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Sun December 02, 2001: # of Comments
(xylog.net) [Boobies] Fernanda Martinelli Gallery (not safe for work) (45)
[Excite] [Obvious] Detroit: 0 - 11! (43)
[Amusing] No matter how bad Dallas sucks, they always beat Washington (18)
(Something Awful) [Amusing] Something Awful responds to Entertainment Weekly, hilarity ensues (26)
(Arabnews.com) [PSA] 79! (20)
[Asinine] Sharpton says America owes black people (180)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] intentional fallacy is a pseudu-archetype of proto-facsitic imperatives (44)
(NFL.com) [Cool] U2 to perform at Super Bowl, hopefully w/o aid of pop stars (38)
[Photoshop] Photoshop this barbershop (101)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] People tire of dam debate (31)
(The State) [Asinine] SC Attorney General can't get through to governor, smells conspiracy (21)
(post dispatch) [Cool] Flying piece of space crap lights up U.S. Midwest (21)
(Some Guy) [Weird] Biceps of various female celebrities (26)
(007) [Interesting] Why Bond villains employ dwarves (19)
(Easy Midget) [Satire] Clouds have been forming obscene gestures lately (15)
[Amusing] Detroit Lions' feelings hurt by Leno pointing out how much they suck at football. (28)
(EW) [Obvious] Xmas albums by Toni Braxton, Destiny's Child (Fb- is the father), etc. seen as unneccesary, perhaps lame. (37)
(Some Guy) [Video] Video of the Spanish soccer weener biting celebration (41)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Protesters post pictures of nudie bar patrons at theyhavetopayforit.com. In retaliation, iritated patrons post pictures of protesters at thesewomencantgiveitaway.com (92)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Marines put up new road signs for Afghanistan (95)
(Some Guy) [Strange] Scientists discover longest duck penis ever (with pic) (95)
(Ninjaturtles.com) [Video] TMNT-CGI promo (34)
(Cecil Adams) [Followup] Is getting a caffeine buzz good aerobic exercise? (14)
(some guy) [Spiffy] Spy Hunter easter egg game in Excel 2000--Goes full screen, so make sure to note instructions for play (39)
(roswellrods.com) [Interesting] Rods... what are they? video footage and research info (37)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop farker Pertifly's husband in Cabo San Lucas (104)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Awesome collection of vintage magic posters (Houdini, Thurston, Kellar, etc.) (11)
Sat December 01, 2001: # of Comments
[PSA] If you're reading this, then you're not using Excite@home. (88)
[Interesting] Army beats Navy, wins the honor of 'least crappy Military football team' (35)
(Amazon.com) [Amusing] Amazon.com thinks that if you want to buy "IT" you might also like to watch boobies (39)
(Soccernet) [Spiffy] World Cup Draw. US pleased, France grinning, England Surrenders (46)
(Simpsons) [Cool] All Simpsons episodes (77)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Find out if you are fat (106)
[Whatever-Dude] [Cool] Nostalgia: owning your first car (part 1 of 2) (55)
[X-Entertainment] [Amusing] NES Review: Elevator Action (28)
(via SlashDot) [Amusing] Ever wonder what 1111968 mg of caffeine looks like? (55)
(Plastic.com) [Sad] Plastic down, only alcohol-induced message remains (25)
(South Bend Tribune) [Followup] Porn shop owner acquitted, Hoosiers safe to watch nudies in own home (26)
[AintItCoolNews] [Video] It's official: 20th Century Fox is insane (trailer, QT) (68)
(VH1) [Walken] Vote Christopher Walken for Best Actor in a Music Video (26)
(VH1) [Cool] Ren and Stimpy on VH1 (63)
[DallasNews] [Amusing] Food bank director asked to resign after yelling at the poor (27)
