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Sun February 17, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Video] The entire Dragon's Liar game from beginning to end, with death footage too. (57)
(myCFnow.com) [Unlikely] Dad has "a few beers" then puts inline skates on first-grader and allows him to drive family car (54)
[BostonGlobe] [Interesting] Boy quits school at 7, hits the road with father, joins MIT faculty at 20 (63)
(post-dispatch.com) [Ironic] PTA meeting called to promote understanding of Islam is called off after audience members become hostile (149)
[CNN] [PSA] Burton wins Daytona 500 (133)
[CNN] [Sick] Crematory weirdo leaves corpses all over property (48)
[CNN] [Hero] Maryland blows out Duke (30)
[YellowTimes] [Asinine] Union contracts restrict the ability of Justice Department workers from protecting Americans and national security? (25)
(AKNeutron) [Video] "Duck and cover" -Flash video featuring the old ways of surviving an atomic explosion. (70)
(Some Guy) [Hero] Soldier kills ten Al Qaida, and saves commanding officer (97)
(CNN/SI) [PSA] CNNSI to "unveil" swimsuit photos this Tuesday evening (13)
(Some Guy) [Strange] The Traffic Cone Preservation Society: Preserving and studying those "Helpers of Humanity" (14)
[Telegraph] [Cool] U.S. develops laser gunships; Bond villians rejoice (121)
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Cow escapes from slaughter house, continues to evade capture in residential area (20)
[Yahoo] [NewsFlash] Maoist rebels have killed 129+ in Nepal (85)
[SeattleTimes] [Cool] Couple building dream house - exact replica of Munster's house. (16)
(Spudtech) [Cool] Build your own high tech potato gun (13)
[AP] [Photoshop] Libyan people's court (143)
(Some Australian Guy) [Amusing] Skater wins Australia's first ever Winter Olympics gold by going slowly and waiting for everyone else to fall down, go boom (109)
[CNN] [Ironic] Farrakhan urges rappers to avoid violent lyrics. (72)
(gazette.com) [Amusing] Fox affiliate accidentally airs porn (66)
(Some Prince) [Misc] Prince of Liechtenstein suffering from Alec Baldwin syndrome and threatening to leave country if people don't do as he says. (17)
[Houston Chronicle] [PSA] New laws passed for teen body piercing (106)
[NandoTimes] [Interesting] Next bio-engineered miracle: new cigarettes with all the cancer causing qualities of the old ones, but without that pleasant nicotine buzz. (22)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] High-res French boobies (NSFW) (50)
(Via BadJocks.com) [Unlikely] Former NBA star kills limo driver with usually reliable "Twirling the Loaded Shotgun" trick (55)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Heaps of Neat Mathematical Properties of 666 (34)
(Some Guy) [Misc] Quiet Sunday? See if you can solve a puzzle by Einstein. (105)
[eBay] [Misc] For sale: ENRON Retirement Coffee Mug (49)
Sat February 16, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Amusing] The International Rubber Chicken Society (21)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] 1800's "Flatus Apparatus" invention, and why it ultimately failed. (30)
(Eurekalert.org) [Interesting] Science-babe wants to unify gravity and the electromagnetic theory. Science Babe? (65)
(Some Guy) [Cool] forget that game from Prototypeproject, create a ride dude, even wit da hydros dawg. (23)
(myCFnow.com) [Scary] 3 Dozen Corpses Found Stacked In Sheds Behind Crematory (85)
[The Register] [Spiffy] Charge your Laptop battery while walking to work (27)
[Yahoo] [Interesting] Milosovic's defense. Wants to call Clinton to testify. Jokes on him if he wants the truth. (31)
(Homestar Runner) [Amusing] New Strong Bad email (48)
(Willamette Week) [PSA] If you are looking for large groups of single women (and men), portland oregon is the place to be. (72)
(The Scotsman) [Obvious] Study shows men with colds bigger whiners than women. (111)
(PrototypeProject.com) [Cool] Very Cool Flash Movie, There is sound so if at work crank it. (55)
(Buzz) [Spiffy] Buzz: the Swedish Fark. Let's go see what them crazy Swedes is up to... (88)
