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Sun April 21, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Gal) [Photoshop] Photoshop this mud-diving frisbee player (20)
[Murderize] [Obvious] Addicted to Irresponsibility: America is a country of addicts who aren't responsible for anything that they do to themselves or others (65)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Boobies In Public. Let those boobies free. (not safe for work) (53)
(BNN) [Stupid] ACLU declares senior discounts 'discrimination'. (62)
(iceburgvodka.com) [Cool] Vodka made from icebergs. It's good, it's very good. (51)
(Some Guy) [Weeners] Meet the bikini boys. Yummy. (safe for work) (37)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Rate these implants from 1-10 (not safe for work) (96)
[Austin] [Amusing] Bill Clinton buys some pink flamingos. (49)
[Yahoo] [Unlikely] Lucas promises "no silly characters" in Episode 2 (83)
[Metafilter] [Obvious] Pokemon and Mac OS X are Communist propaganda from Satan (240)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Why Bush will be a one-term president. (179)
(Music3w) [Asinine] Major record labels in bidding war for nutcase Mariah Carey (38)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Tom Delay tells parents to not send kids to Baylor because it is permissive. He should know, as a student Delay got expelled from Baylor for drinking. (34)
(Pioneer Press) [Amusing] Memo tells tenants of office building to kick geese periodically to keep them in line (40)
(Washington Times) [Obvious] TV stations tease people with upcoming weather forcasts to keep them watching (35)
[CNN] [Weird] Bonds no longer leading league in homers. What's a "berkman"? (20)
[ESPN] [Cool] Drew Bledsoe traded to Bills (48)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Theme: What we don't see during the NFL draft (sample photo included) (124)
[Cosmiverse] [Scary] Star Wars missile defense system could kill astronauts and make space exploration impossible (54)
(Philly.com) [Misc] Neighbors becoming water-use spies (30)
(IFILM) [Video] Watch banned PETA ads (74)
[MSNBC] [Interesting] Newsweek suggests plan for peace in the Middle East. Flame war to begin on Fark immediately. (160)
(silive) [Obvious] Fresh off her 'Celebrity Boxing' victory over Paula Jones, Tonya Harding arrested for drunk driving (53)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Would you date this man? Be sure to add funny comment. (146)
(Some Guy) [Followup] Charges may be filed in Iowa City "fire breating" incident (32)
(Chortler.com) [Amusing] Male world stunned as fellow male denies sleeping with Liz Hurley (55)
(Some Guy) [Satire] Peace declared longest running joke in Middle East (34)
(Daily Breeze) [Stupid] DirectTV counts signal pirates among its subscribers to inflate numbers (33)
(Scripps Howard News Service ) [Misc] News Service Posts Reagan Tribute On Web With Small Catch: THESE PAGES ARE EMBARGOED UNTIL REAGAN'S DEATH (65)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Total Fark badge image parodizer thing (388)
(The Ohio State University Lantern) [Amusing] Ohio State University students use sheep to commute to class (Bottom story) (39)
[CNN] [Strange] Not enough cash to take out a hit? Just declare 'em dead on paper. (22)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Minivan catches fire after hitting moose. Skvirrel unable to be reached for comment (44)
[Google] [Boobies] Really small pictures of Lysette Anthony (not safe for work) (58)
[ESPN] [Ironic] Twins, Expos lead divisions (36)
(Some Astronomer) [Cool] See six planets in one night, either now or in 2042. (31)
[MSNBC] [Photoshop] Photoshop this stretching gymnast (206)
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] Kingdom of the Spiders: The 70s film that pits William Shatner against tarantulas. (17)
Sat April 20, 2002: # of Comments
(Hollywood Pulse) [Amusing] Letterman and Koppel to go camping together (54)
(Some Guy) [Misc] Ozzy Osbourne's family would give 'anything' to have missing dog back. 'Anything' in this case = $500. (38)
[Yahoo] [Misc] 'Artists' who skinned a live cat for sake of art project won't get jail time. (410)
[ABC News] [Amusing] Man finishes last in marathon. Probably because he was wearing a 120 lb. diving suit. (60)
[NewsMax] [Amusing] Newsmax and FreeRepublic Readers to confront anti-globalist protesters in DC (70)
[myCFnow] [Weird] Naked man attacks women at Subway restaurant (35)
