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Sun June 02, 2002: # of Comments
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop Shaggy showing his friend his special weed container.
[ESPN] [Asinine] Lakers win one of the most thrilling playoff series in years to move on to NBA Finals. Lakers (and Duke) Suck.
(Some Gun Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this happy man with his wonderful gun
(Some Guy&Some Girl) [Amusing] The "official" rules for calling "Shotgun."
[eBay] [Cool] For Sale: Crystal Pepsi. Only 20 years old.
(Some Guy) [Amusing] The lesser-used What Ifs of WW2
(Some Other Guy) [Cool] A too-comprehensive list of fake bands from movies and televison
(Some Alpaca) [Amusing] Raising your own Alpacas? What you may not have known is that they have great investment potential.
(Cincinnati Enquirer) [Spiffy] Mega-Grocery Store to add amusement park, no spitting off the roller coaster.
(Sky News) [Cool] Mad axe-wielding Brit flees to America, leaving trail of body parts across small provincial town
(Some Guy) [Weird] Order your very own cast-iron FreeBSD daemon
[CNN] [Obvious] Mountain lion invades suburb, eats dog, learns how America is most heavily armed nation on earth
[ABC News] [Misc] Ace your next job interview
(Tampa Tribune) [Asinine] Bible group kicked out of IHOP
(Some kitten killer) [Boobies] Many Nikki Cox photos. Safe for work; not safe for kittens.
(Miami Herald) [Amusing] Dave Barry vacations in New York.
(Some Guy) [Cool] Captain Lou's Steady Descent into Madness
[Fox News] [NewsFlash] Fire at Buckingham Palace
(USC job board) [Unlikely] Wacko demands "Bullet With Venom" technology for terror war
(Some Girl) [Weeners] Soccer fever is upon us. David Beckham is cool.
(Modesto Bee) [Asinine] California school district tries to make school lunches "better" by going organic. How about just making them edible, preferably tasty.
(Newsweek) [Interesting] Hillary posturing to run for Prez as a centrist in 2008?
(the atlantic) [Sad] United States Perforated Plastic Baseball Association. You know, wiffle-ball.
[Houston Chronicle] [Obvious] Kids and adults use their noggins differently.
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Two surveyors get into dull argument over cutting bushes. While holding machetes.
[] [Stupid] Microsoft builds a protoype home of the future. Watch out for those toilet BSODs.
[Washington Post] [PSA] Bush: Shoot first, ask questions later.
(Some FanGirl) [Cool] Stargate SG-1 has a new home and the new season starts June 7
[ABC News] [Strange] Ouch. Man trampled to death by five elephants. One would have been enough.
(E!) [Cool] Top 25 Sexiest Movie Moments (non-prOn)
(American Ahteist) [Interesting] Douglas Adams on atheism
[Excite] [Interesting] Holyfield wins in eighth round after brutal head butt
(Some HTML monkey) [PSA] Do something useful this Sunday morning:learn some HTML
[Yahoo] [Cool] Lord of the Rings wins at MTV Movie Awards.
(Some Guy) [Amusing] How to beat a breathalizer test
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the 90's
(DMY) [Interesting] The War on Terrorism for Dummies
(Some Guy) [Unlikely] What to do if you see a UFO
(Wichita Falls Times Record) [Interesting] Watermelon improves blood circulation and reduces skin aging.
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Angel Boris. Not safe for work. (possibly not for dialup, either)
( [Cool] WANTED: players for life-size foosball game
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop bug-eyed soldier doing a silly walk
[MSNBC] [Followup] How the Indian and Pakistani militaries stack up, with analysis by our military pros
(Some Guy) [PSA] 14 (Texas)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Penguins available as pets. Dogs surrender.
(Jims bikini site) [Boobies] Wet T's, lingerie, bikinis, mini-skirts, short tops etc...etc. Betcha can't gawk at just one. (not safe for work)
(Some Guy) [PSA] Find the nearest Krispy Kreme store to you
(Some Guy) [Asinine] As if starving babies wasn't quite enough: introducing vegetarian pet food
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Sat June 01, 2002: # of Comments
[Yahoo] [Caption] Caption Brad Pitt, Catherine Keener, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw at a Lakers game
[Cosmiverse] [Amusing] NASA designs a robotic octopus disguised as a "Pulse Detonation Propulsion System"
[Pravda] [Weird] Vampire Killed in Coffin
(Some Guy) [Unlikely] Theoretical Physicist accidentally discovers scientific proof of God
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Shanue Bagwell (not safe for work)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] E3 Models (SFW)
( [Spiffy] Simple? Addictive? Flash Game? Yes. Helicopters.
[MSNBC] [Stupid] Cigarettes, booze, and all other fun vices: The tax man now cometh for caffeine
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop the "Jackass: the Movie" poster
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Elephant sperm bank opened. Milker's job still vacant.
