Vote for your favorite Löwenbräu waitress and get a FREE poster of her.
[ESPN] [Cool] Hunter S. Thompson writes about one neurotic evening with Warren Zevon. Somehow shooting a .44 magnum is worked in there. Go figure.
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this sporting-event streaker (safe for work, sorta)
(E!) [Amusing] Ozzy annoys Sharon so much during chemo she sends him back on tour
(Some Guy) [Cool] Saturday morning timewaster: Soccer Kick-up game (repeat)
[Washington Post] [Interesting] Weblogs are helping to keep the mainstream media honest
[BostonGlobe] [Misc] From the Michael Jordan school of indecision: Wayne Gretzky may come back to NHL.
[Yello Times] [Interesting] The long term strategy of Israel and how it affects the U.S
[FARK] [Survey] What is your favorite kind of sushi? (voting enabled)
[The Sun] [Dumbass] Yachtsman's big trip cut short when he desperately lays anchor for 4 days amist fog, 100 yards from shore
[Washington Post] [Asinine] Doctor accidentally kills woman after giving her lethal dose of drug he researched on Google
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] Japanese brewery revives 4,400-year-old Egyptian beer
[SFGate] [Asinine] Fifteen year old girl jumps rope with her ass.
[AP] [Misc] Offer tips for the new head of McMarketing for McDonalds (with McVoting).
(Some Rebel Scum) [Strange] It's a Trap - Homade Ackbar Costumes
(Some Guy) [Weeners] Farkette Alert: Johnny Depp - Enuff Said
[The Sun] [Obvious] Woman shocked to discover the man she fell in love with over the internet was deceiving her
(Some Physic) [Unlikely] Sylvia Brown's predictions for the next 100 years
(Some Guy) [Hero] Hungry cougar attacks old man. Old man kills it with pocketknife
( [Amusing] Alaska sweats in rare 70-degree weather. Anchorage blinded as people take to the beaches to get a tan
(The FeedRoom) [Video] Large men hit pool face first in Olathe, Kansas as part of the town's seventh annual Belly Flop Contest.
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Fri August 02, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Obvious] The top 3 downloads you should avoid.
(via [Ironic] Dumbass parents name children Winner and Loser: Guess who has the last laugh
(Dr Megavolt) [Cool] scientists hook up 16 alternators in series making two megavolts and 200 kilowatts to freshen water
[Free Press] [Strange] Man found wandering in secure area of Windsor Tunnel snarls at police, spits at them, tries to bite them, dies of unknown causes.
( [Obvious] AIDS prevention worker hands free condom to 13-year-old girl in a park playground. Hilarity ensues
(Some Guy) [Scary] Al Qaeda announces that they will Attack in August... homeland defense oddly silent so far.
[MSNBC] [Weird] Thanks to GPS a house that was once in Rhode Island is now in Connecticut
[NandoTimes] [Interesting] Afghans enjoy newfound right to protest government
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop some Farker's brother looking for the "ketchup worm."
(Koronin) [Spiffy] Play Warcraft 3, GTA 3 and more cool games on Linux
[Yahoo] [Followup] N.J. town's "blobs" actually wax
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Lawmakers refuse to take lie detector tests
[The Sun] [Boobies] The Charlie's Angels girls washing cars. Wax on, Whacks off. (Safe for work)
(NZ Herald) [Interesting] Bird poop causing kiwi fruit infestation
[AZCentral] [Scary] Woman in southern Arizona attacked by bees, tells boyfriend she loves him, and then dies from the bee stings.
[FHM] [Boobies] Lisa Marie Scott - the only reason to watch Ballet. (SFW)
[BostonGlobe] [Florida] You can't strip-tease in a chicken suit and expect to run for congress someday
(Post Dispatch) [Asinine] Reds Jim Bowden compares possible baseball strike to 9/11 terrorist attacks
(Copenhagen Post) [Amusing] 'Whoppergate' scandal tearing through Denmark
[Maxim] [Misc] Does the girl in your life suspiciously win more than her share of your battles? You’re not alone, pal. Here's how to fight back.
