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Sun September 30, 2001: # of Comments
(Special Operations.com) [Misc] Military and combat sounds to replace your windows sounds. (37)
(Animutation Central) [Plug] Trapezoid's latest Animutation: Kung Fu Phil (41)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Ever wonder why they call you dope? (11)
(Some Guy) [PSA] EuroFarkfest! Read about it here! (13)
(SpaceImage.com) [Cool] Find Osama in this picture and win $50 million (25)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Taliban fighters are surrendering faster than the French ever have (35)
[CNN] [Obvious] Number of highschool students under house arrest grows (11)
[Salon] [Ironic] Salon writes an article and there's nothing pornographic about it (11)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Jim Taylor for President, "Because everything is crappy." (7)
(Daily Press) [Spiffy] Patriotic condoms from Planned Parenthood--'letting Americans display their colors proudly' (16)
[Whatever-Dude] [amusing] Oregon Trail: it was mostly crap. (25)
(Some Guy) [Weeners] Penis size chart and its effects on women (49)
(The Spectator) [Obvious] NYC firemen are getting all the sex they could want (15)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this farker's drunk, camping friend (76)
(#fark) [amusing] More craziness from #farkchat .. ook! (19)
[FARK] [Cool] Fark welcomes its 10000th account holder Slider (181)
(MightySausage) [Photoshop] Photoshop Farker MightySausage's Sister (136)
(Colliervillex.com) [Obvious] Afghanistan National Anthem. Read the translation. (43)
(MaconTelegraph) [News] Party animal Ben Affleck Gets Busted for doing 114 mph (23)
(Some Guy) [amusing] Short film addresses the question: What if superheroes called talk shows? (8)
(via askeyfilmfestival.com) [Plug] Askey Film Festival 2002 call for entries (9)
[Yahoo] [Asinine] The Price is Right host, Bob "Boobies" Barker hit with more Lawsuits (12)
(Knowumsayin.com) [amusing] Scientists warn of return of rat tail (21)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Dirt. Surfing. Dirtsurfing! (24)
(WilliamShatner.com) [Followup] William Shatner's fan club page hopelessly FARKed. Check out his homepage instead. (10)
(AZ Central) [Misc] Fans of Osama's Place agree: great restaurant, unfortunate name (27)
(White Castle) [Asinine] White Castle online survey seems to be filled out nearly entirely by White Castle empoyees (16)
(White Castle) [Interesting] Timeline of White Castle, making "delicious" burgers since 1921 (26)
[Interesting] Louisiana student aces college without any prior schooling (26)
(Quartermaster Museum) [Spiffy] The history of U.S. Military rations. (18)
Sat September 29, 2001: # of Comments
[NewsFlash] Barry Bonds hits home run #69, One more to tie Mark McGuire's record (59)
[Discovery] [Weird] Hey Rocky, watch me turn into a female! That trick never w...oh my God! (31)
(Some Guy) [amusing] Canada contributes their biggest warship (pic) (89)
(Post-Gazette) [Cool] Centerfold in FARK issue of playboy lost bet, got famous (safe for work) (28)
[USA Today] [PSA] If you're in the Fark NFL pool, be sure to make your picks for tomorrow's games (21)
(onepc.net) [PSA] The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a LAN party (26)
(Fantasycars.com) [Cool] Lamborghini is replacing the Diablo with a 680hp V12 monster (39)
(Some Guy) [Sad] Girls forbidden to have sex (69)
(Dallas Morning News) [Spiffy] Gas prices ready to fall (25)
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Man eats 2 Big Macs a day since 1972 (37)
[Misc] Excite@Home files for bankruptcy protection (13)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Bulk Silly Putty. $16 / lb. (34)
(keepers of lists) [amusing] If Slashdot replaced starfleet (nerd alert) (18)
(Some Guy) [Interesting] Homeland Defense to replace FEMA in conspiracy mythology (19)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop this picture (112)
