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Sun January 27, 2002: # of Comments
[SeattleTimes] [Asinine] Woman sues "shock-jock" for post-traumatic stress; apparently unaware of function of power button on radio. (75)
[CNN] [PSA] Rams shove themselves into the Super Bowl (55)
[NewsMax] [Amusing] Cheney emerges from the Fortess of Seclusion to tell us that any similarities between himself, the Energy Task Force and Enron are coincidences, and we're not owned by the Energy industry, despite us doing that they want us to do (92)
[ESPN] [PSA] Steelers self-destruct in pure Baltimore fashion 24-17 (150)
(Real Beer) [Hero] Saint Arnold, The Patron Saint of Beer (25)
(Shift.com) [Interesting] The end of newspapers? (32)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Going crazy because you can't figure out the name of the song in that stupid commerical? Here's a complete list. (53)
(via classicgaming.com) [Cool] Classicgaming review of Gauntlet (with download) (23)
(County of Butte) [Amusing] You thought it was bad being a butte pirate student. Imagine how hard it is to be incarcerated in butte jail (20)
(Some LARPers) [Photoshop] Why the Roman Empire fell. (96)
(siliconevalley.com) [Amusing] If you can read this, you're ignoring Internet-Free Day (54)
(PGNews) [Asinine] Underwear dance costs man his degree (43)
[Yahoo] [Misc] AOL and Olsen twins team up. France surrenders. (67)
(Some Guy) [Asinine] Cross-dresser killed in bar misunderstanding (67)
[CNN] [Cool] Porn star to Hungarian voters: "Pull your lever for me." (35)
(Some Long Haired Guy) [Weeners] Long haired weeners...uh, men (48)
(The Globe and Mail) [Strange] 21 month old survives on potato chips and toilet water for four days after mother kicks it (65)
[Washington Post] [Amusing] Miss Cleo and company being sued for billing fraud, phone spamming. She never saw it coming. (50)
(japantoday) [Amusing] Jackie Chan set to become eyewear magnate. (16)
[Yahoo] [Sad] Some ass robs the house of a dead Marine during his funeral (48)
(Camp Chaos) [Walken] Walken (animated) featured in funny webtoon about a guy, a monkey, and a whole gaggle of Wayans's (43)
(Quicktime) [Walken] Scotland, PA - new Walken film trailer (23)
(Inktank) [Cool] Even better Tron, online version released next week (26)
(The Scotsman Online) [Ironic] Baker crushed by dough machine...Pilbury doughboy sought for questioning (46)
[ESPN] [Amusing] Tonya Harding kicked out of apartment. Finds new place to live: her car. (75)
(Atlanta Journal Constitution) [Hero] Chocolate is now good for you (33)
[ESPN] [Obvious] UK loses to Alabama. Duke still sucks (27)
(Savings and Clone) [Weird] Gene Banking: When your dog dies, just clone a new one. (Gift certificates available.) (26)
[BBC] [Hero] Lion that killed Taliban fighter and survived a grenade attack dies of old age (58)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop these goobs at a Renaissance Festival (113)
(BigMeats) [Spiffy] The Incredible Hulk cartoon, with downloadable theme song (18)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Magnetic healing (43)
Sat January 26, 2002: # of Comments
(Some Rocket Guy) [Followup] Rocket Guy almost ready for take-off. Should be dead any day now. (79)
[Pravda] [Cool] Pravda.ru celebrates its third birthday (17)
(Some Guy) [Obvious] Hobbits originally from Kentucky. Do a ctrl + f search on the webpage for "Kentucky" (20)
[Foxnews] [PSA] Contestants needed for new reality show "Who Wants to be a Playboy Playmate" -- Hef to pick winner using his advanced scientific methods (60)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Guy wants to know why people are searching for "Wil Wheaton pregnant fb- is the father" (Scroll to Nov 27) (39)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this good pic (120)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Whales beach themselves in Japan. Rescuers have to fight with others who show up with chainsaws to carve themselves some whale meat (58)
[CNN] [Strange] Pennsylvania. Where the buffalo roam the interstate. (23)
[ABC News] [Asinine] John Ashcroft orders semi-nude paintings and sculptures covered, tired of boobies appearing behind him during press conferences (113)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Manuela Arcuri (not safe for work) (65)