[Salon] [Misc] Gore blah blah blah, Florida blah blah (84)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Sodas as good as OJ or 1% milk at supplying dietary energy to provide the feeling of satisfaction and fullness (28)
[National Post] [Obvious] Columnist says it's time to snap out of Arab fantasy world where a lot of people were killed at Jenin, and where Palestine is west of the Jordan River (178)
(Some Guy) [Dumbass] Drug kingpin caught after making home improvements without permit from city (14)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Pretty addictive Darts game...have a beer and play against a friend. (38)
[LondonTimes] [Interesting] A guide to early morning drinking (32)
(Tucson Citizen) [PSA] California to export its blackouts to Arizona as revenge for voting for Bush (43)
[LA Times] [Followup] A more in-depth look at what 420 means (again with no real answer) (45)
[Washington Post] [Cool] Blind Runners to compete in Texas. "If I hit something, hey -occupational hazard. At least I'll win because I'll always get back up." (15)
(Some Guy) [Misc] Week-long voluntary user blackout of Slashdot begins tomorrow (60)
(NewsOK) [Weird] Prostitution is now a felony in Oklahoma if within 1,000 feet of a church or school. (37)
(CTNow) [Amusing] Need money for college? Get strip searched. (21)
[Pravda] [Asinine] Man fired on grounds of his hard drinking throws hand grenade at former employer (13)
[Salon] [Scary] Software giant Blizzard wants to sue everyone on the internet (117)
[ABC News] [Hero] I Stole Hitlerís Hat: the story of the Brooklyn man who liberated the Nazi dictatorís top hat (38)
[ESPN] [Spiffy] NFL draft is today - Detroit Lions surrender (37)
[Google] [Interesting] German scientist decodes cow language. Finds out cows speak german (article translated via google) (53)
[MDN] [Strange] Schools get postcards saying "I want hug and kill new pupils" (44)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] A brief history of the earliest form of Photoshopping. (12)
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Photoshop a still from "Ice Age" (153)
[FARK] [PSA] Alaska Fark party in the works (41)
(abc.net.au) [PSA] Osama bin Laden is stealing gas in Canada (44)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] What 4:20 means (195)
[CNN] [Amusing] "Unbeatable" Detroit Red Wings lose to the 8th place Vancouver Canucks. Twice in a row. At home. (102)
(USGS) [PSA] 5.1 earthquake rocks upstate New York (109)
[Canoe] [Sad] Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley found dead (222)
(Some Guy) [Plug] Vote for Por Nada (Farkers band) in this battle of the bands to open for tragically hip and nickelback (44)
[AP] [Misc] Orange helmets. And orange jerseys? The Cleveland Browns may look a little like highway construction barrels for one home game this season (24)
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Happy 4/20 Farkistan. (127)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Fanboy with too much free time sees allusions to Tolkien in Led Zeppelin's music. (76)
[MSNBC] [Spiffy] Memory powered by molecules (33)
(GuyLivingInBasement ) [Cool] Colin Powell GI Joe acion figure. Now with super arafat bitch slapping action. (44)
[New Scientist] [Cool] Virtual-reality body suit planned for pilots (19)
(Some Bored Guy) [Cool] Try this addictive-ass RC car game (67)
[Cosmiverse] [Stupid] Brazilians build UFO landing port (31)
(Whad'Ya Know) [Cool] Every cereal box that ever had a Star Wars promotion on it (48)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop the Russian Mounted Villiage People Tribute Band (107)
[MSNBC] [Scary] Work Crew Finds 18-Foot Python (32)
[Retrocrush] [Boobies] Jennifer Tilly gallery (not safe for work) (124)
(Some Guy) [Hero] Slow down the spam bots with this tool for your website. (30)
[The Scotsman] [Scary] Flesh-eating plant stolen; scientists who genetically-engineered it fear economic espionage. (80)
Fri April 19, 2002: # of Comments
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Executions doubled in 2001. Saudi Arabia, Texas and China take credit (61)
[MSNBC] [Amusing] An analysis of the lying styles of the last 3 US Presidents (111)
[Cosmiverse] [Amusing] Mayor wants town to grow, provides free viagra and bans all birth control (55)
(Salt Lake Tribune) [Obvious] Judge lets ex-Cisco exec ,who embezzled millions, out of jail for the Olympics. Now FBI can't find him. (35)
[MSNBC] [PSA] Bogus devices on ATMs read your account info for thieves (37)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop Farkers Snuh (hat) & Blindpew (no hat) (147)