(RBCP) [Audio] PhoneLosers calls people featured in Fark articles (52)
[The Smoking Gun] [Interesting] Kenneth Lay and Prez were buddy-buddy pen-pals (128)
(Indystar.com) [Amusing] Drug task force sells old computers, forgets to wipe drives - Lists of confidential informants turn up posted all over city (54)
[NYPost] [Amusing] Manhattan chef facing stiff penalty for use of Viagra in dish. (40)
[LA Times] [Strange] Man suing cops for holding him for 12 days before verifying that he had twin brother who was real suspect. (26)
[MSNBC] [Photoshop] Photoshop this basketball game (155)
[MSNBC] [Caption] Caption or photoshop this monkey...whatever floats your boat. (78)
[CNN] [Amusing] Boys will be boys, even if they're Secret Service agents providing security at the Olympics (21)
[Foxnews] [Obvious] 76% of Americans believe "Axis of Evil" is an accurate label; 1% also believes Germany to be greatest military threat to the U.S. (77)
(NHL.com) [Cool] Team USA kicks the crap out of Finland. Has no chance of playing against Canada (27)
[Retrocrush] [Boobies] Chesty Morgan: A look at the scariest boobies of all time (not safe for work?) (54)
[ZDNet] [Spiffy] 7-year old wins trip to Olympics by designing pizza oven from AOL disks (54)
(Times of India) [Stupid] U.S. Planes drop $100 bills on Afghanistan. In other news, Indian press will believe anything. (43)
[SatireWire] [Amusing] French judge declares Afghanistan the winner in the "War on Terrorism" (19)
[Retrocrush] [Boobies] Dolly Parton Gallery (lots o' clevage, but safe for work) (38)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] More Fun with Telemarketers (39)
[DallasNews] [Cool] Make-A-Wish Foundation giving sick 4-year-old driving lessons so he can drive Domino's delivery rig (30)
(JamieWhite.com) [Strange] Hats for cats. Does your cat need a hat? (57)
(Some Farker) [Stupid] Farker Batmn42 got suspended from his college radio station... here's why (72)
[MSNBC] [Amusing] Actor playing French grenadier falls in orchestra pit; surrenders to flute section (16)
[The Toque] [Satire] Animal control fighting Smurf infestation. (25)
Fri February 15, 2002: # of Comments
[NewsMax] [Interesting] Liberal lies and the war against religion (273)
(Some Guy) [Obvious] Right wing myths exposed (117)
[CNN] [Asinine] Gennifer Flowers out of money again, files another Clinton lawsuit (35)
[Yahoo] [Interesting] Living together pre-marriage may lead to divorce (36)
[CPC] [Sad] Canada's olympic hockey team loses 5-2 to Sweeden (83)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Viviane Araújo -- Brazillian succubus from yesterday's photoshop (not safe for work) (50)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Copy Cat and her genetic engineers (121)
[eBay] [Strange] For sale: erotic bronze goat (60)
(CBS2) [Asinine] Smuggler attempts to "starch" his clothes with heroin (18)
[ZDNet] [Stupid] You may be carded next time you try to buy video games in Georgia (77)
(Some Guy) [Strange] 10 days in the pokey and 2 years probation for assault with a deadly submarine sandwich. Jerrod unavailable for comment (41)
[Yahoo] [Interesting] NASA builds a room to house visiting aliens (44)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Search for "Whore" on hotjobs brings interesting results (80)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Pope John Paul II High School hockey players beat the hell out of oposing team in bench clearing brawl. Pope not available for comment. (39)
[NYPost] [Strange] Judge says it's not a violation of civil rights for boss to require Pizza Hut worker to spank himself with his own belt. (69)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Dilbert's theory of salary, or why managers make more money (64)
(via SA Forums) [Followup] FOX execs latest brilliant creation: Glutton Bowl (58)
(via Lucianne.com) [Asinine] PETA fights for cow's right not to be mocked (93)
(New York Daily News) [Asinine] Guy amazed people are questioning his production of dolls of famous Nazis. (70)
(Webforwards.com) [Spiffy] Olympic Squirrel Skiing (28)