[AP] [Scary] Plane with 250 passengers takes off on taxiway in wrong direction at Anchorage Airport. (35)
[Yahoo] [Scary] Scientist says he has cloned Richard Simmons (54)
[AP] [Amusing] Stevie Wonder in palimony suit. His defense: 'I've never seens this woman before your honor' (105)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop these wood toting soldiers (156)
(gltron.org) [Cool] An even better Game of tron.. Gentlemen, start your light cycles (26)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] List of All Catholic Saints (49)
[Yahoo] [Stupid] Daughter's school-skipping habits lands mother in jail, while she is in jail, Daughter skips school again (79)
[The Daily Bull] [Satire] Doctors stunned by baby's resemblance to Yoda (22)
(UGO.com) [Interesting] File sharing made easy for those tired of Napster (69)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Check out Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon hottie Zhang Ziyi's Visa commercial (40)
(Schmews) [Amusing] Details of feces-themed art leaked to public, art loses shock value. (34)
(the Wired Press) [Satire] Mike Tyson: Misunderstood artist of our time? (16)
[Brunching] [Amusing] Satan on Wine Testing (17)
(Fox) [Followup] Correction, Brittnay Daniel ISNT the 80's Show Punk (41)
(artbell.com) [Strange] Art Bell continues to shock the world; definitive proof that strange beings do exisits. Most from the planet Earth. (48)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Play a game of Tron in 3D with this fun clone (19)
[Cosmiverse] [Strange] Why the hell are there jellyfish fossils in Wisconsin? (31)
[Cosmiverse] [Hero] Penis-multilating tampon puts rapists out of business - forever (231)
[Washington Post] [Scary] Supreme Court Justice's mom, knows how to pick out yummy bull testicles (third story) (17)
[Aftenposten.no] [Asinine] Teen claims that he accidentally chopped his friend up with an axe and put him in the fridge (41)
(Something Awful) [Scary] Owner of SA's awful link of the day used to live down the street from Farker Funkychuck. Come see why Funky moved across town. (73)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Why Republicans have no sense of humor: or exhibit A in why we need a flamebait tag (112)
Fri January 25, 2002: # of Comments
(CTPOST.com) [Amusing] Teen charged in mall streaking. (45)
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Recipe for veggie haggis: serve with mashed neeps and tatties. (29)
[C|Net] [Interesting] Everquest economy almost as big as Russia's (42)
(everythingisnt.com) [Amusing] The Skallas Wearable ATM. Be your own bank and charge ridiculous fees. (15)
[FARK] [Photoshop] Photoshop the 96.5 breakfast club (85)
(Some Guy) [Misc] Farker MSkateBMX helps raise $50,000 for skaters, now bikers want it (11)
(Beyond Weird) [Strange] Law makes it illegal to make contact with an extraterrestrial craft. Cops crack down on trailer parks. (19)
[SatireWire] [Satire] Only 2,000 folks checked out this article today, it's too funny to let it go at that. Do not miss this article. (150)
[Washington Post] [Amusing] Chinese plane bug saga: Rei's employer refuses comment. (89)
[TechTV] [PSA] Drew will be on The Screen Savers tonight around 7:30EST on TechTV (96)
[CNN] [PSA] Acid cloud over Jersey. Nothing new under the sun (73)
(96.5 The Point) [Followup] Drew's interview with 96.5 Seattle this morning (realaudio) (71)
[MSNBC] [NewsFlash] Former Enron Exec kills self, accounting wondering how they'll fit him in shredder (357)
(myCFnow.com) [NewsFlash] Report: Former Enron Official Commits Suicide (26)
[AP] [Photoshop] Photoshop Rams quarterback Kurt Warner praying to his horned pagan god for victory. (215)
[USA Today] [Scary] Perverted Airport security can see through your clothes in Orlando. (51)
[AZCentral] [Amusing] Bush seeks extra $2.1 billion to protect borders, Barnes & Noble furious (31)
(myCFnow.com) [Strange] Thieves Steal Apple Juice Truck (17)
[AZCentral] [Stupid] Tempe 8th-graders disciplined for hugging (108)
(Firehouse.com) [Amusing] Short piece on new Subway guy who lost weight. "Henry was so big, you could write 'Engine 2' on him and nobody would notice" (53)
(via Robot Wisdom) [Obvious] Turkey declares publishing Chomsky is terrorism (115)