[BostonGlobe] [Asinine] Dad of Columbine student admits he was wrong for blaming cop for son's death, after tests proved otherwise (37)
[NewsMax] [Asinine] Clinton still hasn't paid the $14K for vandalism damage perpetrated by outgoing White House staffers (98)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Review of a gadget that can throw any sports bar into chaos. (57)
(Rocket Man) [Cool] Fridge soda fountain (37)
[BostonGlobe] [Asinine] 50% of grades given out at Harvard are A's and A-'s (126)
(Some Guy) [Asinine] UPS lawyers trying to steal bigbrown.com URL from fellow farker. Any ideas? (171)
[Foxnews] [Obvious] D.C. cops polishing batons for massive hippie beat-down this weekend. Bring the whole family. (130)
[MSNBC] [Obvious] No one wants AOL cable modem access (91)
[BBC] [Followup] A brief look back at 'friendly fire' incidents over recent the years (89)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] The antics of one man's redneck neighbor (148)
[CNN] [PSA] Terrorists plan to attack banks. ATM surcharges to skyrocket. (70)
[The Smoking Gun] [Followup] Milan plane was for sale at one point (28)
(Daily Iowan) [Dumbass] Iowa City bar woman suffers third-degree burns from spitting alcohol into open flame. (75)
(Modern Humorist) [Satire] Preists Gone Wild: the religious video that's too hot for TV (39)
(The Brains Trust) [Satire] Blair Offers South Wales to Bush as "Nuclear Test Target" (31)
(Cleveland.com) [Amusing] ChiSox play Whitesnake tune when Finley is pitching against them. Hilarity ensues. (67)
(sbb followup) [Photoshop] Photoshop Drew and Wil at the LA Farkfest (200)
[Reuters] [Strange] Frenchman smashes his own record for cycling up the Eiffel Tower (42)
[AintItCoolNews] [PSA] Lucas might not be done tinkering with the original Star Wars trilogy. Plans to add Jimmy Smits to Episode IV (71)
(via RMN) [Caption] Caption this guy about to tazer himself (116)
(Broken Newz) [Satire] McDonalds runs new ad campaign in France (79)
[Aftenposten.no] [Strange] Thieves break into church; ignore silver, steal biscuits (26)
[ESPN] [Dumbass] Strawberry admits he violated his probation. In other news, the sun will rise tomorrow. (20)
[Yahoo] [Followup] Milan pilot committed suicide. No evidence of Acutane (48)
[Foxnews] [Interesting] Smokers more likely to have girls than boys. Surgeon general to add "daughters" to warnings on cartons (38)
[ABC News] [Unlikely] Astrologers say rare planetary alignment tonight will bring world peace (105)
[Reuters] [Amusing] Attention DJs: California state appeals court rules it's not libel to call someone a skank or a big skank on the radio (48)
(courier-journal.com) [Hero] Drunk Kentucky man dresses up like cop and tries to rid neighborhood of rednecks sitting on their porches. (35)
[Aftenposten.no] [Amusing] In Norway, Donald Duck is more important than politics (29)
[NCBuy] [Strange] Gene Simmons wants to help Arafat and Sharon make peace. (143)
[Foxnews] [Hero] USS Cole returns to active duty today (67)
(tbr.qgl.org) [Followup] Addictive golf game sucks a$$ when "ball stuck in wall" bug strikes (with pic) (43)
[MSNBC] [Obvious] 40% of the world's chocolate is harvested by slaves on African plantations (168)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop William Shatner (142)
(PacLand.cc) [Amusing] "Ma'am, can I grease up your boobies?" Great "Man Show Boy" vid (66)
(AskMen.com) [Boobies] Vote for your favorite Barker beauty. Safe for work (59)
[CPC] [Dumbass] 15 people have drug charges dropped because officer who arrested them was charged with drug trafficking himself. (30)
[Cosmiverse] [Interesting] Monkeys and dinosaurs lived in harmony. Thousands of darwinists wipe egg from their faces (lots)
(Stileproject) [Boobies] The best boobies of StileProject (not remotely safe for work) (124)
Thu April 18, 2002: # of Comments
[NandoTimes] [Obvious] Robert Blake arrested for murder, and no parrots or disguises will help him this time. In other news, Johnnie Cochran's pager explodes (82)
(SciAm) [Cool] Scientists recreate the roar and call of dinosaurs from fossils. Listen in. (37)
[FHMUS] [Spiffy] Try to beat the FHM high score of 24 in this massively addicting golf game. (149)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] The Billboard top 100 chart (239)
[Retrocrush] [Wheaton] Photos from last night's Wil Wheaton and Tiffany concert (118)
[SeattleTimes] [Scary] Feds consider using Microsoft Passport as national ID (60)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this Farker's newborn son. Claims Fb- is not the father. Looks like him to me (161)