(Some Guy) [amusing] Crazy neighbor page (42)
[MSNBC] [NewsFlash] 5 members of US special forces caught in Afghanistan (45)
(NZCity) [amusing] Naked men caught pushing a pram containing a pot plant (33)
(stuff.co.nz) [amusing] Men arrested for stealing pot plant and pushing it around in pram while naked (11)
(Some Guy) [Asinine] Look at the file name of the pic of the asian guy... (55)
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Photoshop this picture (pic) (65)
[I-Mockery] [amusing] Make 'em Cry - A response to eBay's stupid new board game. (10)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Trailer for new Tenacious D song "Wonderboy" available. Directed by Spike Jonze (29)
[Jack Chick] [amusing] Chick uses logic to disprove Islam. (66)
(Some Guy) [amusing] Dancing cow (16)
(theplainjane.com) [amusing] Peeps perform "the blair peep project" (11)
(Some Guy) [amusing] Ambiguously Gay Duo episodes (quicktime) (13)
(Some Guy) [amusing] Mr. Cranky reviews Mariah Carey flick "Glitter". Viewing public surrenders. (14)
(Mon's Digital Casita) [Photoshop] Photoshop Farkette Mon and her geek friends (68)
(Some Guy) [Strange] What a bizarre game..... (13)
(thestar.com) [Misc] Charges dropped against Canadian student who wrote a story about blowing up his school (20)
(Jane's Security) [Scary] Inside Al-Qaeda: a shifty world of madmen and cab drivers. (9)
(Some Guy) [Followup] Link to a fan site for the Quizno's Wacky protestor (9)
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] Java-based frogger clone for your weekend entertainment (6)
[CNN] [Interesting] A map of which countries have biological weapons. (33)
(Some Guy) [Followup] Great addition when using Dremples. Transparent icon text (8)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Build your own Super Console, plays every Nintendo & Genesis game made (28)
[X-Entertainment] [Spiffy] Power Rangers: The Movie (16)
Fri September 28, 2001: # of Comments
(Some Guy) [Weeners] And conversly, evil weeners. Not much in the way of weeners, but...lots of pects! (17)
(mon) [Plug] Vote for the place and location of the Texas Fark Party! (85)
[Washington Post] [Stupid] Big Brother 2 Pay Webcams turn profit. Collective American IQ down 15 points. (22)
[Misc] J-Lo getting married in secret wedding on Saturday? (38)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Female state senator opposes women's voting - thinks "men should take care of women" (154)
[Washington Post] [Scary] Instructions to Hijackers Found in Organizer's Bag (22)
[CNN] [NewsFlash] US and UK special forces have conducted operations in Afghanistan (71)
(Madball Graphics) [amusing] I'd hate to be this guy... (86)
[Yahoo] [amusing] Man buys $.17 stock in bankrupt company for $100 per share. Resulting rise in NASDAQ triggers automatic buy programs. (12)
[amusing] America's "first black president" (Clinton) plans to bulldoze a landmark slave house to build his library (68)
[Excite] [Spiffy] American Bandstand turns 50; Dick Clark turns 30 (10)
[Reuters] [Weird] New world record set for cockroach eating (26)
[Reuters] [amusing] New British toilet paper to be printed with jokes, quizzes and trivia in an attempt to to spice up toilet time (30)
[BostonGlobe] [Sad] Police dog shot 11 times by officer, thought it was a stray (84)
[Washington Post] [Ironic] NASA engineer dies testing rocket in his backyard (38)
(The Brains Trust) [Satire] Missionary brings Internet to remote tribe (12)
[amusing] Some media outlets to stop using word "terrorist" because it's not Politcally Correct. (61)
(Pilot Online) [amusing] Personalized license plate offensiveness spreads to Virginia (43)
[Wired] [amusing] Poor persecuted hacker actually a dumbass (12)
(ZNet) [amusing] Noam Chomsky's interpretation of the events of 9.11 (105)
[Yahoo] [amusing] FDA approves artificial sphincter device. (33)