(Some Guy) [Walken] Attend Walken's 60th Birthday Party
(Pittsburgh Post Gazette) [NewsFlash] 1 dead, 50+ injured in a freak weather related accident at Kennywood Amusement Park
[The Sun] [Cool] Twenty alchoholic drinks that changed the world
(Some Guy) [Weird] Meet Bob the Angry Flower
( [Dumbass] 36% of English men won't have sex the night before an England soccer game
[Yahoo] [Amusing] National Weather Service gets new supercomputer. Inaccurate forecasts to happen even faster.
[MSNBC] [Cool] Beer Games... the newest reality game show on TV
(Some Guy) [Asinine] Oxygen infusing showerhead reverses the effects of aging.
( [Amusing] Man finds snake in computer, should have updated virus def files more often
(ZNet) [Interesting] British Government fuels India/Pakistan conflict
[NCBuy] [Dumbass] Escape artist offering $100,000 to anyone who can devise a trick he can't escape. Suggestions? Voting enabled
(Athens Daily Review) [Scary] When just getting a divorce isn't enough - woman attempts to set ex-husband on fire.
(Texarkana Gazette) [Asinine] In cost-cutting move, HP and Sun Microsystems will force employees to use vacation when they close for the week of Independence Day.
[Yahoo] [Followup] Lakers force game 7 in 106-102 victory
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop Brooks and Dunn holding the country music awards. Yee-haw
[CNN] [Obvious] The nine Supreme Court justices are richer than all but a small percentage of Americans, with at least five millionaires among them.
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Guy with too much time on his hands figures out when Rosewell pics were taken
[TechTV] [Scary] ATMs that can sense what mood you are in
(Star Tribune) [Scary] guards at nuclear power plants armed with unloaded weapons... plan to stop terrorists with harsh language
(Some Fark Party) [Followup] Minneapolis Fark party tentative plans: July 6th, hang out at park during the day, then head to ToMN in the evening. See comments for details.
[Fox News] [Obvious] Jesse Jackson headed to Middle East. US prays he doesn't return.
(Some Guy) [Cool] Try for Special forces right after basic training
(Some Guy) [Amusing] 24 people arrested for black magic
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] North Pole tired of being stationary. First stop alaska. Next russia. Mongolia next?
(Some Guy) [Cool] Make cash for answering quizes.
[eBay] [Unlikely] WHOA. They really DID make that quarter from FARK.
(TNN) [Wheaton] This Sunday is Wesley Crusher Day... 10 whole hours of nerd-filled joy.
(Some Guy) [Cool] Cool Risk game.
( [Spiffy] Yet another Fark freebie-an information packet on the joys of nudity
(Some Singaporian Guy) [Stupid] It's impossible to submit a unique link to FARK--thus I give you: "Darren Entertainment", a ventriloquist/magician in Singapore
(Some Femme) [Weeners] Attention farkettes, Matt Damon
(Some Guy) [Scary] Woman uses temporal displacement to erase all of her post-1988 memories to pretend her husband, the Berlin Wall, was not dismantled.
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Fri May 31, 2002: # of Comments
(Honolulu Star) [Photoshop] Photoshop these Hawaiian Dancers
[Retrocrush] [Photoshop] Win $25 Amazon certificate in this retroCRUSH Cowboy kids photoshop
(Senegal-Online) [Followup] Everything you need to know about our new favorite nation, Senegal
[eBay] [Strange] Video Game auction becomes lesson on mating habits of bandicoots.
[ABC News] [Interesting] New gender-neutral Bible draws criticism
[Reuters] [Obvious] Late-night drinking impairs surgical skill next day. Who comes up with these studies?
(WWN) [Amusing] Like smoking crack, but hate the insomnia? Try new Crack PM.
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop Trent Reznor with some guy
(national review) [Obvious] Soccer: It's not just for liberals anymore.
( [Sick] Oh Canada....try not to keep 300+ animals in your house.
[Yahoo] [Obvious] US Federal government is incompetent
( [Cool] Detroit Redwings hand Colorado Avalanche their ass in 7-0 game.
( [Boobies] Study: Babe a day keeps doctor away (not safe for work?)
[Sports by Brooks] [Unlikely] New England QB and Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady on next season: "I think we're going to be better.''
[AZCentral] [Hero] Students pray at graduation, despite judge's ruling
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Being green is the new black. Prepare for Ireland's doomed World Cup campaign by whining about foreigners pretending to be Irish
( [PSA] More power alerts for California. No one outside California gives a rat's ass.
(WIS-TV) [Dumbass] Man killed trying to jump onto moving semi
[USAToday] [Wheaton] Ten celebrities we'd like to see back on television.
(Guardian) [Ironic] Writer put on trial in France for refering to Islam as "the most stupid of all religions"
(Some Census Taker) [Interesting] Find out how common your last name is based on the 1990 Census
[Fox News] [Asinine] Green Beret with jaw wired shut has wire clippers confiscated, told to choke on own vomit.
(nick) [Amusing] Throw the ultimate SpongeBob SquarePants party, complete with giant SpongeBob.