(RealBeer.com) [Spiffy] 2002 World Beer Cup finalists announced. (36)
[Cosmiverse] [Amusing] Here's how to recognize an alien, besides it being the son of Fb- (38)
[Pravda] [Interesting] Henry Kissinger: if you want to kill, do it fast (37)
[Cosmiverse] [Boobies] Kelly Hu shows boobies in The Scorpion King (safe for work) (51)
[CNN] [NewsFlash] Train Derails in FL. 3 people dead so far. (60)
(The Sporting News) [Followup] Bud Selig and his conflicts of interest strike again (31)
(Dallas Morning News) [Amusing] Texas Republican shocked that college kids have sex in dorms. (66)
(www.newscientist.com) [Interesting] 2,200 Inca mummies discovered (25)
[Cosmiverse] [Ironic] Drug smugglers dig tunnel under DEA office building (28)
[Washington Post] [Obvious] War criminals have no rights (209)
[Aftenposten.no] [Sad] "Kon-Tiki" researcher Thor Heyerdahl is dead at 87 (39)
[CNN] [Asinine] Bin Laden picture found on plane - EVERYBODY PANIC!!! (115)
[Pravda] [Scary] The murder rate in Rio de Janeiro is one per hour (80)
(Fortune) [Scary] How Microsoft is taking over Washington - One on one sessions with congressmen to 'explain' technology to, helping pass anti-privacy laws after 9/11 (54)
(PalmBeachPost.com) [Dumbass] Law firm says O.J. hasn't paid bill. O.J. says he's been too busy looking for Nicole's killer on the back nine to mail the check. (47)
(iwon.com) [Asinine] Drunken fight over $12.50 ends with man's head buried in playground. "We didn't want to go to jail so we killed him." (35)
[The Smoking Gun] [Obvious] Surviving members of Nirvana want Courtney Love to see a shrink (64)
(Over the Limit) [Amusing] Bigger muscles, smaller brains, lessons on social etiquette in the gym (79)
[ABC News] [Strange] Motorist has seizure, adds drive-thru entrance to furniture store (25)
(KTRK Houston) [Weird] Houston's answer to the Mysterious Snow Day: Heinous Stench Day (28)
(Sandusky) [Asinine] HS Principal used wrong formula to calculate GPAs, alledgedly to make daughter valedictorian & get full ride scholarship, quits when discovered. (48)
[FARK] [Photoshop] Photoshop Drew trying to get at the big burger (138)
(SBB) [Amusing] Goofy pics from the LA FarkFest (131)
[myCFnow] [Hero] Drew's alma matter Luther College may allow nude soccer to continue (32)
(St. Louis Post-Dispatch) [Scary] MTV recruiting P. Diddy for 'Osbourne-like' show. (72)
[BBC] [NewsFlash] Plane crashes into 30-story building in Milan (156)
(Bob from Accounting) [Satire] Fantasy gaming institute invents 24-sided die, social retards rejoice (61)
[ABC News] [Interesting] Mosquitoes go for blondes (52)
[Wired] [Weird] Australians invent "thinking cap" which uses magnetism to allow you to "think" like Rain Man. (57)
[Reuters] [Sad] Man gets sucked into plane engine at Japanese airport. (102)
(Some Guy) [Cool] T-shirts for liberals who are still upset Bush won (233)
(telegram.com) [Scary] Antibiotic-resistant strain of strep throat discovered in 46 Pittsburgh schoolchildren (72)
(SA) [Amusing] Something Awful presents the best of the Internet (81)
[Yahoo] [PSA] Sportscasters Marv Albert and Mike Fratello in Auto Accident (39)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this giant but incomplete Jesus Christ statue (151)
(abc13) [Ironic] Officers misplace submachine gun on the way to gun safety class (53)
[CNN] [Hero] Fox cancels Ally McBeal (126)
[Free Press] [Sad] U of M's Naked Mile Run is dead; 50 geeks run around in underwear. (56)
(CTNow) [Amusing] "Everyone else gets into a car crash with their clothes on," said Jason Leggee, 17. "I feel the fact that we were naked gave us the extra karma to let us live." (35)
[CNN] [Asinine] Alaska drilling bill now includes aid for Israel. (118)
[ESPN] [Video] Flyers steal Game 1 with OT goal (40)
[BostonGlobe] [Interesting] Cheese prevents cavities (28)
[CNN] [NewsFlash] US planes bomb Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan (too many)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this classmates.com ad (147)
(silive) [Weird] Indiana high schools baffled by wave of shot put accidents (42)
[New Scientist] [Interesting] Forensic researcher discovers that tying bullets to crime scenes by analyzing their chemical makeup is completely bogus (49)
(Courier-Journal) [Dumbass] College freshman sets fire to dorm elevator, burning elevator returns to first floor when fire alarm goes off (52)