[BostonGlobe] [Hero] Lawsuits surge as more workers demand payment for overtime hours
[FARK] [PSA] Reminder: Charleston Fark party tomorrow evening 10pm. Link goes to info on this and other upcoming Fark parties
[The Smoking Gun] [Followup] Mug shot of the 19 year old bbq thief. Article mentions 'meat juice'
[MSNBC] [Interesting] Earth's gravity is shifting. Newton surrenders.
(The Guardian) [Amusing] Iran will allow girls to take off veils in classroom. Critics say policy "encouraging nudity."
[CNN] [Scary] Witchcraft suspect arrested after authorities find human heart wrapped in cloth. Claims he's never even been to San Francisco.
(Some Nerd) [Hero] Fan donates over 35,000 sci-fi books and pulp 'zines to University of Calgary Library. MIT Science Fiction Society--with only 25,000 books--surrenders
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Arguments Against the Hoax Theory of Crop Circles
[AZCentral] [Scary] Vampire-obsessed teen guilty of blood-drinking killing
[BBC] [Amusing] It only took two days for someone to burn down Strawhenge
( [Cool] University gets $5 million for beer lab
[The Scotsman] [Ironic] Court appointed attorney gets man bail. Man repays attorney by stealing his car.
[] [Followup] Archbishop Pell says his statement on abortion and child abuse was taken out of context.
(OC Register) [Amusing] California anti-GOP ads have opposite effect of what was intended
[ABC News] [Hero] Serial killer on loose in Louisiana. Governor's solution for women: Start packin' heat.
(MostNewYork) [Obvious] Librarians in NY told to leave slut clothes at home and to hide tattoos and piercings while at work
( [Florida] Crack addicts paid top dollar for aphrodisiac sea turtle eggs
[Houston Chronicle] [Misc] Would you like boobies with that? Strip club to replace a Houston McDonald's.
(wpvi) [Amusing] Yesterday Pizza Closed a Highway. Today, "Would you like fries with that?".
[NewsMax] [Amusing] Governor Ventura accidently signs 'Christian Heritage Week' in Minnesota
[Reuters] [PSA] British grocery stores needs a new chocolate taster and will pay £35,000 ($54,400) a year for the successful candidate
[The Straight Dope] [Cool] Can sumo wrestlers retract their testicles inside their bodes?
(St. Petersburg Times) [Florida] Florida town bans school buses after senior citizens complain about the noise
(Some Guy) [Boobies] The Silicon Breast Challenge -- Are They Real? (not safe for work) (repeat)
(Haaretz Daily) [Obvious] UN reports no massacre in Jenin
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Photoshop Stonehenge during a solar eclipse
[Something Awful] [Amusing] Photoshop Phriday: SA goons up national landmarks.
(Some Guy) [Sad] Teen worried about catching bus ignores the fact he won a fortune in lottery
( [Obvious] ESPN's Lee Corso calls the SEC a bunch of cheaters and a bunch of crooks.
(National Review) [Ironic] When it comes to baseball, conservatives look for the union label
[Yahoo] [Hero] World's loudest burper gets choked up trying to break his own record of 118 decibels
(Sun-Sentinel) [Dumbass] Thief swallows $115,000 necklace, ensuring it becomes the world's most expensive ben-wa toy ever
[SacBee] [Dumbass] Woman Busted for Boosting Barbecue
( [Obvious] Dishwasher who turned in $203,000 says people think he's an idiot.
(MegaStar) [Boobies] Page 3 megahottie Leilani Dowding. Not safe for work
[CapAlert] [Obvious] CAP Reviews Country Bears, gives it the flashing red light
(Some MIB) [Photoshop] Clichéd theme: Old n' Busted v. New Hotness. No original. You get the idea.
(Some Guy) [Cool] Did you have a bad week? Take out some tension by kicking guys in the head in this flash game
[The Smoking Gun] [Amusing] Traficant mug shot with crazy toupee
( [Amusing] Arena football league mascot fired after fighting with the team's GM on the field during a game.
[Houston Chronicle] [Dumbass] Teen gets abortion with fake ID, now suing clinic for illegal abortion.
[Cosmiverse] [Interesting] Hubble space telescope feasts on interstellar hamburger (with pic)
( [Florida] "This is bizarre even by Katherine Harris' standards"
[Yahoo] [PSA] Iraq invites UN weapons inspectors back into country
[JSOnline] [Weird] Man accused of putting genitalia photos in cars
[] [Dumbass] Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer performs karaoke in front of foreign dignitaries... again
( [Boobies] Stoners love boobies.