(Webbies) [Cool] Write in Landover Baptist for "Best Spirituality Site on the Web" for this year's webby awards
[Washington Post] [Sad] US government stealing cattle from the Indians again
(Scoopy) [Boobies] Claudia Schiffer threatens to sue any magazines that publish new topless pictures. Italy's Novella 2000 publishes them anyway. (not safe for work)
[Pravda] [Strange] Osama bin Laden tried to kill the 1998 US World Cup team. Would have been a mercy killing
[AZCentral] [Amusing] Naked man tries to tackle speed skater
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Photoshop the sad, sad French goalkeeper after the match. Wasn't all that great during the match either
[Sports by Brooks] [Unlikely] Red Auerbach: Toronto's Lenny Wilkens (1 title in 28 years) and Sixers' Larry Brown (no titles) are better coaches than Lakers' Phil Jackson (8 titles in 13 years)
[Reuters] [Strange] Bench-clearing brawl at croquet match sends three to hospital
(Unknown Player) [Amusing] Scan of a badly-translated flier for a Korean game at E3
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Photoshop the Farkistan Missile Map
[AZCentral] [Spiffy] Giant cross doubles as cell-phone tower
[USAToday] [Asinine] Companies are telling their employees they must keep in touch while on vacation
(PCWorld) [Cool] Fark wins PCWorld World Class Award for Best Recreation/Entertainment Website
[Yello Times] [Stupid] Fascist mainstream is mean to brave YellowTimes writers
[BostonGlobe] [Interesting] According to Census, more Americans claim their roots as just 'American.' Also as far as the Census knows, I currently am a Samoan rental tenant in the Sarlacc Pit earning $8 billion a year.
( [Obvious] Theater owners crying foul because patrons smuggle in own food and drink as opposed to spending money on their overpriced sucky concessions
[The Smoking Gun] [Strange] Radio stations exchange words over fight between "Stuttering John" and "Crazy Cabbie"
[AZCentral] [Scary] Teen party causes $1 million in damage to house
[Cosmiverse] [Interesting] Einstein's Theory of Relativity is on the rocks and may be disproved by NASA space experiment
( [Stupid] 13 year old racks up $2 million bill buying helicopters, jets from eBay
[NewsMax] [Unlikely] Liberals responsible for church sex scandal, too
(Modesto Bee) [Amusing] One in five brides are mortified by Best men's wedding toasts
[Washington Post] [Weird] Spider silk now comes from goats.
[NandoTimes] [Asinine] Air Force, Army chastised for princely spending. Among the items: $1,800 pillow and $24,000 sofa
[Yahoo] [Interesting] See if you have the proper IM etiquette... 15 years on AOL? Some people take their "I've been on the net longer than you have" arguments a bit too far
[Cosmiverse] [Amusing] Did anyone really think that taking a pill could make your penis grow?
[Cosmiverse] [Asinine] Millions of tax-payer dollars of have taught us that Dinosaurs weren't racist
[The Smoking Gun] [Dumbass] Caminiti's mugshot, taken from when he was arrested for cocaine possession
[ESPN] [NewsFlash] Senegal beats defending champions France 1-0 in World Cup opener. France surrenders
[BostonGlobe] [Asinine] For rebuilding WTC site, NYC looks to Boston's Big Dig for guidance on leading projects billions over budget and decades late.
[CNN] [Followup] Stripper mom poses for Playboy's website, and says "I believe posing for Playboy is the American dream for a woman."
[NCBuy] [Hero] Russian President Pooty-Poo is hooking up with Miss Universe
[AZCentral] [Amusing] Teacher puts undercover narcotics officer in detention for disrupting her class.
[Sports by Brooks] [Weird] Rodman settles lawsuit with Las Vegas casino worker who claimed hoops star rubbed dice on his genitals 'for luck'
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop President Bush and the Pope having a discussion
[BBC] [Interesting] Moody's downgrades Japanese bonds to same level as Poland and Latvia.
(retroSPICE) [Boobies] Celebrity wet t-shirt gallery just in time for summer. Not safe for work
[Yahoo] [Caption] What wise advice does our caddy have today?
(Balzac) [Spiffy] Using cartilage cells taken from the ear, scientists report they have grown replacement testicles.
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Kim Smith (pretty much safe for work)
(Some Guy) [Cool] A BadAss flash game where you are a superhero fighting ufo's
( [Amusing] Irrefutable proof that rocket-firing Boba Fett existed
(Some Gal) [Weeners] Spike (safe for work)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] World's best soccer players pay tribute to Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks
[Reuters] [Dumbass] Adulterous husbands in Brazil are claiming to be kidnapped to avoid being caught. Wives fooled, Police not.
(Some Femme) [Weeners] Straight naked amateur men (not safe for work)
( [Amusing] Massive lawn gnome exodus in Fort Erie: 49 gnomes set free. Drew's lawn gnome still missing
[Free Press] [Interesting] A list of things to do this summer in every state of the union.
[Austin] [Dumbass] 25 year old man goes through elementary school again. In a Lincoln.
