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Sun February 24, 2002: # of Comments
[CPC] [Obvious] Canada kicks U.S. Butt. (53)
[CPC] [NewsFlash] Canada wins men's hockey gold (Cyc66 whined a bit here about moderators) (105)
[BostonGlobe] [Cool] World's first McDonald's snowmobile drive-through opens in Sweden (20)
(Stuffmagazine.com) [Cool] UNC Chapel Hill hottie wins $5k from Stuff Magazine (48)
[Google] [Amusing] 1001 Things to do with Liquid Nitrogen (40)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Lord of the rings wins 5 baftas including best picture and director (20)
(startribune) [Stupid] Woman sues Nintendo for death of son (98)
(The Scotsman) [Unlikely] Makers of Guiness Trying to Make a Faster Pouring Pint of Plain (16)
(Some Girl) [Boobies] The patriotic bikini page. Complete with annoying MIDI (32)
(Some Guy) [Asinine] Uk considering making all roads toll roads via GPS tracking - this better not catch on (49)
(via Blues News) [Cool] Scotty was here: Transparent aluminum created (60)
[Yahoo] [Cool] Site shows where auroras shine (do da, do da) (11)
[Yahoo] [Cool] Wake Forest calls a timeout when they have none left, Maryland wins on resulting free throws. Duke Sucks. (23)
[The Sun] [Obvious] UK curler who won gold celebrated by lifting nookie ban on husband. (15)
(Spiffy Girl) [Photoshop] Photoshop this guy on a John Deere (138)
[ESPN] [Strange] Red Sox fans think finding Babe Ruth's piano will end curse (78)
(SJ Mercury News) [Obvious] California backs self into corner on electricity, promises to pay anything to get out, welshes on deal once free (53)
[MDN] [Weird] Electric waves in Tokyo result in high percentage of female babies (34)
(Ha'aretz) [Cool] Israel to use Patriot missiles to shoot down hijacked planes (60)
[CNN] [Weird] Taiwan monks glad to be given finger (40)
[MSNBC] [Hero] Air Force adopts "Let's Roll" logo (151)
(randysweb.com/weird) [Cool] Launching stuff with liquid nitrogen. (14)
[Yahoo] [Misc] California Supreme Court overturns "Son of Sam" law. Criminals now get to sell their stories for big bucks. (69)
[Cosmiverse] [Amusing] France puts Scientology on trial while planning their surrender (98)
(Some Guy) [Scary] South Carolina is keeping samples of children's DNA. Copy Cat unavailable for comment. (53)
(CBS News) [Obvious] FTC says that $29.95 + S&H tin foil radiation protector for your cell phone doesn't really work (50)
(Angelcities.com) [Cool] Recipes to make your own McDonald's burgers at home (184)
Sat February 23, 2002: # of Comments
[Yahoo] [Followup] Media is asking one of 10 questions after all (21)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] John Rocker will play maniac in a movie. Give that man an Oscar. (22)
[Washington Post] [Stupid] Bush wants knowledge of WTC out of public eye. (170)
(Some Guy) [Strange] Woman falls in love, marries Berlin Wall (32)
(Some Guy) [Stupid] Aquarium discovers two 'gay' penguins (63)
(myCFnow.com) [Hero] Man saves American flag from burning home, then gets arrested for doing it (63)
[MSNBC] [Scary] Spike Lee to direct Kmart ads for Olympic closing ceremonies (36)
[MSNBC] [Stupid] Idiots want to bring legal action agaist Smirnoff Ice because it DOESN'T contain Vodka. (63)
[CNN] [Followup] Report: Second WTC plane was traveling so fast experts surprised it didn't break up in air (39)
[Telegraph] [Scary] Bush's folly: simple military errors helped Osama to get away (50)
(telegram.com) [Obvious] State senator doesnt like the fact that his election money will have to be "clean" (15)
[Yahoo] [Ironic] China police arrest 47 Christians. Unconfirmed reports that officals are asking to borrow a few lions to feed. (27)
(Some Soda) [Interesting] How many cans of Mountain Dew would it take to kill you? (51)
[MSNBC] [Obvious] Man bilks a quarter million in biggest Ebay scam ever. Do dah (28)
[Reuters] [Sad] Looney Tunes legend Chuck Jones dies (42)
[Foxnews] [NewsFlash] Holy crap, here we go again. Anthrax at Georgia army base? (10)
[CNN] [Amusing] Shatner still telling trekkies to "get a life" (27)
[Foxnews] [Scary] Man goes into Georgia school, strikes girl with claw end of hammer (40)
(post-dispatch.com) [Interesting] Involuntarily commited man to argue before court; says mental illness doesn't exist, just a way to do away with annoying people (18)
(Some Green Cloud) [Amusing] A cultural history of the fart (27)