(QCTimes.com) [Cool] Another article about Fark on the Dave Thomas video (Jan 8th) (26)
[Yahoo] [Misc] Metallica's James Hetfield is a new daddy. Baby reportedly Suing napster because songs contain the word 'baby' (88)
(MIT) [Cool] MIT Potty Messager: In 3 months before being Farked, 8500 messages. In past 24 hours: 20,000+ messages (49)
(IOL) [Scary] AIDS set to surpass Black Death as top killer disease of all time (252)
(IOL) [Obvious] Funeral home in Australia obtains license to serve beer and wine. (10)
[MSNBC] [Followup] Counterpoint: Rams' Warner fully healed, expected to start Sunday. In other news, oat bran both causes and cures cancer (10)
[Reuters] [Stupid] Inmates cut jail time by fixing surfboards (12)
(News-Journal) [Strange] Councilman wants to change name of Volusia County to NASCAR or Daytona. Shark Attack not being considered. (25)
[Aftenposten.no] [Interesting] Norway planning to decriminalize narcotics use, liberalize pornography rules and raise the blood-alcohol limit for driving. Bizarro Superman unavailable for comment (97)
[eBay] [PSA] For sale: become a Fark Moderator for a month (29)
[Reuters] [Obvious] Idiot jumps into zoo's lion pit and gets eaten. What the hell did he expect was going to happen? (78)
[Reuters] [Amusing] Woman's cell phone listed to strip-o-gram agency. She's pissed and so are the guys who have been calling her. (19)
(Columbus Dispatch) [Hero] Ohio town, population 60, has 14 cops and issues $300,000 in speeding tickets each year. New mayor wants to can the cops (70)
(Post-Gazette) [Amusing] X-Box Picks Steelers -vs- Rams in Super Bowl (41)
[CNN] [Followup] Otto the bus driver has his day in court. Insists he only wanted to go to Burger King with the kids. (37)
(NCBuy) [PSA] If your name is Jennifer Smith and have a lopsided pair of boobies, the rock group Bloodhound Gang needs to talk to you (39)
[FARK] [Photoshop] Final call for Fark vs Something Awful photoshop contest submissions. Post in the comments, no need to repost from previous days. No votee no collectee (258)
(post-dispatch.com) [PSA] Pick the Eagles. Ram's Kurt Warner hurt worse than reported. Farker Bigpeeler expected to take his place this Sunday (63)
(Dotcom Scoop) [Obvious] Salon.com's premium subscription model is a horrible failure. 0.8% success rate (67)
(Some Guy) [PSA] It's Robbie Burns Day, you kilted bagpipin' scotch-swillin' blouse wearin' poodle walkers (58)
[NandoTimes] [Followup] Saudi government says US servicewomen must cover up anyhow (122)
[Telegraph] [Amusing] Milkman who saved neighborhood by putting out fire with 320 pints named Hero Milkman of the Millenium, shuts out milkmen for next 999 years. (21)
[National Lampoon] [Satire] Companies line up to hire Arthur Andersen (11)
[ChicagoTribune] [Scary] It's rainin dead birds. Hallelujah it's rainin dead birds. (22)
[National Post] [Cool] Man falls off horse during race, gets back on, wins race (8)
[NYPost] [Obvious] Three months after millionaire husband was clubbed to death at home, widow marries electrician who wired their security system. Hmmm (18)
(ncBuy) [Obvious] Olympic nutritionist warns athletes not to eat McDonalds food (35)
(ncBuy) [Hero] 17 year old kid is bringing a Playboy Playmate as his date to the prom (96)
(Pepperjack) [Plug] Drew to be on 96-5 The Point-Seattle's Breakfast Club this morning. Allow the pop-up. (28)
(NOLA.com) [Stupid] Man tells flight crew he's a sky marshall, then two real sky marshalls get on. Hilarity ensues (19)
[FARK] [PSA] Fark now blocked by Bess. Type in fark.com and request they review/unblock it.. Be polite (93)
[Yahoo] [Caption] Make up a caption for whatever this is (87)
[SatireWire] [Obvious] Australia gets drunk, wakes up in North Atlantic (17)
(Something Awful) [Amusing] SA's awful link of the day gets hacked. Dave Thomas robot dances to celebrate. This link is safe for work but the rest of the guestbook is not (49)
(Indiana.edu) [Interesting] Why men have nipples (62)
[ESPN] [Photoshop] Photoshop this instant replay review (129)
(npr) [Cool] Japanese filmakers create anime version of 1927 classic 'Metropolis' (82)
[Yahoo] [Strange] Liza Minelli claims hre mother, Judy Garland, is her guardian angel. Gay men upset, but willing to share. (40)