[The Sun] [Boobies] It’s day five of fantastic topless yoga week
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Thu May 30, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Anyone remember danger mouse?
(E! Online) [Amusing] From the Good Headline-Writing dept: "Courtney Love Shuts Her Hole"
(World Soccer News) [Obvious] Danish team getting ready for World Cup by putting ice cubes in each others shorts and brawling in parking lot
[Sports by Brooks] [Followup] Affleck apologizes for televised outburst about Red Sox - Boston player demands Affleck help him 'find a supermodel'
[ZDNet] [Interesting] Cops to get wearable bullet-proof computers - can now surf for porn during shootouts.
[Reuters] [Stupid] London public toilet measuring four square meters to be converted into two-story "duplex apartment". Cost: $200,000
(Some Gal) [Weeners] Ben Affleck. (SFW)
[ESPN] [Amusing] A fans guide to seeing if their favorite baseball player is on steriods.
[NewsMax] [Unlikely] Evidently, just about everybody except the FBI and you knew about 9/11 before-hand.
[NewsMax] [Stupid] ABC bleeps out the word Jesus.
[ESPN] [Followup] Caminiti says Sports Illustrated took comments out of context and made up stuff
(Spellingbee) [Spiffy] Pratyush Buddiga wins 75th National Spelling Bee. Credits having to spell his own name as reason for success
[NewsMax] [Amusing] New photos show Chelsea Clinton in drunken stupor again
[Sports by Brooks] [Asinine] NFL commissioner asked if gays would be accepted in football league: "That's a baseball question"
(Something Awful) [Amusing] Lowtax vs the Klez worm
[Yahoo] [Cool] New Miss Universe lists "firing weapons" among favorite pastimes
[NYPost] [Cool] Ren and Stimpy are returning
(Magic 105fm) [Amusing] Pictures from the annual Carp Throw Contest in Little Rock, Arkansas
(The Star) [Hero] Tomb Raider shot in the nuts.
[The Sun] [Amusing] Anna Kournikova falls on her ass. The Sun is there.
[The Register] [Obvious] FBI admit incompetence so that we increase their powers
[Cosmiverse] [Interesting] Looks aren't everthing to women when choose a mate
[Washington Post] [PSA] New FBI rules remove significant barriers to prevention of tyranny
[CNN] [Unlikely] Vague terrorist warning of the day: Now the terrorists have rocket launchers in all major cities
[The Smoking Gun] [Audio] Jason Kidd's wife talking to police this past January about him hitting her in the face
[TechTV] [Misc] Our buddies at TechTV discuss bizarre online petitions
( [Interesting] Tonight on Cinemax: Learn more about "rumspringa," the Amish custom that lets teens loose at 16 to do whatever they want, and "bed courtship."
[The Smoking Gun] [Audio] 911 call from a woman whose brakes went out while on the Long Island Expressway
[BostonGlobe] [Amusing] Hell's Angels upset at not getting any merchandising booths at biker rally. Market may see glut of Hell's Angel lace doilies.
[Sports by Brooks] [Spiffy] 'Secret Agent' summer camp: learn evasive go-kart driving, discover plants used as food and medication, build life-saving gadgets from household items
[AP] [Obvious] 23% on history exam in FL is now a passing grade
[Yahoo] [Stupid] Afgan warlord urges war with U.S
[AZCentral] [Ironic] Big guy Frank Thomas calls for steroid testing
[MSNBC] [Interesting] World cup balls are juiced
[Cosmiverse] [Interesting] Space shuttle Endeavour to launch today, bringing home record-setting Space Station crew
[NewsMax] [Amusing] Man discovers paying taxes not "optional."
[Yello Times] [Unlikely] More countries with nukes is a good idea
[JSOnline] [Followup] First the deer, now this: Wisconsin bird sanctuary to start killing birds. Evidently, in Wisconsin it's just cool to shoot animals.
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Can females write their name in the snow with the TravelMate™? Yes indeedy.
(NY Daily News) [Sick] Boy brings fetuses to show and tell
[BostonGlobe] [Dumbass] Worker steals 180,000 quarters from laundry
[NCBuy] [PSA] The Beav has psoriasis on his butt
[Yahoo] [Dumbass] Pakistan threatens to nuke India even if India won't use nukes
(Reformation) [PSA] Cremation is evil, and if you get cremated to hide from Jesus, he will use his big computer to put you back together
[ESPN] [Photoshop] Photoshop this happy ESPN Radio announcer (with voting.)
[Wired] [Interesting] The Marines' arsenal of the future is starting to look a whole lot like the shelves at Toys "R" Us.