[ESPN] [Cool] Olympic medal to be awarded to Canadians as well as Russians; French input deemed insignificant yet again. (170)
[The Sun] [Followup] Indian metal clawed monkey may have a helmet. (29)
(Arizona Daily Wildcat) [Interesting] Crotchball: bouncing big balls off your crotch to score (50)
(thestar.com) [Asinine] Canadian inmates riot and trash part of prison because they don't like meatloaf. (68)
[AZCentral] [Scary] Telemarketing hell: Calls for guy who moved 30 years ago (47)
[AZCentral] [Amusing] Canadian reporter at Olympics kicked out of hotel after locking himself out of his room while naked. (56)
(news&observer) [Obvious] UNC sucks so badly it's hurting property values. (35)
[AZCentral] [Sad] At 112, fan recalls Cubs winning World Series (122)
[Excite] [Amusing] 23 year old Afghani sees his first boobies on sattelite tv, giggles. (95)
[Washington Post] [Amusing] Pilgrims get air rage - beat Afghan air minister to death (159)
[NandoTimes] [PSA] White Plains nuclear reactor leaking radiation; but hey, they say it's not too bad. (135)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Sir Rudi, Andy and Judi (162)
(NY1.com) [Asinine] Man apprehended for both massive hit & run incidents in Manhattan this week, 25 people injured (57)
[SeattleTimes] [Strange] 5,000 people per year write to Juliet (of Romeo &) in Italy for advice on love lives. (55)
(Shmoska Sun-Times) [Strange] The unthinkable: Russian Internet observer is dubbed "sh*thead" (36)
[The Sun] [Amusing] Britney Spears wears see-through dress. Beware of very bad puns in brief article (99)
[MSNBC] [Scary] Scientists now conclude that sleeping longer give you cancer. And the less you sleep the better. (54)
(AJC.com) [Interesting] Commentary on the state of boobies in the USA (safe for work) (28)
(Some Guy) [PSA] Are you missing your penis? If so, some guy in Nebraska may have found it (39)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Jenny McCarthy (146)
[Whatever-Dude] [Amusing] The Best of W-D. Trashing Richard Simmons and reader hate mail. (40)
(Quadell) [Boobies] Hi-res pics of models nude in public, plus people's reactions (115)
(hooligans-thegame.com) [Cool] Now you to can be a soccer hooligan. Hope there's a hidden Kebab level. (42)
[Retrocrush] [Amusing] Hi-Tech toilets that squirt, blow, and toast (43)
Thu February 14, 2002: # of Comments
[Yahoo] [Stupid] $7 for a pack of cigarettes in NY? Time to switch to crack. (208)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Portland, OR: where even coyotes use public transit (33)
[Houston Chronicle] [Interesting] Man Flies Over Building In SUV Crash, sometimes it pays not to buckle up. (79)
(Dailyrevolution.com) [Interesting] How Miss Cleo's operation works, as told by a former employee. (61)
(myCFnow.com) [PSA] De Niro To Host Account Of WTC Attack (51)
(myCFnow.com) [Asinine] Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, Launches Boat-Racing Team (35)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] grave digger partially buried in grave (24)
(FireBox) [Asinine] If bottled water wasn't enough of a rip off. (85)
(heraldnet.com) [Ironic] Fort Lewis soldiers fall asleep and drop their weapons while riding as guards on Transit buses; hilarity ensues (37)
[ESPN] [Amusing] Sports Guy's excellent review of the "reprehensible" new movie, Rollerball (62)
(Oregon Live) [Strange] Limo driver found dead at Jayson Williams' house while the Harlem Globetrotters are visiting (40)
(Some Guy) [Satire] U.S. considers military action to remove skating judges (22)
[BBC] [Obvious] President Bush still pressing hard to destroy environment (201)
(myCFnow.com) [Strange] Woman beaten for bringing 13 items to express lane (175)
(WRIC) [Strange] Guy spends 90 minutes stuck head first in vat of packing peanuts (19)
[CNN] [Photoshop] Due to popular demand, photoshop Miss America (176)
[Drudge] [Obvious] What? Ms. Cleo may not be an actual Jamaican Born Psychic? (60)
[CNN] [NewsFlash] Iran arrests 150 Taliban, Al Qaeda suspects...Pigs Fly? (130)
[MSNBC] [PSA] Jenny McCarthy is pregnant. Fb- is the father (57)