(Some Guy) [Asinine] The Dutch like Christmas more than boobies for the first time ever. (26)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Church's valiant ongoing crusade against nudity. Sermon for Sunday: "Our church under attack by Satan and his web-surfers." (79)
[Obvious] `Terrorists have won' declarations make us all losers in the end (84)
[X-Entertainment] [Cool] X-E actually posting new material again. Now go read this crap Matt wrote about "GI Joe Survival Juice". (27)
(EW) [Followup] Entertainment Weekly fixed the entertainer of the year poll, but did at least recognize Fark's and Something Awful's efforts (77)
(Some Guy) [Walken] Christopher Walken to star in movie based on the Country Bear Jamboree attraction at Disney World (20)
(The State) [Followup] NYC firemen to visit SC students who bought NYC a fire truck (8)
(plasmator.net) [Amusing] When penguins go bad... (video) (30)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] YATTA, the original live-action video! See what started the crackhead craziness (25)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop my dumb ass from the Davis, CA Turkey Trot 5K -Sorrow Harvester (135)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Navy advertisement (80)
(Falls, off the Rocker) [Amusing] Travel like a rock star for $1,000 a day (10)
(Sterling Playmakers) [Plug] Washington area Farkers: See Farker Zagloba make a fool of himself in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (10)
Fri November 30, 2001: # of Comments
(Komo4 News) [NewsFlash] Seattle police arrest man they believe to be the Green River killer (60)
(mycfnow.com) [Cool] Patriotic M&Ms To Raise Relief Funds (23)
[CNN] [Spiffy] "Flying nightclubs" planned. (30)
(The Cincinnati Enquirer) [Amusing] Carni pedophile shot in the privates with 9mm by mad mom seconds after getting out of the slammer. (131)
(Some Guy) [Weeners] Order your 2002 Houston Firefighters Calendar. Please for the children. (24)
(TPC) [Followup] Bank teller is phony 'fat' robber's roomate (24)
[Yahoo] [Cool] Kazaa says no to shutting down (173)
(mycfnow.com) [Weird] Man fined $200,000 for rat infested junk filled yard. (with video) (41)
[BostonGlobe] [PSA] Ecstasy makes women more stupider than it does men (104)
[BostonGlobe] [Stupid] Who's dumber: the kids who tried to make a bomb before obtaining explosives or police who threw out evidence before pressing charges? (28)
[Yahoo] [Asinine] Judge sentences drunk-driving OSU quarterback- will serve time "after the Bowl" (56)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Fark implicated in twice postponment of emmy awards and in other news, we need a misleading headline tag (26)
[Sad] Must be that time of year again: Charles Barkley (290 pounds) talking comeback (26)
[Reuters] [Stupid] Note to self: Don't try to scam insurance company with chainsaw (19)
[SFGate] [Scary] 2BR, 1.5 Bath, Fireplace, Corpse ... (43)
[SFGate] [Amusing] Man pissed off at inability to set up Christmas lights, fires gun several times to let off steam, gets arrested (37)
[SatireWire] [Satire] Mullah Omar apparently vague on the "we" thing (16)
[Nicefire] [Interesting] Scans of police report on crazy high school kids in Mass. who planned to blow up their school. Includes search warrant summaries (73)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Live Chat with William F. Shatner (42)
(Sky News) [Scary] Policeman attacks motorist with long fence stake (with video) (172)
[CapAlert] [Ironic] CAPAlert reviews Monsters, Inc. - and LIKES it (69)
(fredericksburg.com) [Amusing] Police go on 2 week long pig chase. (20)
(Pittsburgh Live) [Amusing] Skinny white guy tries to rob bank disguised as fat black man (83)
(washington times) [Asinine] Bin Laden could be liberal-media component Time Magazine's "Person of the year" (∞)