(NewsOK) [PSA] If you purchased any Tropicana products at Sam's Club, its probably being recalled. (9)
[NewsMax] [Unlikely] Saddam working on a 'Hiroshima' sized Nuke (50)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] North Korea calls Bush "Politically Backward Child." Lets nuke them anyway... (37)
[Washington Post] [Scary] US drops 24 year old pledge not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states (93)
(newsobserver.com) [Ironic] NC state legislator owes back taxes... supports agressive tax collection anyway. (6)
(wickedweasel) [Boobies] Holy Good God. The skimpiest, most transparent bikinis I've ever seen (not safe for work) (71)
[MSNBC] [Asinine] Sarah Hughes dominates skating, Russians whine anyway, want gold medal (33)
(charlotte.com) [Scary] Crane falls across interstate, crushing car and killing driver. (13)
[ABC News] [Obvious] Experts say ethics in the workplace is declining. Is FARK responsibile? (11)
(www.newschannel8.net) [Strange] Man so tired of waiting in hospital waiting room decided to hang himself. (13)
(GB Press Gazette) [Interesting] Teens learn leadership by smelling cow manure (7)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop Olympic security (138)
(The One-Armed Cow) [Followup] Sting operation planned to nab desperate cow fugitive. (10)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop whatever the hell is going on here (lots)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Theme: Olympic scenes that MSNBC -didn't- broadcast. (166)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Hear a classic recording of former Orioles manager Earl Weaver cursing up a storm on live radio. (not safe for work) (46)
[Villiage Voice] [Interesting] Ten Questions the Media Can't Answer (205)
Fri February 22, 2002: # of Comments
(Avault) [Interesting] Tekken franchise to be made into a movie by a bunch of unknowns, thereby continuing the trend that every movie ever made about a video game will be guaranteed to suck ass (201)
[eBay] [Strange] Kangaroo scrotum purse perhaps the most over looked aniversary gift of all time (60)
[Foxnews] [NewsFlash] Retired N.J. Cop Goes Postal, Kills Half His Neighbors (57)
(NewsDay) [Scary] Screw "Don't run with scissors". Don't run with Coffee Cups. When people said caffeine would kill you, I didn't know they were serious. (33)
(StarNews.com) [Scary] Acting Super of states largest prison loses keys...Yes, THOSE keys. (30)
[Washington Post] [Sad] Anthrax hoax trial results in acquittal; feel free to begin mailing baking soda again (14)
(Michigan State News) [Asinine] Student organization boycotts "Kung Pow" because of dog-eating jokes. Everyone else boycotts "Kung Pow" because it looks farking terrible. (59)
[Yahoo] [Interesting] Man stabbed by swordfish. Police say "We don't see this kind of thing very often." (23)
[Cosmiverse] [Obvious] Survey proves fatherhood is bad for sex life, and it makes you fat (24)
(Some Guy) [Scary] More Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan fiction. What, no rat-on-turtle action? (27)
(Some Guy) [Followup] Chocolate Beer has been around for a while. (Double Chocolate at that.) (33)
(Rochester Democrat and Chronicle) [Dumbass] 19 year old attacks store clerk, leaves without purse or baby (33)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Company produces 20,000 American flag pins with 11 (not 13) stripes. Eats 'em for $17,000. (42)
(myCFnow.com) [Strange] 81-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested For Smuggling Ecstasy (42)
(Some Nutritionist) [Photoshop] Photoshop the food pyramid (125)
[Cosmiverse] [Scary] Listen up. Those voices in your head may be real. (60)
(RunBossieRun) [Weird] Steak on the break - Day 8. Cincinnati officials pooling their collective talents to corner "free range" cow. (36)
(St. Petersburg Times) [Followup] Dumbass Dad that let son drive car while wearing Rollerblades gives investigators tour of house, bong found - hilarity ensues (67)
(Some Legomaniac) [Cool] German dude has WAY too much Space Lego and free time. (67)
(The Brains Trust) [Satire] European cartographers find new country (156)
[I-Mockery] [Followup] If you were recently screwed over by BestBuy when you tried to order that large TV, add your info to this contact list. (244)
(Some Guy) [Followup] Bush's "century and a half" comments factually valid. (lots)