[CNN] [Strange] Mysterious black blobs invade New Jersey town.
(Some Guy) [Weird] Scientists use new powder to make foreign tree moths think they are gay
[NYPost] [Unlikely] Bill Clinton vows to get a rifle and "fight and die" for Israel if it is attacked
( [Amusing] Nimoy sings the Ballad of Bilbo
(Some curious drunk) [Survey] Why do you drink alcohol? (this link goes to a picture of grey goose vodka)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop theme: Vandalize a stop sign.
(Revista Fluir) [Boobies] Follow-up: For men who like great butts, from Brazil, land of the nice butts.
(Ray) [Spiffy] Lyrics to Ray Stevens "Ahab The Arab" (Not PC)
(Kung Fool) [Boobies] How to draw realistic boobies on anime chicks with eyes bigger than their fists. (possibly not safe for work)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this weightlifter.
(WSAW tv 7) [Scary] Brain destroying illness from eating wild animals kills three men
(Connecticut Post) [Spiffy] Neighborhood pest ordered out of the country
(some took, eh) [Hero] As we approach the 1 year anniversary: Gander, Newfoundland. Small Canadian town that took in 5000 Americans on Sept 11th.
(Stuff Magazine) [Boobies] Stuff girl Kristina Anapau in a cowboy hat (and not much else, MSFW)
(Some Phallus) [Spiffy] Merrymakers use weedkiller to burn image of a penis behind high school
(Janes) [Spiffy] Boeing brings anti-gravity engine "out of the closet". Newton Surrenders.
(VH1) [Cool] 100 Greatest Music Videos of All Time
(Some History) [Unlikely] The Egyptians used rockets and had a helicopter.
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Thu August 01, 2002: # of Comments
[Fox News] [Ironic] Men turning to plastic surgery to stay competitive at work
[Pravda] [Unlikely] Over 100 American soldiers missing in Afghanistan. US Department of State still ignores this fact
( [Asinine] Should Bill and Hill be reimbursed for legal expenses?Vote here.(voting not enabled)
( [Strange] Tombstone pizza truck crash leaks gooey globs of dough on hot road, dough quickly rises
(news net 5) [Cool] Man heads to prison for punching police dog
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Driver with TUR licence plate asks prankster to stop adding D
( [Obvious] Hamas leader's wife refuses to allow her son to become a suicide martyr
[MSNBC] [Cool] Natural high wipes out bad memories. In other news, UN-natural high wipes out ALL memories.
[ABC News] [Hero] Man invents device that cures stuttering. Porky Pig now just a pig.
(ratemycameltoe) [Boobies] Rate my Camel Toe. 'nuff said. not safe for work
(Some God) [Hero] Small town boy becomes big time God
(Some Guy) [Misc] Taking the fark - a local net newspaper from Northern Ireland
( [Interesting] Keep an eye on this kid. Ben Shapiro weighs in on the impulse of the government to enact new laws
(Local 6) [Video] Crowd teaches babysitter not to beat their children by beating her. Check out the drop kick.
(Cinescape) [Asinine] Opportunistic nerds mess with Star Wars, are fined and deported
(Time Magazine) [Photoshop] Photoshop these UFO's
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Will you have a job next year? Try the Layoff Calculator to find out
( [Interesting] White House urges hackers to test software
(thepittsburghchannel) [NewsFlash] abducted california girls rescued. suspect shot dead.
[Austin] [Hero] Feds will force Traficant to lose the rug
(Mansfield (Ohio) News Journal) [Amusing] Lawyer sues airline, claims fat man "spilled over" into his seat
[Wired] [Obvious] The sun causes global warming
[BBC] [Weird] People are paying a NY man to violently kidnap them for fun.
[Yahoo] [Strange] Hairdressers more likely to have small babies.