(Some Guy) [Strange] Help Farker Semibridge find a home for his psycho hamster. (57)
(Irish Independent) [Stupid] 'Pigs made me go deaf - now gimme money' - Farmer (37)
(icberkshire) [Weird] Brits get desperate for good food, beat up 3 men for their kebabs (33)
(news&observer) [Scary] 1 in 12 young adults in Baltimore has an untreated STD (130)
(Billboard.com) [Asinine] Barry Manilow currently has the number 3 album in the U.S. (157)
[I-Mockery] [Amusing] Valentine's Day is a Crock (old repeat) (83)
(theage) [Hero] Farmer survives two days in wild with broken legs on warm beer (69)
(pittsburghfirst) [Stupid] US scientists clone domestic cat, like we don't have enough cats already (79)
[ABC News] [Ironic] Scientists try to get sharks to do it by playing Barry White really loud (54)
[Yahoo] [Followup] Miss America now happy with her job (39)
[CNN] [Cool] Campaign Finance Reform Passes (101)
(Slashdot) [Strange] Head slashdot guy asks girl to marry him...on Slashdot (185)
[Wired] [Followup] Bob Bemer invented hyperlinks in 1960, tells BT to shove it (37)
(news&observer) [Interesting] Jesse Helms says laboratory rats lead cushy lives. PETA not amused. (110)
[NYPost] [Amusing] Just in time for Valentine's, adultery is sweeping through normally monogamous penguin population at NY Aquarium. (46)
[Foxnews] [Amusing] Europeans buying into lunar real estate craze (35)
(NY Daily News) [Ironic] Laura Bush lectures John Walker Lindh's parents on parenting (207)
(news&observer) [Asinine] Thief saws into florist warehouse, makes off with 6000 roses. (41)
(ncbuy) [Amusing] Singing psychic says Danielle van Dam's kidnapper is coked-up Led Zeppelin fan who loves Court TV. (33)
[Aftenposten.no] [Strange] Norwegian company betting that chocolate and lipstick made from cod sperm will be a marketting success (41)
(news&observer) [PSA] Ex-NBA player Matt Geiger's escaped bison captured near St. Petersburg, Fla. (15)
[Washington Post] [Obvious] French Olympic skating judge was "emotionally fragile" and "under pressure". France surrendered years ago. (91)
(ninemsn) [PSA] US law enforcement warn of Valentine's Teddy Bear bombs (35)
(Closet Elvis) [Amusing] Just in time for Valentine's Day, 5 more ways to leave your lover (110)
[Retrocrush] [Boobies] Daisy Duke Pinup Gallery...YEEEHAW (not safe for work) (99)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Atlanta plays host to DragonCon 2002, and a Fark Fest August 30th (51)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Farkers help put together the top 10 worst things you can say on a first date part 3 (38)
[NYPost] [Cool] Hollywood is out of ideas: 'Spongebob Squarepants' to be made into a movie (58)
(The Scotsman) [Cool] Queen finds Blackadder amusing; BBC gets permission for Rowan Atkinson to play "keeper of Her Majesty's lawn-sprinkler" (30)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this Brazilian carnival succubus (hard) (138)
[AZCentral] [Obvious] Married men spend less on Valentine's Day than single men do with girlfriends (70)
(The Guardian) [Obvious] Researchers conclude people are "consumed with envy and malice." (28)
(Some Guy) [Strange] Diamonds in the ruffage-- 1304 uncut diamonds found in man's intestine (27)
[CNN] [Amusing] Miss America (of Fark photoshop fame) getting pissed off and ain't gonna take it anymore (81)
(That guy) [PSA] Denver Fark Party Update - photoshop a logo for our t-shirts and get a free one (22)
[Cosmiverse] [Obvious] Men and women dish out rejection differently (63)
[BostonGlobe] [Misc] Boston mayor still waiting to be paid on Super Bowl bet with St. Louis mayor. St. Louis whines that Philadelphia still hasn't paid them, either. (36)
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] X-E Tackles the Tigershark (31)
[SatireWire] [Obvious] Anyone else notice SatireWire is kicking The Onion's butt? (86)
[AP] [Photoshop] Photoshop these Mardi Gras bartenders (131)
Wed February 13, 2002: # of Comments
[BostonGlobe] [Obvious] 70% of Florida's new touch screen voting machines don't work. (52)