[Salon] [Obvious] Global Crossing, Where's the press? Oh, that's right, the DNC's involved. (202)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Fun with camels (204)
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Japanese zoo pretends a polar bear escaped, trampling ensues (46)
(nbc4.tv) [Followup] Reward-seeking purse finder dies from gunshot wound (76)
[Metafilter] [Stupid] Ashcroft wants to ban internet porn. Prizes available if you can suggest any other uses for the internet (∞)
[Reuters] [Obvious] National Slacker Day poll shows that Brits pretty much slack off everyday (105)
[Yahoo] [Scary] Everyone's worst fear is true: your parents probably still have sex. (69)
[FARK] [PSA] Fark is looking for some commission-only sales folks so we can finally cover costs. If interested email resumes@fark.com (109)
[Yahoo] [Amusing] British soccer players plead with Korea to stop eating cats and dogs (99)
[Washington Post] [Followup] Whining treehuggers proved correct (191)
[Villiage Voice] [Cool] Beaver rates this year's best hockey fights. (27)
[NYPost] [Scary] Olsen Twins' recent direct-to-video screenwriter calls them "hot pieces of ass", wanted their flick to be much raunchier (128)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Let Jesus (the monster truck) CrushYour Sins (37)
[Cosmiverse] [Cool] Recent flooding on Mars first credible evidence of Martian trailer parks (23)
[Canoe] [Cool] Referee tries to screw Canadian womens hockey team, gives U.S. 11 powerplays, Canada wins 3-2 anyway. (87)
[BBC] [Cool] Brits invent chocolate beer (54)
[Telegraph] [Stupid] Dyslexic banker named Robert awarded £95,000 because co-workers called him Trebor (53)
(corporations.org) [Scary] In 1983, 50 corporations controlled American media. Today: 6 (132)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Ja. Viele deutsche boobies. Nicht Sicher Für Work (81)
(myCFnow.com) [Scary] 10-year-old elementary student gets arrested for bringing Glock handgun to class after making threats to shoot classmates (184)
[Cosmiverse] [Scary] No more Winter Olympics thanks to global warming (78)
[eBay] [Stupid] For sale: 2 TONS of pennies for only $10.95 (plus $8,002.95 shipping, do the math) (72)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Big Bone and Beaver Lick Baptist Churches: Providing unintentional humor for Northern Kentucky since 1843 (46)
[Cosmiverse] [Asinine] After exhaustive taxpayer-funded study, scientists discover that anxiety causes cats to become quarrelsome (30)
[NewsMax] [Obvious] Environmentalists would save a lot more trees if they'd stop spamming people with direct mail (55)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] FARC territory (154)
Thu February 21, 2002: # of Comments
(The Record) [Spiffy] Leslie Nielsen made honourary West Virginian. Given medal and told to kill anyone who tries to take it from him. (47)
[Yahoo] [PSA] Pop singer Brandy is pregnant. Please give to the "Condoms for Fb-" pledge drive (70)
[The Smoking Gun] [Spiffy] More hottie felons (220)
[SFGate] [Obvious] Giambi sucks up to Yankees fans, implies West Coast fans are idiots (88)
[BostonGlobe] [Stupid] FBI reveals jailhouse snitch to other inmate's girlfriend. Informant wishes he still had teeth. (34)
[SFGate] [Ironic] President Bush nominated for Nobel Peace Prize (112)
[BBC] [Misc] School airbrushes girls pink hair brown in school photo, does nothing about her face. (177)
[Cosmiverse] [Obvious] Most men worse off now than 20 years ago (76)
(hypocrites.com) [Stupid] President Bush claims that Japan and the US have been partners in peace for 150 years (with video) (244)
[Washington Post] [NewsFlash] US helicopter crashes in the Phillipines (26)
[DenverChannel] [NewsFlash] WSJ journalist Daniel Pearl is dead (284)
(Santa Fe New Mexican) [Amusing] Man feels bad for burning half of New Mexico (31)
[AP] [Photoshop] President Bush making a gesture (199)
[Yahoo] [Sad] Film critic Robert Ebert to have... ROBERT Ebert? (57)
(via baskingspot.com) [Weird] Womans chills live snake, tries to pass it off as a belt. airport security not amused. (25)
[BBC] [Asinine] Enron created a fake trading room of people pretending to trade energy to impress Wall Street (31)
(Guardian) [Stupid] NATO sells top secret military CD in internet auction, wants it back (22)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Theme: Olympic scenes that MSNBC -didn't- broadcast. (116)