[I-Mockery] [Amusing] Max Burbank's "My Wild Life" - Chapter 4 (make sure you've already read chapters 1,2,&3)
( [Spiffy] Arcata Eye police log update
[X-Entertainment] [Cool] Pac-Man: The Cartoon
( [Amusing] Thought Florida was bad? No ID required to vote in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa. States rely on "trust of the voters"
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Scalpers sweating bullets because no one wants to see Tyson/Lewis fight
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Stats, photos, info on all Miss Universe contestants (SFW)
(Someguy) [Obvious] The top 59 mistakes made by Adolf Hitler
( [Amusing] French rapper spanks monkey on national TV
(Sporting [Cool] Fark Fantasy Baseball: Season 2 starts 7/11. Division: fark Password: drew.
(Comedy Central) [Plug] New Comedy Central show featuring real prank phone calls by SNL people and other comedians (animated by puppets) debuts this Sunday at 10:30PM. Farker TrouserPilot sings the theme song
[FARK] [Interesting] #fark is holding a pool tournament -- view the brackets here
(Some Guy) [Boobies] That hot chick with the jeans and the white t-shirt, Kelly Brook. Not quite safe for work
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Kristen Kreuk, aka 'Lana Lang' on WB's 'Smallville' (SFW)
[USAToday] [Scary] US making plans to airlift 64,000 US citizens from India and Pakistan
[The Sun] [Boobies] Topless Yoga: Thursday's edition (not safe for work)
(Some T-shirt) [Photoshop] Farker Munzo Man is working at NIST this summer and needs a T-shirt design. Help him out and photoshop a science themed T-shirt. If your T-shirt is made you will get one.
( [Spiffy] In Australia wives prefer to send husbands to strip-clubs over letting them have cybersex
[CNN] [Interesting] Poor spelling causes trichotillomania. Farkers serenndur.
(Some Guy) [Weeners] WB's Superman, Tom Welling. Safe for work
(Bleedmusic) [Amusing] Review: Eminem's latest CD vs a banana
(Paknews) [Unlikely] India, Pakistan both love peace. Honest.
(SETI@home) [Cool] SETI@home will have used a million years of CPU time in a couple of days
[] [Amusing] The physics of hell.
[MSNBC] [Sad] Kournikova loses to the 193rd seed in first round of the French Open
[ESPN] [Followup] Tony Gwynn criticizes former teammate Ken Caminiti's steroid revelations. Barry Bonds awaits his spanking.
( [Unlikely] Canadian TV station "accidentally" shows porn at the end of the Lakers vs. Kings playoff game
[Fox News] [Cool] Instant Justice: Murderer shot and killed by deputy in a courtroom minutes after his conviction.
(SkyNews) [Cool] Britney's nipples make way to reveal machine guns
[Yahoo] [PSA] Help us plan the upcoming Minneapolis Fark party. Be a part of history.
To read articles, click the icon left of the entry. Rinse. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.
Wed May 29, 2002: # of Comments
[Yahoo] [Caption] Caption Larry King and Anna Nicole Smith
[CNN] [Misc] Trips For Screamers. No companion articles about Trips For Moaners or Trips For Those Who Just Lie There
[The Scotsman] [Misc] Man installs high-tech security system to protect his garden gnomes. Drew, sadly, didn’t do this and his gnome is still missing.
[Sports by Brooks] [Stupid] World Cup venues run out of beer before 1st official game - ""We never expected the huge popularity of beer among soccer spectators"
(Some Guy) [Followup] Surprise, KKK lied about Fed. Reserve. Whoda thunk it
[Village Voice] [Amusing] Savage Love: What should I do when I see someone I know on an internet porn site? (some ads not safe for work)
[SFGate] [Spiffy] Crusade to show more weeners in movies
[MSNBC] [Spiffy] AOL users may get relief from pop-ups; still have to deal with the fact that AOL sucks.
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this Vodka ad from Yahoo
( [Dumbass] Man doesn't read for tips on grilling ribs; burns down house.
[myCFnow] [Interesting] Friday named best day for firings
[AintItCoolNews] [Stupid] Hollywood is out of ideas: Maria Poppins
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this model at a Russian fashion show
[The Scotsman] [Amusing] Startled marines find Afghan men all made up to see them
[] [Unlikely] Women responsible for brains evolving.
(Some Girl) [Weeners] Brendan Fraser (safe for work)
[Pravda] [Interesting] Why is Russia saving NATO?
[MDN] [Obvious] Teens use lure of "schoolgirl sex" to commit muggings. Suspect states, "Dirty old men have always got money and they can't move as fast as us, so we decided to go after them,"
[AZCentral] [Followup] "Most of" stolen cyanide found
[MSNBC] [Asinine] Compare A-Rod's salary to what you make in a year. In other news, baseball players may go on strike this year demanding more pay
(Star Tribune) [Obvious] Gore would never have gotten away with the B.S. excuses Bush has used about September 11
[ABC News] [Asinine] Sum of All Fears enemy changed from Muslim extremists to Neo-Nazis because it's OK to hate white extremsists.
(Palm Beach Post) [Dumbass] Guy puts on his seat belt but neglets to restrain the 7 rug rats crawling around in his car. Gets 7 tickets to remind him
[JSOnline] [Hero] Wisconsin asking landowners to kill at least 20 deer each.