[Reuters] [Scary] British man who took viagra ended up in hospital for almost a week with an unstoppable nosebleed
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop Theme: Failed logos
( [Amusing] Arcata Eye blotter update; Furies no mobile home could ever contain [Obvious] IT Departments are full of marijuana users
[Reuters] [Amusing] Man astonished when his car sells on internet auction for $14. Gets taken to court when he refuses to sell for that price
(Seattle P-I) [Obvious] Old guy mad about town festival near his house uses chain saws and large riding mower to disrupt band. Town throws him in jail
[Seattle Times] [Cool] 5-year-old skateboard star has agent and sponsors. Need for education continues to diminish
[DFW] [Cool] Senate wants to address "Check Engine" light on cars
[NCBuy] [Obvious] Brits bigger lushes than Americans
[Seattle Times] [Photoshop] Photoshop Bill Gates doing his superhero pose
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Do you know the melon man?
(Film Guardian) [Interesting] The 10 staples of B-grade movies
(RWN) [Amusing] RightWingNews presents their top ten things to hack onto Al Queda's website. What would you put instead? Voting enabled.
[Wired] [Amusing] Scientists figure out that they have no rational concept of how 'real people' behave
[Reuters] [Caption] Caption Mel Gibson and these kids wearing tin foil hats reading a book.
(Orange Today) [Dumbass] Man survives seven trips to Antartic without losing anything to frostbite then cuts his toes off with a lawnmower
[ABC News] [Spiffy] Ala. removes dead from voter lists
(Sandbox) [Misc] Fantasy Fark Football on Sandbox League: Fark Football Password: fark
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] John Long holds up the lower jaw bone of a marsupial lion found in a cave on the Nullarbor Plain, asking you to photoshop it
(Film Guardian) [Amusing] English war film has no battle scenes because they could only afford four extras
[BBC] [Strange] Cat gets skin cancer, has ears amputated, looks like alien.
(Some Guy) [Amusing] So which are you? A "Limpy Wimpy" or a "Rod of Steel?"
(Some Guy) [Obvious] Survey of what people do at lunchtime - most people found to eat lunch. One per cent have sex.
(Denver Post) [Asinine] Denver Bronco's rookie skips mandatory 'rookie symposium' to help his sister through her second birth. NFL fines him $11,000, 1/3rd of his signing bonus.
( [PSA] How to read email headers
(Some Guy) [Boobies] A little something for the ass man and woman out there (guys section, too) Not entirely safe for work.
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Wed July 31, 2002: # of Comments
(IOL) [Dumbass] Robber who attacked a six-months pregnant woman beaten up when she turns out to be a taekwondo black-belt
[ABC News] [Scary] Guinea pigs overrunning California
(Some Guy) [Dumbass] Smuggling cocaine inside yams doesn't work
(Cleveland Plain Dealer) [Asinine] Ohio agrees its fish are still toxic, just not going to tell people anymore.
[Fox News] [Asinine] Time Warner charges flood victims for damaged cable boxes
[Google] [Photoshop] Yo, photoshop this yo-yo and his yo-yos.
(Some Guy) [Amusing] What happens when you try to eat a jar of horseradish in 10 minutes?
(E!) [Amusing] Play the new Anna Nicole Smith game
( [Stupid] Man robs shop after having passport photo taken. Guess who still has the negative?
[The Sun] [Amusing] Man runs over his wife twice and then has a heart attack.
[BBC] [Interesting] Yeltsin Gets A Mountain
[Herald-Leader] [NewsFlash] Fark central - water advisory - boil water in KY before drinking
[The Smoking Gun] [Amusing] The Olympic Ice Skating Mob Scene
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Uncle Melon's Golden Guide to the Beach. Thanks to Fark and Farker HPZ for the help.
(Some Guy) [Video] Ever wonder what would happen to your favorite consumer electronic devices if you pumped several thousand volts through them?
[BBC] [Asinine] Saudis block 2,000 websites, many of them not pornographic
(Some Guy) [Boobies] The only reason to see Goldmember - Beyonce Knowles. Safe for work
(Chortler) [Satire] Researchers assert regular sexual activity healthy, or so they hear
[SFGate] [Unlikely] Pyschiatrist says Bigfoot caused Yosemite killer to behead nature guide.