(myCFnow.com) [Amusing] Surveillance cam catches apple pie assault (26)
(South Bend Trib) [Misc] Juror in Indiana obscenity trial excuses self from case after watching too much porn (53)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Peeing on Bin Laden big business (37)
(news observer) [Asinine] No more Saturday morning cartoons on NBC or Fox? (131)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Postal workers say that taking Cipro when not needed was a bad idea afterall (24)
(charlotte.com) [Scary] TV drug commercials convince one in eight Americans to get prescriptions (30)
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] Fark can solve its financial problems by buying toxic waste from the US government (10)
[CNN] [Sad] Beatle George Harrison dead at age 58 (383)
(Corporate Mofo) [Weeners] Corporate Mofo reviews "Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy" (safe for work) (39)
(WHIO, Dayton) [Spiffy] Full tank of gas for $1.47 in Dayton (81)
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] Playboy introduces "anatomically correct" Playmate dolls (43)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Everybody say YATTA! (silly/crack induced animutation) (75)
[LondonTimes] [Scary] Analysis and diagram of Osama Bin Laden's mountain fortress (145)
[BBC] [Interesting] Study: pacific islanders are world's fattest people. May form dance troupe (24)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Fun and challenging laser-reflection game (145)
[FARK] [Photoshop] Photoshop the FARK logo. We'll put the good ones in rotation (381)
(Some College) [Interesting] How to insult the French in their own language (70)
Thu November 29, 2001: # of Comments
[Yahoo] [Spiffy] PETA goes topless and bottomless (pic) (78)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] New Animutation (or Antimutation): Slipknot (26)
[The Register] [Sad] Court orders the Kazaa/Morpheus network to be shut down within 2 weeks (160)
(Newscientist.com) [Interesting] Does it hurt when they chop off your head? (63)
(Some Guy) [Video] Star Wars + Kevin Smith = Trooper Clerks (28)
(The Scotsman Online) [Followup] Queen really cutting loose, takes turn as bartender. Expected to unveil her Coyote Ugly act any day now (24)
[Yahoo] [Caption] Make a caption for these monkeys (141)
[Reuters] [Interesting] Teen pregnancy higher in US than other western countries. Fb- is the father (86)
(Statesboro Herald) [Amusing] No "oral sex" shirts allowed in school? What is this country coming to? (101)
(Some Guy) [Misc] Politician tells firefighters to stop stripper parties. Firefighters say "fark off". (39)
[CapAlert] [Amusing] CAP reviews Harry Potter (repeat?) (72)
[Netscape] [Obvious] When dwarf tossing is outlawed only outlaws will toss dwarfs (101)
[Yahoo] [Interesting] Why hasn't Junior slept in three days? Oh it says that his baby food is really cocaine. No Wonder. (46)
(PopCap Games) [PSA] PopCap's latest game - open exclusively for Farkers for two days (92)
(Some Guy) [Followup] Garth Books wannabe contest. Farker's little brother got Farked and won the tickets. Thanks Farker masses. (30)
(azcentral.com) [Strange] Article with picture of Spanish soccer player biting other player's penis in bizzare goal celebration (97)
(RoadsideAmerica.com) [Amusing] Giant cows invading America in attempt to thwart U.S. invasion of Afghanistan (48)
[Followup] Recent developments of interest to @home subscribers (50)
[Yahoo] [Asinine] Man sues stripper for reckless dancing (95)
[CNN] [Followup] UNC is 0-3, doo-dah, doo-dah. (55)
(KCStar.com) [Weird] Woman comes to Senator's home, asks her to sign petition to remove herself from office, secretly videotapes it, and shows it in a school. (58)