(Some Guy) [PSA] Tips for getting the most from a stripper (44)
(Knox Studio) [amusing] Man caught by sheriff with moonshine still next to marijuana patch behind his home (39)
[Photoshop] Photoshop this pic (169)
[Pravda] [amusing] Russian soldier eats half of his bed to get out of army sooner (22)
[Photoshop] Photoshop this picture (149)
(Plain Dealer) [Strange] 300-pound 5-foot gumball machine stolen (34)
(DesMoines Register) [amusing] Mugger robs restaurant owner of bills, not cash: "I hope he pays them" says owner (35)
[BostonGlobe] [Stupid] Former number of Rhode Island's child services now a phone sex line (56)
(SignOn San Diego) [amusing] Man tries to rob bank, teller tells him she doesn't have enough cash, man leaves. (13)
(Some Guy) [Cool] The Queen of Jordan is a hottie (60)
(Shatner.com) [amusing] Get ready for excitement. It's William Shatner's official fan club. (37)
[Excite] [News] Bill Gates is still the richest man, doo-dah, doo-dah (35)
[Interesting] Andy Rooney blames Koran for terrorism (66)
[BBC] [Spiffy] Ref feels bad for soccer team losing 18-1, scores a goal for them (28)
(Sky News) [amusing] British Telecom forced to pull its "Fast and Reliable" ad, because serviceis not fast nor reliable (21)
(Geisswerks) [Cool] Download the Drempels animated wallpaper - from the creator of Geiss (35)
[Yahoo] [News] Nasdaq suspends $1.00 minimum share price requirement. 15% of the listed companies rejoice. (3)
[Yahoo] [Ironic] Motley Fool to lay off 50%. Obviously did not invest well (25)
[ABC News] [Interesting] Photos and information on all hijackers (35)
(NationalReview) [Ironic] Passive words of Edward R. Murrow from 60 years ago regarding the attack on Pearl Harbor (33)
[Yahoo] [Obvious] Michael Jordan returns, advertisers not excited (20)
[Yahoo] [Ironic] WTC attack sends Ozzy Osbourne to church (63)
(News 8 Austin) [amusing] Bin Laden piņatas for sale along the border (19)
[Yahoo] [Ironic] Bush tells Americans that it is safe to fly again, authorizes Generals to shoot down hijacked airliners (47)
Thu September 27, 2001: # of Comments
[Cool] Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes DVD to be 13 hours long (45)
(Brainfingers.com) [Spiffy] Control your computer with your mind! (41)
(Amazon) [Ironic] Writing Solid Code : Microsoft's Techniques for Developing Bug-Free C Programs (50)
[CNN] [PSA] Oranized crime and drug dealers are the same thing as terrorists to the US government (90)
(Nascar.com) [Followup] Son of hero pilot gets to meet his lifelong hero (update to One man's story about who he met on a flight to New York on 9/10/01) (16)
(Washington Times) [Scary] Public may favor National ID Card; White House says "No Way" (157)
(Times of India) [Spiffy] Taliban military commanders running away (93)
[Reuters] [Cool] Purple heart for military pentagon victims: Right on (80)
[CNN] [Cool] Taliban schools close so students can prepare for war, they run away instead. (43)
(deskswap.com) [Cool] Get a random snapshot of someone else's desktop as your screensaver. (51)
(Playboy) [Cool] Fark mentioned in November issue of Playboy (not safe for work). Doesn't appear in their web version tho. (56)
[MSNBC] [News] Last of the WTC dismantled (21)
[C|Net] [Asinine] Tech companies start blaming lack of profits on terrorist attacks (22)
[Discovery] [Interesting] Star Trek technology today: quantum computing and teleportation (82)
[FARK] [Cool] Got a few new classifieds today, check em out. By Farkers for Farkers (44)
[Excite] [Sad] "Eight Is Enough" star dies alone in mobile home; no evidence of White-Castle-eating (39)
[BostonGlobe] [amusing] Ringgold, GA posts the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer in public buildings. Put up empty picture frames for "those who believe in nothing". (184)
[amusing] Anheuser-Busch puts up billboards labeling the Okefenokee Refuge as a "Florida Great". (More than 95% of it is actually in Georgia) (9)