(Some Guy) [Strange] Doctor claims Elvis still alive, nagged by migranes (51)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Quest For Al-Qa'eda - The Hunt For Bin Laden - A 3d Shooter Computer Game (52)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Georgetown Student Body election results (81)
(myCFnow.com) [Sad] Singer Waylon Jennings has died (295)
(Some Guy) [Cool] All the Xiao Xiao movies in one place, site won't get farked after 2 mins (21)
(Some Guy) [Followup] Why buy a $99 toy R2D2 when for a mere few thousand dollars you can build a real one (44)
(kmov.com) [Cool] 'Teminator 3' will battle female cyborgs (113)
(scientific american) [Cool] Cold war sped up human mutation rates, thereby explaining hordes of kids with adamantium claws and optic blasters. (49)
[Foxnews] [Followup] Nikolay Soltys kills self, gives satan one more bastard to deal with (59)
[Herald-Leader] [Spiffy] Ale 8 might be coming soon to your area -- even if you aren't lucky enough to live in the Fark State (this stuff rocks -Drew) (67)
(CBS News) [Asinine] United Air Lines mechanics reject 37% pay raise. God Bless Unions (155)
[MSNBC] [Photoshop] Caption Ken Lay (145)
[Telegraph] [Weird] Crook shaves off eye browes before police line-up to avoid being recognized (26)
(myCFnow.com) [Hero] Al-Qaida suspect blows self to bits with grenade when cornered by security force (150)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop the Best in Show (174)
[ESPN] [Stupid] Joe Theismann's son gets caught with crack, doo dah, doo dah... (59)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] We may not have the best Curlers, but we have the Hottest chicks in the Olympics. Sort of safe for work (106)
[CapAlert] [Interesting] CapAlert reviews Collateral Damage (35)
(Warner Bros.) [Video] Mission Imp starring Mini Me. (25)
[The Smoking Gun] [Amusing] Naomi Campbell sues The Daily Mirror for telling everyone she's a druggie (she is) (32)
(ADN) [Amusing] Moose falls through house roof, rescued with crane (with pic) (49)
(The Guardian) [Stupid] Man destroyed all 7,226 of his personal possessions as work of "performance art" (142)
(CBS) [Amusing] Jury awards $50,000 to owners of house city officials labelled "hillbilly hellhole" (42)
Forum [Misc] TotalFark Forum: only the last 24 hours of comments listed (172)
[MSNBC] [Stupid] Experts say the mayhem and murder of recent events are reflected in the Oscar nominations. Fail to take into account that most film nominees completed filming this past summer or earlier (59)
[CNN] [Interesting] Enron chairman needs money, sells house to anonymous buyer for nearly triple the regular value (102)
(MFDB2) [Followup] Raleigh NC Fark Party ... - When... April ??, 2002 (105)
[ChicagoTribune] [PSA] Kids that use sippy cups turn into incoherent mumbling adults (89)
(Post Dispatch) [Amusing] Witness to defense attorney: "Didn't you pay me for sex and snort cocaine at a hotel?" Hillarity ensues (56)
(theage) [Amusing] 300,000 wine bottles recalled because of Bin-Laden labelling (33)
[Cosmiverse] [Ironic] Sex offenders in Norway given Viagra (54)
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] For $99, you can get your own R2-D2. It will hold your beer for you (37)
(WND.COM) [PSA] MSNBC declares state of Palestine (178)
[Yahoo] [PSA] President Bush plans to oust Hussein; hopes Saddam doesn't read newspapers (lots)
[Cosmiverse] [Stupid] Taxpayers billed for removing swastika tattoo from prisoner (41)
[AintItCoolNews] [Spiffy] Oscar nominations are in. Harry Knowles not biased in the least (38)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Belarus Olympians accuse Olympics organizers of sabotage by way of feeding them too much junk food (36)
(Whitehouse.org) [Amusing] President Buh shares Valentines Day ruminations on the righteousness of the missionary position (45)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this Curling (nyuk nyuk) (175)
(The Detroit News.) [Interesting] Comcast internet service uses Orwel's "1984" as a guide to wooing new customers. (43)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Drug fueled sex romp between British men mistaken for terrorism, F-16s scrambled (58)