[ESPN] [Interesting] Death threat e-mails to American speed skater wipe out USOC's mail server (38)
[SFGate] [Amusing] South Korean wins, crowd boos, South Korean disqualified, American wins, crowd cheers, Italian pissed. It's like a damn soap opera (98)
[AZCentral] [Dumbass] Man who fed co-workers ex-lax brownies was fired, and is now being sued by former co-worker for "pain and embarassment" (34)
(Daily Soccer) [Unlikely] Liverpool think they will escape the stadium from Hell (23)
(myCFnow.com) [Sad] Slot winner who died minutes after winning $10,000 at Atlantic City casino gets robbed during or after heart attack -- wife finds out days later about missing money (13)
(U of KY) [Spiffy] Ben Franklin & Thomas Jefferson studied "Big Bone Lick" (31)
(Stuff Magazine) [Boobies] SI Swimsuit model Petra Nemcova (safe for work) (14)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Check out Kristanna Loken -- Schwarzenegger's new nemesis in T3 (69)
[Yahoo] [Hero] Russian Space Agency: Lance Bass ain't flyin on our spacecraft. Screw him and N'Sync (57)
[BBC] [Obvious] Robotic teddy bears are slowly killing off residents at Japanese retirement homes (45)
[Wired] [Spiffy] Those voices in your head may be real thanks to point-and-shoot speakers (40)
[Yahoo] [Amusing] According to Yahoo, Yassir Arafat dyed his hair, got a facelift and a boob job (pic) (55)
(Pioneer Local) [Ironic] HS basketball player makes last-second winning shot on own goal, scores. Team loses (59)
[Discovery] [Spiffy] Engineering the impossible: three giant things people want to build (with video) (60)
[Washington Post] [Obvious] Towing companies don't just charge a fortune for moving your car, they also deal drugs and defraud insurance companies. (28)
[AZCentral] [Obvious] Alice Cooper puts on school play. Descibed as 'not your average school play' (36)
[Cosmiverse] [Sick] Man turns boss into pepper soup (91)
(Hartford Courant) [Dumbass] Dumbass bribes 20 year old "security screener" to bring pot on plane. Both busted. (37)
(The Week) [Obvious] Professor concludes Britney lip-synchs all her concerts (77)
(Lebanon Enterprise) [Stupid] The Fark state's State Troopers set up roadblocks to distribute candy to people who aren't wearing seatbelts (48)
(canada.com) [Amusing] Man claims the word "stop" is too vague, challenges constitutional right of stop sign to exist. (73)
[ESPN] [Strange] Royals Shortstop really older than he told them originally, and so are about 10 other players. (20)
[CNN] [Followup] Aliens will arrive at Olympics between noon and five pm today, will whine until they get gold in something (97)
[FARK] [Spiffy] Farker MyStIcMaRa turns 21 today (121)
[LA Times] [Obvious] Study finds that Mormons use more antidepressants than any other group in the US (138)
(Some Guy) [Obvious] Satan will arrive in the form of a UPC code or something (77)
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] Survey Says: Sex as important as (if not more than) diet and exercise. (78)
[DenverChannel] [Scary] Snowboarders vs. skier: Vail skier gets in confrontation with snowboarders. They beat the crap out of him. (171)
(PETA) [Stupid] PETA activists run into deer with car, launch lawsuit over it. (205)
(ajc) [Asinine] Why the South is stupid: Georgia schools get passing grade if only 30% of students pass exams. (150)
[Reuters] [Interesting] ABC to show wartime "reality" show despite protests and controversy (34)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Traffic signal workmen in SLC (163)
(Orlando Sentinal) [Amusing] Olympians fighting junk food craving urges (19)
[AZCentral] [Amusing] Vet sticks arm down Komodo Dragon's throat to retrieve little girl's stuffed bunny (with gross pic) (41)
[CNN] [Amusing] Bomb sniffing dogs trained to keep the world safe from gumbo. Airport evacuated (25)
[Foxnews] [Misc] China says: yeah terroists suck, but were still gonna give them weapons (46)
(Fairfield Weekly) [Stupid] Pro Scrabble championship: The movie? (31)
(Stealth Cow) [Followup] Beef on the run - Day 7. Cincinnati mayor offers key to the city to escaped cow. (35)
(courier-journal.com) [Sick] Kentucky teacher's aide gives out heart-shaped treats to kids for Valentine's. Heart-shaped cat treats, that is. (45)
(Rushlimbaugh) [Obvious] Bush is smarter than Clinton, pictures don't lie (237)
[NandoTimes] [PSA] Microsoft's new version of Media Player compiles a list of everything you watch and play. (52)