[The Sun] [Followup] New George Michael cd sells a whopping 3,000 copies
[BostonGlobe] [Florida] Spectator bites off man's ear during brawl at Florida youth baseball game
[Washington Post] [Asinine] Starving nation refuses American corn becuase of genetic modification. In other news - Beggars are now officially allowed to be choosers
[Reuters] [Florida] Female manatees beach themselves in Florida to escape horny males
(Some Guy) [Cool] Tech geek DJs take one more step towards world domination
[NCBuy] [Amusing] 62 year old nuclear engineer decides to change careers. Male stripping is where the money's at.
(Some Guy) [Weeners] Brad Pitt. not safe for work
[Yahoo] [Obvious] London broadcaster who said he'd like to have sex with 16 year old wonder-soprano Charlotte Church fired.
( [Spiffy] Canada to invade Mars.
[Reuters] [Scary] School lunches are loaded with salmonella
(Salt Lake Tribune) [Interesting] Federal judge slaps state of Utah's wrist and says Indians can store Nuclear Waste on their land.
[National Post] [Stupid] UK researchers find granola is about as nutritious as cake.
( [Stupid] Senators wanting thinner U.S. introduce obesity bill
[AP] [Hero] Passengers aboard Flight 93 broke down cockpit door with food cart. Book coming out soon revealing more details of the heroic dudes
(Orlando Sentinel) [Amusing] Judge in Ted Williams case lays down the law. Tells Ted's children to behave.
(Orange Today) [Amusing] Ice cream man buried in style with a raspberry cone on his coffin and 12 vans playing their jingles
(Quint) [Followup] Scientists plan to fight Great Lakes zebra muscle problem by releasing Bull Sharks. In other news: More universities found to be graduating scientists of the "mad" variety.
(NBC 5) [Interesting] Study suggests that when one partner in a relationship is violent, it is twice as likely to be the woman.
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this sweet pimped out and lowered school bus
[Houston Chronicle] [Scary] Tenant skips out on rent, leaves reptile farm behind. 2 poisonous snakes unaccounted for.
[Drudge] [Obvious] Justice Department investigating AOL Time Warner now.
(Journal Star) [Strange] Skydiver who lost both legs on a jump, continues to skydive with prosthetic legs to send a message
[FARK] [Cool] Fark Meetup day is August 8th. Meet Farkers in your area. Over 1,500 people signed up so far
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Man tries to get his submission for a replacement WTC noticed via the web
[SacBee] [Asinine] Your friend drives drunk, gets caught. You go to jail.
[SacBee] [Stupid] Seniors thought magnetic mattress pads would cure all. Shocked when found out otherwise.
[NYPost] [Unlikely] CEO of Motorola had no idea that the president of the company was about to quit when he sold 40,000 shares of stock.
(TSN) [Cool] Who needs fundamentals? Lisa Leslie performs first dunk in the WNBA history.
(Some Guy) [Strange] Did you know that the Pope is an honorary Harlem Globetrotter? (with pics)
[Washington Post] [Interesting] Suicide bomber is no longer PC. It is now asked that you refer to them as 'Islamikazes"
[Reuters] [Photoshop] It's the president of Taiwan and, well, some kinda flag or somethin' behind him... I think.
(Salt Lake Tribune) [Obvious] Airlines are cancelling Sept. 11 flights. Not alot of people want to fly that day.
(Some Guy) [Sad] Beer-drinking dog banned from pub - goes missing
(Some creationist) [Unlikely] Evolutionists conspire to deny existance of dragons.
[ABC News] [Dumbass] Photographer rushing to submit pictures of Pope John Paul dies in motorcycle accident. God doesn't like the paparazzi.
(Some Poets) [Silly] Write your own haiku. Can be about anything. Voting enabled.
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Alpacas. Lots and lots of alpacas.
(Daily News) [Strange] NYPD fails to subdue crazy man with rubber bullets, firehose, and stun gun. So they shot him.
(Yonkis) [Boobies] A celebration of silicon: bionic boobies. (not safe for work)
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Tue July 30, 2002: # of Comments
[CNN] [Photoshop] CNN wants new ideas for WTC plaza. Link goes to article w/pix and current ideas.
( [Interesting] Florida man invents "Safety Bullet", a new excuse for parental negligence.
[Cosmiverse] [Interesting] Scientists discover why cuddling feels so good. Simultaneously discover why going home to empty studio apartment after work doesn't feel good.