(Washington Monthly) [Interesting] Could John McCain win the next presidential election as a democrat? (129)
[FARK] [Photoshop] Photoshop Geddy Lee on his couch (174)
(Some Hockey Guy) [Amusing] Philadelphia Flyers review movies. Oh the humanity. (75)
Wed April 17, 2002: # of Comments
[CNN] [Asinine] Convicted pervert-priest refers to himself as "The forbidden fruit." during a CNN interview (48)
[Cosmiverse] [Cool] The planet Pluto has 500 brothers and sisters, many of them travel in pairs. (34)
(Some Guy) [Scary] Man arrested after letter found in Afghan cave congratulating him for completing flight training. (70)
(ABC7Chicago) [Hero] Local woman offers mayor $100 to kick him in the ass. Mayor accepts, will donate $100 to charity (37)
[eBay] [Cool] For sale: Tour of Playboy Mansion (39)
(ABC7Chicago) [Sick] Man poops tobacco to sell to fellow inmates. Inmates note the nutty flavor. (64)
[Yahoo] [Scary] David Lee Roth hasn't aged well (142)
[ABC News] [Misc] Archeaologist with unfortunate surname discovers thousands of Incan mummies (96)
(FunReports) [Stupid] Man trying to marry dog which he believes is his reincarnated wife (57)
(Star Tribune) [Obvious] Will nude posing increase LPGA watching? (69)
[AZCentral] [Stupid] California to ban use of duct tape on ducts? (71)
[The Smoking Gun] [Cool] Happy 5th birthday to The Smoking Gun. (15)
(Firebox) [Cool] The latest office gadet - a remote control tank. Hampered by lack of real gun or ability to kill colleagues (44)
[Cosmiverse] [Cool] Wondering what the Japanese are doing lately? They're making spaghetti. (32)
(National Review) [Followup] Slightly different kind of personal account from Jenin (115)
[Canoe] [Amusing] Michael Clarke Duncan made The Rock cry. (61)
(SomethingAwful.com) [Amusing] SA posts bogus review of popular band to purposely gather flame mail. Here is a compilation of the best ones. (81)
[NewsMax] [Interesting] Experts like Oliver North say Bin Laden is dead (57)
(myCFnow.com) [Video] Dog finds abandoned puppies in sealed box (35)
(Some Guy) [Hero] Most people use a footstool to prop up their feet. Big fat lady used one to prop up her drooping belly. Then she lost 800 lbs (121)
[Yahoo] [Stupid] 5 morons to let 10 million web surfers make daily life decisions for them (48)
(Bismarck Tribune) [Weird] Two headed calf has been alive for 10 days and counting (42)
[The Smoking Gun] [Amusing] A list of Tawny Kitaen's drugs (131)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop farker mrnutz with his new best friend: Photoshop 7 (136)
[BBC] [Obvious] The real Count Dracula looking for blue-blooded heirs (23)
(Bakersfield Californiain) [Amusing] More fat cops in Bakersfield -- "If I'm a criminal and I see that guy getting out of his car, I know I can get away easy." (20)
[Washington Post] [Scary] Power plant buys entire Ohio town to avoid dealing with pollution problems (44)
[Foxnews] [Amusing] Furniture inspired by Elvis - does that mean bloated, sweaty and covered in rhinestones? (17)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop the silly Japanese tourists. (120)
[ESPN] [Followup] Tawny's not the only one slapping Chuck Finley silly... (15)
(www.wjla.com) [PSA] Man threatening to jump off bridge screws up traffic in Maryland Virginia and D.C, area farkers should plan on long commute (21)
(Bored Stiff) [Photoshop] Photoshop this skateboarding dog (66)
[CNN] [Strange] David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar decide to tour together this summer. Tour to be touted as "Crapapalooza" (44)
(SBB) [Cool] The most searched golf-related person on the Internet during Masters week? Tiger's new Swedish squeeze, Elin Nordegren (30)
(Western Front) [Amusing] Man protests street preaching by stripping to underwear and standing next to preacher while holding sign that reads "He gives a good blowjob" (99)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Are you hot or not - Russian style (safe for work?) (73)
[USA Today] [Interesting] Shooting victim & suspect share election ballot in KY (39)
[Austin] [Stupid] Coors to relaunch Zima, citing renewed interest in very wussy "beer" (99)
(Pioneer Press) [Dumbass] Man sets fire to historic part of town to impress his girlfriend (66)
[Reuters] [Cool] German couple hides in bed shop after closing time, passionately tests water beds for several hours before being caught by police (51)
(NJ.com) [Hero] Toll collector suspended for 10 days for telling women to flash their boobies to win concert tickets from a radio station (71)