(bob from accounting) [Satire] Meg Ryan's stalker and Dennis Quaid grab a beer, discuss 'the bitch who ruined our lives' (9)
[YellowTimes] [Stupid] Mistakes by President Bush partly responsible for 9/11 Pentagon disaster (133)
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] Dangerously Stupid Products Found At 99-Cent Stores (24)
(Some Guy) [Dumbass] Performance artist dresses up as a Lobster and speaks to no one for 3 months (47)
(via Allen Wrench) [Caption] Caption this devil (106)
(Cow-abunga) [Followup] Cow on the loose - Day 6. Spotted by news chopper and they still can't catch her. (with video) (42)
[NewsMax] [Unlikely] Pentagon says, "We Won't Lie" (50)
[BBSpot] [Satire] Nolan Curtis - bitter tech support advisor. Probably related to Drew somehow. (34)
(Guardian) [Weird] France repatriating pickled remains of woman with enlarged buttocks and genitalia who was displayed in Paris freakshow for 200 years. (46)
[ESPN] [Wheaton] Casting call for the "Skategate" movie (39)
(http://ricn.ru) [Boobies] Russia's skier Yulia Chepalova - Salt Lake City Olympics gold medal winner - topless (not safe for work) (38)
(Ludd) [Amusing] List of porn titles based on real movies (144)
(Some Guy) [Misc] Quiz: Is this cartoon which is captioned - "Information from the USA." Uncle Sam broadcasts, while truth stands on her head - from the Nazi's or current liberals? (127)
(myCFnow.com) [Video] Giant crapping vultures terrorize Florida neighborhood (31)
[AZCentral] [Strange] 'Bob' rejected as name for Canadian province. (71)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Katia Corriveau (some not safe for work) (45)
(Dr Rocket) [Boobies] The Red Wire Presents: Half Naked Girls (safe for work) (68)
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] Bad Board Games: 1970s Scrabble Sentence Cube Review (15)
Wed February 20, 2002: # of Comments
(MGON) [Photoshop] Photoshop Yoshi with a huge check (126)
[MSNBC] [Strange] NSync member wants to be shot into space...unfortunately also probably wishes to return (70)
[Foxnews] [Obvious] British press calls Americans "lower-class Englishmen." (266)
(Some Guy) [Unlikely] Liza Minnelli is getting married. Here's her bridal registry from Tiffanys. If you want to get her something she still needs 4 Elsa Peretti pitchers at $2,700 a pop. (62)
[USA Today] [Followup] Debunking Britney's boobies (83)
[CapAlert] [Obvious] CAPAlert warns that "Return to Neverland" may cause kids to jump off of bridges (77)
[ChicagoTribune] [Photoshop] Photoshop this luge guy crashing and burning (120)
(KMSP TV) [Obvious] Tobacco companies sue over ad that says cigarettes contain dog urine (123)
(Channel4000) [Strange] Dog with longest tongue ever eats pudding from foot away (with pic) (123)
[Pravda] [Interesting] US Special Forces enter northern Iraq (174)
(Sportsline) [Amusing] No. 1 unbeaten Swedish hockey team blown out of the olympics by the worst team in the games (88)
[ESPN] [Boobies] Vote for your favorite SI cover girl (safe for work) (80)
[USA Today] [Hero] Supreme Court may knock back copyright limits (121)
[Washington Post] [Obvious] Va to stop executing the retarded. Can't stop them from being elected however (37)
[Foxnews] [Ironic] Ashcroft says God needs the DOJ to guard freedom. (229)
[Canoe] [Hero] Bank robber takes hostage. Hostage turns around and beats crap out of bank robber (130)
[Washington Post] [Asinine] Courts open doors to even larger media conglomerates. This fall on NBC: The same old crap with 40% more AOL commercials. (54)
(hillnews.com) [Obvious] Democrats make plans to circumvent campaign reform (80)
[BBC] [Ironic] Iraq accuses US Of state terrorism (232)
[BBC] [Interesting] Brits whine about college costs. If they saw our student loans, they'd cry (110)
(Bay Insider) [Misc] Hard up for Viagra? These pushers just got the shaft. (25)
[Reuters] [Sad] Two women resort to living in their car for over a week to score Cliff Richard tickets. That's right, Cliff Richard. (73)
[The Smoking Gun] [Amusing] Dwight Gooden's mugshot. Added bonus: one of Darryl Strawberry's many mugshots (21)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] The Chancellor of Germany having some fun (190)
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] For sale: Caterina - unusual Xbox multi-purpose tool (pic) (54)
[BBC] [PSA] Colombian plane hijacked by Fark. Spell check surrenders (35)