[ABC News] [Amusing] Canadian fat chicks form huge modern dance troupe (194)
[CNN] [Obvious] Omar to supporters: Everyone else fight to the death while I hide like a coward (lots)
(azcentral.com) [Amusing] Jurors ask to view 11 hours of sex in adult bookstore obscenity trial (90)
(ourmaine.com) [Amusing] Man found to have 81 firearms, shoulder fired rockets, mount for 50-cal machine gun on front porch, and some weed too. (68)
(Daily Record) [Amusing] Bin Ladens supply chief lets slip when Osma is (54)
(Some Guy) [Obvious] The Moscow Times calls Dick Cheney a pedophile and suggests Bush might attack someone who gives him the wrong beer. (123)
(CBS.com) [Amusing] Britney's ass shows up subliminally on CBS banner ad (with pic) (81)
(newsok.com) [Amusing] Watch motorists in Oklahoma City navigate driving in snow (34)
[Google] [Amusing] Operation Moon Bin Laden (21)
(NBC6.com) [Scary] Man randomly shot in the nuts while standing on front porch (31)
(Homestar Runner) [Amusing] Homestar Runner animators finally finish Thanksgiving episode (25)
(Some Guy) [Hero] ACLU Fights for your right to look at boobies (26)
[Strange] UVA-MSU basketball game cancelled part way through due to ice (12)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Lack of war news forces media to just make stuff up (36)
[MSNBC] [Hero] Russia trying to put OPEC out of business (33)
[Amusing] Lions booted out of practice at Silverdome (28)
(via Sabotage2.com) [Photoshop] Photoshop this guy sliding on wet concrete (165)
(Playboy.com) [Boobies] Playboy website intro is on crack (49)
(EuroFark) [Misc] The 2001 Euro Fark Fest Pics are in (85)
(IndyStar.com) [Interesting] Cook County edges out Marion County for coveted "Syphilis Capital of the World" title. (37)
[BostonGlobe] [Amusing] Chiquita Banana Co. files for bankruptcy; says 'We have no bananas today! (32)
(OSU) [PSA] Ohio State Univ. tells students that "buttsex is best" (PDF of a poster) (94)
(azcentral.com) [Hero] Artist refuses to put bathing suits on nude sculptures (51)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop Wil Wheaton on "The Weakest Link" (145)
[Amusing] Embarassing Peepshow Stories (not safe for work) (43)
Wed November 28, 2001: # of Comments
(King TV) [Obvious] Hazmat shuts off downtown Seattle due to "foul odor" (101)
[C|Net] [Ironic] New York Times seeks stake in Boston Red Sox (23)
[Cool] 3Com Corp. to withdraw name from 49ers' stadium, may reverse this lame trend (63)
(azcentral.com) [Hero] ABC may pull "Millionaire" from fall lineup (61)
(Columbus Dispatch) [Weird] Judge sentences two men to walk down crowded street in dresses (with pic) (38)
[Amusing] Cowboys fans: Show support for your crappy team with new license plate (39)
[Spiffy] Nipple care tip: Hairspray will keep them erect (73)
[Ironic] ACLU in bed with Falwell; Hell opens skating rink (115)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Before Kid Rock was an American Badass he was a Kid N' Play reject (172)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Indian man gets in automatic dog washing machine to prove it is safe (pic) (49)
(ABC7) [Obvious] 650 lb. woman pleads guilty to embezzling $60K. Money "may have gone to food" (65)
[eBay] [Walken] For sale: Christopher Walken Christmas ornament (34)
[Asinine] Town tried to ban smoking in people's houses now trying to ban Santa Claus (84)
(The State) [Misc] 29 year old becomes SC's top law enforcer. Being son of Strom Thurmond has nothing to do with it. (43)
[Yahoo] [Scary] Bud Selig will continue reign of terror through 2006. (34)
[SFGate] [Stupid] Under Taliban rule, Afghan surgeons were not allowed to operate on women, had to yell instructions to female surgeons from hallway (111)