[BBC] [NewsFlash] Gunman kills 14 in Swiss assembly (48)
[LondonTimes] [Silly] Husband uses neon sign to bad mouth wife's lover (34)
[Washington Post] [PSA] Jesse Jackson may go to Afghanistan (86)
[Aftenposten.no] [Spiffy] Bare-breasted Crown Princess lookalike making the rounds in Norway (safe for work) (27)
(Some Guy) [Cool] SomethingAwful is back online (15)
[Silly] Political candidate recruits children to vandalize the other guy's signs (10)
[Obvious] Plan for ostrich farm fails after 2 males unsuccessful at getting each other pregnant (16)
(St. Petersburg Times) [amusing] bin Laden dummy shot outside bar; "made me feel better" says patron (36)
[Yahoo] [Photoshop] Photoshop this picture (pic) (131)
(Some Guy) [Hero] New hero tag descrates texas flag by having red stripe on top of white stripe (167)
[Hero] Real American Heroes: Camgirls sell their used vibrators for money to aid the Red Cross. (35)
(Cruiser & Willis) [Spiffy] Even more pics from the Fark Party! (with a crappy camera) (19)
(Some Guy) [Followup] Photo from concert where Marilyn Manson dry-humps a security guard's head (not safe for work probably) (39)
[Jack Chick] [PSA] Jack Chick speaks on the events of the 11th (102)
(Fox TV) [Hero] Free world rejoices: The Tick episodes start November 1st on Fox (60)
[Obvious] Houston and LA battle it out for title of "USA's filthiest city" (33)
[Asinine] Three words, "Eminem.... The Movie" (47)
(Nascar.com) [Hero] One man's story about who he met on a flight to New York on 9/10/01 (28)
[AintItCoolNews] [Sad] See the trailer that AICN calls a "complete piece of festering dung" (QT) (32)
[Reuters] [Photoshop] Photoshop this (119)
(Newgrounds.com) [amusing] Newgrounds collection of anti-bin laden flash games (26)
[CNN] [NewsFlash] Huge solar flare heading toward earth...northern lights could be visible over large parts of the US (50)
[amusing] Pranksters shoot ebay bid up to $99 million for Madonna's house (17)
(SJ Mercury News) [amusing] Quizno's franchise buys space on wacky conspiracy theorist's sign (23)
(Daily Tidings) [Spiffy] Anti-war activists protest by streaking through town (23)
[Obvious] Redskins cut Jeff George after not making a single point the whole season (44)
(charlotte.com) [Asinine] Legos to pull 'Secret Agent' figures after one (1) complaint (59)
Wed September 26, 2001: # of Comments
[PSA] Drew will be on The Screen Savers tonight around 8pm EST, 11pm EST, and 2am EST (47)
[Weird] Dog let out to pee, comes home with human arm (55)
(Some Guy) [Silly] F1 Wheeee? What the hell is this? (72)
(KevviModel.com) [Silly] Win a date with KevviModel... or a spatula (32)
(Some Guy) [Obvious] So-called "last picture" from WTC a fake (75)
[ABC News] [Interesting] Facts about the upcoming "smart rifles" (107)
(Some Guy) [Photoshop] Photoshop a movie poster for Tron 2.0 (113)
[Interesting] The "other side" of the McDonald's hot coffee case (53)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Fark gets mention in Detroit's Metrotimes, spelling now fixed (34)
[Wired] [Cool] Drew & Fark get honorable mention in story about "Mommy Liberty" (35)
(via Obscure Store) [amusing] Utah Supreme Court forbids grabbing and shaking your crotch in public (57)
[ABC News] [Followup] Anna Nicole Smith gets verdict overturned, will get money afterall (56)
[Cool] Blast Bin Ladin Game (49)
(Japan Today) [Survey] Guess which foreign movie stars Japanese folks like... (43)
(Some Guy) [Silly] More puzzles to blow your mind (36)
[FARK] [Cool] New crapload of Farker Classified Ads. Plus lots of boobies! Check these guys out, they're not advertisers they're readers (28)
[Photoshop] Photoshop this picture (pic) (190)
[ChicagoTribune] [Cool] Beluga whales at Shedd get jiggy, confound scientists. (9)
[ChicagoTribune] [Cool] Mayor's plan to make Soldier Field look like a big toilet may be on hold. (11)
[ChicagoTribune] [Ironic] Only 4 parents show up at education forum to increase parent participation. (20)