(Stupid Samurai) [Amusing] Ninja Burger hacks's website
[Reuters] [Strange] Chinese bears beg for cola relief
(Diamente Music) [Amusing] Love Marilyn Manson but need a Christian alternative? Here's a handy-dandy band conversion guide.
(Sonic Product) [Interesting] Digital Music for Dummies, part 2
( [Obvious] Second-hand smoke puts cats at risk
[CNN] [Amusing] 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time
(Some Guy) [Scary] Shark found swimming in Lake Erie.
(LaCrosse Tribune) [Amusing] Man mistaken for dead shocks family with phone call.
(Some Kiwi Newspaper) [Amusing] New Zealanders exercise "democratic right to vote in the nude"
[Slate] [Weird] Buddhists worship spaceship. Near Bangkok. Bangkok. Spaceship. True story.
(Killer Tomato) [Misc] Building a better tomato. Still no cure for cancer...
( [Hero] Thongs on the rise at NJ beaches.
( [Asinine] Cleveland cops looking for Bettie Horton bust Betty Horton 3 times in 8 months.
( [Amusing] You thought getting married by an Elvis impersonator was good? Now you can get married by a real ZZ Top guitarist
( [Wheaton] Wil vs Barney at the EFF benefit party.
(deathsports) [Followup] Missing Chick-Fil-A fiberglass cow found. Finder gets free chicken sandwiches for a year
[ABC News] [Cool] Porn driving internet technology. IT engineers cannot be located for comment.
[CNN] [Hero] Baseball HOF members write open letter asking players not to strike
(Some Fred) [Spiffy] Learn Flintknapping , It could save your life one day.
[CapAlert] [PSA] Cap reviews Goldmember
(Some femme) [Weeners] vin diesel's hunka hunka burning love for the farkettes. sfw.
[Yahoo] [Cool] Australians finally have successful launch of hypersonic scramjet engine
(Some Guy) [Scary] A list of speed traps in all of the 50 states. Ticket-generated city revenue surrenders
[FARK] [Misc] Submit your grilled cheese recipe in comments (with voting)
[C|Net] [Amusing] RIAA's website knocked offline by DOS attack - the same type of attack that Rep. Berman's bill would give them the right to use against P2P networks and their users.
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Fried Twinkies.
(iq boy ) [Misc] Take your IQ test.
[Yahoo] [Cool] Another sacred cow slaughtered: Lief Erikson Map a fake (dang liberals.)
[Yahoo] [Sad] River of beer halts Houston traffic, Fark mourns
[] [Strange] Australian company suspends worker for being too fat
(Washington Times) [Obvious] Water is 19 times more dangerous to a child than a firearm per new book from Harvard Press
[Reuters] [Spiffy] NBA to use instant replay next season
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] Just when you thought you'd had enough Ackbar.
[TechTV] [Weird] Chips of he future are going to be made out of chicken feathers
[Washington Post] [Asinine] Trafficant argues "double jeopardy"
(Some Guy) [Hero] Businesswoman is putting "the boot" on cars that illegally park at her business and charges $ to take it off.
[BostonGlobe] [Interesting] Little League ump charges player's mom with assault after she throws bottle at him.
( [Amusing] The exciting world of the litterbox cam.
(Some Guy) [Boobies] bikini pics
( [Spiffy] School offers Football 101 for women so maybe they'll stop asking so many dumb questions during games.
(Some Guy) [Obvious] Government committee spends millions on study to discover banks rip off customers. Shock.
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Kansas might suck now but 85 million years ago it had oceans.
(Orlando Sentinel) [Florida] Miniature cows... Typical Florida, or some sort of PETA conspiracy to make cow mans best friend?
[BBC] [Cool] Reproducing Robots
[] [Interesting] Cryonics Institute has 41 people, seven dogs and nine cats on ice
[NCBuy] [Amusing] The Hippy Gourmet: for all your late night munchy needs. No word yet on Christmas Special with Martha Stewart.