[CapAlert] [Misc] CapAlert's review of Black Hawk Down (99)
(NY Times) [Walken] New Walken film Scotland, PA coming out Feb. 8 (24)
[ESPN] [Scary] Sign up for Fantasy Bass Fishing (32)
(Neil Gaiman) [Cool] Neil Gaiman's weblog (43)
(allAfrica.com) [Interesting] Even though Nigeria has strict Islamic laws, keggers are still popular. (26)
(SecularHumanist) [Interesting] Is the high price of guided ordinance keeping you from blowing up what you want to? Perhaps you should look into a faith based missle. (151)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Dutch Playmate used to be a man (not safe for work) (173)
Thu January 24, 2002: # of Comments
[CNN] [Followup] Missing school bus found. (92)
[MSNBC] [Interesting] And now some useless statistics from the 2000 census (38)
[MSNBC] [Scary] With Dave out of the picture, Satan makes his move on Wendy's (57)
[MSNBC] [Obvious] A recap of all the dumbass things Joan Rivers said at the Golden Globes (55)
(SDSU.edu) [Photoshop] Photoshop "Ambassador Montezuma" (170)
(SDSU.edu) [Asinine] See San Diego State University's lame new "Ambassador Montezuma" to replace their older, racially offensive mascot (54)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] 10% of old people are psychotic (98)
(KState Collegian) [Spiffy] Press coverage of SA vs Fark photoshop contest (83)
[ChicagoTribune] [NewsFlash] Schoolbus loaded with children disappears en route to school (99)
(Washington State Legislature) [Scary] Banning evolution: it's not just a dumb idea, in Washington State it's a proposed law (lots)
[AZCentral] [Amusing] Bad day at work: Nothing goes right for would-be criminal (20)
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Two-euro coin exact same size and weight as 10-baht Thai coin. In related news, European vending machines now offering 87% discount on everything (46)
[Yahoo] [Strange] Scientists breed pigs with spinach genes, Sam I Am still waiting on eggs (38)
(via PacLand.cc) [Cool] 2002 concept cars (55)
[Cosmiverse] [PSA] Baby with tail declared to be Hindu god (54)
(Some Guy) [Strange] Olympic Bridge players worried about drug testing (27)
[AZCentral] [Amusing] 15-year-old demands cell phone, bitch-slaps congressman (49)
(charlotte.com) [Obvious] Annoying pop up ads account for $5.7 billion in ad spending. Nobody cares or uses them. (50)
(IGN boards) [Wheaton] Whod win: Wesley Crusher vs. Annakin Skywalker (89)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Scottish scientist to create first artificial black hole. A BLACK HOLE. What the hell is he thinking? (122)
[TechTV] [Stupid] TV stations cut frames from shows to run more ads (mostly for hard liquor) (35)
[FARK] [Misc] What are your top 5 favorite comedy movies of all time? (discussion) (lots)
[The Smoking Gun] [Amusing] Former Wendy's employee and current WWF star Booker T wore Biggie Size Wendy's uniform during series of holdups (87)
(IOL) [Amusing] Man mistakes cat's ashes for anthrax. Man later says cat was always a pain in the ass. (13)
[Yahoo] [Asinine] Stupidest police department in the world refuses to do its job because it thinks "Harry Potter" books promote Satanism (139)
(philly.com) [Obvious] Cops toss cuffed carjacking suspect out 8th floor window, say "It looks like a suicide" (60)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Ex-Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek reflects on Jim Morrison and his penis (31)
(Post Gazette) [Amusing] Maryland delegate and sissy son were scared by Steeler fans, vow to never return (71)
[Reuters] [Amusing] Stallone would like to reprise Rocky and Rambo roles, and perhaps pull career out of crapper in process. (34)
[BostonGlobe] [Amusing] Mexico opens its own "Betty Ford Clinic", entire country checks in (18)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Send a message to an MIT student while they use the bathroom. (51)
[NYPost] [Obvious] O.J. lawyer outraged that cops would question him about the disappearance of his ex. Lawyer assures us that O.J. was searching for Nicole's killers on the day in question. (33)
[Yahoo] [Stupid] "Free Winona" shirts selling like hotcakes in L.A. despite the fact that Winona Ryder is not in jail. (45)
[Foxnews] [Stupid] Dumbass smuggles knife on plane, calls radio show to brag about it. Hilarity ensues (32)