(accessatlanta.com) [Stupid] "Mouth of the South" is sorry for sticking "Foot of the South" in it. (113)
(via morons.org) [Asinine] Texas jury accidentally gives murderer probation instead of jail time. Whoops. (60)
(accessatlanta.com) [Sad] Georgia says "Give us your poor, your tired, and your ear-biting criminal boxers." (12)
[SFGate] [Misc] Bush thinks he can reduce US drug abuse by 25% in five years (121)
[Cosmiverse] [Cool] Viagra may help stroke symptoms (26)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] New Zealand phone company adds $337.00 surcharge to customer's bill for being "arrogant bastard" (36)
(ncbuy) [Strange] New Zealand local baffled by mysterious bra fence (24)
(UPI.com) [Stupid] FBI forgets to notify the U.S. embassy specifically mentioned in latest terrorist alert (21)
(ncbuy) [Obvious] Expert says no one will eat new blue french fries. (34)
[LA Times] [Amusing] L.A. burglar bites victim on arm, flees in stolen car; leaves false teeth behind, complete with traceable serial number (8)
(Albino Blacksheep) [Cool] It's Xiao Xiao #8 (42)
(heraldonline) [Strange] SC town to encourage beard growing by issuing whisker insurance and shaving permits (17)
[NYPost] [Interesting] Proving himself to be peacemaker, Arafat pulls gun on aide during argument. (94)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Opie & Anthony's Naught Nighty Contest (NSFW) (180)
(ACU) [Cool] Find out how bad your senator lied to you by looking at their actual voting record (98)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Learn physics by blowing stuff up in microwaves (48)
Tue February 12, 2002: # of Comments
[MSNBC] [Cool] US Women's Ice Hockey beats Germany 10-0. France Surrenders (50)
[TechTV] [Sad] Virginia school district forces the return of laptops after 11,000 students were caught downloading porn. (Note:Students deserve HERO tag, nice work) (174)
(via good-gristle.com) [Satire] France to declare war on US; presumably over "France Surrenders" jokes. US surrenders. (55)
[Salon] [PSA] PayPal about to be shut down in Louisiana (44)
[Whatever-Dude] [Spiffy] Whatever-Dude 1 year anniversary (30)
[Free Press] [Hero] 12 y/o having bake sales to buy bullet proof vests for police dogs. (81)
[CPC] [Followup] Canada slaughters Finland in Curling 9-4. Finland revolts, France offers surrender. (30)
(silive.com) [Interesting] Mobster sperm smuggled out of prison seized by government, claims it's 'contraband' (37)
[Salon] [Hero] You think you're tough? 77-year-old man succesfully fights off cougar attack (52)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Fark Chat statistics covering since right after #fark was started (97)
[CNN] [NewsFlash] 15 Religious studies students hoping they chose the right god in CT. (119)
(myCFnow.com) [Stupid] Wacko neighbor kills dogs with antifreeze to "send message to the owners." (173)
(Some Guy) [Asinine] Woman is Arrested and Handcuffed for Late Video Rental (56)
[BostonGlobe] [PSA] Human cloning to start next month. Ethicists everywhere ask, "Why in Kentucky?" (65)
(NZ Herald) [Cool] No more pesky surgery thanks to do it yourself knee repair kit (23)
(gotfuturama) [Followup] sign the futurama petition. (86)
[AP] [Strange] Kitty Litter is apparently *mined* (52)
(Some Company) [Cool] New index card-sized computer (37)
(Bourbocam) [Boobies] Reminder: Today is Fat Tuesday. Check out the Bourbocam. (52)
[AintItCoolNews] [Sad] Futurama is being cancelled. In the name of bender "Bite my shiny metal ass.. FOX." (227)
[ESPN] [Misc] Michael Jordan Now a Boston Celtic (54)
[DenverChannel] [Amusing] Talking e-mail wizard takes strain out of reading. Can I get a girl's voice for my spam porn e-mails? (12)
(Some Guy) [Asinine] Play this way cool curling game. (44)
(Some Chick) [Weeners] A few boys for the Farkettes (45)
(al.com) [Hero] Krispy Kreme does its part in the fragile boobies-for-beads-for-donuts-for-schools ecosystem. (24)
(Some Wacko) [Followup] Protect yourself from electronic mind control weapons with this homemade aluminum beanie (32)