[The Onion] [Satire] "Holy Farking Shit: Attack on America" special edition (47)
(The Province) [Asinine] Woman drops baby off bridge, sues bridge builder (60)
(Times of India) [Obvious] "Bin Laden 'egotistic' with large libido" says British handwriting expert (16)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Waste an hour or two with the virtual fly swatter (17)
[Yahoo] [amusing] New 'Survivor' series to be "Hungrier & Stinkier" (21)
(Snopes) [Asinine] Starbucks charges rescue workers $130 for water (82)
[Excite] [Stupid] Afghani protestors try to take over US Embassy, forget it was abandoned in 1988 (29)
(via Houston Chronicle) [Misc] Houston Texans unveil uniforms, cheerleaders (41)
(Landover Baptist) [amusing] CIA unveils new secret weapon against wacky Islamic fundamentalists (20)
[CNN] [Ironic] Man with artificial heart leaves hospital. Eats White Castle, does not die (21)
[The Register] [Stupid] Microsoft ad appears to claim their servers are more reliable than the World Trade Center (29)
(Daily Californian) [Strange] 10th Annual Nude and Breast Freedom Parade (safe for work) (24)
(msn.com) [Walken] Walken "Blender of Choice" Game (10)
(Courier & Press) [Stupid] NyQuil, the night time coughing sneezing lose your job if you take it before driving a school bus medicine (18)
[SeattleTimes] [Hero] $10/hour Security guard saved hundreds of lives in the basement of WTC 2 - was buried for two hours in rubble (39)
(Bloomberg.com) [Scary] Prepare for the Mullet Riots -- GM to stop making Camaros (51)
(chartattack.com) [amusing] Megadeth too evil for Malaysia, but WWF is welcomed with open arms (21)
(Orlando Sentinel) [Spiffy] Michael Jordan returns - donates entire salary to WTC charities (26)
[This Is Local London] [amusing] US military running out of things to call their military operations. Op. Blue Spoon, anyone? (29)
[Obvious] Tougher Immigration laws expected, Immigrants could be deported due to political associations (i.e.: Liberals) (34)
(myCFnow.com) [Cool] Britney & Justin robbed while vacationing in Florida (52)
(SomethingAwful.com) [PSA] SomethingAwful server dead, need donations. These guys are the funniest site on the net (52)
(via space.com) [Cool] Leonid meteor shower coming in November, happens every 33.2 years (20)
Tue September 25, 2001: # of Comments
[FARK] [Spiffy] New Fark service: Classified Ads (cheap) (93)
[MSNBC] [Sad] The final moments of United Flight 93, a mostly complete picture (192)
(Telegraph) [Weird] People who speak English more likely to develop asthma (32)
(via Obscure Store) [Stupid] Man arrested for setting fire to "possessed" teddy bear (35)
(Some Guy) [Spiffy] The comprehensive guide to giving someone the finger (31)
(Mainetoday.com) [Strange] Man goes out for coffee, comes home 72 days later with amnesia (28)
(Lum the Mad) [Scary] Sick of Anarchy Online and WWII Online? Get ready for 'Whamdoodles Online'. (Not safe for work) (25)
[LA Times] [PSA] New health risk for fatties: being ejected from amusement rides. Literally. (82)
(Bobandtom.com) [Silly] For Bob and Tom Fans: Give Chick McGee a Face Lift (Then post your Creations) (this is also a cheap attempt to get them to notice our traffic -Drew) (31)
(Fredericksburg.com) [Asinine] Mailbox baseball is dangerous, you might get shot. (45)
[amusing] Weekly annotated Dennis Miller (21)
[BBC] [Interesting] Why we need conspiracy theories (37)
[Excite] [Misc] The Queen gets her first cell phone. (41)
[FARK] [Cool] This link is the 50,000th link in the Fark database (340)
(news observer) [Scary] People giving blood for victims finding out they have viral diseases like hepatitis and AIDS (54)
(news observer) [Asinine] Suspect hires and fires six lawyers; complains he can't get speedy trial (12)
[Yahoo] [Ironic] Berkeley students stage pro-war rally. Satan purchases snow shovel. (58)
[ABC News] [Obvious] Living with Mom helps curb risky sex (66)