[Canoe] [PSA] Survey shows families prefer Internet to TV and each other (30)
[ChicagoTribune] [Followup] Saudi's pissed about new dress code for female service members. (205)
[ESPN] [Video] Bird gets hit with tennis ball during Aussie Open doubles game; eat your heart out, Randy Johnson (31)
(NCBuy) [Scary] Four-legged telepathic football terrorizes Chile (58)
(SA v. Fark) [Photoshop] Fark v SA day 4: TV shows that never will be made. No need to repost from prior days. Kick some butt (274)
(Some Guy) [PSA] New fark stock game since the last one got all farked up. Password is beerkeg...starts on 1-31-02 (22)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Here's the real hottie from "That 80s Show" (69)
[eBay] [Followup] Another auction from Porno-Wife-Boy. Check out the story on this one. (29)
[Free Press] [Hero] Red Wings' Larionov saves neighbors from fire (23)
(US Army Research Lab) [Photoshop] Photoshop ENIAC (120)
(Slashdot) [Obvious] News media fooled by free energy hoax (26)
(HolidayGallery) [Satire] Farkers in Afghanistan announce upcoming FarkParty. (16)
(Fag.com) [Amusing] Fag.com: ball bearing provider for your fag bearing world (32)
(Some Guy) [Video] How to pick up Mormon chicks (152)
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Open up a can of Nude Beer (65)
[NandoTimes] [Obvious] Number of journalists killed rose last year. Sadly, none of them were Geraldo. (47)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Actress who plays spikey haired chick on "That 80's Show" is actually a hottie (safe for work?) (299)
Wed January 23, 2002: # of Comments
[ESPN] [Followup] Tyson apoligizes for not being 'politically correct.' Not sorry for being completely crazy (110)
[CapAlert] [PSA] CapAlert says getting lit and jumping off one's house is impudent in review of Orange County. (69)
[SFGate] [Amusing] San Francisco supervisors get rid of 50 laws; now you can dance to the National Anthem and sexual perverts can hang out at businesses. (44)
(NewsNet5.com) [Strange] Man throws his pit bull at Police (37)
[NewsMax] [Cool] Pope to visit New York and kiss a lot of stuff (29)
[Wired] [Asinine] Kooks against wireless, unite (75)
[Yahoo] [Asinine] Bush to mortage our collective future for a missile defense shield (398)
(AJC) [Amusing] "How To Be A Ho", by Batman and Sir Charles (42)
[AP] [Interesting] World's oldest woman turns 115, remembers hot date with Strom Thurmond. (34)
[Yahoo] [Followup] Goal-scoring referee retires over rule-bending scandal (17)
[Canoe] [Obvious] Enron Auditor to use "LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" defense (32)
[eBay] [Amusing] For sale: 100 gig HD, wife no longer needs it (read last 5 sentences) (92)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Netherlands wins for most interesting Euro design (not safe for work) (41)
(The Guardian) [Amusing] Sex quiz: are you doing it legally? (UK edition) (52)
(Some Guy) [Stupid] Bored scientist constructs Olympic Rings logo using live nerve cells. In other news, still no cure for cancer. (28)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Only 6% of Ivy League professors say they are somewhat conservative. Everyone else is farther left (248)
[SatireWire] [Satire] Amazon turns profit, say flying pigs (14)
[Yahoo] [Stupid] Archery range owner wants liquor license. Future Fark headline to read, "5 killed, many wounded in drunken bow-bar brawl" (36)
[AZCentral] [Spiffy] Gulliver the cat returns home after 6 years. Mr. Bigglesworth and Hank the Cavy unavailable for comment (23)
[AZCentral] [Interesting] Pic of Chelsea Clinton at show where she modelled unstained dress (92)
[CNN] [Obvious] EMI dumps Carey with $28m payoff (79)
(projo.com) [Interesting] Man caught in circle jerk offs self. (118)
(ncbuy.com) [Obvious] Matthew Perry was too high to remember having sex with Liz Hurley. Fb- is the father (90)
[MSNBC] [Photoshop] Photoshop this protest (245)
[Reuters] [Strange] France to honor FDNY with 600-pound marzipan cake (43)
[BostonGlobe] [Hero] 101-year-old credits longevity to gin (34)
[Canoe] [Scary] A Flock Of Seagulls organizing reunion tour (75)
[The Smoking Gun] [Amusing] Titles of obscene videos and DVDs recently seized by US Customs (116)