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Killing off the Friends, one by one. Yay. (69)
(Some Old Chinese Guy) [Cool] Happy Chinese New Year. Year of the Black Horse. (26)
[CPC] [Interesting] List of "green" cars released, which one would you buy? (108)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Divx is dead. Long live Vp3. (80)
[CPC] [Followup] Canadian mens curling team hands the US team their ass 8-3 (117)
(Halo Wars) [Followup] Like that Halo Car flipping movie? Win money playing Halo. (36)
(Arab News) [Obvious] When there are no beheadings to watch, you can always settle for a good old public caning. (49)
(oscars.org) [NewsFlash] Oscar nominations are out and LOTR leads the pack (134)
(Pile of dead cultural icons) [Amusing] Lord Of The Rings remake - shorter, slicker, less bull (37)
(Arabnews.com) [PSA] 5. (37)
[MSNBC] [NewsFlash] Iranian Air jet crashes in to a mountain, 117 killed (∞)
(courier-journal.com) [Weird] Kentucky man killed in horse drawn buggy accident. (22)
[Reuters] [Amusing] Man arrested in Angola with 1,304 uncut diamonds in his intestines; he was taken to hospital, where they were "removed" (21)
(Nerf Online.com) [Followup] Nerf isn't a pansy sport (84)
(Startribune.com) [Scary] Unstoppable fungus wipes out third of world’s cocoa crop. France, Nestle, and Hershey’s surrender. (49)
(noapologiespress.com) [Interesting] Why some states should leave the Union (101)
(Some Couch Casting) [Boobies] wannabe famous boobies, many not safe for work (39)
(starwars.com) [Cool] More Episode II action figures (Natalies Portman's comes with "swinging Boobie action." Okay, not really) (41)
(Dribbleglass.com) [Boobies] SI Model Dispells Myths About Bathingsuit Models (41)
(Philly.com) [Followup] See about 60% of Britney's boobs (SFW) (76)
[BBC] [Misc] Thieves steal 26,000 mobile phones (28)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Fly the fly around the kitchen in amazing flash-game (25)
(United Devices) [PSA] Fight Anthrax on your computer. (21)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Make your very own cow. (20)
(daily breeze) [Hero] Horse kicks his rapist (54)
(Pizza Dude) [Boobies] Karats for kleavage radio contest. ~ 60 sets of bodacious tatas (NSFW) (62)
(spikything.com) [Spiffy] Super addictive flash game (65)
[Reuters] [Photoshop] In honour of the Chinese New Year, photoshop this dragon (109)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] The best boobies site EVAR (definately NSFW) (124)
Mon February 11, 2002: # of Comments
[Yahoo] [NewsFlash] Possible Attack Against U.S. Tuesday, FBI Says (216)
(http://www.examiner.com) [Scary] Hustler featuring ads with girls made up to look underage, way underage. Salvation Army pissed. (166)
(myCFnow.com) [Followup] Fire Kills More Than 100 Cows -- Unrelated To Pig Fire (37)
(Some Brazillian Guy) [Boobies] Beautiful Brazilian Beach Booties (78)
[Yahoo] [Strange] Scientists find fossilized dinosaur vomit. (37)
(Some Guy) [Weeners] Surf and sport photography, doodah, doodah. (40)
(Some Geek at MIT) [Spiffy] The official MIT Olympics drinking game (21)
[MSNBC] [Interesting] Fossilized Dinosour Vomit Found: Bush Sr. denies responsibility (13)
[Salon] [NewsFlash] US sweeps half-pipe; AP writer files lame story, using "dude" in first sentence (55)
[MSNBC] [NewsFlash] Enron II, no one saw this coming. (38)
[SFGate] [Scary] Terrorist Bees attack mall (43)
(BayInsider.com) [Stupid] Man drives his backhoe into two taverns, no word on what he ordered (19)
[MSNBC] [NewsFlash] USA stuns world champs Sweden in curling; riots in Montana, Minnesota imminent (68)
[DenverChannel] [Asinine] A passenger on a flight to Salt Lake City could go to prison for going potty just before the plane landed. (105)
[CNN] [Amusing] Human Cannonball fall down go boom (video) (30)
[SFGate] [Interesting] How to defeat telemarketing bastards for good. (98)
(The mad music bandit) [Cool] MP3 is dead. Long live OGG. (109)
(TheNewOrleansChanell) [Scary] Woman wakes up in body bag then ruins the story by dying anyway (19)