[Yahoo] [Dumbass] 2 Japanese tourists arrive in Bethlehem, unaware of what was going on there (90)
(EHOWA) [Video] Weed wacker vs Watermelon. Lets get ready to rummmmmble (62)
(myCFnow.com) [Obvious] Groups line up against beer tax cut (90)
[MSNBC] [Dumbass] After several beers, Canadian man attempts to fly off 114 ft. building. Lands in snowdrift, survives. (76)
[BBC] [Followup] Amnesty International denied access to Jenin Refugee Camp (237)
(Click2Houston.com) [Amusing] Students cut class to have sex. Local TV station all over it (133)
[Yahoo] [Stupid] Fall in music sales blamed on piracy. No blame given to the fact that most new music sucks. (187)
(Star Tribune) [Followup] Pitcher to divorce Kitaen: Chuck Finley seeks refuge in David Coverdale's arms (30)
(Some Guy) [Followup] Time Warner cable screws a decent guy (reposted after some editting) (159)
[NewsMax] [Amusing] Osama bin Laden pulling a "Weekend at Bernies"? (66)
[Aftenposten.no] [Unlikely] Flasher uses "wasp in my trousers" defense at trial (28)
[ESPN] [Amusing] 'The Man' forces the Rangers to send John Rocker to AAA in Oklahoma (44)
[YellowTimes] [Interesting] To the U.S. ambassador: A letter of protest and condemnation (¾)
(SBB) [Strange] Condoleeza Rice may abandon quest for world peace to become NFL commissioner (47)
(Via the Corner at NRO) [Interesting] Chinese discover 2000 year old undelivered letter (40)
[AP] [Photoshop] In the grand tradition of photoshopping overzealous protesters, Fark proudly presents: Tank Boy (228)
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Learn to talk like Inspector Clouseau and then use it at work all day. (52)
(Some Bunny) [Interesting] How to put your bunny in a trance. (90)
[TechTV] [Spiffy] The ultimate golf putter. It features a compass, a candle for the 18th hole, a rabbit's foot for good luck, and an air horn to alert others when it's your turn to putt. (27)
[Pravda] [Interesting] Want to build an atomic bomb? Go to Britain for a guide (28)
(Some Guy) [PSA] Most Overrated Movie Of All Time: Saving Private Ryan (222)
(USC Daily Trojan) [Obvious] Women need to masturbate more. (180)
[BBSpot] [Satire] Darth Vader and Joe Pesci do tech support (30)
(myCFnow.com) [Video] Surveillance video of bumbling burglar who broke into convenience store to steal porn magazines but could not get out (35)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Robotic cat door prevents cats from bringing home "presents". (58)
(Ifilm.com) [Boobies] Erotic section of Ifilm.com (some clips not safe for work) (30)
(The Detroit News) [Ironic] Tame your $350 million lotto fever...read some lotto winner's tails of woe. (82)
(Coca Cola) [Followup] As if one flavor wasn't enough, Pibb Xtra. (65)
[BBC] [Interesting] Schwarzenegger is spokesman for Ramen Noodles in Japan. (52)
Tue April 16, 2002: # of Comments
[Washington Post] [Misc] Ames recalls 647,000 wheelbarrows of doom. (34)
[Yahoo] [Dumbass] Baseball player injures self opening garage door. Too cheap to buy an automatic opener despite $500K salary (38)
[BBC] [Strange] Rhino advocates complete 220K marathon through Sahara desert in large Rhino costumes. (27)
[Yahoo] [Cool] Detroit Tigers now on track to go 1-161 (25)
(National Post) [Interesting] Guilt beats discipline in motivating children (92)
(Aftonbladet.se) [Boobies] When breast implants go bad. Site is in Swedish, not safe for work. (184)
(Cato Institute) [Interesting] Top Ten Civil Liberties Abuses of the IRS (63)
[AP] [Obvious] Ravens' Ray Lewis clotheslines two women in bar - Johnnie Cochran's pager explodes (55)
(TV Guide) [Boobies] Which redhead is sexier? Laura Prepon (That 70's Show) or Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under)? (safe for work) (134)
(Some Virgin) [Amusing] The Church of Spongebob Squarepants. Beavis was a false prophet. (53)
(thestate.com) [Dumbass] "I remember standing up on top of my truck and yelling, and then I woke up in the hospital," says Alabama man beaten for wearing confederate t-shirt. (221)
[Retrocrush] [Wheaton] What's on Wil Wheaton's Pants? (61)
[Yahoo] [Stupid] English soccer hooligan arrested for throwing celery at opposition (21)
(SBB) [Obvious] LA Dodgers hold popularity poll - announcer finishes first (23)
(Some Guy) [Cool] New Strongbad Email (53)
(Some Guy) [Video] Aquaman sings the blues, take some aqua-crack (38)
(Guardian) [Followup] Mayor who banned satan receives wrath not seen since the Salem witch trials. (130)
(Philly.com) [Cool] Big game lottery to be $325 million, getting struck by lightning still easier (42)