[Google] [Cool] Official Bruce Campbell Sound Library - Hail to the King, Baby
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] X-E goes to the Coney Island Aquarium & Astroland Park. Hot fish pics inside
( [Interesting] Animal rights activists support shock-rock band's decision to throw animal parts at fans during concert
[MSNBC] [Obvious] banishes popup ads after a pop reveals 95% of web visitors hate them
[AP] [Photoshop] Competitor in the Lake Jump Contest
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Mon July 29, 2002: # of Comments
[Reuters] [Strange] Monks brawl over placement of a chair. Conflict goes back centuries.
(User Friendly) [Photoshop] Not enough photoshop this morning. Target the RIAA logo. Link goes to Illiad's example
[Yahoo] [Asinine] President Bush announces that any leader across the globe may be targeted
(The Budapest Sun) [Obvious] Hungarian porn star can't find a boyfriend
( [Amusing] Denver's drought campaign asks residents to "only wash the stinky parts.".
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Claudia Schiffer Is Pregnant. Fb- is the father.
[Reuters] [Dumbass] Greek sneeks into Turkish territory for a drink. Forgets where he is at and starts singing in Greek. Hilarity ensues.
(newspress) [Florida] Crab Racing. Billed as "the stupidest thing you have ever seen."
(KCRA) [Spiffy] Microwaveable dog meat now available in South Korea. Great dog taste in a fraction of the time.
[ABC News] [Asinine] Congress planning bill to combat child obesity. Parents officially giving up any claim of responsibility over their children.
(Cincinnati Enquirer) [Hero] Ohio looks at bill to target spam. $100 per email $50,000 maximum.
( [Hero] Reporter asks: who needs 4wd SUVs? Answer: hardly anyone
(Dayton Daily News) [Scary] "World's longest Yard Sale" set to kickoff - trailer trash and other's embark on hunt
(PopCap) [Cool] Hit fish game just got PopCap Style - Insaniquarium 2.0
( [Stupid] Hollywood is out of ideas: Vin Diesel to star in THREE Pitch Black sequels
[FARK] [PSA] Charleston, SC Fark Party this Saturday at 10:00pm at the Tinder Box. Drew will be in town as well. This link goes to the Fark Parties page
[Cosmiverse] [Spiffy] Space Agencies have renewed interest in actually leaving orbit
[Something Awful] [Followup] Neverwinter Nights review garners flame emails at SA
( [Obvious] Hollywood buys Michael Crichton's next novel before it's even published
(NBC 4) [Asinine] Police chief re-hires officer fired for tipping off drug dealers and giving one a gun.
(Weekly Standard) [Scary] Red light cameras actually increase accidents
(Cleveland Live) [Followup] Prisoner sentenced to run for freedom outruns 12 of 17 cops
[ESPN] [Asinine] 13 charges against Iverson dropped - not enough evidence. Now Iverson must ask for raise to help pay off the bribes.
[CNN] [Hero] Meet Bob Long. The man behind the mining miracle.
[The Smoking Gun] [Obvious] Amy, the girl who is always drinking on Big Brother 3, has also been busted for drunk driving.
[MSNBC] [PSA] Huge gaps in northern US border. Canadian invasion plans still in readiness
[BBSpot] [Satire] Top 11 new shows on CNBC - Everybody Loves Ramen
(Some Guy) [Cool] Lazy Star Wars fans rejoice; R2-D2 will bring you BEER
(StileProject) [Boobies] StileProject's top pics of the week (not remotely safe for work)
[DenverChannel] [Dumbass] Man killed during drunken argument over Heaven and Hell. Gets to experience one or the other first hand.
(Scientific American) [Interesting] The difference between natural and artificial flavors.
[BostonGlobe] [Hero] Vacationers help rescue stranded whales
(news net 5) [Ironic] Man caught running from state trooper ordered to run in 5 mile race
[Yahoo] [Dumbass] Car bombing instructions, step 1: learn to drive
(UPI) [Scary] Budget doesn't stay on... well, budget, files for bankruptcy
(Some Guy) [Scary] The Mullet is back
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Sea Monkeys and X-Ray Specs, the man behind the comic books treasures.
[Fox News] [Scary] Microchips: The New Surrogate Parents?