[TechTV] [Sad] Tonight's "Big Thinkers" rerun: Douglas Adams, interviewed just days before his death (16)
(RantRadio) [Cool] Fark's Drew Curtis Interviewed LIVE from Mardi Gras Monday night at 8PM PST/11PM EST (22)
(bourbocam) [Photoshop] Mardi Gras Kodak moment: Drew, Vici, Jesus and a guy in a pink suit (95)
(via Cruel Site of the Day) [Scary] Government uses experimental electronic weapons on its citizenry, disastrous results in Florida (118)
[JSOnline] [Amusing] Tom Greene nominated for worst actor, worst screenplay, worst director and worst couple (animals) (73)
(Some Guy) [Cool] View 6 episodes of Mashimaro (35)
(myCFnow.com) [PSA] The Who Announces U.S. Tour -- With Tour Dates (99)
(Philly.com) [Stupid] Kobe Bryant booed at NBA All-Star game by the always congenial Philadelphia crowd. (121)
(myCFnow.com) [Sad] Fire Kills More Than 100 Show Pigs (61)
[BBC] [Scary] Brit Company To Patent Salted French Fries (51)
(via slam.ca) [Hero] Kevin Garnett will buy beer for 10,000 fans (32)
(news:alt.atheism) [Amusing] Krishnas declare bankrupcy (31)
(berkeley.edu) [Spiffy] The online slang dictionary. Fb- still a chode. (51)
[SeattleTimes] [Amusing] Seattle declared "fashion disaster zone" (38)
[Drudge] [Obvious] Why was Clinton acquitted? The congress is Masonic of course (88)
(icelandair.com) [Boobies] Get ready for the 2002 Miss Iceland pageant (56)
[ABC News] [Cool] Military building robot suits like Ripley had in "Aliens" (55)
[Yahoo] [Boobies] See about 40% of Britney's boob (SFW). (95)
(SA v FARK) [Wheaton] Wheaton has spoken: SA v. FARK = SA #1, Fark #2 & 3 (193)
(Kerouac) [Followup] Early pics from Toronto Fark gathering (43)
(Late night Breakfast run) [Spiffy] National Pancake Day (Free Pancakes) (48)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Politically Correct Fairy Tales (66)
(myCFnow.com) [Interesting] Patch Would Stir Women's Sex Drive (62)
[Excite] [Scary] Coca-Cola releases new formula to fix your back pain (71)
(Heinz) [Weird] Heinz new french fries now in cool colors and fine flavors (91)
(RockyMountainNews.com) [Obvious] Man puts 80 lb. pet python around neck. Snake kills him. Guess what the snake's name was. (108)
(ninjaburger.com) [Photoshop] Farkers invited to enter the Ninja Burger Create-a-Comic Strip Contest (69)
(Some Guy) [Wheaton] Let's all vote Wil Wheaton to play all the lead roles in the upcoming movie version of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. (218)
(Some Guy) [PSA] 25 Tips for men, including how to remove bra you just learned about earlier. (39)
(amazon.com) [Cool] Just in time for Valentine's day: "Extended Massive Orgasm : How You Can Give and Receive Intense Sexual Pleasure" (77)
[Pravda] [Scary] Russian head-hunters (32)
(radiocontrolzone.com) [Cool] 200 mph radio controlled cars (See video). (41)
(myCFnow.com) [Amusing] Mystery boom freaks people out in 4 States (60)
[TechTV] [Stupid] This moron thinks he can sell moon property (74)
(Some Guy) [Plug] Help farker nuggetman bring TechTV back to Toms River (30)
(www.edgereview.com) [Cool] the hiptop.... phone, pda, internet browsing all in one... (30)
(Some Poll Site) [Interesting] Picking up on a topic that was raised a few days ago on the Princess Margaret post. What'll come first, a women president or a black president? Vote and comment (144)
(Some Girl) [Spiffy] Make your own techno mixes with this Flash app (25)
(Some Guy) [Survey] KCWJ (Kansas City Worships Jesus) 1030AM wants to know if Christian Rock is awesome or from the devil (144)
(myCFnow.com) [Scary] Florida man arrested boarding plane with plastic knife hidden under sleeve (33)
[Foxnews] [Weird] Schizo hears demons that tell him to kill his friend's dad with a sword. (58)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Slow news day - Photoshop grass growing (94)
[CNN] [Photoshop] Photoshop this yahoo and his Bazooka. (124)
(Some Farking Girl) [Cool] Bored? Go play some flash games. (29)
[NandoTimes] [Misc] Bush to increase funding to discriminitory Colleges that only admit students of one race, fails to see double-standards (175)
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