[Canoe] [Hero] The more you drink, the more money you make (40)
(The Straight Dope) [Followup] Cecil explains why the flat tax wouldn't work (190)
[Yahoo] [Hero] SPCA makes tax day easier by letting people adopt puppies outside the post office (24)
(teletext) [Misc] An acting legend is calling it quits: Dolph Lundgren to retire from movie biz. (90)
(1010 WINS) [Asinine] Mother of siamese triplets joined at waist will not have them separated because they're worth more to a freak show unseparated. Welcome to Tennessee. (68)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Just the thing for the drunk on the go: A gas turbine engine powered barstool that can travel over 40Mph. (29)
(Betanews) [PSA] Nullsoft may start charging for Winamp (107)
(Atlanta Journal) [Amusing] This one time, in grade school, our teacher cut band class out because it made us stupid. (68)
[DenverChannel] [Ironic] Boy Scouts to walk around in park looking for child molesters (92)
[Houston Chronicle] [Sad] Walmart profits from employee deaths (125)
[Yahoo] [Dumbass] Man leaves backpack containing $42,000 in cash at Wal-Mart. Doesn't report this to police for 7 days, was hoping it would show up in the store's lost and found. (80)
[Reuters] [Cool] Fat cops lose their performance bonus pay (58)
[Canoe] [Cool] Rush going on tour this summer (241)
[AZCentral] [Strange] Boulder homeless to get workout equipment (61)
(WJLA) [Hero] Congress debating cutting beer tax in half (80)
[The Smoking Gun] [Unlikely] "Acne pills made my son fly his plane into a Tampa skyscraper" (165)
[MSNBC] [Scary] FBI posts fake stolen credit card numbers to see how quickly they travel. First number is viewed by 74 people in 31 countries within 15 minutes (88)
(ew) [Stupid] Critic wants people to sit down at U2 concerts (173)
(Atlanta Journal) [Obvious] Condom swallowing 12 year old Prince of Nigeria drug smuggling hearing post-poned (42)
(myCFnow.com) [Weird] Turkey crashes through video store window, craps on hunting videos (37)
[Reuters] [Unlikely] In a suprise gesture of goodwill Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to paint No-Fly Zones with red stripes to prevent further confusion (33)
(Amtrak.com) [Obvious] No wonder Amtrak's going bankrupt: the fares are too cheap (63)
(hearldnet) [PSA] Standing next to a cold, half-empty bottle of beer is not possession (35)
(Some Guy) [Scary] Why is my pet scooting? (122)
(ajc.com) [Cool] Kentucky based adult store Victor's Little Secret to take on Victoria's Secret in Supreme Court lingerie smackdown (31)
[Reuters] [Amusing] French driving students given 24-hour waiting period for test results because too many were physically assaulting examiners who failed them on the spot (47)
[Retrocrush] [Wheaton] Wil vs Tiffany in dodgeball in Sacramento this Wednesday (85)
[Cosmiverse] [Amusing] Scientists determine Israelis and Palestinians are genetically identical. (78)
[FARK] [PSA] Please click on the banner ads. Help our sponsors. -Drew (148)
[AZCentral] [Video] Watch a playboy audition. Safe for work? Its a playboy audition. Think about it. (51)
[Washington Post] [Amusing] Why does the White House rewrite the President's speech blunders in its transcripts? (87)
[Cosmiverse] [Interesting] Want to feel younger? Testosterone is the key (33)
[Foxnews] [Asinine] Clarance Thomas: "Fake Kiddie Porn is O.K. by me" (190)
[Yahoo] [Asinine] Hollywood is really out of ideas: Sequel to "Dude, Where's My Car?" in the works (101)
[Cosmiverse] [Asinine] Russia implements 15% flat-tax, government now richer than ever. U.S. still claims it would never work (166)
[CPC] [PSA] Dutch government resigns over Bosnian massacre (57)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Bring the Civil War to your backyard with your very own gatling gun (with video). (52)
[BBC] [Obvious] The internet is playing a significant role in relationship break ups (156)
(RMN) [Obvious] Rednecks up in arms over city's outdoor couch ban. (68)
[LA Times] [Strange] Easter Islanders declare Laverne & Shirley taboo (72)
(Philadelphia Inquirer) [Misc] Wacky last minute tax filers (75)
(NCBuy) [Cool] Babes with Blades play in combat chess (35)
(Some Guy) [Sad] Actor Robert Urich Dies (83)
[ESPN] [Followup] NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick spanked even harder for Saturday's actions (73)
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Celebrate one year of photoshopping at fark by photoshopping the original photoshop (179)
[AZCentral] [PSA] Vanilla Coke to hit stores May 15 (151)