(myCFnow.com) [Amusing] 'Dead End' Sign At Cemetery To Be Removed (35)
[CNN] [Spiffy] US Female military personnel in Saudia Arabia no longer required to wear muslim dress. Instead they will go topless (126)
(Fark VS. SA) [Photoshop] Fark VS SA Photoshop Smackdown, day 3. TOPIC:TV that would never be made. No need to repost from previous days. All entries will be collected Friday. No Votee No collectee. (225)
[This Is Local London] [Amusing] 20% of Londoners want to give up and move (54)
(Mirror Site) [Obvious] Shaking with rage and obscenely clutching his groin, he screamed: "I'll f*ck you in the ass you punk ass white boy. I'll f*ck you in the ass you coward, you bitch. You f*cking faggot." Transcription of Tyson outburst. (169)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop a new Georgia state flag (93)
(Girls Gone Wild) [Boobies] Play a different kind of flash game with Girls Gone Wild (not safe for work) (26)
[Reuters] [Obvious] Britney Spears "wishes she had never said anything about being a virgin now" (78)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Mural of Pamela Anderson to be sold due to repeated vandalism attacks. (6)
[The Sun] [Asinine] Man refuses to do love scene with topless J-Lo; says it's because he's Catholic, not gay. (89)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Dumb robber uses getaway van with his name on the outside in large letters (10)
(Independent) [Interesting] Average life expectency for men closing in on women (25)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Had a long day? Drink an entire butt (16)
(Some Guy) [Satire] Democrats and press say 'Kmartgate' will be bigger than Enron (25)
(Some Guy) [Stupid] Add Robert Altman to the list of Hollywood limousine liberals who say they are leaving the US but never do. (194)
(Some Guy) [Followup] Arrogant Bastard Ale (64)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Behind The Music That Sucks: Britney and her abusive redneck parents (37)
(Kendalltim) [Spiffy] Denver Fark Party update: date set (27)
[The Toque] [Amusing] Bachelor Tips: mooching meals. (29)
(SavannahNow.com) [Obvious] Georgia town adopts former confederate state flag as "town flag". Also decides to post 10 Commandments in same vote. If this isn't Fark flamebait, I don't know what is. (too many)
[ESPN] [Hero] Men who owned former ABA team now earn millions yearly from NBA for doing nothing (31)
Tue January 22, 2002: # of Comments
(peopledaily.com) [Obvious] Chinese calf clone named Weiwei all farked up, dies (75)
[CNN] [Interesting] Pope says internet needs regulation to stop depravity; Fark not mentioned specifically, but was implied (106)
(NOLA.com) [Obvious] After bicyclist gets pissed at being hit by SUV, driver shoots him for good measure (60)
(International Herald Tribune) [Cool] In South Korea, being hungover can qualify you for worker's comp. (11)
[CNN] [Followup] Watch the video of Tyson freaking out. An instant classic. (77)
(Cinescape.com) [Obvious] Star Trek: Nemesis to get totally farked by opening between Harry Potter 2 and LOTR 2 (46)
(NW Cable News) [Spiffy] Chelsea Clinton models slinky, stain free, dress in Paris fashion show (74)
[Canoe] [Stupid] The Price is Riot: melee ensues over tickets for special 30th Anniversary show. (30)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Pat Summerall to retire from football broadcasts. Tired of sitting in enclosed area with John Madden after he ate sausages (46)
[MSNBC] [Interesting] AOL sues Microsoft over unfair browser practices (100)
[AP] [Amusing] Woman who exposes her breasts at Mardi Gras sues producers of "Girls Gone Wild" tape for invasion of privacy (157)
[FARK] [Misc] Daily forum thread (350)
[Slate] [Interesting] Slate mourns the loss of Daria, that crappy cartoon nobody watched (128)
(celebpecs.com) [Weeners] Shirtless male celebrity pics (32)
[ESPN] [Obvious] Mike Tyson goes ape at press conference; throws punches, points at crotch and bites Lennox Lewis (200)
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Batman appointed as President of hospital (72)
(myCFnow.com) [Hero] National 'Do Not Call' Registry proposed to stop telemarketers. Companies that continue to call would be fined $11,000 per call (114)