(Rush) [Dumbass] McAuliffe, Gephardt and other Democrats create a phony bank and then cook its books
(Guardian) [Cool] Parliament to open curry shop on premises
(SPTimes) [Florida] Theraputic touch faith healing: It's not just for morons anymore
( [Dumbass] Florida lawyer, apparently unaware of any actual laws, arrested for attempting to carry handgun onto a plane
[] [Amusing] Armed robbers steal $61,500. Get busted. Suddenly there is only $19,000 left in the kitty. Police officers buy Ferraris.
[Fox News] [NewsFlash] Amtrak train derails outside Washington DC
[Reuters] [Cool] HP unveils photo printer that surpasses regular photographs
[National Post] [Weird] Bruce the Goose thinks a Mercury outboard motor is his mother
[Reuters] [Interesting] IBM to enable Honda drivers to talk to their cars
[Yahoo] [Asinine] Now the press is telling Saddam exactly HOW we're gonna get him
[The Sun] [Weird] Angelina Jolie scared Billy Bob will use her blood for curse
[BBC] [Ironic] Votre mère était un hamster et votre éperlan de père des baies de sureau.
(Some Guy) [Ironic] Woman reports husband's child porn stash - gets booted out of country
[Yahoo] [Ironic] Narcissists are bad lovers. And they also have a lot of mirrors around proabably.
[Reuters] [Dumbass] Suicidal cliff jumper phones police after jumping to scream for help
[Reuters] [Obvious] Thousands of Indians sleep in their cars with the airconditioning running at night
(IOL) [Spiffy] 5,000 athletes allotted 150,000 condoms for 10 day event. 150,000 / 5000 / 10 = horny
(Sun Sentinel) [Florida] Cop about to lose his job because of his eccentic methods of looking for dates
[SFGate] [Scary] George Bush is channeling George Orwell.
[Washington Post] [Interesting] 10 days in September: A look inside the Bush war cabinet in the days following 9/11
(Lego-Maniac) [Cool] Awsome lego-land pictures
(Washington Times) [Weird] The newest form of meaningless mysticism is "phone shui"
( [Amusing] Pug sales surge after people see fast-talking Frank in "Men in Black II"
( [Obvious] School decides to use discipline to enforce rules, discovers kids can learn things after all
[Reuters] [Hero] German cat alerts owner about fire; saves lives.
( [Amusing] NFL star had his license suspended so he takes a 73 mile taxi cab ride to training camp.
[ABC News] [Asinine] Ex-boyfriend took nude pics of current Miss NC without her consent, rats her out. Miss America organization decides it violates "morality" clause
[MSNBC] [Asinine] MLB players could strike as soon as August 16th.
[Yahoo] [Cool] AFLAC Rep pays bills for duck
( [Interesting] 1951 New York Giants admit to cheating by stealing catchers' signs
[JSOnline] [Dumbass] Drunk operator tips 35 ton crane over at the WTC cleanup site.
[JSOnline] [Followup] Trapped miners' recount their ordeal.
[MSNBC] [Hero] MSNBC columnist: Armstrong among the best ever. Cracks on Borges.
[The Sun] [Weeners] Streakers busy at weekend sporting events (not safe for work)
[Fox News] [Dumbass] Qwest reports that revenue was overstated by nearly a billion dollars
[Google] [Photoshop] Today is Wil's 30th birthday. Photoshop him into other famous movies that he wasn't in
[] [PSA] Catholic Archbishop asserts abortion is a greater crime than sexually abusing children
(Some Homestar) [Amusing] New Strong Bad Email
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this farkers rude boss, its payback time
(Some Dictator) [Cool] Create your own online country. Vive le Farkistan libre.
[Corporate Mofo] [Cool] Corporate Mofo Interviews Former MTV Veejay Adam Curry
(Some Goth) [Interesting] All you never wanted to know about the gothic sub-culture.
[Google] [Strange] America as 'the second client nation of god'
[ArabNews] [PSA] 28!
( [Interesting] Karate expert explains best way to make citizen's arrest.
[NCBuy] [Unlikely] Mark McGrath of SugarRay is too claustrophobic to swim with sharks in a cage. More like he is afraid of the damn sharks.
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop these Farkers hiking in Hawaii
[] [Interesting] Court rules that it's legal to modify your playstation to play copied games
(JMM) [Interesting] Top 50 web sites by unique visitors
( [Cool] Full text from the Pope's Sunday mass in Toronto. It will enlighten your Monday.
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