[LA Times] [Unlikely] New drug keeps you awake 40+ hours without side effects (134)
(Canada.com) [Stupid] UPS will discontinue online service. (42)
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] DVD Easter Eggs - Find hidden goodies in your DVD's (35)
[Foxnews] [Interesting] Chess babe stirring up interest in the game (142)
(Some Guy) [Followup] The video game music archive - get all your favorite MIDI songs from every platform (66)
[MSNBC] [Obvious] Testing of the first space railroad halted because of software failure (70)
Mon April 15, 2002: # of Comments
[ChicagoTribune] [Hero] Winnetka, IL golf course will likely be allowed to sell alcohol (49)
(Some 'Rassling Fan) [Photoshop] Photoshop this scene from "The Scorpion King" (opens in five days.) (181)
(MoversGuide.com) [Amusing] How NOT to move a Gorilla (42)
[CNN] [Stupid] MTV preps 'Real World' parody, officially drops the 'M' from 'MTV' (87)
(Some Guy) [Weird] Have your portrait done. In puppet form. (67)
(b3ta.com) [Interesting] Top Ten Flash Videos EVER. (with a special appearance by Weeeee. and Xiao Xiao) (101)
(Some Geniuses) [Unlikely] Take the MENSA test - sea iff ewe r smarte (181)
(Some Guy) [Cool] A bunch of cool macabre images from the middle ages. (79)
(Some Jared) [Cool] Free cookie day at Subway (U.S. and Canada) (link to PDF) (66)
(Some Guy) [Cool] The entire soundtrack from Megaman 2 (86)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Which "monty python and the holy grail" character are you? (164)
(Plain Dealer) [Unlikely] The Cleveland Indians are the best baseball team in the majors (91)
(Bayinsider.com) [Spiffy] Massive ant colony takes over Europe. (103)
(Daily Yomiuri) [Scary] From the "Who the Fark asked for *this*???" office: Scientists develop "Ebola Light" virus (74)
(www.dangermouse.org) [Cool] Danger Mouse Website. Who else used to love this show? (96)
(Some Guy) [Sad] PETA ruins my hometown fair. What's a carnival without pig racing? (278)
(Some Girl) [Cool] Triple Play (87)
(Mlive.com) [Strange] Mysterious Detroit oil spill grows; no end in sight. (96)
(myCFnow.com) [PSA] Avoid most common mistake made by last-minute tax filers (60)
(InternetRadioIndex.com) [Followup] A list of college radio stations that broadcast to the internet. Listen In. (67)
[Yahoo] [Stupid] Lazy kids today bully by text messages (155)
[Reuters] [Obvious] Man runs up $2,600 phone sex bill, sues mobile phone service for providing 'immorality; you can see where this is headed (62)
(Canada.com) [Cool] Smart glass technology keeps waiters on their toes. (45)
(Nerf) [Spiffy] More Nerf than you can shake a frozen fishstick at (44)
[Cosmiverse] [Unlikely] Women talk about sex more than men (lots)
(Actuality Systems) [Cool] Volumetric 3-D display. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. (52)
[Wired] [Interesting] The "Black Mac." One of a kind Apple computer possibly used by some Spy Agency. (226)
(myCFnow.com) [Weird] Florida driver killed after hitting 11-foot gator (with pic) (62)
(Some Guy) [Plug] Nerds, share your AD&D tales of woe. The rest of you, continue farking. (139)
[Free Press] [PSA] 11. (46)
(Washington Times) [Hero] Annoying ringtones can now be changed to birdcalls. (44)
(Vadim the Conqueror) [Photoshop] Photoshop this storm trooper holding lightsaber in somewhat questionable position (161)
[Yahoo] [Unlikely] Southern Bulgaria rattled by 18th earthquake in 3 days. Sacrifice virgin to volcano. (47)
(Scripps Howard News Service) [Scary] Giant dust storms in China and Africa blowing toxic soup of pollution, pesticides, insects, bacteria, viruses across ocean to US. US not as isolated as hoped. (103)
[ABC News] [Sick] Bangladeshis catch fish in sewage. "It will be a feast." quotes one hungry, hungry man. (116)
(Scene Magazine) [Hero] 15,000 watt college station makes radio suck less. ClearChannel surrenders. (92)
(Some Guy) [Hero] Judge rules that a Packers jersey is not an inalieable right (51)
(Forbes) [Strange] The $6 million coin - No it's not made up of platinum or diamonds or tiny robots...I don't get it either. (73)
(Game Babes) [Boobies] Boobie pics for gamer geeks. (Site is in German, but boobies are universal. Sort of not safe for work) (65)
[MDN] [Ironic] Professor illegally copies ethics textbook (54)
[Canoe] [Amusing] Finnish man gets six-figure speeding ticket. (78)
(IMDB) [Cool] Pages of quotes from Buffy (75)
(Some naked scuba diver) [Boobies] Nude Scuba Boobies not safe for work (127)
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