[Obvious] Duke ranked #1, Kentucky ranked #14 in completely biased ESPN poll voted on by talking monkeys (65)
[eBay] [PSA] Rule Fark for a day. Auction ends 3pm est (178)
[MSNBC] [Stupid] Fire breathing bartender sets customer on fire (35)
[Reuters] [Asinine] Preparing to receive part of a multi-billion dollar stimulus package, IBM announces layoffs (123)
(myCFnow.com) [Cool] Cat Survives Interstate Trip Under Car's Hood (56)
(TheWBALChannel) [Asinine] Woman charged with 10th DWI after rear-ending police car (47)
[FARK] [Misc] Discussion for Fark changes (lots)
[Washington Post] [Sad] Hippo attack kills 6 (73)
(TDC) [Weird] Easy to spot hit-and-run driver had motorcyle embedded in his grill (41)
[ABC News] [Cool] Scientists use Hubble to analyze atmosphere of gas giant planet 150 light years away. Source of gas found to be Rush Limbaugh (62)
[Wired] [Amusing] Programmed powerline patrollers prevent profusely pooping pigeons (36)
(Some Guy?) [PSA] Everybody's favorite crossdresser has a weblog. (33)
[USA Today] [PSA] Get your pigskin pool picks in today, there's a football game tomorrow (13)
[Hero] Man dies after saving baby from speeding car (55)
(Irish Times) [Weird] Spanish soccer player charged for extremely bizarre goal celebration (81)
(news.com.au) [Asinine] Father kills son for not counting to 100 (71)
(kfor-tv) [Followup] Hillbillies in Kentucky who are stealing roadsigns are putting them up on their bedroom walls. (37)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Everyone is having babies since Sept 11th in the US. (53)
[Yahoo] [Amusing] AOL -- Providing children with more links to porn than any other online service. (25)
[Stupid] If you are going to rob a gas station, locking yourself in your trunk will not throw off the police. (13)
[Yahoo] [Asinine] Rebecca Gayheart hits and kills young boy. Bats eyes at judge and gets probation (140)
[C|Net] [Spiffy] Excite@Home to shut down Friday (99)
(StlToday) [Scary] Man asks Subway worker to hold the peppers. Receives two complimentary bullet holes in his car by angry worker. (84)
(Some Guy) [Weeners] The Hunk Alliance presents the sexiest men alive! (28)
(ew.com) [Wheaton] EW.com holds out an olive branch to FARKers, features story about Wil in last night's Weakest Link (59)
(via AICN) [Video] Pixar has WAY too much fun. Click on the "Charades" trailer option (QT). (45)
[Washington Post] [Scary] Students at first college for home-schoolers refrain from everything (197)
[Wired] [Spiffy] Thanks to Guinness, you can manipulate a cloud visible in the Dublin sky over the Internet (15)
(comedyclub) [Satire] Forget the birth of Jesus. It's time to get drunk! (16)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Figure skater flies so high, doo dah, doo dah (139)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Make up a caption for this picture (67)
Tue November 27, 2001: # of Comments
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Shoot at the Space Shuttle and we'll paste yer ass. (31)
(via AICN) [Cool] Ian McKellan's thoughts upon seeing "The Fellowship of the Ring" on the big screen. (50)
(Some Guy) [Wheaton] Vote Wil Wheaton to win the Heisman Trophy (161)
(theState) [Obvious] SC Republicans fail to attract blacks. In other news, fire is hot. (65)
(charlotte.com) [Cool] Warner Bros builds new freeway for Laurence Fishburne's upcoming 'Matrix' movie. Check out what they did with it after they were done filming (50)
[Pravda] [Spiffy] Playboy girls are happy to help American soldiers in Afghanistan (45)
(Las Vegas Review Journal) [Weird] Brain-damaged legislator running for another term. No one notices (25)
(Orlando Sentinel) [PSA] Thomas M. Hack of Ohio: If you're out there somewhere, the beach patrol in Florida has your pants. (20)