(CBS2) [Interesting] St. Louis is a city with toilet paper in its cracks (30)
[Yahoo] [Interesting] If he wasn't a murdering despot, Milosevic would have made a fine lawyer (as if that would make any difference) (22)
(Some Guy) [Sick] Some Nazi punks create Quake clone: Ethnic Cleansing (140)
(Some Guy) [PSA] Area 51 has moved to Maine (55)
[Reuters] [Dumbass] Town treasurer used $231,000 for shopping spree; officials became suspicious when Victoria's Secret bill arrived. (27)
(CBS2) [PSA] Possible seat belt waiver for the obese (64)
(Rolling Stone) [PSA] Vote for Farker's band God Drives a Galaxy on Rolling Stone's Band of the Week (117)
[Yahoo] [NewsFlash] Train in Egypt catches on fire, keeps going, hundreds dead (235)
(Miami Herald) [Amusing] Dave Barry on Jaywalking, and the differences between Utah and Miami. (61)
(Toronto Star) [Amusing] A moment that comes once a millennium. Except that it happens again in 2112 (112)
[Reuters] [Interesting] Cyanide attack on US embassy in Italy foiled (122)
(365gay.com) [Unlikely] Gays are to blame for Enron collapse (80)
[Herald-Leader] [Stupid] Kentucky couple fill out "sex-slave" contract. Notarize and file it with county clerk (50)
[The Smoking Gun] [Amusing] Fogey mugshots (77)
[Yahoo] [Unlikely] Brotherhood of Light predicts UFO fly-by for Olympics Thursday between 12-5pm (67)
[NYPost] [Asinine] Court to allow widow of drunk driver to sue Volkswagen for contributing to husband's death. (58)
[CNN] [Stupid] Sharon continues to kill of the PLO police force and at the same time whining for them to take action (319)
[YellowTimes] [Interesting] List of connections between Bush and Enron (80)
(The Times Leader) [Amusing] Stolen "Big Boy" statue found years later in student apartment (43)
[ChicagoTribune] [Asinine] Nader claims 9/11 never would have happened with him as president (148)
[Yahoo] [Caption] Caption Bush and friends staring at floor (99)
[Retrocrush] [Boobies] 2 time Gold Medalist Katarina Witt (not safe for work) (57)
[SatireWire] [Satire] US promises to consult allies before doing what it was going to do anyway (77)
(www.fightliteracy.com) [Satire] Arby's Employees now Required to Hate life, you (42)
(Sydney Morning Herald) [Amusing] Game of 'mud football' sends 25 to hospital with infections and rashes. (26)
(Globe and Mail) [PSA] Some new airport security measures will let guards see you naked (87)
[CNN] [Video] Sports Illustrated Swimsuit videos (25)
(cbsnews.com) [Asinine] US Defense department cannot account for 25% of spending (68)
(Brass Knuckles) [Scary] What happens when your domain name turns out to also be the name of one of a big company's products (65)
[Drudge] [Obvious] FBI knows the identity of anthrax mailer, but doesn't care (55)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop Marines In Funny Hazmat Suits (154)
[I-Mockery] [Asinine] BestBuy farks up TV price on their site. So how do they solve the problem? They make it impossible to order. (243)
[LondonTimes] [Amusing] Good news for pimps and prostitutes in UK, judge says their business is legal; bad news is they have to pay taxes. (59)
Tue February 19, 2002: # of Comments
[NewsMax] [Spiffy] NPR slanders christian group; might get sued to take sensitivity training in conservative christian philosophy (lots)
[Cosmiverse] [Followup] Giant crocodile used to eat T-Rexes for lunch (44)
[eBay] [Amusing] For sale: RAM, with interesting description (109)
(Some Guy) [Followup] Why you shouldn't pay for the Internet (and who should) (66)
(al.com) [Scary] Man climbs out of grave to identify attackers (101)
(CBS2) [Scary] Living man declared dead. Apparently 19,000 are wrongly declared dead each year (44)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Feeding the pelicans (162)
[DenverChannel] [Dumbass] Real-life South Park school superintendent fired after getting into bar fight in women's underwear. (70)
[USA Today] [Obvious] "Axis of evil" has only been strengthened by President Bush's rhetoric (330)
[ChicagoTribune] [Amusing] Gallery of Olympic athletes falling on their asses. (45)
(ncbuy) [PSA] Public TV station seeking Elvis impersonators for pledge drive. (14)
[Foxnews] [Asinine] Terrorists held in Cuba sue Bush; say they deserve same rights as American citizens (271)
(myCFnow.com) [Dumbass] Man about to urinate in public puts cigarette in pocket and runs when police approach -- caught when pants catch fire and drop to his ankles (41)