[Seattle Times] [Stupid] Washington nuclear power plant increases power output by .03% by adding solar panels. Enough to light six houses.
[Yahoo] [Asinine] Anna Nicole Smith reality show slated for July
[Canoe] [Sad] Britney's parents getting a divorce. Next thing you know she'll be having sex.
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Photoshop the time is money formula
[Retrocrush] [Satire] Entertainment Weakly showbiz satire and photos
[Fox News] [Cool] Hospitals gearing up for post-Sept-11 baby boom. Fb- is the father
[Google] [Followup] Um, Uh and Er already had definitions and already are legal scrabble words
[MSNBC] [Amusing] McDonalds to produce things other than food. Plans on merging with McDonnel-Douglas to become McDonaldsDonnelDouglas. Or McTriple D
[Sports by Brooks] [Amusing] Affleck rips Red Sox on TV broadcast - Boston outfielder's response: "Affleck absolutely stinks, Matt Damon made you what you are, slick.''
(Detroit News) [Cool] Supplies of oil may be inexhaustible
(Some Guy) [Sad] World's last surviving hero of Titanic disaster, Herbert "Pops" Johnston, has died
( [Dumbass] Couple acting out romantic scene in 'Titanic' on sand barge lose balance & fall into river
[Cosmiverse] [Interesting] Jeeeeeeeews iiiiiiiin Spaaaaaaaace
(FunReports.Com) [PSA] Monica Lewinsky is not alone in this world
[Yello Times] [Interesting] Europe's impotence
[BBC] [Followup] Decriminalizing marijuana in London leads to 50% less violent crime in just six months
[The Smoking Gun] [Photoshop] Photoshop these speedo-wearin' wrasslin Catholic school-boys
[The Sun] [Boobies] Topless Yoga week continued (not safe for work)
[Yahoo] [Stupid] Popping manhole lids cause stock markets to tumble today
[] [Amusing] Toddler amazes town eating bunches of incredibly hot chilis
(Some Guy) [Misc] Asian nations to merge into giant crimefighting robot
(ZWire) [Interesting] Do you think you're smart? Diagnosis: Stupidity says one Yale Professor
(Some Guy) [Followup] Arab Fuddruckers has to compete with the largest Pizza Hut in the world.
[BBC] [Cool] Instead of being eaten, Korean dog becomes mascot of Spanish World Cup team
(Courier-Journal) [Misc] Everything you need to know about BBQing ribs
(Irish Independent) [Unlikely] The Irish are drinking more. That's unpossible
[NCBuy] [PSA] Dairy Queen looking for Shaggy lookalikes
[Cosmiverse] [Stupid] "um, uh and er" actually have meaning, and are headed for Webster's Dictionary; does that mean we can use them in Scrabble?
(NewsOK) [Ironic] Same tugboat that caused I-40 bridge collapse hit a bridge back in 1994.
(San Antonio Express-News) [Ironic] Baby boomers are dismayed that their kids are doing drugs just like them.
(Boston Channel) [Spiffy] FBI agent John Connolly found guilty of tipping off mobsters, salad tossers of America getting prepared
(Denver Post) [Amusing] Teacher develops "Bully Proof" program to combat bullies in school. Students are encouraged to tell bullies "you're mean."
( [Dumbass] Maryland man files taxes in Indiana - 164 times - and collects $372,909 in refunds
[NewsMax] [Weird] President Ford joins a gay outreach group dedicated to getting gay guys to vote for the GOP
[BBSpot] [Satire] Copies of Spider-Man 2 already on the Internet
[myCFnow] [Strange] Korn's Jonathan Davis to open serial killer museum
[Cosmiverse] [Cool] Galileo spacecraft takes final pictures of Jupiter's moon Io (great pics)
[NCBuy] [Spiffy] Talking Parkay margarine tubs to return to store shelves.
[Reuters] [Spiffy] Formula to help people find out exactly how much their time is worth. In other news, determined to be the most expensive website ever.
( [Amusing] Batman can't use the batphone anymore
(Some Guy) [Weeners] Lots of David Duchovny (safe for work)
[USAToday] [Misc] Cantor Fitzgerald using 9/11 memories in new ad campaign
[Reuters] [Ironic] Nudists sign sponsorship deal with laundry detergent maker
[Washington Post] [Sad] Nancy Drew author dies
[NCBuy] [Obvious] Nobody wants to go digging in granny's over-the-shoulder boulder holder for a change purse
(Arab News) [Strange] Arab News restaurant review of Fuddrucker's
[BostonGlobe] [Dumbass] Woman gets 20 years for razor attack on teen for putting feet on seats in a movie theater.
[BostonGlobe] [Cool] Discoverer of Titanic finds Jack Kennedy's PT boat in Pacific
[ABC News] [PSA] Last beam removed from World Trade Center site. Also, Al Qaeda leader may be using Godzilla movie as inspiration for fake terror warnings
(Featherless Cock) [Photoshop] Theme Game: Photoshop a Continuous story. Start with the featherless cock and go from there. Your image MUST be numbered and follow the story from the pic before yours. Dunno if this will work but here goes...