(etch-a-sketch) [Cool] On line Etch a Sketch (81)
[Yahoo] [Asinine] Kids digging "fort" in sandy hill get buried by sand-slide (52)
(Some Guy) [Weird] Make your own cow music video! (22)
[SFGate] [Obvious] McDonalds sues man for calling his restaurant "McChina". (67)
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Trees in WA are getting revenge for being chopped down for drug money (74)
(NewsNet5.com) [Hero] Conscientious lingerie saleswoman refuses to send merchandise to ugly customer. (80)
[SFGate] [Obvious] "Low tar" cigarettes will still kill you. (156)
[PSA] Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson to star in Starsky & Hutch movie; Snoop Dogg could be the new Huggy Bear (39)
(www.newschannel8.net) [Asinine] People on welfare get bonuses!? (290)
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Suicide by shooting self in head twice ruled unlikely (63)
(IndyStar.com) [Cool] Indiana hunters donate deer meat to feed the needy. Louisiana to consider "Nutria for the Needy" plan. (51)
[ABC News] [Scary] Frozen argon gas up the ass cures prostate cancer (54)
(mlive) [Amusing] Lawsuit from "God" dismissed, but judge praises neatly typed submissions (32)
(Some Guy) [Strange] Rogue elephant herd mounts rescue bid for captured comrade (19)
(Arabnews.com) [PSA] 78! (48)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Garth Brooks wannabe's. Vote for contestant #7 and send Farker's little brother to South Padre Garth concert (39)
(love calculator) [Amusing] What are the chances of Drew and the Goatse man having a relationship? (72)
[Wired] [Weird] It's the new arcade craze sweeping Japan: Poke the Child Molester's Ass (59)
(Sci-Fi.com) [Wheaton] Poll: Should Wil Wheaton appear in Star Trek X. Support Wil (with one "L") (67)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] USA has more sex than any other country! Fb- is the father (75)
[MSNBC] [Hero] Navajo Code Talkers receive belated honors (23)
(myCFnow.com) [Obvious] Florida State Athletic Director Says Gator Coach Steve Spurrier Should Be 'Spanked' (63)
[This Is Local London] [Amusing] Man says drinks are on him, ends up costing £42,000 (around $63k-$70k) (58)
[Yahoo] [Caption] Make up a caption for this picture (116)
(Daily Record) [Amusing] Queen of England goes to see men stripping (28)
[ABC News] [Misc] Life ain't all good for Presidentially-pardoned turkeys (40)
(Some Guy) [Cool] UFOs Return to Jackson MS (with video). Find no intelligent life (32)
(St. Pete Times) [Obvious] Man places pirate ship in yard - cannon fire really pisses off neighbors (33)
[Ironic] Guinness buys Pabst! (67)
(Raving Toy Maniac) [Boobies] Yet another action figure with giant boobies. (28)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Amateur's rocket soars 5,000ft over Morecambe Bay (42)
(canada.com) [Amusing] Warning: Canadian officials want your man-liquid. (37)
(Some Guy) [Boobies] Pin-up girls galore (not safe for work) (30)
(via everythingisnt.com) [Followup] The press forgot about the first cloned embryo back in 1995 by the same people. (28)
[Photoshop] Photoshop this pic (128)
[Pravda] [Stupid] «Ass of the Year» robs a bank (36)
[Ironic] Ashcroft refuses to name detainees for fear of violating their rights (87)
[SeattleTimes] [Amusing] Northern Alliance in it for Taliban's Toyotas and Datsuns. (23)
[CNN] [Interesting] Pope keeps racking up the candidates for sainthood, setting 500 year record. (95)
Mon November 26, 2001: # of Comments
[SFGate] [Spiffy] Liberated farmers in Afghanistan now growing opium, Heroin trade back under control of CIA (64)
(Microsoft) [Amusing] MSN Releases newest press statement (49)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] U.S. in recession, panel confirms (who hires these guys?) (31)