(charlotte.com) [Obvious] Military plans to lob shells over NC highway. Neighbors not amused. (30)
[NandoTimes] [Obvious] Belarus speedskater has steroid level 400 times the legal limit; Decides to leave Olympics (51)
[MSNBC] [Strange] Men are now wearing pantyhose (84)
(FunReports.Com) [Hero] Scottish brewers add vitamins to beer (30)
(ncBuy) [Unlikely] Australian group clams to have made first extra-terrestrial contact (97)
(Star Tribune) [Strange] Woman administered testosterone to regain libido. Husband takes estrogen to fend off her advances. (38)
[YellowTimes] [Scary] Letter from an American prison (lots)
[Cosmiverse] [Asinine] Will obesity rival malnutrition as the world's #1 food-related health concern? (76)
[Reuters] [Spiffy] Cleaning woman accidently defuses bomb (34)
(Newsnet5) [Stupid] Cleveland teenagers are changing their eye color. With food coloring. (171)
[ESPN] [Amusing] Canada lets Wayne Gretzky pick players for Olympic team based on "speed." They get checked hard and lose a lot. Gretzky blames US propaganda (125)
(Daily Yomiuri) [Photoshop] Japanese priests in fake mustaches (130)
(Some Guy) [Followup] Escaped cow still on the loose in Cincinnati after 5 days (43)
[USA Today] [Obvious] Men more comfortable when female bosses touch them. (58)
(Bloggerheads) [PSA] Farker Manic thinks you should bite the bullet and pay for the Internet (164)
[NYPost] [Misc] Plane forced to turn around and land at La Guardia because the one passenger feds chose for extra screening managed to get on board without it. (40)
[NYPost] [Obvious] NYC residents freaked out by military jet breaking sound barrier above city at 4:30 AM. (40)
[AP] [Caption] Caption this skating duo (100)
[Washington Post] [Amusing] Drunken members of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic get kicked off plane. (23)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Yamila Diaz has posed without swimsuit before (some not safe for work) (58)
[Reuters] [Interesting] Pope has performed three exorcisms, one last September. Note: Exorcisms can involve transistor radios. (116)
(ScienceDaily) [Stupid] Study: R-rated movies make teens drink, smoke. (97)
[BBC] [Stupid] Man drinks to death, wife sues, said his job required him to drink... to death? (48)
(Spiffy Girl) [Photoshop] Man staring at statue (99)
[BBSpot] [Satire] Britney Spears to appear in second Harry Potter movie. (58)
(Sydney Morning Herald) [Asinine] Phone company cancels mobile phone of dying woman because it's easier to settle the bill while she's still alive (50)
[Independent] [Strange] Hairless, muscular cousin of the chihuahua is the hottest new dog in US, costing up to $2,000 each. (50)
(The Scotsman) [Interesting] Think you've got pothole problems? Scottish highland roads are resurfaced every 200 years on average. (69)
[The Sun] [PSA] Blood-thirsty, flesh-eating sheep discovered in Britain (75)
[MSNBC] [Strange] Scientists attempting to make macaroni and cheese that lasts 3 years for the military (41)
[MSNBC] [Ironic] Man who hoped DNA test would exonerate him is now linked to two crimes. (44)
[Yahoo] [Boobies] Yahoo photo search brings SI swimsuit tally to four (35)
(Some Guy) [Sad] Anchorage fears lawsuit, tells city's 400 firefighters to put away boobies mags (bottom of page) (35)
Mon February 18, 2002: # of Comments
[Yahoo] [Boobies] Hey here's another SI swimsuit pic that Yahoo! posted early (23)
[Yahoo] [Boobies] Yahoo! accidentally posts SI swimsuit cover early. Here tis. Thanks to Brassknuckles for hosting the mirror (22)
[Yahoo] [Cool] Marines to practice urban warfare in a real city, and are now accepting nominations. (70)
(Some Guy) [Strange] Man who found lost purse shot in head when he asked for a reward (183)
(I Film) [Video] Infiltrating the Playboy Mansion (56)
(beer.trash.net) [Followup] Here's a 33% beer (33)
[NewsMax] [Sad] Bill misses his Buddy (134)
(myCFnow.com) [Amusing] Mysterious toilet flushing thought to be ghosts is instead "Boots" and "Bandit" the family cats (42)
(Guardian Unlimited) [Followup] Remember the bodies found behind the crematorium? The story is a lot worse that was initially reported. (136)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this Dutch speed skater (152)
[BBC] [Strange] Japanese bank selling off $2billion worth of british pubs. (26)