(myCFnow.com) [Amusing] Neighbor smells something dead at O.J. Simpson's ex-girlfriend's home, panics, calls police (97)
[Excite] [Amusing] "Americanized" goldfish overeats itself to the size of a housecat (41)
(plastic.com) [Stupid] Lord of the Rings novellization on the way (48)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop these Australian Army guys. Sponsored by Worth 1000 (138)
[eBay] [PSA] For sale: become a Fark Moderator for a month (201)
[CNN] [NewsFlash] K-Mart files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (224)
[SFGate] [Photoshop] Photoshop this sheep-judging contest (155)
(tennessean.com) [PSA] Tyson Foods will pay $200 for each ''illegal Mexican alien delivered.'' (42)
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Amazon posts a profit. France Surrenders (24)
(Toledo Blade) [Asinine] Man celebrates MLK day by hanging his lawn jockey from tree, proclaims "I ain't no damn biggot" (76)
[Yahoo] [Misc] Lifelong Patriots fan dies when team wins playoff game. (44)
[BostonGlobe] [PSA] If you are interested in buying AR-15 assault rifles, contact Drew (58)
(ncBuy) [PSA] Princess Diana was cloned shortly after her death and now plans to attack the UK (21)
[ABC News] [Asinine] Fat people are looking to sue the fast food industry for forcing them to be fat (253)
[Telegraph] [Strange] Teacher has sex with 3 pupils. Nobody complains but she still ends up in court (118)
(Brisbane Courier Mail) [Weird] Exploding crocodiles plague new Crocodile Hunter video (27)
(Some Guy) [PSA] Small trembler felt in Beaver (31)
[Telegraph] [Strange] Greenpeace "traitor" hunted down like fat whale by former comrades (55)
(Gamespot) [Cool] The history of videogames from 1889-2002. (45)
(Fat Bastard) [Strange] Fat Bastard - the wine (22)
[LA Times] [Obvious] Creationism museum presents Bible as fact, such as man and dinosaur coinhabitation. (282)
[Canoe] [Cool] Indiana Jones 4 is all systems go. Fabled Indy whip being replaced with elderly walker (30)
(ifilm.com) [Video] Apocolypse Pooh (14)
(DMRegister) [Amusing] Cavy escapes again. Mr. Bigglesworth not implicated (14)
(Fark vs. SA) [Photoshop] Fark vs. Something Awful photoshop contest day 2. Post Tuesday's entries here so we don't have to wait 10 minutes for the thread to load. Remember to add the vote button or it won't count on Friday. (176)
[Slate] [Followup] Conservative pundits test the limits of credibility while trying to blame liberals for Enron's demise (75)
(Homestar Runner) [Amusing] New StrongBad email at HomestarRunner.com. (20)
[Houston Chronicle] [Strange] In fitting metaphor for whole region, tourist hot-spot in New Delhi is Toilet Museum. (10)
[Canoe] [Stupid] Man wanted for armed robbery arrested at prison while visiting his accomplice (25)
(MDN.co.jp) [Obvious] 19-year takes taxi 550 miles, 20 hours, skips out on fare (49)
[USA Today] [Obvious] White supremacists freaked out by Census data (244)
[Canoe] [Cool] Why beer is required for human procreation (32)
[TechTV] [Amusing] Martin's list of top 5 lamest Star Trek sites (72)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop these islamic fundamentalist women protestors (154)
Mon January 21, 2002: # of Comments
[ABC News] [Amusing] Bum sets fire under bridge to keep warm, melts 13,000 phone lines (53)
[NewsMax] [Obvious] Leftists lie and screw-up Enron facts in effort to discredit President Bush (∞)
[Telegraph] [Interesting] Hitler's relatives have been living in Long Island for the past 50 years (63)
(Some Guy) [Sad] Gary - "America's Magic Industrial City" - if by "Magic Industrial City" they mean "Shithole" (65)
[Foxnews] [Amusing] Georgia thinks it might be stupid to suspend students for bringing plastic Tweety Bird purses with chains on them to school (43)
[Reuters] [Amusing] Alpha male monkeys less likely to use cocaine, get better bananas (22)
[MSNBC] [Amusing] Fox having hard time selling all Superbowl ad space (19)
[CPC] [Stupid] Canadian military wants to help out in Afghanistan, but lacks enough planes to fly troops over (75)
[CPC] [Obvious] Posh English Amnesiac turns out to be a gay french porn star. (18)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Despair releases "BitterSweets", Valetine candy hearts for the dumped & dysfunctional. Sayings include "LUV 2 STALK U", "I NEED SPACE, MONEY" and "TIME 2 TRADE UP". (23)