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Backyard Barbecue
[ESPN] [Spiffy] Carolina Hurricanes go to the Stanley Cup
(SA) [Amusing] Cliff Yablonski hates you (update)
( [Unlikely] The KKK is being badmouthed by International Bankers who want to enslave us all
(St. Petersburg Times) [Followup] Remember that pink fence put up around the lake in Florida? It came down today, but the fight isn't over yet
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this guy decorating a cake.
[Yahoo] [Dumbass] Judge goes to work drunk, disrobes in public, hears no cases for six months; county considers taking action next month
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Tue May 28, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Heavenly Denise Richards. (SFW)
[IMDB] [Amusing] Helena Bonham Carter is a proud farter, especially while simulating sex
[ESPN] [Obvious] "I made a ton of mistakes. I don't think using steroids is one of them," said former alcoholic, drug-addict and baseball MVP Ken Caminiti.
[Yahoo] [NewsFlash] Gunman storms CBS studio in LA
( [Asinine] New Jersey government can sieze anyone's property if they feel that someone else can use it "better" than the person who already owns it
[Sports by Brooks] [Interesting] Before it became billion-dollar monolith, first batch of Gatorade in 1965 was flavored with Kool-Aid and induced vomiting
( [Followup] Insect fast food founder has "absolutely no doubt" that "crispy, crunchy crickets will replace popcorn as a favorite snack in cinemas"
(Arab News) [PSA] 19.
(Some Guy) [Followup] Farker Bevets explains why atheist should believe
(Des Moines Register) [Unlikely] How to get people to stop staring at your boobies
[Yahoo] [Followup] Wes Borland says thanks but no thanks to rejoining limp bizkit
[CNN] [Misc] Brian Williams to take over for Brokaw in 2004. NBC news set to start descent into crapper
(The Australian) [Cool] The Ozone layer will fix itself.
[Yahoo] [Strange] Yahoo News denies running sexist headlines
[Yahoo] [Caption] The Pope and President Bush have a chat
[FHM] [Boobies] Looking for fast cars and beautiful women, check out the girls of F1 (safe for work)
[Sports by Brooks] [Hero] Bobbledead: Houston Astros hang, decapitate and destroy their own bobblehead dolls
[FARK] [Plug] Drew drops acid, redesigns Hilarity ensues.
[Reuters] [Interesting] Microsoft Corp. builds prototype "Microsoft Home" at company's Redmond campus. Has no toilets
[The Smoking Gun] [Weird] Catholic priest creates disturbing wrestling fansite.
[Cosmiverse] [Weird] Having older brothers gives you a better chance of being a homosexual
[BostonGlobe] [Dumbass] Boston reporter infers the Red Sox are bound for 'glory' this year. It is May - let's revisit this in August.
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this bald eagle being released
(Some Gal) [Weeners] Ewan McGregor pics (safe for work)
(Green Bay Press-Gazette) [Asinine] 15 year old girl gets winning relay team disqualified. The reason: black piping on her sports bra.
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this slick salesman
[Cosmiverse] [Amusing] Thousands of Asian men wishing to "measure up" with rest of the world are injecting their penises with vaseline; hilarity ensues
[USAToday] [Interesting] Year end television ratings
[The Sun] [Boobies] Episode 3: Topless Yoga
[Fox News] [Stupid] Buy Yasser Arafat ® brand potato chips to help fund Palestinian suicide bombers
[AZCentral] [Amusing] Errant goose slams into skateboarder
(Hollywood Reporter) [Stupid] Hollywood is out of ideas: Chris Tucker could be next Inspector Clouseau
[BostonGlobe] [Asinine] Man rejected as candidate for head of FDA because he put too much emphasis on safety
[Sports by Brooks] [Asinine] Jason Kidd's family harassed by Boston fans in stands. Includes examples of things said to his 3-year-old boy
(Some Guy) [Misc] Farker Timothy explains why atheists don't believe
[Canoe] [Weird] Couple married in shark infested pool to protest eating sharks
[Corporate Mofo] [Obvious] Corporate Mofo has some non-PC fun with his friend in a wheelchair
(Some Guy) [Cool] Official website of the World Beer Games
[CNN] [Interesting] Cloning to revive extinct species - Taz first on list, honest politicians next.
[AP] [Dumbass] Pakistan tests another missile
[Telegram] [Followup] Copycats are following suit on the "duct-tape" prom dresses
[I-Mockery] [Amusing] Rom Hack Review - "Linkz II: The Pimpdaddy Link" (with rom download)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Need to wash a cat? Can't afford a skin graft? Grand Master Herron will show you the way to safe cat washing
(Akron Beacon) [Amusing] Newspaper drops "Prince Valiant" and readers go ballistic, but when asked about the current storyline most didn't know.
(The Maui News) [Followup] Maui Humane Society suffers due to an Oahu Humane Society spending $48,000 to rescue one stupid dog..