[Google] [Wheaton] FARK #10 on Google search for "Wil Wheaton's ass". (33)
[eBay] [Amusing] Auction for drunken phone call for charity. It's for charity, guys, you just -have- to post it or you're evil. FARK TRAFFIC = MORE EXPOSURE = HIGHER WINNING BID = MORE FOOD FOR HUNGRY KIDS. (135)
(usqueers.com) [Stupid] Texas Court Upholds Conviction Of Two Men For Consensual Sex At Home (150)
(F---edcompany.com) [Asinine] Printcafe.com trying to sue fuckedcompany.com anonymous message board posters. They, naturally, don't care. Hilarity ensues. (53)
[Washington Post] [Amusing] Hillbillies stealing roadsigns (59)
[Foxnews] [NewsFlash] US Marines destroy Taliban armored column. France surrenders (84)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Raving Toy Maniac reviews the "Simpsons Family Christmas Set." (20)
[Yahoo] [Boobies] FCC erases cable porn scrambling (68)
[Yahoo] [Caption] Marines sitting around (87)
[Amusing] PETA's new Commando Chicks running amuck like chickens with their heads cut off. (230)
(channel3000) [Hero] Wisconsin legislature aims to outlaw spam (43)
(Snopes) [Amusing] Guide to Hiring Women (from 1943) (60)
[Foxnews] [Asinine] Green plastic toy soldiers prevent preschool from getting certificate. (53)
(EW) [PSA] Entertainment Weekly wipes Entertainer of the Year award results, starts over. Vote for Wil Wheaton or Lowtax (175)
[FARK] [Misc] Fark xmas wishlists. See into Mike, Jeff, and Drew's souls (129)
[eBay] [Spiffy] For sale: rule Fark for a day (75)
[Pravda] [Amusing] Bear walks about St. Petersburg looking for a good stiff drink (12)
(CorporateMoFo) [Misc] Farker Icecycle watches the Leonids, gets published (17)
(tvguide.com) [Wheaton] Watch Wil Wheaton on The Weakest Link tonight (137)
(Rhino Cam) [Followup] Ugly-ass baby rhino still uglier than ugly-ass baby elephant (10)
(ABC.au) [Amusing] Inventor wearing bird-feeder hat attacked by hungry squirrel (28)
(HardOCP.com) [Amusing] Entertaining photo of defaced Windows XP billboard. (77)
[Yahoo] [Amusing] Man shocked to death attempting to kill pig using "homemade electric pig stunner" (32)
(clarionledger.com) [Weird] Government fail to get Louisiana natives to kill and eat large rat species. Resorts to bounty.. (39)
(clarionledger.com) [Scary] Urban deer hunting legal in Morehead, Kentucky. (28)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Nun gets in spat over parking spot (35)
(click2houston.com) [Strange] Couple to get law changed so sheep count as family (22)
(charlotte.com) [Spiffy] Ugly-ass baby elephant born at National Zoo in DC (with pic) (53)
(Charlotte.com) [Scary] Spice Girls threaten: give us money now or we will tour next year (41)
[MSNBC] [Amusing] Why PETA's targetting bin Laden (81)
(Canada.com) [Weird] Top 10 warped toys for Christmas (92)
[ABC News] [Scary] New Zealand bans Santas from doing "Ho Ho Ho" because it is too scary (44)
(starwars.com) [Video] R2-D2 Beneath The Dome: Part 1 (41)
(NZ Herald) [Amusing] Bin Laden leaves underwear and macaroni behind at his house in Jalalabad (38)
(Some Guy) [Amusing] Letterman Hall of Haircuts (23)
[Washington Post] [Ironic] Washington Redskins win 5 in a row after losing 5 in a row (35)
(Some Guy) [Misc] Chomsky calls the U.S. a terrorist state. In other news, the sun rose today... (¾)
[Photoshop] First Lady's got back (123)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this picture (pic) (105)
(Some Guy) [Scary] Absolutely the fastest and easiest way to skin a deer (62)
(Some Horny Guy) [Boobies] Girls of Star Trek Nude (most are fake, the only real ones are the model pics for Jadzia/Terry) NSFW (43)
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