[MSNBC] [Amusing] High-pressure vacuum flush seals woman to airplane toilet seat (125)
(NewsNet5) [Amusing] Peeing in public in Akron now costs $500 (30)
(NewsNet5) [Interesting] Relieve stress by looking at art. Jury still out on whether porn is art. (20)
(Retrocrush) [Wheaton] Homepage of Evil Wil Wheaton from that parallel universe (54)
(Mirror) [Interesting] How women sniff out Mr. Right (55)
[AZCentral] [Strange] Contraband, abandoned exotic animals create Tijuana's Accidental Zoo (7)
[Yahoo] [Survey] Brothel workers: Beware of carpal tunnel syndrome (17)
[BBC] [Obvious] Civil war, volcano, now poisoned water. Living in Congo continues to suck (11)
[CNN] [Obvious] Blair says detainees have no complaints (88)
(myCFnow.com) [Strange] 85-year-old man drives car through barbershop, gets out of vehicle and asks for haircut (14)
(via snopes) [Cool] Snopes TV show begins filming (15)
(Some Guy) [Weeners] Something for the women: Naked guys (not safe for work) (72)
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Scientists make goat produce spider silk, then take another hit from bong (23)
(KaZaA) [Amusing] Hilarious Dutch commercial, 8mb .mov format. Not safe for work if your speakers are turned way up (278)
(myCFnow.com) [Obvious] More people find tax cheating acceptable (42)
[The Sun] [Amusing] Brits will soon be able to buy groceries and get divorced at same time. (14)
[NYPost] [Interesting] Bush cabinet drawing up secret plan to oust Saddam...someone needs reminder of what "secret" means. (61)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this knee-slapping and downright hilarious Ziggy cartoon (152)
(Procrastination) [Amusing] Quiz: which webmaster are you? (72)
[Yahoo] [Asinine] World Trade Center scrap sent to India and China for use in new construction projects (67)
(Norwich) [Strange] Cop fools women into posing nude for 'murder investigation' (52)
[The Smoking Gun] [Interesting] Docs on the woman who almost killed Martin Luther King Jr. in 1958 (20)
(Dispatch) [Obvious] "Hispanic voters really are Republicans. They just don't know it yet." (50)
(liveaudiowrestling.com) [Amusing] Pro-wrestler Iron Shiek profiled as terrorist, not allowed on plane (79)
(www.wsls.com) [Hero] Congressman says NBC is forcing people to drink hard liquor. (33)
(Fark vs SA) [Photoshop] Post SA vs Fark photoshops here. We'll repost all submissions and vote for real on Friday. Any submission without a vote button in this thread won't be included because our automated update thingee won't see it (∞)
[C|Net] [Scary] Say hello to AOL Red Hat Time Warner (90)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Fark vs Somethingawful photoshop contest (249)
(Irish Times) [Weird] Mystery rafts washing up on beaches - 5 skeletons since last September (22)
[ESPN] [Amusing] Brett Favre throws 6 interceptions in playoff game, first time anyone has since 1955. (88)
[SFGate] [Obvious] NFL to review rule that gave Patriots "immaculate incompletion" (94)
[Telegraph] [Stupid] Lava in Africa hits gas station, 100 looters dead (86)
(Some Guy) [Asinine] Staggeringly tactless banner advertisement (pic) (61)
[Reuters] [Weeners] Europe's first brothel for women goes bust (35)
(Some Perverto) [Boobies] Teticas Colombianas (some not safe for work) (26)
(Corporate Mofo) [Amusing] Corporate Mofo vs. the SCA, Round 2: The Amazing True Story of Cloak Boy (not safe for work, boobies at bottom of page) (24)
[Reuters] [Obvious] Police giving demonstration of drug dog in school find several students with pot. (55)
(priceless420.com) [Boobies] Bikini Preview (28)
(somethingawful) [Amusing] Childrens books that you'll never see, but should. (69)
[Google] [Cool] Cthulhu demands you read the collected works of HP Lovecraft (44)
(ABC7Chicago.com) [Amusing] Tired of excuses at collection time, church is installing ATM. (58)
(lsj.com) [Scary] Congalese brave active volcano, return home (33)
(lsj.com) [Hero] Renegade kilt-wearer returns to school (48)
[AZCentral] [Cool] Saliva test tells when women are ovulating (39)
(Some Guy) [Asinine] Fundamentalists to save infidels. Jihad starts Feb. 17. (No, not the Taliban) (185)
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