[BostonGlobe] [PSA] USPS won't deliver bees. Afraid of being stung. (42)
[Cosmiverse] [Followup] Alien cult leader to clone human within two years (27)
(invisiblesummer.com) [Unlikely] Is there anyone lower than John Edwards ? (133)
(Allafrica) [Followup] I have two baby oryx, do I hear three? (38)
[The Sun] [Amusing] Swedes angry at their country being depicted as limp penis on new Euro coin (64)
(Some Guy) [Strange] Man picks up dead estranged wife in Philly, drives her to Pittsburgh Hospital and asks them to perform scientific experiments on her (33)
[ESPN] [PSA] At 3:00pm EST the Houston Texans start drafting rejects from other NFL teams (48)
(Sporting News.com) [Interesting] Bucs get Gruden for head coach, doo dah, doo dah (31)
[NYPost] [Stupid] Man who threatened to torch club faces up to 3,000 years in prison. (22)
[Cosmiverse] [Followup] Military laser weapon brings death at light speed (54)
[Free Press] [Cool] 20th anniversary of Evil Dead (48)
(RealBeer.com) [Hero] World's strongest beer, 24% alcohol, on sale in limited quantities (58)
[LA Times] [Amusing] The perfect gift for her: how to be a stripper and pole dancer class. (57)
[FARK] [PSA] For those who asked for it: upcoming photoshop contests now listed underneath classifieds. Now you can get a head start on entries (89)
[Yahoo] [Stupid] Family sues Ford for not saying adjustable foot pedals are safety feature (44)
[BBC] [Amusing] British marines mistakenly storm Spanish resort. Locals confine them to beach area. (61)
(Star Tribune) [Interesting] Boosted spending at aiports due to long security waits has nearly offset decline in travelers. (12)
[Cosmiverse] [Obvious] What does the future hold? Cyberbabes and Orgasmatrons (26)
[NYPost] [Followup] Prince Harry Pothead hanging out with the wrong crowd again. (46)
(Russian Internet Observer Sh*tHead) [Amusing] 4000 stupid people could beat a world record by kissing each other's asses (25)
(Some Guy) [Satire] Canada Warned About Using Up Its News Quota (38)
(digitalo.com) [Amusing] Responsibile cow tipping, PETA seal of approval pending (26)
(Sunday Nation Online) [Followup] Game-wardens seperate lioness and oryx (19)
[ESPN] [Spiffy] FSU baseball team sets NCAA record by hitting same opposing batter five times in one game (23)
[CPC] [Spiffy] American girls hockey team hands ass back to Mexican guys hockey team (54)
(homestarrunner) [Amusing] New Strong Bad email (28)
[ABC News] [Obvious] Student kills a man for criticizing his karaoke performance of Sinatra's "My Way" (52)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this baseball training exercise (115)
(NY Press) [Misc] It not a job, its a career: DJ in a strip club (111)
[YellowTimes] [Scary] U.S. empire in decline? The descent from Solomon to Robocop (136)
(myCFnow.com) [Stupid] Sex class instructor takes students to strip club for final project -- has sex on stage (77)
[Independent] [Unlikely] Baghdad, Iraq to bid for the Olympics in 2012, begins building a 105,000 seat stadium to prepare for getting the games (318)
[BBC] [Amusing] President Bush sabotages Japanese economy with 'slip of tongue'. (164)
(Sky News) [Followup] Lioness adopts another baby oryx after last one was eaten (27)
(via Brutal.com) [Dumbass] Businessman fails to realize man who slept over at his shop is a robber (16)
(Some Guy) [PSA] Camptown races uses eight sylables after all doo-dah doo-dah (28)
[Cool] Will Farkman be another mild-mannered superhero? You decide. Post and vote for what happens next in this link's comments (140)
[Foxnews] [Interesting] New bin Laden videotape found. (46)
(Rolling Stone) [Photoshop] Photoshop Britney Spears with her mouth hanging open (142)
(Hacker Network) [Misc] Hacker Network's Darwin reviews some of the net's top sites. (16)
[Yahoo] [PSA] Britney Spears topless scene cut from movie (78)
(The Flying Cow) [Strange] Fling that cow if you know what's good for ya. (43)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Argentinian escorts (not safe for work) (86)
(KCTV5.com) [Sad] McDonalds uses the INS to silence the illegals it mistreats (131)
(silive.com) [Obvious] Police advise Quakers that it might not be a good idea to videotape drug dealers in action (51)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Ripped blouse? Not to worry, you just became fashionable. (SFW) (144)
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