(ninemsn.au) [Stupid] Pakistani newspapers offers reward for killing Americans (44)
[Yahoo] [Strange] Andre Agassi & Steffi Graf's wedding on hold until child is illegitimately born (19)
[BostonGlobe] [Stupid] We've heard from all the other nuts, how does the KKK feel about the bombing (58)
(priceless420.com) [Misc] Priceless420 has banned pic from Kent State women's soccer calendar last week (not remotely safe for work) (72)
(Some Guy) [Stupid] Businessman sneaks 4 box cutters onto flight yesterday to convince wife not to fly (50)
(Wil Wheaton) [Followup] Wil Wheation responds to being Farked (127)
(Some Guy) [Ironic] Student eats 32 White Castle burgers, does not die (62)
[Yahoo] [Asinine] Virus alert: the World Trade Center Poll worm. Purports to be polling whether to go to war: really wipes out your HD. (64)
(BayArea.com) [Obvious] Crash-themed restaurant scrapped following attacks (27)
[Yahoo] [Interesting] Big funny making the rounds in Kabul (49)
[X-Entertainment] [Spiffy] New XE: An Ewok movie sequel? (28)
(HMB Review) [Stupid] Drug suspect disappears after jumping off 200 ft. cliff to avoid arrest (27)
(Petoskey News) [News] Guy from Survivor survives plane crash (28)
[ZDNet] [Obvious] Pirated Windows XP selling well in Malaysia (33)
(Some Guy) [News] Sanyo develops new CD copy protection scheme; will probably be cracked by the time you read this (43)
Mon September 24, 2001: # of Comments
(Prydain) [Interesting] Worlds worst hunting dog (pic) (52)
[FARK] [Followup] More saved webcam pics from Saturday's Fark party @ Drew's house (37)
[CNN] [Cool] Russia to start helping anti-Taliban group along with U.S. (64)
[Washington Post] [Cool] Stocks are going up again doo-dah doo-dah (16)
(Some Guy) [Satire] Al Qaeda to cut at least 5,000 jobs (18)
[BBC] [Obvious] Another reason not to be British: workplace is no fun (62)
(Hecklers.com) [amusing] Top Ten Things Your Weatherman Says That Sound Dirty, But Aren't (42)
(Somethingawful.com) [amusing] Scientology & the Taliban...compare and contrast (17)
[Washington Post] [News] Osama Bin Laden urges holy war (104)
[Weird] Bengals win? Bengals still undefeated? Bengals beat Baltimore? What the hell? (73)
(Kansas City Star) [amusing] Hiliarious review of "Glitter". Looks like Mariah Carey will be checking herself in again (97)
(Some Guy) [amusing] Soccer team apologizes for replacing opponents name with the word 'scum' on scoreboard (21)
[BBC] [Scary] UK Beer sales 'at 30-year low' - UK Farkers must Booze for Britain! (49)
(wtopnews.com) [Photoshop] Photoshop this picture (pic) (222)
(Frontiersman) [amusing] Man invades home wielding wiener (34)
[amusing] Marilyn Manson arrested for dry-humping a security guard's head at a concert (53)
[Asinine] Lions "Quarterback" throws 7 interceptions. (37)
(NewsDay) [Weird] Some New Yorkers report seeing 'ghosts' of the WTC towers (51)
[The Register] [Obvious] Congress pushing through a slew of restricitve legislation on the back of 11th Sept (41)
(WTOP) [amusing] Don King visits WTC disaster site. Startles people with denim jacket emblazoned with his own likeness. (25)
[Jack Chick] [amusing] Should Christians celebrate Halloween? (yearly repeat) (98)
(Some Guy) [Cool] Tiny games, perfect for work (31)
(Some Guy) [Scary] 1 in 5 Americans infected with genital herpes (45)
(Newsday.com) [Misc] Pantomime artist Tomaszewski dies, fallen trees in local forest questioned. (10)
[Nicefire] [Scary] 1998 federal indictment on Osama bin Laden, tried to get nuclear weapons (31)
(Froggy) [Misc] Froggy's pictures from the Fark party. (62)
(Deseret News) [Misc] At least 5 mythical beasts live in Utah lakes (22)
(Some Guy) [amusing] Vote for the sports Jerk of the Week (15)
(BizB) [Photoshop] Photoshop Drew with chicks at the Fark Party (177)
[LA Times] [Scary] Soviet vets describe what fighting in Afghanistan was like (163)
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