[Yahoo] [Interesting] Broccoli prevents stomach cancer
[Yello Times] [Scary] Prisoner arrested for praying; what it's like inside DC prison
[NCBuy] [Obvious] Official psychic of New York hotel says psychics get asked stupid questions.
[BBC] [Unlikely] Thousands of Brits vote Robbie Williams "Greatest Man In Music"
(The Mercury) [Dumbass] Arsonist tries to burn police station, then sends anonymous letter to cops...complete with his fingerprints.
(sky news) [Amusing] Banks recall new £5 notes - serial number rubs off
(Don Quixote) [Photoshop] Theme: Photoshop a banner ad. Sample included. Good ones will go into Fark's banner rotation
(straits times) [Obvious] Models thinking they were auditioning for a soap commercial get a surprise as the video of their naked auditions becomes a "smash hit " porn flick.
( [Stupid] Natalie Portman to film scenes for 'Return of the Jedi' DVD
[Village Voice] [Amusing] Dallas Dildo Defiance (safe for work)
( [Interesting] Most bank robbers get away with it, and banks are robbed more often than you'd think. But the average take is only $4,437
[MSNBC] [Unlikely] Amazon analysts expect steady profit
[Yahoo] [Interesting] Insect fast-food chain launched in Thailand (with pic)
(Sac Bee) [Photoshop] Jack Nicholson gloating over Laker's miracle win, while Kings coach looks on in horror.
(Toledo blade) [Dumbass] Guns and testicles don't mix. For the third time this week a testicle learned this the hard way
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Mon May 27, 2002: # of Comments
[Yahoo] [Caption] Caption the President of Brown Univ. at commencement services
(ArabNews) [Strange] Saudi Arabia currently bans importing pork, dogs, frog meat, animal fats, intoxicants and night binoculars. Are now considering a ban on Rice Crispies.
(NWCN) [Amusing] Gubernatorial candidate thinks his chances are probably lessened by the fact that he is wanted by police.
[Yahoo] [Interesting] Memorial Day weekend sales up from last year. Spiderman still busting records
[Cosmiverse] [Unlikely] Positive thinking leads to weight loss after childbirth
(Some Guy) [Cool] Albuquerque to name minor league team "Isotopes" from Simpsons episode
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Religious zealots fight court over right to smack their children with "Rod of Correction".
(Irish Independent) [Obvious] Trainee priests have sex, drink too much
(Some Guy) [Stupid] Oklahoma has spent a million bucks this year trying to make it rain
[NYPost] [Hero] Cabbie returns passenger's lost purse and $5,000. She offers reward, says "no thanks." She gets credit card bill the following month for a yacht.
(Quad City Times) [Asinine] DJ dares listener to tattoo station logo on forehead, promises $150,000. Won't pay when someone does it. Lawsuits ensue
(Arlington Cemetary) [Hero] Thank you
[ChicagoSunTimes] [Interesting] Horsepower war among major car makers.
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop the Pope falling asleep during a performance
(Toronto Star) [Spiffy] Andy Warhol gets last laugh, his supposedly precious time capsules are filled with old mail and rotten pizza dough
[Pravda] [Interesting] Rethinking Christian gun ownership
[CBC] [Stupid] It turns out that politicians can break their own anti-smoking laws. At least on government property anyways
(Bakersfield Californian) [Scary] Woman gives birth to 15 lb. baby. Her response: "Oh, my."
( [Weird] Pope to give Bulgarians the finger
(Some Guy) [Hero] New Calaveras county frog jumping contest winner
[SFGate] [Amusing] In a promising sign the two nations can get along, the average Russian is as unimpressed with President Bush as is the average American.
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] The Star Wars Droids in their 1985 animated series.
[Yahoo] [Cool] White Sox to hold sleepover night where 250 fans can sleep on the field after a game
(Another Horny Guy) [Boobies] Wally's Wet T's (not safe for work)
[MDN] [Amusing] World Cup hooligans are already being deported, despite the fact that nothing happens until Saturday
(FunReports.Com) [Interesting] American President had a candy in the Kremlin
( [Obvious] Large number of Arab girls, when asked what qualities they want in their future husbands, prefer old and rich men
[NCBuy] [Unlikely] Want to get lucky on the beach? Place your beer cooler towards the southeast
(Some Homestar) [Amusing] New StrongBad e-mail.
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop hippies at an airport.
[The Sun] [Boobies] Encore: More topless yoga
[CNN] [Hero] Statue to honor Dr Seuss. They did not place it near a zoo, they did not place it in Timbuktu.
(Some Guy) [Interesting] The 80-20 rule, or 80% of hits are from 20% of the members (this is pretty much true -Drew)
( [Sad] Fox's fall lineup
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop worlds oldest raver
( [Weeners] An actual weeners link that shows weeners. 18 free pictures of male strippers, buck nekked.
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop Johnny Knoxville of "Jackass" enjoying a brew at the MTV VMA Japan
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